Overshoot and Collapse of global populations

Discussion in 'General Science & Technology' started by Donald Gordon Graham, Aug 29, 2017.

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    Restoring a sense of direction.
    That's why no specific predictions of specific local reactions were posted - not because of serious uncertainty in the basic facts, which are more or less taken for granted after decades of peer-reviewed and published research.
    It's like climate change warnings - one points to the risk, and the odds, from the basic situation.
    If their banking system collapses in fraud and waste,

    and the ecological effects of their massive hydro modifications of glacier-fed rivers hit their agricultural base (coupled with the slipshod rollout of their GMOs in key crops such as rubber and rice) (another weak point, the glaciers are no longer stable, the GMO rubber trees are more, not less, fungus vulnerable, etc) -

    which every single banking system similarly set up has, repeatedly, but of course extrapolating from that is "speculation" -

    they won't have to tell anyone.
    Which we -
    as in the larger world of science and research and interested parties, outside the narrowly focused labs and politically restricted government agencies with pig ignorant official supervision, able to speak freely about obvious stuff -

    keep pointing out has been producing a large body of unfulfilled promises, deceptive claims, and outright falsehoods from an alleged base in sequestered private data,

    (example: I have seen this exact quote and similar wordings, not just spoken in a moment of carelessness but written and defended in public by many actual scientists in the field: "It is the concensus of science that GMOs are safe". That's not out of context. That's a mass delusion, similar to those attending nuclear fission applications in the early days).
    to enormous private industry profit, enormous distributed general risk, and little demonstrated general net benefit,

    for decades now.

    Mind: As repeatedly posted here by me, because you guys cherry pick and have the memory of a mayfly - I'm very much in favor of GMOs and GMO research. It's one of the things that can save us a great deal of misery. It's a potential boon of almost unimaginable proportions. I favor large increases in public funding, and serious - even urgent - effort. Were I king, I would take every dollar budgeted to production of the F-35 and hand it to a GMO research lab.

    But not the way it's being done. The way it's being done is going to blow up in our faces - almost inevitably. The people rolling this stuff out are screwing around with dynamite, and lying about it, for money. Sooner or later they will roll snake eyes.

    Notice: The parallel with climate denial is almost exact. Follow the money. The population overshoot disasters are all going to be mediated by money, the decisions made largely by people insulated in great wealth at the time of deciding. (Jared Kushner).
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