Paris Riots and vincent

Discussion in 'World Events' started by johnahmed, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM Registered Senior Member


    what exactly did we rape india of, rice?

    Rice is not eaten by anyone but asians in the uk, sure nowadays people pop into the chinese takeaway for some, but 99% of uk citizens would not even know how to cook it.

    Do you know if we could go back in time in the uk, most of our population would vote on never taking india, do you know how many billions it has cost the british taxpayer for the millions of indians & pakis on the dole in the uk, since the 1950's, all because we taught them english, made them part of our empire.

    I find indians & pakis the laziest people in the world, along with the middle east layabouts.

    Its all about sponging off someone else in there countries, the woman the classic example in india, evertime the man marry's a woman he gets her dowry, then she conviently dies by burning herself alive over the cooker, & he gets married again for more money, this was on a bbc news documentary there are thousands of indian women each year who combust over the stove or cooker, the police dont even investigate it anymore.

    Its the same in muslim countries but he does not have to kill his wife, he just marry's her gets her money then marry's again.

    All this does is take the western idea of men being the bread winner out of the equation, so pakis & indians & arabs have no concept of what work is, why should they when they have women stupid enough to marry them.
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  3. SG-N Registered Senior Member

    Stop using google to translate your sentences : it doesn't mean anything! I can understand the first one if I "translate" it, but the second one... well... "Let obtain to marry the three of us, of you me and your kangarou".

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  5. SG-N Registered Senior Member

    About Jacques Chirac and his reaction during a meeting, I think he was right : French is one of the official languages of the EU, so a french minister doesn't have to speak english.
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  7. SG-N Registered Senior Member

    What about the "riots"...?

    People (mainly students) are against a law that would add a new kind of working contract in which your boss can stop using you whenever he wants during the 2 first years without giving you anything (money and/or reason). In France it would be new and those ( students don't want to change : they want 35h/week until 50 years old for 2000€/month... without working would be the best...

    They are young and stupid (sounds like "english" but lets talk about our problem...) and some of them are just there to fire cars and fight with the police. (I would break their knees so that they would not do it twice, but I think it's illegal in France and it would be on every newspapers in the world!).

    Anyway, in a few hours our president will tell us if the law is kept or canceled/delayed. Then we will see...
  8. Krieg Order Registered Senior Member

    The Riots in Paris are being carried out by far leftist groups, as usual. It is the same anarchistic ideology that fuels other misguided liberal agendas. These are the same people that stand for so called "tolerance" and "civil rights".

    Yahoo News story-

    Far Left Wing Vows more protests in Paris
  9. DiamondHearts Registered Senior Member

    That's called the "White man's burden," a remnant from colonialism. It's time you realize how many innocents British killed and wealth they stole in gold, salt, artifacts, and slaves in South Asia.

    That's racism. Moderators why isn't he banned already?

    Generalization. Hindu women sometimes kill themselves if their husband dies, but even this isn't as common as you make it seem.

    Generalization. Misinformation. In Islamic countries, the dowry goes to the wife and is paid by the husband. You are wrong. A vast majority of Muslims only have one wife.

    Generalization. Racism. You falsely say most Indian, Pakistani, and Arab men don't work and get money from their wives. You call Indian, Pakistani, and Arab women stupid for marrying from their own people.


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