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    Could it perhaps one day be feasible to completely change our need and dependance on learning certain skills, intead to develop a new form of symbiotic artificial intelligence to reside inside us capable of doing the tasks we cannot?

    Ok so the idea of having computer chips implanted in our heads may not seen such a pleasant thought to most of us, but lets imagine beyond this to a more advanced stage in biogenetics where we are capable of inducing growth of specifically designed new parts of our brains that would allow for a seperate artificial intelligence that we are able to use to take over and do things for us.

    It seems quite easy to accept the idea of having intelligent robots take over and do difficult jobs in the future, but what about the benefits and advantages of us ourselves actually being able to do anything we want.
    Just for example imagine the benefits of having A.I. part of your brain being able to take over in medical emergency with all the skill of a trained doctor or paramedic. Or perhaps you've not been getting enough exercise and are getting out of shape, wouldn't it be great to simply allow your A.I. to take you a 10 mile run every morning?

    Feeling a bit nervous at interviews or don't like flying? Well hey no problem just let your A.I. haddle it.
    Seriously it seems the possibility for the future of artificially created intelligence could fundamentally change, certainly I would hope also, improve the way we actually live in the future. It would seem that if the way the world has adopted usage of mobile phones is anything to go by then surely a personal A.I. to help enable ordinary people to do anything they could want to do would also go down a storm.

    So really I guess the only questions that remain are just how realistic is this as an idea? and if it is even remotely actually possible then when indeed could we start seeing it coming to fruition?

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