Morbid Farce: Hoax Lawsuits

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    So ... Here's a Fun One ... or Not ... or ... You Know ... Something

    Because we just haven't yet achieved peak morbidity in American farce:

    A lawsuit allegedly filed by Jared Lee Loughner, the man who carried out the mass shooting in Tucson in 2011, against one of the victims as well as the federal government, could be a hoax.

    (Tuscon News Now↱)

    This does, in fact, reek of provocateurism. To the one:

    Some of the claims in the lawsuit include:

    • Loughner is innocent and was hand-picked to be an assassin.

    • Giffords was never shot and learned to act the part by watching Ronald Reagan movies.

    • Loughner is being waterboarded every day by agents from the NSA, CIA and ATF.

    • Microchips have been placed in his head and he is the victim of a worldwide conspiracy.

    • Giffords is part of the Illuminati, a supposed secret organization of the most powerful people in the world.

    • Loughner is being targeted with chemtrails, which have made him sick and delusional.

    • Giffords help set up rancher Cliven Bundy.

    • Mark Kelly, Giffords' husband and a former American astronaut, planted illegal spy equipment in the skies to spy on Americans.

    To the other:

    But just a few days before Loughner's lawsuit, a similar lawsuit was filed.

    This lawsuit was allegedly filed on March 15 by Jason Brian Dalton, the Uber driver accused of killing six people in a shooting rampage in Kalamazoo, MI.

    The lawsuit stated Dalton was suing Uber Technologies, Inc. for $10 million in punitive damages.

    It later turned out to be a hoax.

    Yes, really. The article also notes that the envelopes containing the lawsuits "have very similar characteristics", including "the same three stamps in the top right corner", "similar handwriting", and "are postmarked in Philadelphia".

    But if we run with the obvious suspicion of provocateurism, we collide quite quickly and jarringly with the question of why. What, in the end, would such a provocateur be after?

    It's one of those things, you know? That is, it would be funny except it isn't.


    Tuscon News Now Staff. "Loughner lawsuit against Giffords, federal government could be hoax". Tuscon News Now. 23 March 2016. 24 March 2016.

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