Recession not depression...


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The last Depression was in the thirties, it won't be that bad. I think the economy might reach zero growth and possibly dip below that. If it does and stays that way for a while, Bush won't get relected, just won't happen.

The democrat will be back in office in '04. Most of this is Greenspan's fault, not Clinton's or Bush's really. But W will have the blame put on him.
It's a dip in the business cycle. Everything cycles. At best, Greenspan can erect seawalls in an effort to limit the wave damage.
people in this country have forgotten how money works. on average americans save three percent of their earnings. compared to the Japenese who save 15. And it's not just inflation either, people are going to be hit hard when they realize that social security is a joke, and they can really get screwed by 401(k)'s if they're not careful.