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Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by jlabrec, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. jlabrec Registered Member

    Heh, so the bitter debate on philosophy, or more correctly, my views on philosophy, have simply removed me from that section. Nice.

    Unarmed.... yes that perhaps best describes me. I haven't had any formal training in philosophy, nor would I want to. I am not certain that a person requires such schooling in order to seek wisdom.

    Well, I will leave you overeducated nitwits with this.... continue to spout the things you've learned in school, without actively engaging in life. What will you be left with in the end? A mind full of wisdom, and nothing useful to offer the world around you. Stay safe in your little forum, I'll not trouble you any longer with my, apparent flame bait.

    I will give you a bit of something to think on. I took one philosophy course while in college. After an essay I had written, based on this topic, my instructor pulled me aside and said this: "some people are beat with the stupid stick, you were beat with the whole tree." Heh, naturally I laughed, but I think it was my reply that hurt his feelings the most, "yes well.... I never payed $100000 for a master's degree, so that I could earn $20000 per year."

    Mindless Philosophy is a concept. I believe that people can continue to spout what they've learned and never really achieve their own wisdom. Ah well... what do I know.

    I think this will be my last post in this forum, perhaps I will go to other such forums elsewhere. Perhaps I'll stop by to read more mindless philosophy.
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  3. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    No, you remove yourself. You can play too, nobody said you can't. I was just making a stark observation.
    Most of the people here haven't either. If you'd take the time to check, rather than then reeling from some skathing commentary, you'd likely determine this for yourself (as I did). I don't have any formal training in philosophy. I'm just really fucking smart. There are truly some brilliant people on this board, even those who aren't *looks suspiciously in the mirror* often envision themselves to be. Well, I'll not continue my backwardly reflected psychoanalysis, I'm sure it's boring everyone to tears.
    Absolutely not, but I will give you what I've noticed. If you don't get a formal education in some sort of critical thinking, you have to be incredibly intelligent to be even halfway good at it. Moreso, you have to provide the motiviation and discipline to find that wisdom yourself... with little to guide your overall path. Formal education provides all that last stuff there for you, which can help to shape a mind with potential... into a being of greater analytical merit. It's like chess sort of, but far more complicated. The best players know all the classic attacks... have studied all of them, tried to create their own. Know what I mean? I'm not trying to call you an idiot.. I'm trying to say that without an education it's impossible to know what it's like to have an education.. but you seem to be making judgements about that which you can only guess about.. and then hold them as truths. Not a good strategy in my opinion.
    Hehe, Okay, you're coming off like an undereducated nitwit. You should try to have a little thicker skin if you expect to have a reasonable conversation with disembodied typists.
    You're acting very defensive. A lot of undereducated intellectuals have a huge chip on their shoulder because they made shitty decisions about their education and now are stuck working a shit job in a factory. Are you like that? I'll bet you are. I only know because before I was educated I felt kind of the same way. Shut up and get educated. You're obviously intelligent, but possibly socially retarded in the sense that you are placing the blame on society for your shitty job.. rather than taking responsibility for yourself and not taking any of the lame excuses you tell yourself to avoid the bother of a formal education because... in the end.. you don't think you can do it. Stop being a fucking pussy and DO it. No excuses asshole. Do it. NOTE: I only speak to you like that because that's exactly the way I spoke to ME when I was trying to keep what is apparently happening to you.. from happening to ME.
    That's just nonsense. I and many of the others have MUCH to offer.. both HERE and IRL (in real life).
    Remember the skin comment with the thickness and the whatnot? Yeah, try that... unless you just want to take your ball and go home. If you stick around you might find it's worth the mental excercise. Expose your brain such that we may pick it apart... we'll help you put it back together again if you want, or you can do it. The point is to learn and teach and teach and learn. Get with it.
    He was probably shocked at your incorrect assessment of his situation and reeling from that which seemed to prove his point at the same time he was making it. If money is your object, get a degree that pays well. Engineering is good like that. I'm not rich but I've finally made it to the middle class. I like my house. I payed (owe) about 60,000 for a career that started me at 42,000. Considering that my earnings potential is 100,000 in 10 or so years, and really the skys's the limit... I think it was the best investment (monetarily, yes) that I've ever made. Oh, that and it keeps me off the shop floor except when I'm designing/investigating/training... whatever. I like that even more than the money. Maybe your prof. was trying reverse psychology to motivate you. You don't seem stupid.. you even seem somewhat coherent .. but anyone who has played the game for a while can see through your invalid assertions like your pawn pimping their queen out. Aint happenin.
    Good question. Maybe more important.. what do you WANT to know?
    Again, take your ball and go home if you must, but you'll just look like a panzy. You probably don't care and really neither will anyone else. Stay and you might learn something and I swear if you stick around long enough... someone will probably learn something from you. Eh, I'm just trying to give you the little bit of wisdom that I think I have.. maybe it's me that should be asking "what do I know?"
    Ah, the double hidden meaning meaning. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. That's some style dawg yiyah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you DO come back, please bring more of that... I like it even though it's kind of a dig at me too. What the hell, it was a nice wrap up. You go boy!
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2003
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  5. Xev Registered Senior Member

    "Flame bait" is in no way "chat room dialect", a fact which I am sure you are familiar with from your time in AOL chatrooms such as "hot and horney" and "wan 2 cyber?".

    "Flame bait" is a hackish phrase referring to, well, posts that have only incindiary value.

    Please do.
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  7. Tyler Registered Senior Member

    "I haven't had any formal training in philosophy, nor would I want to. I am not certain that a person requires such schooling in order to seek wisdom"

    Maybe you're not that great at English. Or maybe you just didn't read what I wrote. Either is possible. No matter which, though, I did say that all it took to learn philosophy was a couple cheap books.

    "Well, I will leave you overeducated nitwits with this.... continue to spout the things you've learned in school, without actively engaging in life"

    I'm sixteen. My school offers no class in philosophy. I've had no education in the subject.

    "Ah well... what do I know."

    Apparently absolutely nothing. A good place to start is to realize that philosophy is logic and always has been.

    "I think this will be my last post in this forum, perhaps I will go to other such forums elsewhere."

  8. IXL777 mature with wisdom Registered Senior Member

    Philosophy goes into the realms of metaphysical thought which is linked to intuition, but you you also have to have the power of rational thought otherwise you will be in the realms of disordered reasoning...the synthesis of light and sound reason and intuition will lead to a higher level of consciousness where the process of philosophy takes place.
    Mindless philosophy is linked to darkness ignorance.

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  9. jlabrec Registered Member

    Wes, thanks for giving me some things to ponder. Heh, I would say that you may know more about me than even you realize. You hit quite a few nails on the head, so to speak. I am an intellegent person. Though according to the perseptions of some, I have not shown it. Heh, most of my mental skills lie on the path of Electronic and Technilogical knowledge. That was the bulk of my education. I went to school for more than 8years, after high school. I don't have the mathmatical ability to achieve an engineering degree. Most of my electronic knowledge is innate, in the fact that I almost didn't require the training I recieved.

    I have not been a stranger to this forum. I have visited it often to see what people are thinking about. This was the first time I chose to actively engage. It is a shame that my intellect was a mismatch to those within the forum.

    Xev, your manner is not at all the way to keep users within a forum. I would also appreciate you not assuming that I am an AOL user, especially since that sort of isp is unavailable in my current locale. Nor do I like the thought that you feel I am a visitor to the "unclean" chat and forum areas. I don't waist what little freetime I do have, by engaging in mind numbing foolishness, heh... save for video games.

    Tyler, heh I am impressed that a sixteen year old has this much on their mind. You also have a lot more time to think than I do. I also don't believe that you have lived long enough, to understand or come to terms with the world around you. What can you possibly know about life? To think that a person's situation doesn't affect their thinking, or way of thinking, well that's just absurd. Visit a few places in the world outside your own neighborhood, city, state, country. See how difficult it is to pursue widom, let alone think, when your daily chores consist of finding food, shelter, nurturing a child, spouse, pet, going to work...etc.

    I did not choose to post, so that I would be forced to throw intellectual punches with anyone. Heh, I don't like to match wits with people. Hell... to be honest that was why I chose electronics as my course of study, equipment is far easier to understand than people. If the device gets out of line, well you turn it off, take it apart, fix the problem and low-and-behold, like magic it works like its supposed to. People on the otherhand, well by simple human nature, people are conflictive. Save for the submissives, heh, don't get me started on that bunch.

    Humans just seek to disaggree with one another. When one finds a like mind, well they band together. They continue to do so till they've created an entire society around themselves, of like minded individuals. Heh, much like the Borg (of Star Trek). This society offers nothing to the world around it, why.... because it rarely lets an outsider in, if their thoughts differ from the group, the individual is banished, ie... Xev vs. me.

    Philosophy is the pursuit of widom. It is a form of learning. Seek wisdom in whatever manner you wish, and guess what... you are being philosophical. Perhaps I best seek widom through conflict. Whether or not I come to a group unarmed is immaterial. The point is that I may learn something, I may find wisdom. Look at what you've taught me about philosophy. -smirks- I didn't even have to spend $2.

    Ahhh well, life is a bowl of insignificant letters and numbers anyhow.

    Tell you what Xev, since my thoughts aren't worthy of the philosophy section. I will just post them here in free thoughts. Next topic...... four words that have always made me wonder. The question is, which best describes you?
  10. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member


    Xev? I think she's subversive. That's why I like her.

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    She doesn't hold back for anyone, ever for any reason (unless she feels like it). She is Xev. From my perspective, she grabs sciforums by the balls every day and decides whether to fondle or squeeze. I have, and will continue to have.. great admiration and respect for her smart smart ass. *giggle*

    You go Xevvie!

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