The end of space

Discussion in 'Astronomy, Exobiology, & Cosmology' started by Fil, Feb 11, 2001.

  1. OverTheStars Registered Senior Member

    it kinda reminds me of the world.....
    be the best skittle...
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  3. apolo Registered Senior Member

    infinite universe

    It seems that my original post on this subject "THE IDEA OF A UNIVERSE INFINITE IN TIME should not prevent religeous people in accepting the theory of a universe with no beginning."

    All I ment to say was, that beleif in a higher power should not prevent a person from accepting the theory of a universe infinite in time. Personally I'm an atheist, but I subscribe to the infinite (time and space) theory of Fred Hoyle -and others- for the simple reason that it satisfies my mind (which is addicted to logic) in 2 ways, Philosophilaly and physicaly. There is no need for a beginning, if it was always there. The BIG BANGERS cannot explain what caused the creation of a universe from a singularity (virtually nothing) unless they accept the idea of a creator, which they dont.But the BIG BANGERS act allmost like a religious cult in their atempt to explain their theory when some new observation appear to invalidate it. First it was INFLATION (pure fantasy) then DARK MATTER then DARK ENERGY and now the repulsive force (anti gravity)none of which has been proven Einstein insited that his invention of anti gravety (the cosmological constant) was the bigest mistake of his life. E. Hubble insisted to his daying day that his discovery of the redshift was only an indication of distanse, but not speed of resesion. (Hubble 1938 41 46)
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  5. jinster Registered Member

    I have always thought of space as being circular, like if you kept going in one direction, you would end up in the same spot eventually. Therefore, space can be infinite, because you can never get "out". Sorry for the feeble minded wording, it's just an idea

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  7. Vortexx Skull & Bones Spokesman Registered Senior Member

    If that would be the case than why do we still observe the universe expanding ? It's not like we see galaxies coming back to previous locations...
  8. Gravage Registered Senior Member


    And what about space outside outside the galaxies?
  9. OmniPotency Registered Member


    Plato, What you say about time having a begining is flawed because the point of the Hartle and Hawking idea was not an abrupt begining of time at some singular first moment, but the emergence of time from space in an ultrarapid rate but nevertheless continous approach. On a human form-time scale, the big bang was sudden explosive origin of space, time, and matter simutaniously. But look extremly close at that first fraction of a second and you find there was no absolute and sudden begining at all. But what this shows is a theory that seems to have two contradictory things. One: Time, did not always exist. Second: There was no first momment of time.....
    Theres quantum physics for you...

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