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    Just a note to say that the SETI@home software has been updated to version 1.05. Get it here:

    This is what's new:

    General Updates:
    [*]Hardware/server upgrades: We are now able to generate and serve higher
    volumes of work units.
    [*]SETI@home now supports proxies on ports other than 80.
    [*]Memory leaks (which were harmless) have been diagnosed and cleaned up.
    [*]The progress bar now reaches exactly 100% when done with a work unit.
    [*]Both Windows and Mac now support 640x480 resolution, BUT the graphics will
    run off the sides of the screen.
    [*]New telescope icon.
    [*]Nicer error messages for network problems.

    Windows Updates:
    [*]The CPU time in version 1.05 won't report negative results (this was
    happening when people changed the date/time in the windows control panel
    while SETI@home was running).
    [*]The "Recorded on" date is now correctly reporting based on GMT
    and not local time - when updating from an old version to 1.05 you may
    notice the current work unit's time jump a few hours - this bug was only
    present in the display and not the science.
    [*]Selecting "exit" on the desktop SETI@home window no longer kills the
    client - to kill the client you must right-click on the icon in the
    system tray on select "exit."
    [*]Default runtime priorities have been adjusted.
    [*]New installs do not reset previous blanking/minutes setting.
    [*]Analysis now gets turned off if disk defragmenter process is on.

    Mac Updates:
    [*]SETI@home is now completely compatible with FreePPP.
    [*]The Apple Menu now works properly.
    [*]Screensaver activates properly even if user has collapsed SETI@home main
    window with WindowShade feature.
    [*]Improved support for systems with multiple graphics cards/monitors.
    [*]Graphics code has been optimized - 32-bit color mode now runs faster, as does screen blanking mode.
    [*]Client now waits only 15 minutes to retry network errors (but still waits 60 minutes for server errors).
    [*]Fixed many small defects. For more details, see the release notes.

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