Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by duendy, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. duendy Registered Senior Member

    Wonder what you all think of school? do you/did you enJOY the experience. Personally i hated and utterly LOATHED school from start to finish. cant think of a good word to say for it. Though am very awre some people simply LOVE which is it for you?

    Of course school and bullying can be considered synonymous. Last i heard the problem has grown very big--at least here in the UK ithas. more and more kids feel the need to carry weapons now.....knives usually--so to protect themselves.

    Why is it that it is gnerally accepted that it is normal to put children trough this traditional truama? After all, ins't yor youung years vastly important? Neverto be had again. et for many kids, their young lives are blighted by the horrendous experiences of school.....and theses early expriencs can even affect their later years right into adulthood!

    Have you heard of 'cyberschools'? This is a form of schooling where children who feel marginalized can do teir education via computer...away from te 'open prison/school' te UK tis alternative--last i read--are called 'Notschool' you feel tis is a good idea?

    just tell me your feelings about all this?
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  3. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

    duendy i in NO way condone bullying. I was the subject of it to the point where even tho my house was 3 doors from the school i had to walk the long way around and hide in a nabors front yard to avoid someone who was threatening to kill me so i know what bullying is but surly your solution isnt the answer. Sure schools teach you to read write and do maths but isnt there more to it than that? for starters the PE which is helping to hold back the childhood obisity eperdemic and then there is sex ed but more than that its the main place where we learn social skills and about relationships with the oposite sex. If we remove that social interation what is left? sure you can learn some social skills from siblings if you have them but where do you learn about love/lust? or do you start trying to learn the social side of school when you are preparing to do the last few years of high school which effect your ability to get into uni or different jobs. im sure there has to be a better way than that
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  5. duendy Registered Senior Member

    hmmm itis rather remakable how you have tis attitude especially after your nasty sounding experience Asgard

    So i assuming then that despite that you still enjoyed the PE, sex education and socia interaction?

    But you see, i have ben aware of child suicides. kids whse experiences have been So dire, tat tey have taken thedrastic step of endingteir young lives, leaving their loved ones lives utterly destroyed----how could you EVER get over the suicide of your child...????

    There arealso the millions of children who are classed 'mentally ill' and put on 'medication' cause they find it hard to impossible to fit into the established regime of school. This normals are made into 'psychiatric patients', stgmatized, believing they have a biological illness. Ad the drugs they take are toxic!

    WHY--my question is--are we ten PUTTING children through this utter trauma...? cause we love em...?! THAT'S love? so whats hate?

    I admit. some children DO like school. many feel bored in he holidays and cant wait to get back. so i have no problem with that if that's what they want. But what about te kids that DON'T want that? and some very much so. Wo says they HAVE to accept it?

    alright you argument is that it is for social interaction. well.....what kind of social interaction isbeing bullied, beat up, all confidence destryoed, even scarred for life, ....killed, and/or drugged by the culture coercivly. you think that makes for a good healthy social outlook on life?
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  7. JFS321 Antioxidant Man Registered Senior Member

    Duendy, you have to blame the teachers. I liked school, but I also got picked on like hell. I was taught you don't fight in I didn't fight back. It made me a stronger person now, but I would like to see those piss-poor teachers and coaches get punished. They are just out of touch with what is going on with the's really a shame. In fact, some of the coaches even contribute to the problem.
  8. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

    oh i loved school, yea i loved those people i concidered friends runing from me and locking themselves away to get away from me and that was in year 9 and 10, i loved spending all my breaks in the libary reading because no one wanted to spend time with me. i loved coming to school to find that one of the boys in my class who i wasnt close to but admired had hung himself off the creak on the way to school so that one of the people who found him was his girl friend, i loved the teasing and the abuse, i loved not being able to find a girl who would kiss me untill i was over 20.

    Im sure my girlfriend liked everyone standing in a circle around her yelling at her till she was on the ground in tears too, what she has told me of her experances at school make mine sound like a picnic

    I HATED school but that doesnt mean i dont think there is a reason for it. I DO think it needs to be adjusted but to do that all those people who think bullying "makes a man out of you" and teachers and councilers need more training. My mother has recently become a primary school teacher and i know from talking to her that somethings have been changed and its MOVING in the right direction but we arnt there yet i know. I still dont think that ditching schools is the answer though

    edit to add: you know just typing this and thinking about it is making me shiver and shake hmm funny isnt it how easierly things you think are behind you can come back
  9. duendy Registered Senior Member

    yeah THANKSfor mentioningaboutnthenstaff of these places. you are completely right, and THEIR bullying can be even MOREpsychologicallyt traumatizing because they are seen as authority figures by the children........In a way tho you know, te teachers are themSELVES also kind of victims too. te main difference being that they CHOOSEto bepart of a school whilstkids have no vitims then i mean that they also can be bullied by thoseabove, especially the school watchdogs. and many may be all gree going into teaching imaginingthey are gonna really help kids etc, but then te disillusin setsin, and then the bitterness and apathy etc.....but as adults itsno excuse for them to be part of the truam being dished out on the main victims of this institutioon, school
  10. duendy Registered Senior Member

    6,585 are relivingthe pain ofit sound like you and your girlfriend had an horrendous time at the indoctrinating factory/open prison/
    One of the argumnets which justify the continuation of tis--for me blight on kids' lives--school experience is...the 'building of character'. the idea that by facing up to te dark potential of humanity somehow this sharpens you up for 'real life'.....well hell yes if you areinto social darwinism, of course. te survival of the fittest really suits cut throat busyness world. but i hate THAbas ell! i am seeing what it is doing. Andi very much dont like it
    Lets not forget Agard that institutions begin in the minds of their formers--human beings. and the intention of school is most defo NOT benign...when you look into it. The institution doesn't have te kids interests at heart at is MORE te status quo's interests. i m not worried about teir intersts, i am more concerned with children HAVING to go through hell in their young lives

    school for me was likea huge dark cloud.....te lessons were boring to te point of suicide. te teachers were dead, i met with much hostility from some of te othe pupils...i seemed to be fightin a lot. i got the strap twice...had borad dusters thrown at me. had my face s;lapped for giggling in was a total misery. i was anturally inquisitive child...full of life, and inquiry. bit school kills all oftat. you are drilled according to their agenda.....and tatis bullying just as much as regualr bullying gong on wit thepissed off kids. same ting happens in prison. noone wants to BE there so everyone wants to kill each other!
  11. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

    but what is the solution? look at kids who go to kindergarten vs those who stay at home especially only children and see there social development, how do you teach things like science and tech subjects without some sort of school enviroment? what would happen to childhood obisity if there was no enforced sports? how do we as a sociaty force the teaching of things like sex ed, tolerance of minoritys like gays and different religions inspite of the preduices of there parents? How do parents even help there kids through work in maths, science and english that they might not have themselves? how do we prepare our young doctors ect for university or even know they are capable of university without some sort of standised teaching and testing.

    Belive me i whole heartedly agree with you but i dont know of anyother way except to push for better training of teaches and more surport like phycologists and social workers to help people though it.

    In the past i could have agreed with you, that children could follow there parents professions and got away with it in most but even in the basic trades technology is jumping ahead so fast that most people are having to be retrained all the time so how can dad teach his son or daughter his trade when he doesnt even know what it will be next week not to mention that all though most kids might start out wanting to follow there parents footsteps how many do? im about to go to uni to become a paramedic where my father is a computer programer how much could he help guide me to that path?

    I think the school systems need more money, more supervision and more surport but not abolisment
  12. duendy Registered Senior Member

    ......i tend to disagree. i feel tat tey are corrupt rom te ground up, and throwing more money at them gets eaten up is inevitable corruption. let the dultsplay wit that mess. help the kids who want out. WHO says they MUS sacrifice their young lives to that monstrous barbaric machine?
  13. Communist Hamster Cricetulus griseus leninus Valued Senior Member

    My school (5th year here) seems to be friendly. Evreyone more or less gets along, no-one I know of ever got bullied. UK, Wales.
  14. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    So you want our schools to be like prisons or social "treatment" facilities? Psychologists? Social workers? Oh, my god, what's the world coming to?!

    In the 50s, in the USA, we didn't have such crap needed as that. Kids obeyed the teachers, did what they were told, studied the lessons, ...and then went home to work doing their chores around the house or farm.

    We had some bullies, but they knew better than to take it to any extremes or they'd have been paddled and sent home ...where their parents would have whopped their asses AGAIN!

    Now, no one can punish a kid for bullying ...not the teachers, not the school administrators and, worse, not even the parents! There's no discipline in the schools because we've taught our children that if they don't get what they want, they should scream, yell, protest, demonstrate, riot, burn down buildings, kill people, blow up things, ......., anything that they want! All because they can't get what they want. No discipline, no "recognized" authority anywhere.

    In my day, everyone respected the authority of the cops. Now they call them pigs to their faces and refuse to obey them. And worse, when the cops try to do anything like arrest them, we've taught the kids that it's okay to fight and struggle ....and then take the cops to court!

    No, "WE" have caused the problems by not teaching kids right from wrong! And now "we" are suffering the consequences .....and complaining about.

    Baron Max
  15. JFS321 Antioxidant Man Registered Senior Member

    I have to agree Baron, my mom would have killed me if I fought back at school....too bad the bullies' parents weren't as good...otherwise nobody would be bullied!!!
  16. JFS321 Antioxidant Man Registered Senior Member

    I have to agree Baron, my mom would have killed me if I fought back at school....too bad the bullies' parents weren't as good...otherwise nobody would be bullied!!!
  17. duendy Registered Senior Member

    yes Baron Max.....'respect for the police, hey'? was yourself, in another tread who suggested very passionately wil exclamatin marks that an old bclamman who'd already been severely beaten by some pigs whould've been shot. think te words you used were 'They should hav shot the motherfucker'....THAT is your idea of authority, right. ....fascism

    your view of te world old fellah is definately not mine. your view is completely simplistic. a naive trust in authority. whatever authority says bmax will do---no questions, nothing. cause it's the authority......even if they tell you to do evil things...?yip...i bet you wud, cause it's authority and tey know best, dont they maxB....?

    they did tis psychological test a while back. a man in uniform gets on a train and tells people to move seats. even thoug tenpople he asks ae seeing that other seats are empty they quickly move seats. no questions. simply cause te dude askin ia wearing a uniform. and uniforms imply authority. that's what tis demonstration was showing. that pople will BLINDLY follow authority............
    Therer was also the famous test where it was set up that men dressed in the whitecoats of scientific autority wouod ask members of thepublic to press a switch which supposedly electrocuted a man in the other room. as they were told to increase the shock if te man didn't answer a question correct, because they wwere being told to by the whitecoat, they did.....Q

    NAZI GERMANY.......? i am only following orders........? sam thing thoug real tis time.

    so bmax, that is what you recommend. to bow down to the real bullies at the top. the very same bullies who have devized te oppressive system we are in with its bullying schools!
  18. kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling Registered Senior Member

    i think i was lucky in my school,the "cool" gang in my year were actually nice guys and so if anyone started getting picked on seriously they would put a stop to it.dont think other years were quite so lucky though and since i left my school has turned into a shithole.little pikey bastards intensly worried that if i have kids i wont be able to bring myself to send them to a state school.
  19. duendy Registered Senior Member

    I'm glad you feel that way, I wish allparents and gaurdians would and put an end to this vile tradition which nearly everyone takes for granted

    you see, when yer a kid, you are TOTALLY atthe mercy of the game bein played by adult world.....i was a rebelllious little bugger, but when i was suspened for a week i cried like a baby atfirst cause i got a rollikin from m mum. but it was so funny thereason..........i had gotten tis koke turd from a joke shop, nd aftertis class had offered teacher it as a present.......! instant suspension. NOW they can whack a teacher and teacher will get blamed fro child molestation

    Children are so vulnerable and deserve infintely more than wht this culture is grilling them in, and making tthem hve to go to open prisons. we as adults have to be the ones to wake up to this
  20. duendy Registered Senior Member

    the othe day was reported ahideous school bullying happening. a young girl simply queueing in the school canteeen, was set about a gang of girl bullies she said she didn't even know, and was repeatedly stabbed in her face with a pair of scissors, which also went through her eye!

    you dont hear THA happening to fukin serial killers in fukin prison...SHOCKING

    anyhow in today's Observer front page is an article about school bullying which says it is totally out of hand:

    "A culture of violence in Britain isto blame for an epidemic of school bullying that is devastating the lives of millions of children, according to a devastating attack by one of the country's leading experts on young people............Al Aynsley-Greensaid nearly every child was affected by the problem: 'I have no doubt that children are being brought up in a society where violence is the norm in many ways.......I have had hundreds of conversations with children since excepting this post and I can tell you that the one thing every child I have met has been affected by, with virtually no exceptions, is bullying,'.......
  21. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    When I attended public school in the fifties and early sixties they had bullies there but since I could get along with just about anyone I didn't have any real problems with them. Bullies always attack those that seem to be meek and defensless for some odd reasons. They never would pick on someone that could beat their asses to a pulp , that was for sure.
  22. mountainhare Banned Banned

    Baron Max:
    Wow, what fantasy world do you live in?!?!
  23. Nysse God is dead Registered Senior Member

    The word cunt comes to mind...

    Yes, definitely, I take immense pleasure in getting bashed for being a “Goth” and a “Slut”.

    Sure, if they really want to do it that way, why stop them?
    There was a show on SBS that talked about a boy in Primary School that was bullied so often, and so badly, that one lunch time after being bullied yet again he went to the playground and tried to commit suicide by hanging himself with his shoelace because he’d had enough. I bet he wouldn’t have had any objections to ‘cyberschool’, nor would the thousands of kids like him.

    As for social interaction, I’m sure these children would rather be at home socialising with their families, and not having a reason to hang themselves by their shoelaces, than at School “socialising” and feeling like shit. Not to mention the fact that after years of “socialising”, and being bullied in School, these kids are going to have a pretty fucked up view of what being social is, anyway.

    The problem, as I see it, is that these little bullying shits haven’t been taught by their parents how to respect other people, their rights, and their differences.

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