The world's first driverless city may be in China

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    Wuhu in eastern China may become the world’s first fully driverless city. The city is working with Baidu—the Chinese Google—to make autonomous vehicles the default for all kinds of journeys over the next five years.
    Like Google is doing, Baidu’s initial stages are designed to hone the brains and sensors of the driverless cars, so they’re logging miles without any passengers. This three-year learning and testing phase will start in limited sections of the city, eventually expanding to cover the entire area. Baidu’s plan also involves light goods vans and buses, both of which are essential to a normally functioning city.
    In the next stage live passengers will be able to use the cars, and after a total of five years, Baidu and Wuhu hope that the whole city will be open to driverless vehicles.

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