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    Some days ago i had a unusual dream in which i was living with sardarji community in a huge fortified fort. There was even a school in the fort for educating sardarji young generation. Someone told me that the grains are stored in an unusual bin shaped like a mountain and over it there is a huge lid made of stone like covering a well. The sardar tells me that the grains would remain intact for atleast six months. Then i also saw that sardarjis who were soldiers never fought with metal swords, they infact had sword made up of wood. Swords were meant for slashing! The wooden swords were so heavy. The size designated the rank of the warrior, the smaller stature sardarjis carried a small wooden sword. And the sardar of sardars had a huge wooden sword who lifted it not by any sheer strength nor by any metabolic assistance! He had this magical dimensional power in his arms(mind) that he was able to lift and even manevre!

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