Recession or Depression?


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Boeing plans to cut 50% of airplane production, Ford has lost nearly 700 million dollars in the third quarter, United airlines may go completely bankrupt, the travel industry has died, and the stock market is struggiling to regain strength.

How deep will the recession be? How long, how can we fix it, and could this turn into a Depression?
I would say that depictions of doom and gloom tend to lower market values, all the attacks and warring also attributes.

Although it is noted that people would have made a fair amount at the start of this whole problem, like they did at the Start of World war II.

As with any demographic study there is a balance, A point where a peak is reached and it fluctuates with a point below that peak, a bit like two numeric figures seesawing. The reason this occurs is due to a mixture of saturation that causes a loss and then the loss causes a gain, which brings it back to saturation again.

some would call this bouyancy.

Okay, so the economy has been hit, it drives a stake not just through the heart of the US but it stems globally, as one of the main factors for the strength of the Dollar is its Wide use outside of the US as currency.

When some companies mention a loss, they neglect to mention where the loss is derived, some such companies might have had shares in the companies that are now filing for bankruptcy which would mean that themselves as investors have lost money thus creating a knock on effect.

If theres less aircraft in a way it's good, less airborn pollutants being strene to the heights of our atmosphere. Of course "To deal with the ecology has it's toll on the economy" (I'm sure someone wishes they quoted that.)

There is the point that although WAR is negative at it's death and destruction, it also has it's possitive notes, that being of RESEARCH.

Presently I would guess that companies doing toxicology research or manufacturing cures for biological toxins are making a pretty penny, Not to mention companies creating surveillance equipment and other inventions that probably wouldn't have seen the light of day if something hadn't of occured.

Also the New laws that are passed on not just terrorism, Building legisilation is probably also feeling the full force, like better foam sprinkler systems, Kevlar jackets for building pillars not to foget better security.

Theres possibly a method of having something similar to a smoke detector, that instead of detecting the molecular disturbance of smoke through a lazer, could do the same with germs.

So no matter how depressed it seems, no matter how much recession occurs to begin with it will pick up and all the people that you feel have died in vane have in fact indirectly shaped a future which I hope is a more positive one. (This I would class a better thing to do than building some monument)
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Everything has its pros and cons. Some financial sectors will rise now, and many others will fall. Wars don't bring prosperity, they are in the long run bad for a country. Fighting a war is very expensive, that's why we had a multi trillion dollar defict until a few years ago.

The economy will rebound eventually, I just don't know how long it will take. I hope it comes back strong soon, the poor of the country will suffer the most.
How deep will the recession be?
8 months

How long, how can we fix it, and could this turn into a Depression?

You can fix it by giving business travellers a special card (after background check) that they use to travel as if they are the crew. Without business travel, this country will grind to a halt.

Depression? not at this time.
Tourism is the key....

The number one world industry by far is tourism. It pumps more money into more thengs than any other economic concept. Right now tourism is in the dumper. This plus the dotbomb recession which was occuring anyway and there is a serious problem. Tourism must start up again. Of course I would suggest a grand project for mankind such as space exploration to solve the long term economic delema here.