Music videos...

there is a song in my head
im not sure what it means
but its the 1 liner of the chorus that is the point
but i dont know who

i wonder if my brain is attempting to make sense out of random thoughts like dreaming, but while im awake
(like being partially immersed in meditation)

or im just going completely mad
at least i know that will be a short walk from where i am psychologically
Hope things are good with you Rainbow <3
I had this playing on youtube on another page. I was going to close the page but got the sense this video wants to be very much visual.

Not that I'm particular to the music. I've heard Maynard James Keenan can't sing anymore due to some Covid 19 stuffs. He was the lead singer for Tool.

Anyways, Googling the video(s) could be a freaky distraction.


LOL a suggested video by youtube after

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