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Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Saint, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Why would you need a website to improve yourself? I'm not making fun, i just mean that the only real obstacle to self-improvement is wanting to in the first place.

    Anyway, i like for pure geeky, gaming fun. Though i guess it doesnt expand you much as a human being...
  3. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always.

    If I want to go to any web site I just Google or Dogpile the subject matter that I'm interested in. That way I'm getting ideas from many sources about subjects that are changing all the time. Of course there are some that I have as favorites but they are there to only get me to what I need faster.
  4. Saint Valued Senior Member

    Millions of websites out there,
    if you know which one is particularly good, just introduce us.
  5. Asguard Kiss my dark side

    good for what?

    It depends what your looking for, based on this thread ALONE the only 2 I could recommend is Wikipedia and Google because they are the only general everything ones I know
  6. Ghostintheshell Active Member

    @ asguard - i think that you are over-thinking this. Just mention any website from anywhere that you frequent for whatever positive reason. (though i would stay clear of just posting a load of links to porn sites...)
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  9. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always.

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  12. Watcher Just another old creaker

    Saint, I completely agree with what you are trying to do here.

    Search engines are great for finding lots of connections to lots of data, but they are generally pretty poor at identifying QUALITY web sites. Are they factual? Interesting? Useful?

    Probably everyone here has used StumbleUpon. This has some value as it does allow users to rate/gauge websites, and you can "stumble" onto web sites for a given category. I have found some good sites with this tool, but it can be burdensome to use.

    Speaking of search engines has anyone noticed how the major ones, (Google, Yahoo) have become spam-filled, cluttered and worthless? The only way you can use them is by add-ons or other ad filtering to suppress the commercial trash they generate. Not to mention how invasive they have become.

    Here are 5 alternative search engines. I use all of them from time to time, none are as as good as Google at finding lots of relevant data, but most have a LOT less spam, and some are touted to be less invasive (as far as collecting and using your search metadata).

    Review of 5 alternative search engines
    Monthly visitors: 200 000
    Alexa traffic rank: 6 900
    Monthly Searches: 5 000 000
    Full privacy
    Monthly visitors: 200 000
    Alexa traffic rank: 5 200
    Monthly Searches: 20 000 000
    Strict content quality
    Monthly visitors: 200 000
    Alexa traffic rank: 9 000
    Strict privacy standards
    5 Star rating
    Monthly visitors: 30 000
    Alexa traffic rank: 20 000
    Environmentally friendly
    Categorize results
    Monthly visitors: 6 000
    Alexa traffic rank: 200 000
    Search categories
  13. Asguard Kiss my dark side

    I didn't even read this, hey which ones do you like? I only really watch Zero Punctuation because he is the funniest basted and his reviews are quite accurate
  14. Saint Valued Senior Member

    Thank you
  15. Saint Valued Senior Member

    Adult only :D
  16. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always.

    They won't let us post them here, you'll just have to find them yourself.
  17. scorpius a realist

    pornoxo com
  18. scorpius a realist

  19. Ghostintheshell Active Member

    @ asguard - I have been watching the zero punctuations since it started a few years ago, i like most of them as i too really like his style of humour and the way he seems to deliberately antagonise people, even his own fans! Off the top of my head i like the H.A.W.X one as i remember it being very funny, and the Psychonauts one as it encouraged me to play the game which i subsequently bought and really enjoyed! That reminds me - a new episode is out today - to the!
  20. Asguard Kiss my dark side

    I especially like the way he goes out of his way to piss of the yanks (for instance I cant remember which one it was but it went something like this "this is game x, that is y if you live in the land of retards:p" And his one on Skyrim was hilarious, "I will always remember you floating ground lady":p However I also watch him for the reviews themselves. Even when I like a game and he slams it I can't actually disagree with his comments, for instance Assassin's creed, I love them to the point I have bought them all but he's so right about it flaffing about, when put up against Skyrim where i didn't even want to do the main missions because i was so happy playing the side quests

    I have also just gotten into Unskippable as well, there commentaries on game intros are soooo funny

    Oh and about when Zero Punctuation comes out, it comes out at midnight AEST so you have about 9 hours till he puts the next one up sorry:p

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