The fallacy of Trinity

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Saint, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. Saint Valued Senior Member

    A pastor preached that trinity is very logical, he said, if god was one person, after incarnation to become man, who will control the universe? Therefore, trinity solves this problem, the Son became flesh, and the Father was still in heaven to control and uphold the universe. Very logic, he said!

    This is bullsheet!

    First, let me tell you what is automation.
    I graduated engineering, worked in factory before, dealt with automated machines like CNC. With microprocessor, sensors, PLC and all sorts of things, a machine can be automated and run on itself without supervision after you have set its settings. You can walked away to do other things and let the machine continue to operate.

    So, the christians claim that their God is OMNIPOTENT, he can do whatever possible, nothing is impossible with him.
    We have seen that even the fragile human (compared to the so-called God) can invent and make a machine to run automatically, why not God is able to incarnate as man, at the same time enable the universe to operate on itself? He is omnipotent, can he do that? If can, then trinity is false. If can not, then God is not omnipotent.

    I read books, talked with christians, until now, no books, no christian can fully explain the trinity logically to me.
    Some say trinity is like water, can be solid ice, liquid water, and gaseous vapor, after all, it is still H2O.

    Ha ha, the word trinity is not vividly mentioned in bible, when people thought more about its teaching, inquired about the nature of Jesus, then the council of christianity decided to enact Creed to incorporate trinity into their faith. Just a man-made theory based on the ambiguity of bible.
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  3. EvilPoet I am what I am Registered Senior Member

    Believers and their need to believe.---How much one needs a faith in order to flourish, how much that is "firm" and that one does not wish to be shaken because one clings to it, that is a measure of the degree of one's strength (or, to put the point more clearly, of one's weakness). Christianity, it seems to me, is still needed by most people in old Europe even today; therefore it still finds believers. For this is how man is: An article of faith could be refuted before him a thousand times---if he needed it, he would consider it "true" again and again, in accordance with that famous "proof of strength" of which the bible speaks.

    Source: The Gay Science by Friedrich Nietzsche
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  5. ESG Registered Member

    That is a poor and childish interpretation of the trinity. I've spent much time agonising over and studying the trinity. While I feel it may be impossible to comprehend, as it would be like trying to explain multi-cellular life to an amoeba.

    But basically the trinity signifies that within the one essence of the godhead we have to distinguish three "persons' who are neither 3 gods nor 3 parts of god, but coequally and coeternally god.

    The trinity is not logical.
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  7. Saint Valued Senior Member

    Christians can say God is beyond logic, he created logic, and transcend logic.
  8. Jenyar Solar flair Valued Senior Member

    The trinity is a good indication of how limited human perception is.

    Premise 1)One God - an immutable truth that our faith is based on.

    Observation a)God is our Creator and Father "I AM" (numerous passages)
    Observation b)God's Spirit in heaven and on earth (numerous passages)
    Observation c)Jesus, "Before you were born, I AM" (and numeous other passages)

    Instead of trying to explain these passages away, Christians concluded that all of them must be true. The New Testamentarians who saw God's Spirit descend on the disciples were the same people who read this in the Old Testament:

    Numbers 11:25 Then the LORD came down in the cloud and spoke with him, and he took of the Spirit that was on him and put the Spirit on the seventy elders. When the Spirit rested on them, they prophesied, but they did not do so again.

    ...and therefore the same people who believed wholeheartedly in the One and Only God.

    What do you think they thought? Did they have a word for 'trinity'? You don't have to use the word Trinity if you don't want to. "God" will do just fine.

    Yes it defies logic.

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