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Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Tyler, Sep 10, 2002.

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  1. Tyler Registered Senior Member

    As it stands I have tried;
    pot (duh)
    pot laced with crystal meth (which was fucked up and I didn't know it was laced)
    speed - but only right before taking shrooms

    Now, I have two questions. First off there's a friend of mine and she's a major drug-user in the sense that she's done most of it and knows her drugs inside out. She also happens to be a fucking maniac from a family of fucking maniacs. Anyway, she and I were talking and I mentioned I want to do shrooms again sometime soon and take a higher amount. She tells me she's getting some stuff called chocolate trip shrooms and asks how much I want. I say a good 6.5 grams should do it. She looks at me and says "no no, you don't need that much". I mentioned that my friend and I wanted to try stepping up the dosage and experimenting and she said that we still don't need that much with these "chocolate trip shrooms". So by stating that she, an expert and heavy shrooms user, uses only 1.5 grams to get fucked on these things I say 4 grams will do nicely. So my first question is; Has anyoen experimented with these specific kind of shrooms and how does it work in relation to regular shrooms that I would have been doing before at 2-2.5 grams a trip?

    Second question concerns Morning Glory. I have read now numerous write-ups on this drug and I'm curious. Some people say they do p to 30g and feel little more than pot. Others say they do 20g and get a wild trip. Anyone have any experience? Anyone know anyone who does?

    Thanks a bunch guys! Also; if anyone has any advise as to a drug to try besides the ones I've mentioned and not including acid or heroin, please do mention!
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  3. Emfuser Registered Senior Member

    Well, I stopped doing stuff like shrooms awhile ago, but it sounds like your friend is talking about pulverized shrooms put into chocolate. Those WILL mess you up with lower dosage because their absorption rate into your body is much faster (took full effect in ~15 min) and more efficient. I did that once and I can say it was fun when I split 1/8th with someone. I DID notice that those who had taken the whole 1/8th were going hard

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    and at least one guy was getting overwhelmed a bit.

    Fortunately, I've been done with that phase of my life for awhile.

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    You seriously should slow down, though.
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  5. Adam §Þ@ç€ MØnk€¥ Registered Senior Member

    I've known many idiots who "know their drugs inside and out", and every single one of them has been a moron. Generally they know quite well how drugs make them feel, and they know all the urban myths associated with various drugs, but they know nothing about what is actually happening to them, or about anything else.
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  7. archwriter Registered Senior Member

    Try doing some extreme sports or finding someone to share time with. That way you get a natural high. Drugs are for the weak and extremely dumb.

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  8. Tyler Registered Senior Member

    emfuser; Thanks, I'll be sure to do a smaller amount then!!

    adam; I know exactly what you're saying. This girl actually has a decent understanding of the science and health behind drugs as it's her biggest area of interestet. However, the only reason I say 'inside out' is in relation to her knowledge of what specific strands cause to different people.

    arch; drugs are fun. certain drugs give you very different perspective on things and are interesting to see. however, no drug is good unless done solely recreationally. as for extreme sports - I mountain bike and while I woudl LOVE to I am unable to jump from a plane. My ear kills if I land in a plane or scuba-dive, let alone sky diving!
  9. Xev Registered Senior Member


    You're ugly and you probably have a small dick. Shut up and go away.

    Try belladonna. It kicks ass, and I think is legal.

    Edit to add:

    I think my entire personality is summed up in this post.
  10. Frieda Registered Senior Member

    another legal drug: try & eat a teaspoon of nutmeg..

    at first you'll go way hyper, then really really depressed and sometimes aggressive. be careful with the last phase, smoke some pot or something to relax!

    if you don't feel anything you can increase the amount easily, it works within 5 - 15 minutes so it's effects are pretty easy to control. drinking sugarwater also helps cooling down.

    oh, and make sure there's something stable in your stomach before you eat the nutmeg

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  11. MacZ Caroline Registered Senior Member

    ... as opposed to what?

    You pay yourself the compliment of thinking you will always be able to make the distinction.
  12. Xten Registered Member


    I have never herd of these chiptrips and fancy names for the good ole shroom. Where I live SE USA they grow everywhere. I can tell you from myown experiance that the poentcy varrys alot depending on wheree they are grown. We had some from one field and it took xx amount to get a good trip going. Next field we did the same thing took xx and was completely blasted into oblivion. Its best if you can go and get them for your self. I wouldnt trust buying shrooms from someone.

    Your seccond question about morning glories. I have also tried this and never goten anything from it. It may have something to do with the exact species of the flower, the seeds I had were from the tricolor species. The process to extract the chemicals from the seeds is dangerous and in my mind not worth the effort heh. Just throw a few shrooms in a pot, boil them for a few min. Easy and if done just right takes affect in 3-5 min. lasts 7-8 hours.
  13. lokee Registered Member

    I have done Morning Glory seeds too. You have to get the "heavenly blue" variety, and look for warnings about consumption on it as some have pesticides on them and they make you feel like shit. we ate like 11 g and it fucked us up so i dont know. Oh and make sure you have some pepto around cuz it makes u nausiated. And drugs are a way to explore your mind and personality. especially hallucinogens. and they are a lot of fun too. And i love how people call drug users weak and extremely dumb. i bet we are happier than you will ever be. don't judge us by the guy u knew that was a junkie. we aren't all addicts.
  14. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member


    I think at this point we need to remember that there are others that read the forums. I would hate to know that someone, especially someone we know, would make a mistake and try some of these things. Understand, I am not a prude but people think a little is good more is better.

    We have many young readers who may not have the disgression to try something a little at a time. Would you like to know that you were responcible for someone to wind up in the hospital because they read your "recommendations" and tried them? (If they are lucky)

    This is after all a family type forum. Should you wish to discuss how much, what kind, ect. please do it off the boards with pm's or some other method.

    I make this responce after having recieved a complaint on the subject of this topic and its intent. This thread will remain closed.

    Xev made mention of Belladonna. What she did not say is that it is deadly and another name for it is nightshade...

    *1/10 of a grain is not a large amount. It should be further noted that several children have shown up at hospitals from being poisoned by the berries alone.
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