Slippery Slope: Caution for Believers

Discussion in 'Religion' started by jayleew, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. jayleew Who Cares Valued Senior Member

    As a believer it was too easy to brush off my own faults. My excuse was "No one is perfect. Oh well, thank God there's Jesus because by his blood I am forgiven as long as I believe". And that would be something to be excited about. Belief that Jesus died for your sins is all it takes for absolution? Sign me up!

    I believe now that we must atone and make things right whatever that may be, but above all else we must make an effort to not repeat the same mistake twice.
    This slippery slope of "Jesus saves" is dangerous to justice. We must recognize our faults and make a conscious effort to plan for the future to avoid or cope with the fault. As a Christian I also spent a lot of time bashing myself because the scripture condemns sin, and we were all sinners.

    The bashing of myself for my own mistakes blinded me from what other people are dealing with, maybe because of something I did. I was too focused on my own salvation to help anyone else. Wake up and become human, accept what you are, and be righteous.

    I see this behavior a lot with believers in the things they do and the things they say: Christians bashing other Christians is probably the most difficult to be subject to hear. I'm saddened, but who am I to judge. I took my daughter to see Switchfoot awhile back and there was a Christian doing a lot of loud soapbox work with his son, talking about how, "that's not what Jesus would do". At the time, he was discussing homosexuality among Christians. The son couldn't get a word in edgewise as the father went on and on about it. It seemed as he was boosting his own ego, like "at least I'm not that far off." based off the comments he was making. I sat there in the row ahead of him and it was hard not to remind him of many of Jesus's teachings.

    This slippery slope is not unique for Christianity and I believe it is a danger of religion in general. What do you think?
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  3. Robittybob1 Banned Banned

    I like what you say, and I hope you are willing to say more.
    Many a time I have had the slippery slope dream, where the Lord has been reminding me I'm on a slippery slope.
    A "slippery slope dream" is one where I'm driving my bulldozer or tractor on a side of a hill and it begins sliding toward the bottom, and you have to regain control.
    I've only driven a bulldozer for a day, but it was one of my best days. I should have been a dozer driver, but could I have coped with the slippery slopes?
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  5. arauca Banned Banned

    If understand you , many time we become self righteous and not tolerant , specially in what your example you witnessed . but we should be tolerant to the human being but not necessary condone the act.
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