RIAA Starting June 26

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by efallows, Jun 26, 2003.

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  1. Bachus Registered Senior Member

    They prolly look on kazaa or something for people with huge lists....or they are going to hack you

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  3. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    I use dc++ hubs all the way

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    don't think they could or are going to get into every public dc hub,
    so they would have to hack me, that means -> get past my firewall
    don't think so - too much trouble

    anyways - I'm happy that I don't live in the us

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  5. marklar Registered Member

    what is a dc++ hub?

    hubs are unintelligent things that get a message and barf it up to every client? do you mean a router with a firewall?

    Firewall's dont' stop communication on open ports. Part of what is commonly known as file "sharing" is posting a list of your songs....unless you are one of the many morons that have been hanging out not sharing anything.

    So they don't need to hack squat. The do searches, click on browse host, and see a list of what you've got. Take not of the IP address, and then in many cases know your specific "web address". In other cases, they narrow it down to your ISP, and then just subpoena them for a record of who had xyz address and such and such a time.

    Not rocket science, not hacking. In all likelihood, since the gnutella network opensources there code, they may well have written some automated software to just look for subscribers. Again, not really hacking, just using data that must be there.

    The current tactics will make anyone with a brain pull their files and stop sharing. Stats say only 30% shared any signigicant amount of files. Once a few people are made example of, the majority of that % will pull out, and illegal file sharing will be done.

    This was inevitable.

    If you don't like it, don't listen. It is a free country, and you have the FREEDOM to choose not to steal, and the FREEDOM to choose what you trade your hard earned dollars for.
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  7. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    gnutella is bollox
    I'm talking about dc hub system, and especially private filesharing hubs

    wrong - such bs
    anyone with a brain will go to more secure and invisible file sharing methods
    to every measure there is a countermeasure

    as long as I don't live in the USA , I don't really care

    and since you know so much about filesharing, you should have no problems in 5 minutes to find on google what exactly is dc++
  8. marklar Registered Member

    I'll try and be gentle, as it is obvious from your posts (USA SUX, RIA sux...) you are a young man, in that "difficult" period.

    ((And, by the way, it is bollocks, not bollox.))

    The point of the matter is, that the topic of interest here is the RIAAs action against the major file trading sources of illegal files on networks that are open to anyone.

    I did google the term, and the first page of results was Wash DC metro rail hub service, but closer look revealed the nature of closed network.

    That is an interesting development, and, since private/members only, may well provide another test to "fair use" and sharing, since it isn't anonymous mass replication.

    As it has been applied or used to date, most filesharing of concern has been replication of files considerably in excess of the spirit of "fair use".

    Regardless of whether people like it, that is what the letter of the law specifies. Change needs to come from legislation to protect fair use. Consumers need to boycott technologies which limit their use/platform portability if they don't like it. Stealing the stuff (illegally replicating) is not the answer.

    But, back to the topic, anyone with a brain will pull their files from the open networks in discussion that they don't have the right to give away/share...regardless of whether they find other legal or illegal ways to continue the practice.

    Further, copyright laws exist in most of the world. It is a quesiton of time after they go after the low-hanging fruit here that they turn up the pressure elsewhere.

    Please forgive me for talking about this in terms of USA law (you know, being on topic and all), trust you don't need to tell us again how "kewl" you are in the third world somewhere...When you're mom allows you to take the reins of the donkey cart and you get further than the town limits you may not admit it, but deep down you'll know...the USA is still (for all her problems and challenges) #1.
  9. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    not really - just noting the obvious
    my friend in the UK says it's bollox, and it's an english word
    why is that bad?
    why be conserned about "fair" use? don't like anarchy?
    if it is not the answer, then why do people keep on stealing?
    you are making RIAA look like some all powerful deity. don't think they will be able to legally act against all sharers
    at least we have healthy food here and people are not in 1.6x1.6 metres dimensions, and this 3rd world country will be in the EU next year

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    I agree - 1st in the junk food consumption in the world.
    And you too my\uch try to associate my country with mexico :bugeye:
  10. marklar Registered Member

    It is hillarious that "your friend" says so. He's wrong, and now you're both wrong.

    Here's an exercise for you, look up a band from the old days called the Sex Pistols. Find their biggest selling album, "Never Mind the _______", and get back to me on your friends spelling...(BTW, did you actually ask him???)

    I spent a year there, and loved it.

    Good luck on joining the EU. You will find that part of joining that Union is probably increased levels of responsibility and enforcement as you do as the laws come into alignment with modern, corporate driven law, for better and for worse.

    When I was a teen I too romanticized a little anarchy (in fact, examination of the sex pistols album with "anarchy in the UK" was great to rock out to, back in the day....) Anyway, joining the EU, which you are so proud of, is participating in a greater society, which translates to more responsibility to the greater/common good, more government, more corporate common policies/regulations....etc...the exact opposite of anarchy.

    And you better be nice, or we'll use out secret weapon: we'll get out biggest members of the population to come over and sit on you till you cry for mercy...

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  11. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    never did I say that I like it
    actually I will vote against the EU in the upcoming referendum, just wanted to point out that I don't live in a banana country

    and yes, I did ask my friend, he lives in Essex

    I like little anarchy, it always comes as a fresh wind
    total anarchy would be good, but only if all people would be ideal

    I see tendancies of a police state forming in the USA
  12. marklar Registered Member

    In truth, I have genuine concern of the direction that internal policy has taken. It isn't the first time in our history, won't be the last. It is a fairly predictable reaction to the events of 9/11. A desire to use the available technology for "greater good".

    I believe there will be an internal political backlash, not violent, just normal ebb and flow of sentiment. Kind of like McCarthyism...but technology will forever change the level of accountability (or invasion of privacy...)

    I was horrified by Gore--mainly by his associatiion w/ the Clintons...so I wanted Bush. After the last couple years, I wonder if there was just no good choice.

    I think Bush, like his father, will loose after 1 term do to a combination of the backlash, economic issues, etc.

    But anything is better than another Clinton...if piano legs Hillary goes any further I may have to move.

    But now we are way, way, way off topic. I'm due for dinner--good evening.

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  13. ZwiSter Registered Senior Member

    @marklar: I'd like to join this discussion for a longer period, if I didn't have it far too often. You will have to bear with me just stating, what I learned from far too many discussions with the likes of you (at least they wrote like you). I will have forgotten something, but I won't imporve this in the not following later posts.

    - USA isn't #1. 30% really poor people is a very bad statistik.

    - Corporate driven law isn't a holy grail and isn't a necessity, and last but not least, is bad for the people and the economy. Think long term, and you see, why.

    - The common good isn't some big companies making much money and transfering it to some few rich people. Musicians don't get much of the money made with music.

    - Mistakes or non-mistakes of grammar and words are nothing of importance in a discussion.

    - Stealing the stuff (illegally replicating) is the answer, when I can't get access to music in another way (because it grows too expensive and doesn't run on my ipod). Waiting for the (corporate driven, as you say) legislation isn't.

    - I seem to have no brain, when I follow your posts. Seems one doesn't even need a brain to see the wrongs in your text.

    - And deep down I know: I don't want to live in the USA. Too much nationalism, too much owned by corporations, too few personal freedoms, too high a murder rate, too many people who are afraid of their neighbors, and so much more. And too much self righteousness and nationalism.
  14. efallows Registered Member

    that's all fine and dandy. go on with your bad self. I am proud to be an American Citizen for many reasons that go back into our history here. I am in no way a conservative and I think today's youth FINALLY gives a damn about who runs our country..
  15. Voodoo Child Registered Senior Member

    It is both. Bollox is to Bollocks as sux is to sucks.
    You mean Essecks, right?
  16. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

  17. bunni Registered Member

    Re: Re: RIAA Starting June 26

    iTunes Music Store


    to name the best...
  18. orange144 Guest

    Re: Re: Re: RIAA Starting June 26

    iTMS is currently only available in the US. And eMusic seems (just looked at the main page + searched some well-known / unknown artists) to offer only US-underground material.
    So as this person was talking about 20€ for a cd, not 20$, I'm not sure this is a solution for him/her.
    In fact, there is currently (as far as I know) no service offering good music for someone outside the USA. No solution but kazaa/gnutella/etc.

  19. spookz Banned Banned

    "No solution but kazaa/gnutella/etc"

    try your local record store
    i havent traded since ag went down the tubes.

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  20. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

  21. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    These RIAA folks have been going around for quite a while looking in file sharing services for those d/ling.

    What they are doing is looking at the amount of data you are moving from your computer to another, via the internet. If you are transmitting large amounts of data often, then you are probably file sharing.

    They will then obtain the necessary warrent to come look at your computer and see if you have "illegal files" on your computer. Last info I had was in the neighborhood of $15 dollars per song that they are seeking in damages.

    If you want it to dry up, then don't buy anything new. In otherwords, if you resent your privacy being invaded through this new method, don't support those that do this. Go to the used book store, the garage sale, whatever. If the music industry sees even more money dissappearing from their coffers because of alienation caused by the acts of the RIAA then that threat will dry up from lack of support.

    Your choice...
  22. Zero Banned Banned

    OK, how about if you look up the song you want quickly on Kazaa, download it, and close Kazaa so the files aren't being shared.

    Whaddya think?

    Or if the files are being shared anyway even if you don't have Kazaa on, what if you immediately empty the folder to some place else and constantly keep it empty?
  23. jahlion Registered Member

    $15 per song!!! Damn! So, if I shared my entire iTunes Library, about 10,000 songs, they would try and sue me for $150,000!!!!! I'd like to see them try.... heh heh

    I also have about 1,000 CD's which I could import too if I had the time and space.

    First of all, I'm unemployed (been so for over a year due to health issues). I have about $200 in my bank account and recently filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. How can they sue someone who is completely broke?
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