Pi^4 = 3D + Time?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience' started by rr6, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. rr6 Banned Banned

    Fsc--0.00 72 97 73

    FSConstant = 0.007 29 73 52 52 05 05 56 05 82 62 06 25 23 71 6

    As mentioned previously, we have 73 in the 6th and 7th position/place.

    However, if we round off the first #2 we get 0.00 73


    As fuller explains we have 73 primary great/equaltorial( bisecting ) circle-like planes( GrCP's), and derived from primary set of 3-fold, 4-fold and 5-fold symmetries( phi related ).

    Pi^3 = 31.00 62 7...STOP.

    Previosuly I mentioned how the first set of double zeros is the first hint-- or inclination towards directing our attention away from back to the rational side of the decimal place ergo back to 31 ---at not going further off into irrational infinity direction sort of a renormalization begins with the XYZ, 3D rational 31.

    With FSConstant 0.00 73...STOP we also find a double 00 set, however, there is no rational side number to count so we force to to the first to go at least to #7. First tho, back comprehension of one possible interpretation of 31.00 62 7

    Just in case we disregard that seemingly 00 hint, we come to 62, which may also directs us back to 31, since left and right skew 31's, are associated with the 5-fold icosa(20)hedron and 31 left-right bilateral spinal nerves in most complex biologicals we know to exist.

    FSCOnstant 0.00 73 and we could easily stop at the #7 i.e. 0.00 7..STOP, as that appears to be a function or aspect of #7 to initiate repeating sequences of numbers.

    But there are 5 or 6 cosmic associations to #7 that also infer/implicate a STOP functionality;

    1) the above mentioned 73 GrCP's + the 14( double 7's ) that included the 14 congruent circle-like planes and again, these are based on a cosmically primary, seven( 7 ) axis sets--- 3, 4, 6, 6, 10, 12, 15 ----

    2) torus has 7 face mapping limit,

    3) 31 stays prime out to 7 places as it expands out to 8 places-- 7 #3's and a #1 ---33 33 33 33 1,

    4) if recall correctly there are 7 classes of crystal lattice or matrix patterns.

    I believe there others examples implications #7 STOP functionality but cannot recall them at this time.

    Next time I will elaborate on possible reasoning of using duality of number sets ex;
    31.00 62 7---Pi^3
    0.00 73--FSC
    3.14 15 92---Pi
    97.40 90 91--Pi^4
    24.35---Pi^4 / 4

    Also got to thinking of the primary 87's 14 congruent GrCP's as a symmetrical dipole that since symmetrical may infer some kind of monopole that could be associated with gravity and the connection of ultra-micron gravity to our more medio-macro existence.

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  3. eram Sciengineer Valued Senior Member

    What the hell are you saying?
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  5. origin Heading towards oblivion Valued Senior Member

    He is just making meaningless symbols that represent nothinig but his fantasies. Not sure why they are letting him post his gibberish in the science section, maybe just to lighten the mood with a little humor?
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  7. rr6 Banned Banned

    Corrected FSConstant = 0.007 29 73 52 56 98 16 31 45 42 52 8 2937796

    I'v corrected the Fine Structure Constant value above and here again as follows;

    0.007 29 73 52 56 98 16 31 45 42 52 82 93 77 96

    This one has the initial triple set and I've highlighted those significant dualities that reference all of the other content/info I coverred below in other posts in this thread and others.

    0.00 72 97 35 25 69 81 63 14 54 25 28 29 37 79 6

    Here above is dual number sets only.

    0.00 73 is rounding off


    See this link to page for 7 classifications or lattice or matrix or whatever, of crystal structure.


  8. someguy1 Registered Senior Member

    Is all this original research of yours? Or is there a website with these theories?

    What do you think it means? I'm already on record as saying it doesn't mean anything, it's just random back-correlations with no predictive value. Can you briefly summarize why you think these coincidences are important?
  9. rr6 Banned Banned

    Prediction--energy cannot be created nor destroyed----Universe Is Finite

    Sguy, the facts were discovered by others--- except for the prime numbers semi-orderly geometric pattern that I discovered ---and I'm not aware of any one else observing the correlations I have offered, including the geometri prime number semi-ordely pattern.

    I had all of this on free web site until I switched ISProvider.

    The comments as stated are what it means to me. When connecting the dots, I see information that appears to be part of greater cosmic geometric patterning, that I believe goes back to my understanding of Fullers Synergetics explorations and my extrapolations from that along with more stuff he did not consider, and alternative optional view of his same given facts and speculations.

    My entropic heat death scenarios for our finite Universe are very much the closet reality will come to static geometric views of mind as extrapolated out from Synergetics. Sort of static geometric GUTOEverything.

    I remember that, and I responded in-kind, that, niether do any known constants or cosmic/generalized laws give us prediction of who will win some sporting event or winning stock tomorrow or something like that, that you referred to in previous post.

    I believe I have stumbled onto various, hybrid cross-referencing facts, that are underly a cosmic/generalized set as a grand connection of everything via correlations of simplistic and complex 2d and 3D geometry, linear prime number patterns, 2D prime number patterns, Pi-powerings, complex biologicals, phi, and Universe knowns.

    Again, making the connection betwee ultra-micron gravitational spacetime, and our more medio-macro existence, may be related to the 14( 7 + 7 ) congruent planes of the total 87 primary great circle planes of Universe.

    I dunno, as this is was a new thought I had the other night while laying in bed. I will have to reinvestigate those specific 14 congruent planes and see which ones are 5-fold or fold etc...... I've wondered for many years how could a monoploar gravity correlate to dipolar( plus and minus ) charges of EMRadiation.

    So perhaps this 7-7 will fit into that niche. I dunno.

    What may be key in this latter is understanding the relationship of the 4-fold VE/cubo-octahedron/jitterbug, to the 5-fold icosa(20)hedron.

    Just as the number 5 inherently contains the 1-4, the 5-fold icosahedron contains 5 sets of teh 4-fold VE, however, when ico. adn VE have same value chords, the VE is more expanded-- greater radius ---polyhedron, and it is only when the VE contracts, that it passes through the quasi/semi-icosahedron phase, of a shorter radius, yet I believe gravity embraces all of our finite Universe and each and every fermion and boson.

    The value of radial differrence--- is given in Synergetics ---between VE and ico. is one consideration plus other considerations I need explore further involving the 14 congruent GrCP's.

    Again, these seeming--- to me ---correlations of varfious fields of existence, may be one of the most conceptually abstract sets of correlations to exist and expescially the Pi related ones. I did delve into phi-- see primary regular/symmetrical icosahedron ---a few years back, but cannot recall anything corrrelated in a way that was as cosmically generalized as what I've offered here.

  10. rr6 Banned Banned

    Interesting to note, that, if I understand how to round off correctly, then there is twin set of dual number set 73 in the fine structure constant( FSC ) i.e. if we drop-- by carrying over to the previous #2 ---then we could correctly identify FSC as follows;

    0.00 73 73....wow that is mind blowing if it is connected to the 73 primary great/equaltorial circle planes.


    early I mentioned why focus on dual sets of numbers rather than single or triplets. My initial reasoning was because of the first double 00's in Pi^3.

    We may have good reasons also tho for instance di-polar charges are a dual set of plus and minus in every known aspect all fermionic and bosonic particles. You may disount the neutron but I seem to recall a few years back some research suggesting it does have a minute charge. I dunno if that panned out to be true or not.

    Also left-right skew( chiral-like ), bi-lateral, expand-contract, left-right spin, inside-out and outside-out.

    0.00 73--FSC if not also as 0.00 73 73...or as 0.007

    3.14 15 92---Pi

    97.40 90 91--Pi^4

    24.35 22 72 ---Pi^4 / 4---where I use 24.35 as one of the four equally valued vector/factor/elements of space and time aka XYZ and time.
    ...I take note here on the latter, that the .35 is evenly divisible by 7 i.e. 35 / 7 = 5.

  11. someguy1 Registered Senior Member

    @rr6, Now that you're working with pi^4, what do you think of my theory that "409" refers to the Beach Boys song of that name?

    Or do you think this could be a message from the people who make the cleaning product Formula 409?


    I ask you in all seriousness: Given some random correlation of the digits of some number full of random correlations, how do you decide which ones are important? What do you think is the secret meaning of the fact that the first 3 decimal digits of pi^4 are 409?
  12. rr6 Banned Banned

    What Is Polyhedral and Polygonal Numerical Base Sguy?

    S,guy, the quote you posted above is not my comment and is obviously sillinous, as was your asking for something predicts tomorrows winning sports scores or stock market etc.......

    So, not sure who your addressing. I've posted many reasonsing behind the numbers and there significance as I've found them to exist and to have a seemignly possible correlations.

    If you can address specific statments by that you dont understand why those specific numbers are appear significant to me,then I can better address any questions that you may have for me i..e be specific not general in those regards.

    Also I reference some regular/symmetrical if not fundamental polyhedra and or polgyons patterns and asked you what base there in. You never addressed that specific question in specific regards to your past numerical bases that can be used.

    My guess is that my question points out that base is irrelevant to a tri(3)angle and that is why you do not address a simple question I asked of you..

    What is nuemical based used for and icosa(20)hedron or cubo-octahedron etc....Sguy?

    Again, i've supplied lots of info for why the numbers of a siginficance. Maybe you need to reread and then address specicfic comments by me, so I can best address your questions as asked. Thx

  13. someguy1 Registered Senior Member

    pi^5 = 306.01968 47852 ...

    Now 1968 was one of the most tumultuous years in American history. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were both shot dead. Republican Richard Nixon was elected president, leading to a widening of the Vietnam war to Laos and Cambodia. There were riots in the streets.


    And the new age anthem Aquarius / Let the Sun Shine In was recorded by ... The Fifth Dimension!


    This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

    Thank you brother for explaining this to me. At long last I see the light.
  14. rr6 Banned Banned

    No " Light" Just Facts of Math and Possible Relationships Thereof

    Like some others who see only silly concepts

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    you appear to be blinded by some light your refer too.

    Pi^3 follows the pathway of and XYZ cartesian methodolgy as the 31 great/equatorial circles fufill that function.

    No "light" involved there just math.

    Pi^4 follows a pathway of adding in time to XYZ and again no "light" involved here either.

    I ask you what is the numerical base of regular/symmetrical polyhedron or other related polyhedra and you turn your off your "light".

    Pretty much Sguy you have nothing of valid significance--- same as the troll-like behaviour ---so your like trolls or others, were left with you offering us only the silly

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    i.e. basically you have nothing so you offer nothing of signficance.

    If and when, you want to reread and comprehend what your reading, then perhaps we can have a rationally logical conclusion instead of silly

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!


    FSConstant0.00 73 92 73 52

    FSC rounded-off 0.00 73 0 73---see 73 primary Great/equaltorial circle planes.

    3.14 15 92---Pi and 14 is 7 + 7 so again I reference the 14 congruent GrCP's of total 87 primary GrCP's

    97.40 90 91--Pi^4

    24.35 22 72 ---Pi^4 / 4---where I use 24.35 as one of the four equally valued vector/factor/elements of space and/or time aka XYZ and time.
    ...I take note here on the latter, that the .35 is evenly divisible by 7 i.e. 35 / 7 = 5.

    97.40 90 minus 24.35 22 = 73.05 68


  15. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

    Mr. rr6, you posted;
    " 97.40 90 minus 24.35 22 = 73.05 68 "
    The digits/number: 73.05 68 = POSSIBLY SUPER MAGICAL SPECIAL NUMBER !!!
    73 - 5 = 68 or 68 + 5 = 73 - SUPER FREAKY DEAKY - CAN NOT POSSIBLY BE JUST RANDOM !!!

    Still moving along
  16. RJBeery Natural Philosopher Valued Senior Member

    For the love of God why is this thread still in Physics and Math?
  17. origin Heading towards oblivion Valued Senior Member

    I think that moderators are at summer camp, there are a couple of doozies in the science section at the moment...:shrug:
  18. someguy1 Registered Senior Member

    Given a random correlation noticed by you; and a random correlation noticed by me; how would an objective observer determine which is "important" and which is "silly?"

    After all, the Fifth Dimension did record Aquarius in 1968; and the first four nonzero digits to the right of the decimal point of pi^5 are 1968.

    Earlier you mentioned that the first 2 nonzero digits to the right of the decimal point of pi^3 are 62; and that 62 is the number of nerves attaching to the human spine. To me, this seems like a random coincidence. The 2-string '62' appears infinitely often in pi; and so does every other 2-string like 47 or 92 [assuming pi is normal]. That's why science demands predictions. It's not enough to explain the results of last week's horse races; you have to be able to give insight into tomorrow's.

    Why are your coincidences meaningful and mine not? What are the criteria?
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2013
  19. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

    Silly wabbitt, he is rr6!!
  20. rr6 Banned Banned

    Pi^4 = pi-time + pi-volume( XYZ )

    S,guy, you need to start at the top for 6, 7th or more times and do practice comprehensive reading abilities. imho Your sillyness

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    and now illogical non-sense is more liken to troll-like behavior.

    Pi^3 is mathematically volumetric process.

    Pi^4 includes time.

    The name of a group of singers is irrelevant ergo meaningless.

    If this is the best you have to offer you need not apply your self in this regards any further.

    This is third post you've offer illogical nonsense ergo you've crossed over into troll-behaviour i..e you have nothing so you offer nothing.

    I don't like responding to trolls or those like yourself, exhibiting troll-like behavour

  21. eram Sciengineer Valued Senior Member

    So you claim that he's spouting nonsense, what about yourself?

    I don't think anyone can construe this as anything other than nonsense.

    He is being sarcastic, with no intention to troll.

    I think you should stick to writing poetry. By the way, how can a poet like yourself have such terrible grammar?
  22. rr6 Banned Banned

    Reviewing the Facts of Observation

    31.00 62 7...i.e. Pi^3

    31 left-skew and 31 right-skew great/equlatorial circles( GrCP's = 62

    62( 5-fold symmetries ) + 25( 3 and 4-fold symmetries ) = 87 primary GrCP's
    ..3, 4, 6, 6, 10, 12, 15 ergo 7 axi sets give 56 primary GrCP's....
    ...FSConstant = .007 29 73 52 56

    87 minus 14 congruent( 7 + 7 ) GrCP's = 73 primary GrCP's.


    3.14 15 92... = Pi and 14 is 7 + 7--- see immediate above ---and there are 15 left and 15 right-skew 5/phi-fold symmetry GrCP's.

    Humans, the most complex biologicals we know to exist in Universe, have 31 bilateral( left and right ) spinal nerves.

    31 is a prime number that remains prime for 8 positions/places i.e. 33 33 33 31

    Pi is a constant ratio of a perfect circle circumference( chords ) to its diameter( 2 radii ) irrespective of

    97.40 90 91 03 40 02 43 72 36 44 03 32 68 87 05...i.e. Pi^4
    ..FSConstant = .00 72 97 35 25 6

    97.40 90 91... / 4( XYZ and time ) = 24.35 22 72 75...value for each XYZ and time vector/factor/element of consideration.

    35 is rationally divisible by 7

    The minimal polyhedral torus has 9 nodal-vertexial events.

    Think of a GrCP as torus i.e. a volumetric ring and it has a cosmic limit of 7 faced color mapping;

    .."If a torus is divided into regions, then it is always possible to color the regions with no more than seven colors so that neighboring regions have different colors.".....


    FSConstant rounded-off = .00 73 0 73 52 56
    ...73 primary GrCP's/rings/tori.....

    .."A torus is the product of two circles, in this case the red circle is swept around axis defining the pink circle. R is the radius of the pink circle, r is the radius of the red one.".. i.e. The tori is defined by i.e the product of two circles that are at 90 degrees to each other.

    However, I see 4 GrCP's being significant;

    1) central axis GrCP,

    2) outer circumference( chords ) GrCP,

    3) inner circumferential ( chords ) GrCP,

    4) the smaller circle that is at 90 degrees to the above set of 3 GrCP's.

    I know I'm forgetting some significant relevancies...maybe next Pi-time( 24.35 22..

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    in the pure conceptally abstract Pi- time where the spatial pi-XYZ are equal to Pi-time

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Last edited: Aug 10, 2013
  23. rr6 Banned Banned

    Go No Further Into Irrational Infinity

    24.35 22 7 27 58 50 06 09 30 91 10 08 31 72 17 6
    .. 35 and/or 22 / 7 and #7 falls in the 7th integer position above as it does in Pi^3....

    Ponder this, to make the rational 24 vectorial external chords of the VE/cubo-octahedron, to become 25-- as in association with the VE's 25 great/equaltorial circle planes ----and then make it more liken to Pi^3's 31 and icosahedronas 30 edges that produce 31 GrCP's,

    I do the following to in order to round-off the above 24.35 to become only 25.

    22 / 7 = 3.14 so can we take the .14 and add it to the .35 to make .49 ergo .49 becomes .5 and then we add .5 to the rational 24 i.e. 24.5 becomes 25...ha ha!

    Also interesting, tho not mathematicaly unusual is how the .14 + .35 = .49, I guess since there all rational products of #7.

    I think that is too far fetched to do mathematically but then again, i'm not much of a mathematician.
    I dunno if this above is correct mathematical approach or not.

    H,mmm I hadn't ever thought to much about that 22/7, until recently regarding the resultant of after subdividing Pi^4.

    Recently tho someone did reply to my some of my most recent playful pondering explorations of
    Pi^4 / 4 =

    24.35 22 7 27 58 50 06 09 309110083172176

    where I had pointed out that the 35 was rationally divisible by 7 and others should by now know my thoughts on the signficance of #7 as having a STOP here function for a few differrent reasons--- given elsewehere many times --- and most recently here above and any case where a number that is not a rational product of 7,

    causes and infinite repeating process of repeating set of decimals ex.

    22 / 7 =3.142857 142857 142857 142857 1428571

    and this repitition is just another example of #7's STOP here or cosmic limit function i.e. go no further into inrationally infinity.

    However, I was not even considering that #7 in the 7th integer place when I was saying that 35 was rationally divisible 7. I was just noticing the 35 was intimate with 7 that way, but since there is that 7
    in the 7th interger place and QQ mentions the 22/7 fraction thingie, suddenly my attention is perked.

    So anyway this dude does a sort of reverse numerology thingie on me i.e. he asked me to notice that the
    22 / 7 = 3.14 28 57 14 28 571428571428571428571.....

    So I want to review for others a line of facts;

    Pi = 3.14 15 92 65 35 897932384626433832795

    Pi^2 = 9.86 96 04 40 10893586188344909998762

    Pi^3 = 31.00 62 7 66 80299820175476315067101
    ...7 falls in the 7th integer place/position...

    Pi^4 = 97.40 90 91 03 40 02 43 72 36 44 0332688705
    ...and divide equally by 4 ergo equal values for X Y Z and Time....

    24.35 22 7 27 58 50 06 09 30 91 10 08 31 72 17 6
    ..7 falls in the 7th integer position....

    So there are the facts. Correlations if any, are for there for the pondering.

    And cosmic pondering I have done, and a cosmic pondering I will do.........:--D

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