Proposal for creation of Sciforums Volunteerism Hour?

Could a Sciforums Volunteerism Hour be useful to Sciforums?

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One possible variation on this would be twenty or fifty or more concerned citizens in an area who would like to
form a film production cooperative and they volunteer their time to create footage and put the first segments out on
youtube for free...... which could build momentum for their project.......

.. then over time they draw more and more people into being interested in what they are doing which could lead to
their films becoming economically viable......
which could be used to further some variation of research and define it as "art?"

For example..... a lot of people might be interested in volunteering to take Vitamin D to see if their group has a greater
immunity to COVID 19 over the next three years?

That is just one possible concept that volunteerism by a group of people could greatly increase their effectiveness
to reach a larger audience.... and actually find out useful information under our circumstances.
Perhaps you are confusing "investors" with altruism?
(please ignore my question on the connection between virtual currency and voluntarism.)