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Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by Neverfly, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. Neverfly Banned Banned

    Moderator note (by James R): This thread has been split from another thread, since it is off-topic. The thread title is mine. This post has not been edited other than to add this note. What follows is Neverfly's original post.

    Been watching, "Instinct," have you? Good movie. All that about illusions and what not. If you haven't seen it, get down to your local Red Box.

    Game Junkie, I don't post on here any more because Bells is still a moderator. (and her lap dog, JDawg or Balerion or whatever he's calling himself these days... Oh, JDawg/Balerion/Artist formerly known as an internet symbol; You're still a hypocritical moron who is oblivious to how often you shove your own foot down your throat with your many posts. I'm surprised you don't shit out Nike's.) A Moderator- and a sociopath that deliberately trolls threads with gross distortions in order to manipulate thread outcomes- and JamesR's balls haven't dropped yet for him to wake up to her machinations and remove her from moderator status. I find your thread interesting enough to give a few pointless and meaningless words of my own. See, what I just said relates to what you have said.
    I'm powerless against moderators whom were given (not earned) 'authoritative' status. In spite of many of their wrongness, many people who could stand up to them seem to be too weak to do so. I grew tired of their deceptiveness, flaming and personal attacks while moderators targeted me for having the audacity of defending myself from them. This forum is a JOKE and I seriously hope you don't think by posting on this one, you're reaching intellectual minds. I can recommend far better forums with TRUE intellectuals, if you like. And real moderators that READ what's said in threads, not JamesR who skims and slaps everyone for a thread rather than do his damned job. A big fat Fuck You to anyone who reads all that I just said and doesn't like it.

    What you say is absolutely true- depending on perspective. The world's a mess of our own creation- Not the creation or even the contribution of Scientific research- but the misguided attempts at staving off political correctness by encouraging unreasonable scientific solutions to simple problems.
    Yes, the majority of people out there SEEM to be idiots. Yet, you're saying nothing new. Voltaire made the same claims, rather humorously and satirically centuries ago.

    Most people do seem to float on the slavery and drudgery of society. But is this really true? Or just a depressing perspective bent by observations of only the weak minded?

    Is this forum, as listed above, a guiding example of what science forums on the net are like, considering the idiocy and hypocrisy and bigotry posted within it? No, it is not. It's a poor example, a sorry ass forum and many of it's members are a waste of bandwidth. It has its shining exceptions mind you... good posters and intellectuals, though they often get drowned out by the quacks, nutjobs, piss poor moderators, biased Mods and repeat offenders like JDawg that would argue with his own Mother because he's constipated with a backlog of Reeboks.
    You cannot take the forum as representative of the thoughts of many in a society nor can you take your sole observations of the weakest minded people in a society nor the major obstacle of overcoming literally a hundred years of progress at face value.

    We advanced scientific research in medicine to help people- and now people live longer, more people, more babies and mothers SURVIVE> overpopulation. Was it 'sinful' of scientists to have done this? Well, no... balance is required.
    We built massive industry to 'feed' the population with it's devices of Slavery- radios, air conditioners, walkie talkies and cellular telephones. We are transfixed in narcissistic perspective, paying so much attention to ourselves while ignoring the natural world around us. But is the natural world ignored? National parks, staffed by park rangers policing and educating the narcissistic public would beg to differ. The Strongest political push now, the GREEN push, would beg to differ.
    The very changes you would like to see are happening.
    Slowly- because the infrastructure- rightly or wrongly placed- is already there and cannot be torn down and built anew lest everything collapses. All we can do is tweak it a little here and there and try to fix it as best we can as we go and here's the clincher- WE ARE DOING SO.
    We are growing, learning and improving at a very fast rate. Once we understood the problems that plagued us for millenia, within fifty short years we took drastic strides to create corrective actions.
    Racism- yes, still exists and always will to a some degree, but LOOK at what brave people fighting for what they believed accomplished in just Fifty Short Years!
    Pollution- never before have so many regulations come cracking down on Industry to ensure that New Technologies and techniques do NOT harm the natural world, in spite of us narcissists having to sacrifice a bit for it.

    Yes, we are the Devil, but we are self aware enough and many of us have been aware and making others aware for a long time. Long before you sat your diapered butt in front of a PC and started typing out pontifications on this here interweb.

    So go outside. Seriously, put down the bag of cheetos, pause WoW, step away from the keyboard.
    Go outside and look around. Watch the changes, see how people are growing. See how our society is starting to put forth the effort into mending our mistakes.
    And take a moment to look UP, too. You will see no God floating up there, ready to dish out eternal salvation or damnation for us not fulfilling some divine purpose... You will find no Meaning of Life, for there isn't one, aside from our own choosing.
    You will find no purpose nor destiny given to us, NOTHING MATTERS to the Universe.

    But it matters to us, and to eachother. How we treat eachother and this world matters to US and since we seem to be the only intelligence around; it seems to me that is all that matters. We have no God nor alien overlords to please, we must please ourselves, take responsibility for ourselves, our lives and our world.
    We have a history of Great People, from Dr. George Carutthers and Neil Armstrong to Marie Curie to Rosa Parks. You are surrounded by people that will achieve great things, help find good solutions to the problems that we ourselves have created.

    And- there are those of us who will stand up to the Bastards In Charge, too. Those of us that always fight back- and speak out against them for being inattentive, deceptive or just plain BAT SHIT CRAZY even when they hold the Esteemed and Honorable position of shitforum Moderator.

    Take heart crazy man and stop looking under the keyboard for devils. If you wanna see a devil, go look in the mirror. Shrug, say to the devil you see in the reflection, "Well, let's stop whining and DO something about it." Go outside, start picking up some trash. Research converting your ride into CNG instead of burning mean ol' gasoline and oil. Don't waste food and electricity. Do Your Part.

    And Smile to the asshole down the street. Maybe he'll smile back one day. Help pick up some trash. Stop by and ask you about how you converted your car to CNG. Or just maybe, he'll stay an asshole. Worlds full of them. Some of them pick on internet members and some have their dog poop on your lawn. You have the power to do something about you, not them. Use the power.

    p.s. - JDawg, You suckle bunny testicles. You sick bastard, You.

    p.s.s. JamesR, I apologize for my massively low swinging balls. I cannot help it. Came time to drop and FWOOM! - There they were. Maybe someday, you'll learn to READ what people write and actually DO something realistic instead of hiding behind political correctness. Maybe you'll grow up to be like me.

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    As you hit the ban button, take a moment to envision them swinging low hangin' manhood. Ok, go ahead, sight seen, push the button.

    Yeah... I said all that shit. Terrible horrible no good very bad poster that I am. <smile> (hint, hint)
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  3. Bells Staff Member


    I see you are trying to get banned.

    The irony of this post of yours, Neverfly, is that you are accusing others of doing exactly what you are doing in that post. You have pretty much made yourself out to be a sexist, abusive and rude individual and why? Because you got cranky that you could not get your way last time and that people dared to disagree with you.

    That's fine. If that is how you wish to play this, I won't stop you.

    I could ban you. The other moderators just might and they may delete this post of yours.

    This thread could remain, just so that people can see the true you. Your true self, as portrayed in this post of yours. Unfortunately, your response could have some repercussions.

    The worst thing about this post, of course, is that you are responding to someone who appears to actually need help. And this is how you respond. That post of yours should be deleted because of that.

    You really hate me that much? Fine, come after me in the sub-forum designed for member complaints. Don't use this thread, where even seagypsy has pointed out that the OP may need help, to abuse and insult and make frankly obscene comments about others because you are still hung up on the fact that people disagreed with you on this site in the past.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    I am not going give you what you want, Neverfly. And that appears to be that you wish to try and make yourself a martyr. You don't deserve the attention you so desperately seek.

    But you should be ashamed of yourself for using this particular thread to abuse and insult others, not to mention make very sexist and rude comments about others, because you want to go out with a bang.
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  5. Neverfly Banned Banned

    Ah true self on display, as is yours. I cannot, nor would, "let it go," and neither can you- and you know this.
    But you've got it all wrong. It wasn't an attempt to get myself banned. I don't give a damn if you ban me or not. I said what I wanted to say. I got it out, without fear of repercussions- Because your behavior demonstrates that your Moderator actions mean nothing.
    Previous to that, I PM'ed Mods about your trolling threads with manipulations and lies. I complained about you in the complaints forum. "Open Note for Moderators" and you know,I was quite forgiving and polite- until you Trolled.

    I direct your attention to this post by Iceaura- made long ago-

    No, I didn't fail to get my way after others disagreed with me. You, along with JDawg trolled, just as icearua described a troll- to a T. Showing true self? You manipulate and lie in how you describe others- and the problem, My Friend, is that it's out there on display for others to see as well.

    I'm off of here, now. I really don't care if you reply to this or not. I derailed the thread but used that derailment as an example to the O.P. The O.P. can decide what to make of it all on his own, without your help. I won't bother to stay and fight, as you are hoping that I will, and derail it completely. I won't bother to see if you reply. Or pull other accusations, (as is your way) such as "sexist" out of your ass. Seriously? Sexist, now? LMAO.
    I actually did give Game Junkie sound advice in that post, so no, I'm not ashamed. I'm not ashamed for having always stood up to you and not "letting it go." Someone needs to, so many can't stand you and yet, no one is permitted to speak their mind about your appalling, deceitful and sociopathic behavior to members on this forum. So, I did so- whatever you assume my motives to be - simply for myself. To have the satisfaction of lighting you up for what you really are. I'm not ashamed for being insulting because I do not care if you or JDawg feel slighted for being Told What You Are. The insults built up after tolerating your bullshit and lies for a long time. Be honest- for Once. I'm not ashamed for having used that as an example against the O.P.'s dark description of the state of the world, as it's a fitting approximation to compare it to the dark and disturbing state of this forum. Where many members knuckle under and tolerate the off kilter moderatorship for fear of such repercussions. Where they float along, putting up with the abuse and machinations, because they are 'weak against the powerful."
    Let the O.P. make up his own mind, you don't need to hold his hand and guide him to your inaccurate conclusions.

    Anyway, have a good day

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    Maybe we'll run into eachother again someday. And I won't forget.

    Careful, man. Bells will be upset that the O.P. needed help and you were rude... like most every other post in the thread... LOL
    Actually, a great deal of what he said makes sense and smacks hard with accuracy.
    Others, like the end will happen after year 3000 and the origin of AIDS revealed to the public throw the whole thing off kilter. It's a strange mix and why I found this thread to be very interesting. Not that I have anything further to say in it... rather to read what gets said from here on out. I've said my bit.
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  7. Bells Staff Member

    Ah yes.. who can forget the line where you said that "this is what happens to thieves, robbers and crooks", when I said that the security guards should have backed off when he went into medical distress. We can see the continuation of your caring side right now.

    And yes, sexist. You accuse others of trolling, yet you post in this thread and attempt to flame and troll people who aren't even posting in this thread. Were you hoping one would bite and give you the attention you so desire? No one is. Just me, reminding you to take it to the appropriate forum. And I am not going to ban you. You aren't worth the effort.

    Resorting to personal threats now?


    Nice to see how well you have grown as a person while you have been away.

    Goodbye Neverfly. I wish you your health and happiness and I hope you get all that you deserve out of life.
  8. seagypsy Banned Banned

    This is pretty uplifting stuff from what some would call an unlikely source. It is reminiscent of what I have heard from therapists in the past when being treated for severe depression both in one on one sessions as well as group therapy. It also reminds me of a book called Who Moved My Cheese that deals with perspective and how it can cripple us or enable us without the situation changing in either case.

    I think the advice given above is very good and game-junkie should give it serious consideration. After all, reality is 50% perspective and interpretation.
  9. Gregg Schaffter Registered Member

    Or we can continue this thread just to thrill ourselves on making this guy look more of a...I don't even think there is a word for it. Or, we can do this the professional way and just get rid of it.

    But anyways, all of this stuff is pretty much illogical and finds no relevance to evil. Over population is just an issue of putting to many humans in particular parts of the world. We don't need to consider it evil, we in fact should consider it a sign of us needing to find a solution to expand ourselves, maybe in fact outside of Earth.

    I don't see why I am replying if this thread is pretty much filled with irrelevance, I guess its thrill.
  10. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    Neverfly, please take your battle with Bells elsewhere.
  11. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    How disappointing.

    The other people you have insulted here can speak for themselves, so mostly I'll restrict my reply to your comments about me.

    Despite your enormous testicles, your attempts to bully me don't seem to be working. I wonder why that is?

    Bells has my full confidence as a moderator. And an incoherent rant from you full of personal insults is unlikely to change my mind about that.


    So, given that fact you have a number of options open to you. One is to live with it and go on with your life, imperfect as it is. Another is to attempt to get the changes you want by appeal to somebody who can do something for you. But you're doing a good job of burning your bridges there. Another option is to leave this forum and go to one of the many other superior forums you mention in your post, where you can enjoy the fair moderation that undoubtedly exists there, without fear of further persecution. Or, you can rant and rave impotently, which might make you feel a little better until you're banned permanently. And there are a few other options, too...

    Please post the links. It's always good to know about forums full of true intellectuals.

    This isn't my job, Neverfly. I don't get paid for this. I do this for fun. And, I must say, it's always a joy to have grateful members such as yourself thank me for the voluntary work I put in here for their benefit.

    When everybody disagrees with you, maybe it's you that has the problem. Consider.

    Unlike you, I was brought up with good manners. I was taught to treat people with respect by default, unless and until they show that they do not deserve such respect. You dismiss this, no doubt, as "political correctness", but that's just an excuse for acting poorly. People will notice how you act, no matter how you try to cover it. They will always see through you.

    I do not share your fixation with your genitals. I realise that your references to such are a metaphor for what you think is your personal courage and bravado, for standing up for what you believe. It is obviously not clear to you that I also stand for what I believe. I stand behind decisions I make. I stand behind my opinions, though I am always open to having my mind changed in the light of a better argument or changing circumstances. My version of courage does not require me to flop out my enormous penis and flash it around, like yours apparently does. It may just be that my version of courage is a little quieter than yours.

    I'll end by saying that threatening another poster is the most serious offence somebody can commit on sciforums, bar none. I take such threats extremely seriously indeed. I also regard such threats from a man directed against a woman as about as low as somebody can go. Let's hope you never post anything like this again.

    One final piece of advice to you: remember that this is only an internet forum. Nobody is assaulting your manhood here. We're just names on a screen. Nobody wants to punch you. Nobody hates you. So there's no need for you to get all violent-like.
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