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Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by Communist Hamster, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. Communist Hamster Cricetulus griseus leninus Valued Senior Member

    Oh no, my beautiful tub of vitriolic pus-spewing hatred (ie this thread) is in the cesspool!. Now it cannot be the most popular thread in open government.
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  3. leopold Valued Senior Member

    flame throwers for sale cheap
    sand blasters half off (bring your own sand)
    torture devices second door on the right
    gasoline free
    got matches?
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  5. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned


    maybe it can be the most popular thread in the cesspool. But then you still have a long way to go.
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  7. kindfluffysteve Registered Member

    I remember when this forum didn't need a cesspool. I remember when we had one or two trolls and that's it.

    Good to see you again Mr Monkey. Although others are less welcome.
  8. Cottontop3000 Death Beckoned Registered Senior Member

    Who needs your welcome?
  9. kindfluffysteve Registered Member

    Everyone needs my welcome.

    Maybe I'm starting out on the wrong foot... actually I started out a while ago so maybe you should show me some respect and say hello to an old friend.
  10. Cottontop3000 Death Beckoned Registered Senior Member

    hello old friend. here, since you seem to need it so bad: RESPECT. I showed you, now care to tell us who you were? As far as having my respect, you must earn it. It is never given for free.

    Never mind about the who you were part. I see you have a whopping .02 average post count since '04.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2005
  11. Communist Hamster Cricetulus griseus leninus Valued Senior Member

    Quite impossible. Any flamewar that long would cause sciforums to undergo gravitational collapse: URI style!
  12. Gustav Banned Banned

    you dare leer at my chick?
  13. Gustav Banned Banned

    the only two who are grateful are the bitch, xev and the mutt, vert
    their gabfest caused the move
    and they knew it would do so
    all other players claim relevance and logic in thier contributions
    thus a disappointment is felt
    and you do too

    the game is far from over
    you are the third phase
    do you not see that?
  14. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Before I get to some responses, I want to make something perfectly clear.

    There has been talk from some posters about how horrible it is that Gendanken has humiliated me publically. I find only one redeeming factor in this sort of talk. They, at least, understand that my 'defeat' to Gustav means nothing. To me. They realize that the only humiliation that could come upon me would be from Gendanken. Because her opinion is the only opinion in this thread I care about (other than my own, that is.)

    Deal with that. Make of it what you will.

    However, while these people seem to understand the importance of friendship, they miss the point completely.

    If Gendanken and I were to come to a parting of the ways, the least of my concerns would be whether or not she lashed out at me publically.

    What the fuck do I care about any of you? I mean, seriously.
    Some of you, I respect for this or that.
    But, when it comes to the loss of friendship, none of you matter.
    At all.

    And that you think that the most horrible aspect of Gendanken's 'treatment' of me is that it's done publically.
    Fuck you. I don't often speak in terms of contempt for internet dwellers. That's Xev's forte. But, perhaps your failure to understand where to focus your 'sympathy' is evidence of just why you're here.

    Now. Things have been said in here, that certain posters still don't understand. About this thing between Gendanken and I. I'm torn on whether or not to make it clear to them. I don't think I will. They can either read the fucking thread or display their ignorance with each consecutive post.

    So. Go on and pity my public 'humiliation'. Go ahead and display just how important it is that you are seen. Just how important your facade is to you. Display just how little self-respect you really have.

    I pity you. You know who you are. Perhaps someday you will learn to focus on the proper things. If I were a religious man, I'd pray for you. But, I'm not. I'm a self-prefessed asshole. So, instead, I'll say 'Fuck you all."
  15. Gustav Banned Banned

    i like that vert
  16. Xev Registered Senior Member

    /Xev: rolls around on the floor shrieking with laughter.

    Meph, now you deny that babble about "this is who Harlequin really is and why he is on this thread"

    No sir, you don't get it. See, I don't care about Harlequin (actually I do 'cause he's cool but I could care less what his name is) and really hadn't read the ten pages it would require to see why it matters or who all you people are in relation to each other. Nor do I care about his or nexus' supposed interest in your new and consummated relationship with she who publically humiliated invert nexus, nor do I care who is jealous of who, and quite frankly I think the lot of you are pathetic, you most so because anyone lame enough to skulk after an internet-person and then claim that others are jealous of you for the fact is, well, really ridiculous. Plus the high-school cloak-and-dagger bullshit is just ludicrous.

    Please die, all of you.
  17. Mephura Applesauce, bitch... Valued Senior Member

    Deny? No.
    I've actually got no idea what you are talking about.

    I'm quite happy for you Xev. I've never given a shit about your interests, cares, likes or dislikes. You've never been that interesting.

    Now this is just plain silly. All of that is old news and was covered months ago. It's nice to see you are trying though.

    I asked for the message in question. You've failed to produce it.

    All in due time
  18. Gustav Banned Banned

    she did no such thing
    she merely voiced her opinion on the events
    and so what if shit snowballed
    besides, are we not american? we air dirty laundry out in the open without blinking an eyelid

    it is motherfuckers like the harlot, that come in with their perverted and distorted outlook, their sanctimonious finger wagging, and insistence that things be accorded a greater significance than actually warranted

    understand this mutt
    you are in no way as bad or stupid as i painted you out to be
    mephura indicated i said certain things in order to make a point
    you should have paid attention

    ie: i exaggerated. there is a kernel of truth. the rest is a flame

    i respect you, vert
    i find you intelligent too

    /not condescending
  19. Harlequin Banned Banned

    Heh. You saying you're an asshole is about as incongruous as Michael Jackson singing "Bad"

    You had it right the first time, though. I never defended you, nor had much in the way of sympathy. You were incidental, and quite frankly it doesn't matter an iota what you think of how you've been treated.

    Look something up.
    Battered Wife Syndrome.
  20. Gustav Banned Banned

    you got time, ja? look into it. i aint here to hold your hand.

    go back, read and rebut. if you cannot understand the relevance of the quoted texts to your garbage, i am willing to discuss and clarify

    stupid fucking maggot. your glee exposes your insecurities
    understand this.i do not concern myself with flotsam and debris. i am not one of the deluded and self-important literary wannabes that see sciforums as some social networking site.

    lets visit

    "what was actually there".
    well? go on. enough of the prevarications
    have the goddamn courage of your convictions, maggot
    your cowardly allusions and veiled references only indicate deviousness not intellect.
    you stick your finger up your ass only to pull it out to check which way the wind is blowing

    the harlot: "but, but...thats not what i meant"

    why the fuck would the fact that people post according to thier respective personalities and abilities require special considerations? is it not fucking obvious? would it not be even more so within the context of a flame war where expected behaviours are even more rigidly defined?

    do you rely on obtuse references because you require validation as a deep intellect? when your pseudo literary buttbuddies buy into your crap terminology does the arrogance grow? would you still feel vindicated when it is quite probable the tards only pretend to understand? or perhaps an inability to understand simply reinforces your sense of superiority?

    i think so
    to all of em

    fascinating how retards are suddenly the experts in flame wars
    you know how, when, what, and why, shit went down the way it did.

    shove your "illustration" up your ass, boy

    sorry. it is a fairly good fit

    you are saying nothing. your self opinion is worthless to others. i fucking decide your worth. how can you not know that? and unlike most, i do not rely on some nebulous and misguided conceptions of what was. it will be decided right here. as we fucking speak

    ahh, i get it. you tout moral and intellectual righteousness
    boy, that is pathetic

    i am not here to censor you. on the contrary, i prefer you keep carry on as you were.
    perhaps even crank up the delusional rhetoric.

    by the way, implying i am suggesting that you do just the opposite is a cheap and trollish ploy. there is such a thing as a middle ground. of course you cannot include since that would sound way too reasonable. heaven forbid that i would be that way

    as for your beliefs and convictions. everything is provisional and tentative. it is only a deluded fanatic that would claim otherwise

    i rather you not get chummy with me
    personal anecdotes are boring
    perhaps a chatroom over at aol?

    you have no clue, do you?

    i know, boy.
    everything is going according just the way you planned it. the dangling baits, the carefully placed nuggets..... the super troll has entered the arena.

    why the fuck should i? it is obvious to me who got fucking beat down. and why.
    you whore "herd mentality/entertainment/fan base" like a filthy pimp as your reasons. you ignore what is in plain sight in favor of a convoluted and illogical rationale that you hope would impress

    do you really think i will try to explain intangibles? my "following"? get a fucking grip

    these expectations exist only to wield as a weapon
    harlot: "gendy,you disappoint me"
    fucking amateur

    completely failed to earn the "honor" of being addressed as gustav?
    i see more delusions of grandeur
    expand and justify

    the thing here is there are quite a few unflattering labels that could stick
    convince me that yours is indeed apt and i will put it on my sig. deal?

    you again cannot believe that others have the temerity to hold a contrary viewpoint. you cannot believe you have to explain the obvious
    how facist and religious of you
  21. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member


    You don't get it either, do you?
    I wonder what it is that you were talking about then?
    Oh well.

    Oh. Of course not. It doesn't matter at all how I see it. Does it?

    Battered wife syndrome?
    You have no clue how things are, buddy boy.
    You know. I've felt bad for you. How things turned out. But, unlike you, I never focused on how you were 'publically humilated'.
    Which hurt worse? That or the loss of friendship?
    Which do you spend more time thinking about?
    Or was it the pity?

    Upon what do you focus, Harlequin?

    I wonder how honest you're being in here. If you really do desire Gendanken to come back, to come alive again, or if you're just being vengeful?
    Plans within plans, Harlequin?
    And within that?
    But. Hey. Xev thinks you're cool again. You've got that going for you.


    Christ. I wonder if anyone understands?
    Oh well. Doesn't matter anyway.
    Yeah. I know you exaggerated. Not only that, but you spun shit out of whole cloth from time to time.
    None of that matters though.
    Not to me anyway.

    Anyway. I guess that this is where I say that you have my respect?
    I won't.
    I still don't respect you.
    I will say that your honesty is a first step into some possible respect in the future, but only time will tell. And, the odds are that we won't interact much in the future as our interests don't meet, so.. well. The song remains the same, doesn't it?

    I'm sorry. But this is all so funny.

    I'm not hurt.
    I'm not humiliated.
    Everything is cool. Copacetic. Kosher.
    I'd almost go so far as to say wonderful, but I think I'll hold my enthusiasm on that just a bit.

    I'm not being condescending either.
    Just amazed at the way things work out.
  22. Gustav Banned Banned


    "Anyway. I guess that this is where I say that you have my respect?"

    of course not. your peeves are your own and i rather you never bother me again with them. it is really childish for anyone to run around here saying shit like....

    i hate you
    i love you
    i dont respect you

    it seems trifle pointless
    would you not agree?
  23. Gustav Banned Banned

    like the bitch xev
    i would really like to put you fucks on a slow roast
    after being skinned alive

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