Masculinity and Madness

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by WANDERER, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. WANDERER Banned Banned

    It’s all quit silly, really.

    On the one hand we have a social/cultural/religious system limiting the expression of full maleness by suppressing violent, aggressive tendencies, and on the other we have an ingrained female psychology still being attracted to that same barbarian that is being suppressed.

    How can one thread this needle?
    Now we can see how many males can become confused.
    At least the ones who actually pay attention to what women say.

    I mean looking around here, for instance, I mostly see females defining what maleness is and males just passively going along, besides the two, three exceptions.

    They of course are…pussies.
    What else can they be but that?

    The fact that masculinity is deteriorating and the Y-chromosome is destined to become extinct, is something I’ve dealt with, somewhat, in my ‘Feminization of Man’ essay but also something I recently found a book on, who’s author I forget, called ‘Adams Curse’ With all the scientific data and graphs and stuff most tight-asses wanted and found lacking in my own speculations.

    But whose fault is that?
    Is not civilization what decides which traits will be allowed and which will be punished?
    Is not the absence of frontiers and the overpopulation of this earth what have made maleness obsolete?

    Even those that idealize older, more barbaric cultures and tribes, forget that even there, there were restrictions in how far one was allowed to go and that even there both masculinity and femininity was defined by cultural norms.
    Culture is always a restricting mechanism because it imposes itself upon nature.
    If their ways were better or worse than our own, is up for debate and only possible through imagination and historical hypothesis.
    Romanticising the past is easy.

    There are females, on this board, that have gone as far as to romanticize violence between mates.
    Now, I will avoid the many psychological explanations about low self-esteem, an absence of self-respect and the non-existence of pride and dignity this implies and only say this:

    Only a moron would characterize the thrashing of the one you supposedly care for, as an act of love, and would think a relationship of extreme confrontation as a healthy one.
    There are enough dangers and confrontations in life and in the world at large without having your mate, who’s supposed to be your ally, being one of them.

    Here I must mention that the ancient Greeks differentiated between male/male and female/male love, because, I suppose, they understood that true intimacy was only possible between equals.
    Intimacy between unequal entities leads to the weakest one using, what information or expressions of fallibility are acquired through it, for personal gain, vindication and vengeance.

    Back to topic:

    I can understand a bit of rough-sex, once in a while to escape routine and to add spice, but if we are talking about it as a usual occurrence then I can only say that men who beat their spouses or girlfriends wind up losing respect for them and interest in them as people and eventually only see them as objects to be used and discarded.
    You cannot beat someone up and retain empathy for them and you cannot have them like it and retain esteem for them.

    If we take Nietzsche’s advice about weakness being vindictive and malicious-you know that guy many boyish-girls wet themselves over by idealizing him- then we can imagine the many possible risks involved in this type of behaviour by men.
    Weakness will grab at any opportunity to avenge itself upon what it considers its better, because it has no other way of fighting back.

    It will slander and lie and spread rumours. It will find excitement in cruelty and call it ferocity, because the real label would be too insulting to it.
    One of the basic characteristics of weakness, in fact, is its propensity to become vengeful towards what it resents or what it cannot control or reach up to.

    Now given this, how many men would risk expressing their total sexual aggressiveness upon a woman?
    Some rough sex can and has lead to death.
    Would you want to pay for an ejaculation with years of incarceration?

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    What most of these women…girls…. dream about is a controlled show of force from the man. A sort of game where the punches are pulled and the struggle is pretended. This will make these girls feel feminine, because they posses no other means of feeling so and special, because getting to the man and making him angry is the only way they can get validated.

    One other possible reason for this attraction to an extreme is the loss of appreciation in the nuances of social interaction or the inability to participate or to understand a relationship, unless it’s over the top and vulgar.
    Attention Deficit Disorder is a modern plight where things must be screamed for there to be a prolonged focus on a subject. This same generational disease prevents long-term planning and projection, as all sensual acuity is limited to the here and now and on the immediate gratification with no ability to recognize the far-reaching ramifications.
    Of course there’s the low self-esteem issue, alluded to earlier, which wants to only belong to someone that feels just as contemptuous towards it as it feels towards itself.

    This low self-esteem problem, a hallmark of weakness, rationalizes respect and compassion, directed towards it, in this way:
    Only what is below me can respect me -because respect is another form of intimidation- so for this individual to show me reverence and for it to treat me with dignity can only mean that it is my inferior.
    Only what abuses and shows me contempt is my superior and since I am weak, this is the one I want to belong to.

    But if total masculine power, unhindered by laws and morals, were to be unleashed upon females they would probably not live to orgasm over.
    If complete masculinity were allowed and tolerated, most women would be raped daily and the rest would be dead.

    But I suspect that what is meant here is a controlled maleness in accordance with their prejudices and preferences. In other words an idealized male that comes down from utopia to rescue our damsel in distress from her humdrum life and her fears.

    I can see how a woman would find it exciting and flattering to strike a man, because her perspective is that of a physically and intellectually weaker individual (in most cases) taunting something much stronger than itself - Isn’t it always weakness that taunts?
    But what thrill is there for a man in striking a weaker creature?
    Isn’t this what Frank, who these same girly-boys find exciting despite his physical frailty, was talking about when he described how a woman is elevated and a man degraded through marriage?

    What is superior bends to deal with an inferior and what is inferior rises to deal with what is superior; just simple physics.

    If a child were to hit a 200 lbs man, would the man find pride in retaliation or would the incident become funny to him? Would he be thought great and noble because he crushed the little kid’s skull in?
    If a pussy cat were to bite a man’s finger, would he be proud about kicking the shit out of it afterwards? Would it mean anything to him, if he did or did not?
    Let’s for the sake of these examples forget that there’s an entire judicial system dedicated to protecting the weakest members of our society, including animals, and that violent retaliation would probably get a man arrested and chastised, these days.

    Isn’t it always the men that feel that they are weak and that are insecure about their masculinity that become wife beaters and that resort to violence when dealing with problems and personal stresses?
    Isn’t it always the demented and psychologically oppressed that vent their frustrations upon the weakest things they can find, because they are too cowardly to do so towards someone that could kick their ass?

    I can understand defending your self against an equal or a stronger aggressor and finding excitement and pride in it, but where is there dignity in striking something feeble and inferior?
    Humans only become violent towards what they perceive as a threat.
    We strike what we fear and we damn what scares us.

    Violence in nature is an option of last resort. Even the king of beasts hunts when it is hungry and then only the easiest prey, so as to not risk injury.
    Violence in nature is avoided, if possible and not sought after as an aphrodisiac.
    When we talk about it as a normal day to day phenomenon we inadvertently expose our own psychological problems and our weaknesses or we attempt to brag about what we know nothing about or we simply display to warn others about our hypothetical metal.
    It is, perhaps, a sign of the times and the mundane environments we are living in when such things become commonplace.

    In my experience, the individuals that most glorify war and violence or that become obsessed with muscles, guns and martial arts in general, are the ones that feel, or have felt during a period in their lives, frail and pathetic and don’t want to repeat the experience.

    If nothing else, this shows a lack of real experience with either war or violence. Little boys who have never felt a punch dream about fighting and of course...always winning.

    They are overcompensating for a lack they fear exposing to the world because it would make them vulnerable.

    The smallest dogs always bark the loudest. It’s how they think they will prevent having to prove themselves.

    The interesting thing about this board is that the very same members that most speak about violence are the ones that are the most protected, either by this medium of communication and the distances involved or by the very system that shelters them from the things they supposedly espouse and fantasize about.
    If we could imagine a world with no rules or morals but only the laws of nature, then these same members would be the first to die or would be the ones keeping their big mouths shut and kissing ass to keep on breathing and it would be these same members that would be someone’s fuck-pot and punch-bag.
    I guess the last part would suit them just fine, if we take their word on it.

    The funny thing is that people expose what they feel the most anxiety about by how they gravitate around the same subject matter and by how they lead all conversations back to the same issues.

    For instance, the Wanderer, is more interested in social and cultural issues because he feels the most oppressed in this area.
    Others continuously return to sex and gender issues because their insecurities rest here, even if they might pretend the opposite.

    The thing about gender is that it only matters if you value hedonism and if you judge yourself using procreative measuring sticks and materialism.
    From a transcendental perspective none of this really means anything and is hilariously absurd when considered closely.
    I, for one, consider myself a thinking consciousness, then a human being and only then a male of a particular species or a particular race or nationality.

    The funny thing is that males will do anything to get laid.
    If becoming or acting more feminine and sensitive does it, then that’s what they’ll do.
    If becoming or acting more masculine does it, then they’ll do that.

    Women only matter because of sex and procreation and this is why they always return the subject to this topic.
    As weak creatures they seek the environment they feel the most powerful in.
    Their relevance and their weaponry are always sexual.

    For many men it doesn’t matter what they think of us, just as long as they spread their legs and give us access to the means of our ... ends.

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    Men are hunters. They adapt to the prey they hunt.
    They strategize, mimic, camouflage, hide, run and strike accordingly.

    Women are grazers. They study, analyze, watch, evaluate and pick and choose.

    If men need to appear tough and strong or sensitive and demure then that’s what we’ll do.
    That’s why the male mind is more flexible and talented in abstraction. It’s in a constant struggle to keep up and to be effective.

    What is the ideal man?

    Again, it all depends if you value procreativity or creativity and it depends if you judge yourself physically or intellectually.

    It also depends on what type of woman you are after.
    A man must adjust.

    Now I leave you children to cast your aspersions and play with my toys.

    I’ll be back in a month or so.
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  3. Gambit Star Universal Entity Registered Senior Member

    You have made some very valid points my friend, but I must stress your inadequate point of view of femininity called the "weaker" species.

    If it were not for the persistance of the loving, caring, nuturing nature of feminity, male existance (and human) would be redundant.
    The carriers of life will always be, in my point of view, a higher form of level in humanity. (higher as in , respected)

    It must be made clear that is mostly masculinity that has cause major distress within the social "heirachy" in human living. Our primal nature is slowly dying, thank god, due to the rebirth of womens rights in modern day living. If it were not for women standing up for themselves and the right to be treated as an equal human then the male phsyche would be incredible informal and primal for dominance.

    It is the evolution of women that has made humanity a more postive way of thinking and us males need to stop our "bulldozing" way of thinkingto evolve adequately.

    I really sense a strong aspect in you WANDERER, and you have shown me some positive aspects of yourself. But do me a favour, try and see where we are going and not where we have come from.

    Primal male has done its job in evolution, it is time to become less about the physical as we have proven in the last 500 years of our societies.

    Male and females are starting to unite under one banner, " human " .
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  5. Xev Registered Senior Member


    Gambit Star, I don't think you can stress either gender as 'carriers of life'. Both have their role. Nor can I say that it is in any way a good thing that the primal is dying -- perhaps there will be less war, but what will be left? Shopping at Wal-Mart?

    You and the topic-starter have a poor view of your gender in particular and conflict in general. A man can be a cruel and dominant force of nature, and also be a tender and considerate lover, a caring father, a loyal kinsman.

    In your quest to make people more gentle, more considerate, more kindly and more enamoured of the socius, you forget the environment that made those qualities worthwhile. So you've taken the militant qualities, and you've made them "bad". A person may either feel guilty about having them or they can embrace them...

    But in embracing them that person often accepts your culture's view of them. If I say, I want to harm others, then accepting that want seems at first to require accepting that I am a "bad" person and rejecting anything that doesn't fit the ideal of what a "bad" person is. A very black and white view of things! I described it once as "schitzophrenic", Gilles Deleuze uses the term "paranoiac", it's more or less the same complex.

    You think that being caring is wholly desireable and the topic starter thinks it is wholly undesirable. You're opposite sides of a meaningless issue:

    "On the one hand I can slaughter these idiots with a snap of my fingers, and it doesn't matter at all; on the other side I can play with my daughter. There's no contradiction in that"
    -Varg Vikernes

    There is only contradiction if you insist on being authoritarian about it, in insisting that "it is absolutely good to be nurturing and caring" and "it is absolutely weak to be nurturing and caring"

    It is not I, my tequila and my Robert E Howard books only that say this, but observation as well. There is no dichotomy between being primal, aggressive and strong and being nurturing and considerate. Your culture's attempt to create one has made us weaklings on one hand and neurotics on the other - and the weaklings are neurotic and the neurotics are weaklings. You proclaim the virtues of the gentle life, and yet inwardly long for the harsh. The topic starter proclaims the virtues of the harsh, and inwardly longs for the considerate extended hand, much as he might abuse the gentle and you abuse the cruel. I transcend both neuroticism and weakness and simply go with what works. Ta-da.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2004
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  7. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    Just like most other things (if not all) it is simple balance that is the key.
    It is not impossible to be strong AND caring.

    This is not a new thing.
    Those that are on the far left want men to be immasculated, those on the far right want men to be Vlad the Impaler, those with some sense want men to be balanced.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2004
  8. Gambit Star Universal Entity Registered Senior Member

    for sure one_raven it totally agree !, and thanks for that enlightenment xev!.

    The idea in my head has obviously come across as a more atogonistic point of view of masculinity.
    But what I actually feel is more of an evolutionary context. The fact that humanity has been nothing but war, killing and violence since we could remember is the issue I am trying to raise.
    It has been the prehistoric masculinity that has nutured the violent side of humanity and it has only recently come to more of a >>> balance <<<.

    The point I was trying to make is, that in order for violence to be more of a small factor of society (ie. war, urban gangs, general violence.) men have to evolve from the primal urge to create it, and see more for the future of our species.

    Violence creates violence, it is a never ending spiral (and that is my point, unless we cahnge that.)
    Caring and love (which generally comes from the nature of feminity) creates are more satisfactory environment for everyone to live in.

    Violence was apart of the history of our evolution, it most certainly should not be apart of our future.
  9. water the sea Registered Senior Member

    "Balance" is the wrong concept, it is misleading.

    It implies, among other things, that one's behaviour has to be 50% totally violent, aggressive and submissive, and 50% totally caring and tender towards the same person. I think this is an absurd option.

    Central is that one decides how one is to treat someone, and balance has nothing to do with that.

    * * *

    This is based on a false argument that says "violence and aggression are male traits; males are violent and aggressive; a male is recognized by his violent and aggressive behaviour".

    And the corollarium on which you are basing your theory, Wanderer, is that if what is biologically a man does not behave violently and aggressively, at all times, then he is not a true man. It is the fallacy of a hasty generalization that stands behind your thinking; a part became to stand for the whole.

    (Note the popular idiom "dick": That dick Tom didn't come to my party." As if all that there is to a man is his dick.)

    Only those that think of humans in terms of "man", "woman" are confused. Think of humans as persons, and that confusion is minimium.

    Then you are also saying that all a man is is his sex.
    Your man doesn't see himself as a person, he sees himself as his dick.
    And personality is merely an accessiore to his dick.

    Whew. That's a nice theory you have there ...

    The men who think that *all* they are is their perceived masculinity -- they indeed likely end up being beaters.
    Masculinity is expressed in sexuality -- and if that is hindred, masculinity is hindred too. A man who thinks that he is his masculinity will indeed feel personally oppressed as soon as the slightest sign of endangering his sexuality will appear.

    Like ... do you know someone?

    Only those who think that all there is to them is their dick.

    Oh my.

    And you think that such a chameleon is *the* superior being?!

    Why "must"?
  10. Xev Registered Senior Member

    No, I don't think that's what One Raven was saying -- but a good point nonetheless.

    I like my Varg Vikernes quote. He can kill without remorse and he can be a caring father. Most people are not as intellectually and spiritually gifted as Vikernes - so they think of this either/or categorization.

    Gambit Star:
    How is that males are soley responsible for that? I'm reading Paul Cartlege (I think that's the name" history of the Spartans. The Spartans maintained that state because the women would support it - they sent their sons off to be raised alone, and taunt any man who was not warlike enough.

    I think that's what the topic starter objects to - that modern women tatke that role themselves, taunt him for not being strong and warlike. Yet at the same time he's been given what he thinks is the option to spend life vegetating.

    You should read Ragnar Redbeard - "the best fighters are the best race producers"

    Well more so, he's objecting that a man is NOT considered a true man if he is not violent.

    "I was dancing when his brains run out on the street
    And romeo had juliette
    And juliette had her romeo"

    He's confused like most people. Brought up in a world which glorifes adventure, freedom and conflict on the t.v screen, and says: you can have all that, and you can have your comfy home and numbing sitcoms. You can well have everything! You're the homely boy in pornography whom all the women want, you're the shy accountant who radiates sexuality when she uses the right shampoo, you're the rugged adventurer from the comfort of your own home. Everything you want for only the effort of cash!

    Suprises them when that weakness is a cover.

    "The mayor's kid was a rowdy pig
    spit on Indians and lots worse
    The old chief buried a hatchet in his head
    life compared to death for him seemed worse"

    You think? One's sexuality expresses the quality and priorities of one's spirit -- but I don't think maleness is dependant on the expression of sexuality. It's just another facet.

    "The things he hadn't touched or kissed his senses
    Slowly stripped away
    Not like buddha not like vishnu
    Life wouldn't rise through him again"

    Happy New Years, Rosa.
  11. WANDERER Banned Banned

    I am recovering from a terrible hangover, so please allow me an extra posting before my promised month-long absence.

    I wasn’t really aware I was objecting to either a violent or a pacifist male type.
    Most of the commentary was off target, for this reason.

    As far as I’m concerned every male and female can behave and interpret their sexuality as they please.
    I wasn’t objecting to any male types.
    I certainly wasn’t objecting to anything modern females choose to do or not to do, as some alluded to.
    Everyone lives with the consequences of their own opinions. If they do not affect me in any way they do not concern me.
    Besides, in this world you can find anything if you look long enough.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    The strategy of putting words in someone’s mouth and then finding motives behind the words is one I have become accustomed to.
    So please proceed if your need is that great.

    It’s all quit funny actually. I mostly enjoy watching some women strap on penises and pretend they have ones.
    Usually it is females that have been victimized by males or that have no ability to tap into what femininity means or how to use it, resulting in schizophrenia.
    But from what I see there seems to be a trend leading away from earlier feminine activist positions and back to past ideals.
    Good or bad?
    Who knows; who cares?

    I also enjoy watching weakness overcompensate for what it knows about its self by exaggerating their newfound rights of free-speech.
    Isn’t the biggest problem facing western civilization the fact that too many rights are given freely and not earned?
    I mean the old prejudice about female bosses is not all myth. Although as women get used to the rights the system provides them with, the stereotype is being eliminated.
    What did Freud say about penis envy?
    Nevertheless this rule holds true for both genders.
    Those that have suffered under oppression tend to exaggerate or abuse their powers when they attain them.
    I bet, a slave freed from his masters bond, would find it appropriate to avenge himself upon him and to then prance and mimic his masters mannerisms and flamboyance, which perhaps annoyed him in the past, by wearing his masters old clothes and by walking in his shoes.
    The Bourgeoisie in all their glory.

    I’ve personally witnessed soldiers, who were abused during training, then turn around and become even more vile abusers than those that victimized them.
    Weakness is vengeful.

    It’s only normal that we will compensate in the areas we feel the least secure about.
    A man insecure about his ….size... might build-up his muscles or stick socks in his pants.
    A woman might wear larger than necessary bras to create the illusion of larger and fuller breasts and then justify it by claiming it was for comfort’s sake or this might be a way of deflecting attention from the parts of her she feels less secure about.
    A short person will wear heels or puff up his hair or his chest.

    But what I was really commenting on was the irony of reading certain female members on this board glorifying a more violent male type.
    Ironic because they would be the first to pay the costs if their ideals were ever allowed to exist and to flourish, as they imagine them.
    Be careful what you wish for, they say.

    It’s a little absurd listening to the benefactors of a status quo then idealizing and romanticizing an ideal that would result in their diminishment.
    It’s also ridiculous to listen to women that can freely express opinions and act macho and tough because there are restrictions to what one can respond with these days, then romanticizing the very things that would deny them this privilege.
    We live in a time where a parent can’t even discipline or beat his kid for mouthing off.
    When this kid grows up it will think it is untouchable and it will then say whatever it wishes to whomever it wishes because it knows it is shielded by a system to institutions.
    Will this child ever learn respect or discipline or humility?
    Will it learn control and caution?

    So here we have the strange phenomena of individuals who have access to the internet and that can then flap their gums with little thought or fear for the repercussions, romanticizing an ideal that would prevent this very thing.
    Can they project the repercussions into the future or do they need a book to explain this to them, as well?

    I’ve seen this phenomenon in multiple different manifestations.
    I had a boss once, who was so dominated and psychologically abused by his peers as a child because we was overweight that he then, in adulthood, turned to martial arts as a from of catharsis.
    It’s not by chance that most of the martial arts were invented in nations with diminutive physical statures.
    But in order for these clever martial techniques to be effective, they must be ingrained in the psyche so that the movements are performed intuitively and without conscious thought.
    So much training must be involved so as to make the lessons second nature.
    If not, then we get well trained, knowledgeable Karate experts who in a time of crisis or under duress revert back to their usual fighting practices despite their black belts.
    The martial arts are a good example because they are often used as a warning sign, more so than an actual effective means of defense. They have become a lucrative business where the product is sold by romanticizing it. Once it was a form of spiritualism that requires sacrifice and dedication, now it’s a way of milking silly boys and girls from their money.

    Here’s what I mean:
    Now, where on this planet can a man be a caring father by day and a ruthless killer by night, except for Iraq and Afghanistan and there only by buying into ideology and fanaticism, is beyond me.
    Superman…yes, he can be a mild mannered reporter and then take off his glasses and turn into a hero, but the average Joe, who would probably wind-up in a cell for hitting a puppy?
    What we have here is heightened expectations, governed by inexperience and a misinterpretation of certain writers.
    Nietzsche comes to mind, for some reason.
    That poor over-abused fellow diminutive souls have grasped onto for dear life because he lends himself to reinterpretation like the Bible.

    Here’s another irony:
    Women worshiping Friedrich as if they have explained away his opinions on women and how his theories relate to females overall.
    Can you see now why they appear more male than males?
    They are compensating to live up to an ideal they’ve romanticized.
    You, know that bare-chested, bearded Viking with an ax in his hands and a warrior princess by his side. Like the cover of a Fantasy novel.

    As far as I know most thoughtless, instinctive killers are in jail where they can no longer even be caring fathers or they are part of large institutions which use them as killing instruments for their own purposes, such as armies or the Mafia or gangs or the Police Force.
    But even in anti-social groups there are rules of violence that are strictly enforced.
    In the Mafia, for instance, we are told that there are regulations and limits to what can be done and to whom.

    This is exactly what I mean.
    Violence is strictly regulated in our modern world and in any social grouping. One can practice caring and loving and altruism freely but have all his other instincts repressed or channeled to more meaningless and inconsequential interests or else he will be ostracized, killed or expelled.

    But, of course, all the posturing is part of a certain ‘style’ and how certain forum members get attention from the very morons, they hypothetically despise.
    A style, begging for confrontation but also pushing it away through intimidation.
    A style that makes many believe they know what they are talking about when all they’ve done is read far too many books and novels and then simply referenced some morsels.
    Have you seen a dog growl?
    It’s says: “Beware!”, but also, “Please do not force me to defend myself”.

    The more fascinating question is asking this:
    How does this glorification of something that will inevitably victimize them, find access to some female consciousnesses and is then embraced by them?

    Well most of it is part of a female psychology battling against ego and reason.

    In my view a partnership, whether it is sexual or an alliance between friends is a union where mutual respect is offered and one tolerates the other so as to combat far more threatening forces outside the union.

    When someone imagines or fantasizes about intimate relationships where violence is commonplace and even desirable then there are other, deeper psychological issues involved here.

    One possibility is that some past traumatic experience has caused a hardening of the filtering mechanism between the subconscious and the conscious.
    In order to survive a past, they anesthetize themselves to a point where now they are unaware of interpersonal relations, or any sensual experience, unless they are accentuated and inflated, either through violence or through dramatics.

    To use a metaphor, imagine two individuals.
    One [X] has spent hours in a club with deafening music blearing from the loudspeakers and the other [Y] has spent hours in a less obtrusive environment.

    Now, when the two meet and compare notes they will find that X needs to exaggerate his mannerisms and behaviors and his speech because his ears are ringing from the previous din.
    Y might find it bizarre or even disconcerting to have to scream what he needs to communicate and will tire of it, while X will think Y is mocking her by purposefully speaking low, as to make fun of his sensual anesthesia.
    In this case the ear protects itself by becoming less sensitive to the lowest of sound vibrations. It now only perceives the high end of the spectrum.

    As a result X is flabbergasted by those with more acute hearing, calling them overly sensitive, and needing access to this unknown world she abstracts noise by reading those that can perceive those sounds and imagining how it might be like or simply taking their word on it.

    Now if X, a female, that wishes to be involved in a relationship with Y, a male, where she’s slapped around and struck repeatedly or where violence between them is a usual part of their flirtation, then there certainly is a problem here.
    A problem involving the anesthetizing I mentioned before and also issues concerning self-esteem, self-respect, dignity, trust and pride.

    I wasn’t advocating violence nor was I defending non-violence.
    I was simply stating the fact that we, as thinking creatures, ask for what we believe we deserve or have a right to.
    If we despise and disrespect ourselves we will tend to be attracted to individuals that will despise and disrespect us. If we respect and care for ourselves we will tend to be attracted to individuals that offer this.

    Another irony:
    These females finding sexual gratification through violence and aggression are not even aware that this diminishes them in the eyes of the males that are asked to perform these deeds upon them.
    A female disrespecting herself to this extent can only produce loathing in others and only manage to keep males that have themselves power issues involving females.
    Only a male that despises women or that feels insecure compared to them would find pleasure in striking and abusing them repeatedly and as part of a tradition.

    Gambit Star

    If I were to attempt to compare genders by saying that men are usually taller than women, would you object to that?

    Granted that there are women far larger than many men but we are not comparing exceptional circumstances here but averages.
    Otherwise nothing, including racial, national, cultural, psychological or any scientific insight would be possible and all statements using these broad interpretations would be ridiculous.

    And without the more aggressive, rebellious, violent human side we would still be living on the grasslands.
    The absence of frontiers does make maleness obsolete and dangerous.

    So you dream of a future hermaphrodite?
    Unfortunately it is more likely that it will be an all female society.
    But I suspect that with the opening of the space frontier, the male attributes will become essential once more.

    Isn’t violence part of the fabric of the universe?
    Does not evolution and survival depend on it?
    Did you eat today, my friend?
    Then you perpetuated violence.

    Quit true.
    But I never argued against balance.

    The way you describe it caricatures it.
    Finding a balance is essential.

    Of course male and female traits are shared by both genders, making some men more feminine and some women more masculine.
    But avoiding the topic by using this tactic is not honest.
    We all know what is meant.
    It only makes sense that a less physically dominant gender would find violence less appealing or will use it less to achieve its goals.

    In recent times with the restriction of traditionally male means, the line between male female attributes has become more blurred.

    Did I say anything about “acting aggressively at all times”?

    Well, then there are no races, no species, no nations, no cultures, no religions, no social norms, no physical differences.

    Whether you like it or not, having more testosterone running in your blood stream affects thinking.
    Nature defines us and guides our behaviors through chemistry. The mind resists.

    I said this?
    If you need some straw for what you are building, please let me know.

    Is not adaptation a method of survival?

    What can I say…always a pleasure.

    Happy New Year, to one and all.

    Now let those accusations fly!
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2005
  12. water the sea Registered Senior Member

    Bah. Your analyticity is going to drive you mad.
    You accuse me of building strawmen, but you are being lost in your analyticity.
    You don't see the forrest from the trees, so to speak.
    Thank you, I've had enough.
  13. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Brevity is the soul of wit.
    It's also the soul of being an appropriate target for messageboard style mockery. Do bear that in mind.

    Ugh, like a bad case of herpes. Please go away permanently - better yet, please undergo spontaneous human combustion and spare us your tripe.

    Something which you, being proud of how you "will do anything to get laid", are more familiar with than I.

    Could we be spared the litany of your fetishes?

    That a woman who desires a child actually desires a penis.
    You haven't actually read Freud, have you?

    How much did you say you could bench-press again?
    Thanks for sharing. Beyond the preference for strap-ons and the fear that you're so vicious that you'll kill your partner one day, we're to be regaled with the information that you have a small penis.

    I think we should rename this: "Wanderer's way too fucking much information" thread.

    Not really. You forget that the truely militant societies of history have been wholly mobilized, right down to America today. From the Spartan women who would yell - come back with your shield or on it! - to the German barbarians who would craft their husband's swords, right down to the Russian women who piloted planes when the Nazis invaded, women have had their role in warfare.

    Of course generally it's not to be fighting alongside men. How silly you are in your oblique criticism of my Odinism, to think that I want that for the average woman. Or even the average man. We're not talking about a faith for average people. But in any case one has total mobilization.

    It's weak decadent fools who want, oh, frilly women who serve no purpose. But then that's a good thing - makes life oh so much easier.

    It is...oh wait! That wasn't self deprecating irony.

    Rather like the ability to write concise statements. But to answer your question - Norway.

    But why shouldn't it be beyond you? You're the product of god knows how much racial pollution at the hands - er - members - of the Turks, so understanding a Heathen mindset is beyond you.

    Lucky for you there's porn! And sitcoms! And the days all bleeding into one another because you're not creative enough to take a chance and actually live. But don't worry. You can scan the works of 19th century philosophers for the occasional misogynist quote, distill Schopenhaur down to the chicken remark, and thus compensate for your wasted half-life and the fact that no woman finds you stimulating.

    Except maybe your mum. But then again she has to.

    I mean really Wanderer, a whole thread just for me and Gendykins? Oh geez, to quote Depeche Mode - I feel loved. Oh wait, was that the wild monkey sex I had a week ago?

    Not that you'd know anything about that. Thanks for projectng your sexual frustrations, Freud would be ever so pleased. I think there's something Varg Vikernes also says:

    It doesn't suprise me that you're attracted in your head to the images of the more brutal kind of sex. You have no real appreciation of sex - you grow up in a culture which is saturated by sex, and you think "this is how I must be, this is what it means to be male"

    So you think you are entitled to sex, and you will sleep with any woman who offers it, because you've been taught to think that you're more of a man that way. But you don't feel much from it, because of course that's not really sex, it's just getting off on another person. As stolid as you are, you can sense this. Everyone senses this.

    Beyond the biological purpose, sex is at heart a communication with other people. It is a way of seeing both the flaws and the beauties of another person's body, learning their preferences and sharing pleasure.

    Since you over-produce communication, you over-produce sex, and then it doesn't mean much more than a handshake. You don't realize that that is what makes it so tame for you, so you just go the route of making it artificially more exotic -- watching women have sex with horses, or entering them anally, or calling them degrading names or whatever. But you feel guilty about those fantasies, since you realize how silly they are -- yes silly, not callous, not macho, just silly -- so if a woman provokes those fantasies, you blame that on her. Especially if she wonders why you can't actually make love, why you never kiss her shoulders or touch her face.

    Of course this is all a shot in the dark, and maybe you are a happily married man who is a considerate lover and a passionate seeker of knowledge. Maybe you don't rely on your family for all interpersonal contacts and don't spend your evenings watching sitcoms.

    And I'm not, by the way, against kinkiness per se, nipple clamps and whipped cream, or even just avoiding the whole mess altogether and living a celibate or asexual life. I'm just saying.

    But moving on.

    See you're just beginning to wake up, to realize that you aren't going to live a heroic life from the comfort of your living room.
    In fact you're probably not going to live a heroic life at all. Look at you, scanning posts on a messageboard, trying to find out what dark secrets the dirty women have.

    Okay, I'll go first if Gendanken will follow:

    I shot J.R.

    "Respect is a mark of condescention. Pride is empty advertising and only fleetingly fashionable"
    -Peter Sotos

    How highly you think of yourself. One imagines that being subject to verbal belittlement throughout the years built you a combative sort of pride. And how quickly you grabbed that first offer of self-esteem from outside.

    "I am a man!"

    Mother's only son, and I imagine a source of much fierce love, much attempt to protect and nurture. Frigg forgive her weakness, for Constantinos shan't.

    Have you told her what you really think of her? That she's a "sacred ape of Beneres", that she has precious little intellect and seeks to be dominated by a superior male?

    Perhaps that's why she let your father beat her up.

    "Do you know what a mouth pig is?"
    continues Mr. Sotos. Do you know why you're attracted to the misogynist segments of Nietzsche, and not to, say his song from high mountains, his epistemology or his talk of the eternal return? Do you know why you scan Schopenhaur for chance comments, why you neglect his granduer or study of the Vedas?

    (Hah, study the Vedas? You, who make such a fetish of racism, would respect the study of Asian mysticism? Ten minutes with Vishnu and you'd be cracking "small penis and computer programming" jokes)

    So back to these two. Why is it the snarkiness that affects you, and why are you so upset that Gendanken and I aren't upset?

    I'll tell you - because you love their honesty. You've never been honest in your life - you call it adaptability, cleverness, strategy but the fact remains: you're not honest. You're not strong enough to be honest, to stand with a judging eye and say "I want", "I dislike", "I fear". Goodness knows you're insecure with people. You wrap around yourself the cloak of good-fellowship, crack dirty jokes and talk about rap music, but under your hysterical need to be liked there's that realization that you don't like these people.

    Why should they like you?

    So there you are, you slur their love because you cannot understand it, you slur their decency because you cannot understand it, and you remain oh-so-very-sure that under every act of love there is a man contemptuous of women and only trying to get laid.

    Under every act of friendship there is a contempt being passed. Under every act of generousity there is a stupid brainwashed person just doing what they've been taught.

    And so on.

    So go on, slur your gender - but really they are very nice - say that they are either pussywhipped boys or destructive assholes. Frigg knows you've shown your inability to distinguish the capacity for something and the total being of that thing. In the end, for all your posturing, you'll never have what even the most pussywhipped of the pussywhipped can revel in - the freedom of who you are.

    Now we return to your regularly scheduled silly aspersions about the women who post on this forum.
  14. fadeaway humper that way lies madness Registered Senior Member

    This Xev lady sounds implacable, overwhelming, and disturbingly secksee.
  15. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    No, no, no- where are you going?
    He’s just started.
    And isn’t he giving you attention?

    But do you even know what’s gong on here?
    Ta- that’s right, you think he wants to address salient points.
    Yours or theirs?
    You actually think he even cared to reply to your analysis?
    Of course you do!

    See- you actually think this is an honest attempt to explain the ferocity of weakness or enlighten his audience on gender ‘issues’ and there you are, again, trying to save a disciplined boy from his wandering, so nice and ‘understandable’ you are you can’t even see his contempt for you.

    Funny, you’re actually everything he supposedly praises but you bore him.

    This thread, my dearest, is a cheap pamphlet of misinformation trimmed with insults courtesy of a clumsy imbecile who can’t do anything other than spit on what he can’t understand.
    What he can’t have.
    What he can’t even value unless he either owns it or it appreciates his cheeky little agonies or returns his fucked up “affections.”
    Want to talk about ‘trees and forest’, then good!
    There is a tree rotting in the middle and it likes to write essays about its misfortunes at being a sapling not even the ugliest girl would dare carve her name on.


    We have here “a male” psychology that grew up alone and never quite learned the meanings of intimacy or nuance.
    Sure, he’ll write about them and make of them definitive virtues so that a lack of what he likes to call “social nuance” mean immaturity or ignorance or hermaphrodite karate kids , but history is littered with eunuch poets.

    I know Carroll was a pedophile- and he wrote of girlish innocence..
    I know Gacy was a homosexual, he was an exemplary hetero to a fault.
    I know Augustine and Paul were former nymphos, both exalted chastity.
    Savoranola ordered the burning of books and luxury and damned the whorish pictures of Madonnas!- he was a former scholar and a Dominican priest who most likely always found the Virgin’s body irresistible.

    In essensec Mr. Wanderer is not a detached noble maligning the traits of ‘warrior priencess’ because he finds them ugly, wrong, or covering up for childhood issues.
    He maligns these ‘gender-bending’ little girls because he finds them irresistable and he's not only inexperienced he also needs to rationalize to himself why.
    This whole thread is a man undermining cleavage while aroused by it, he then convinces himself of its worthlessness and disfigures himself into a sloppy justification for why.

    He finds them so not because they’re either brutal or feisty, but because like someone here so nicely put- they’re real enough to be honest.

    Basblah!- you ridicule the quoting of the Freddy or for that matter any other book more interesting than you, well good- this only means we’ll have to.
    He writes:

    This means that you, a lonely idiot who’s apparently even fucked up the value of his mother with that wisdom of beaten men, are a study in counterfeit inanity and every word that drips from that mouth of yours only betrays your addictions, your defeat, your exhaustion.

    You’re not going anywhere, a month or so my ass, you’re sitting there licking your wounds all invisible (grrrrrr) but of course you’ll post otherwise under that prosthetic-for-my-personality you call Wanderer.
    You know, the one that likes to exalt the very things he knows the least about- that of women, love, sex, and war.

    Which reminds me- feel free to praise the artsy matrons and their virgin imbecility but truth is you only find the useless, vapid character of a Lucysnow or a Bells appealing because you can own it.
    With anyone for that matter- you’ll never know how to be around others, laugh or be honestly cruel even – friendship?
    Spell with a an f or ph? The fuck?

    This is the kind of asshole that only seeks to be other’s bad conscience, wonder what he’d do around deafmutes who can’t even hear him trying to “help” them.

    To wit- you’ve also gone the route of the niggers and spics and dotheads you so despise, you racist rebel you!
    The Myth of Superiority among little people- every oppressed people have them. It’s a coping mechanism for those needing to survive under pressure or rejection that allows them to believe they’re special in order to continue.
    Sound familiar?
    Hence, the Gypsies, the Jews, the wanderers, the Jews were wanderers, all of you so needy.

    In essence, a toast to you sitting there in the silence wondering where it all went, devaluing the quoting from books:

    “I (a whiny loser) began to hate him ( a successful lover). His success in the regiment and in the society of ladies brought me to the verge of despair. I began to seek a quarrel with him; to my epigrams he replied with epigrams which always seemed to me more spontaneous and cutting than mine, and which were decidedly more amusing, for he joked while I fumed”- Pushkin


    “I made no friends and was violently homesick all the time; I cried in bed at night and was always trying to recall memories of home, trivial memories of little insignificant things and happenings. I could not get out of my mind all I had left behind me. I gradually became a nervous wreck, for whom trifling difficulties assumed the proportions of acute misery.
    The result was that I remained morose and self-centered, inhibited and friendless”- Maupassant

    A toast to you further undoing your own doing, spitting, thinking, pretending, rationalizing and I dare you to ever again think you ever “had” anything to play with or manipulate.

    So anyway, what’s on TV? I’m starving.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2005
  16. Xev Registered Senior Member


    Well, actually I think Water figures she'll play the great White Goddess figure and save him from his destructive downward spiral.

    Even more littered with reclusive intellects. But we can't have that - he knows he isn't up to snuff there, so he can sneer at the "geeks"
    Typical bullying jock. Only now it's not so much "I'm captain of the football team" but "I can benchpress x amount" "All my coworkers really like me even though I despise them"

    Hence he runs after ever sign of interest.
    He well enough fears his attraction to "deterritorialized" women and wants to place them securely back within the boundaries. Being a puny little fascist, and also a modern Greek, he figures that Hippolyte can be killed not by sword, but by his incessant bitching and the preoffering of his affections.

    After all, he couldn't hurt a woman - oh no, he's much too noble for that. He prefers the leader/guider/teacher role, that insidious pathetic begging; "oh please, please accept my 'wisdom'. I, so much lesser than you, can guide you!"
    Loves the idea when it comes to women.

    “For my master said, I will take care of you all, my good maidens; and for you, Pamela, for my dear mother's sake I will be a friend to you, and you shall take care of my linen”
    -Samuel Richardson, "Pamela"

    He wouldn't want to hurt a woman! He's so sweet!
    Unless she seemed like she wouldn't retaliate.

    So he goes for what he thinks are the "little girl's" weaknesses. If she's self-reliant, she must want him to step in and take care of her. If she's angry, well it's only because she's been hurt. Nobody is ever angry but those who survived terrible abuse. Say it with me folks:


    Of course he'll fumble all this like he'll fumble with a bra, all nervousness and inexperience and desperate eager begging. If she treats him well it's a sign of weakness, if she treats him badly he'll get a woody at the thought of being her martyr. After all, she'll be obligated to a man who martyrs himself to show her the virtues of wuuuv and insincere protestations of goodness and the warm cozy family life she never had.

    Wait, she did? Oh hell! And if it doesn't work out?

    "THE FACT was that up to the last moment he had never expected such an ending; he had been overbearing to the last degree, never dreaming that two destitute and defenceless women could escape from his control. This conviction was strengthened by his vanity and conceit, a conceit to the point of fatuity. Pyotr Petrovitch, who had made his way up from insignificance, was morbidly given to self-admiration, had the highest opinion of his intelligence and capacities, and sometimes even gloated in solitude over his image in the glass. But what he loved and valued above all was the money he had amassed by his labour, and by all sorts of devices: that money made him the equal of all who had been his superiors."
    Fyoder Dostoevski, "Crime and Punishment" chapter 3 part four.

    Oh no?

    "We prefer one of Holbein's meagre, pallid virgins that is wholly ours to an antique Venus, no matter how divinely beautiful she is..{cut}...and rave about modern women, those miserable hysterical feminine creatures who cannot appreciate a real man in their somnabulistic search for some dream man and masculine ideal. "
    -Leopold Sacher-Masoch.

    Now, should Wunderkind ever encounter what he terms a "barbarian princess", what does he feel but a strange, frightening pull to the woman who does not truckle to his stupid notions of feminine virtue, he whose ego is so hungry that he needs to dominate a woman is drawn to precisely the sort of women who can trounce his dumb ass.

    Well, silly thing doesn't understand. He has the response of any good authoritarian - she must be punished and brought into the fold. How do good little authoritarians do that, Wanderer? Why with psychology

    So he crafts his hack-job psychoanalysis of a "type", complete with bowlerdized Nietszche and cribbed Freud, of course god forbid he read Freud. Freud was a Jew. Wanderer, like any good hick Greek, doesn't like Jews.

    Somehow he thinks anti-Semitism makes him transgressive.

    But that's irrelevent. He can still throw a few Freudian buzzwords about, and remind himself to one day read that volume of "Freud's Easiest to Read Works" that sits on his shelf, all proclaiming the image of an intellectual.

    Because we know, real intellectuals have Freud and Heidigger and Nietzsche on their bookshelves. Granted that the books are in pristine condition and won't ever be read, maybe one day studied, but certainly he's clever intellectual sort, look at the books! Be impressed! Woww!

    And then he looks at people who actually read, actually relate to what they read rather than studying it for guidence, and he says: "What?! Why don't you fawn over what you read, why do you like Nietzsche even though he made snide comments about women?" He's a ponderous reader, never really enjoyed the act, but feels obligated to sloooowly studyyyy the words of dead men and women and try to apply them to his life.

    Well, as the situation demands, he crafts a little pastiche of concepts he doesn't bother to understand. And lo! He thinks it's relevent and will strike.

    But gendy! He's not oppressed, he's a man.


    fadeaway humper:
    You better fucking believe it.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2005
  17. water the sea Registered Senior Member


    If he doesn't care -- the worse for him.

    Woe is the man who goes out to make enemies.

    You've known him for much longer than I.

    Like any good empiricist, I first need to gather material in sufficient amounts, before I can make any conclusions about what is going on.

    I see now though that the thread starter has other goals in mind, other than discussing the topic issue.
    *He* wants to be the topic issue.
    Of course, one can never separate the writer from his story, this much is true, but this thread starter is going to extremes.

    I wish he were like some other members on this forum who simply start a thread about themselves, explicitly say it is about themselves -- and then we can all have a nice chat there. No begging for attention or trying to steal it.

    He has indeed set out to disappoint everyone, but most of all, himself.

    You know, I come from those old times where we think that a film they play at a theatre must be a good film, or they shouldn't (and wouldn't) play it at a theatre. And a book, if it is printed -- it ought to be worth something. And if one posts long essays at a forum, then, so I think (oh, old me), he has put thought and effort in it, and also wants thought and effort in return.

    Hm. Yes, consumerism is foreign to me, in all its aspects.

    I haven't read much Nietzsche myself, but I do remember one thought that goes like:

    The only cure for the male illness of self-depreciation is the love of a strong woman.

    Telling, isn't it?

    I dare Wanderer to switch his status into visible!

    Oh, and, please, Wanderer: Start a thread, say you want attention, say you want to talk about your ailments and your biceps and your misery and honey and nuts!

    * * *


    (We've had this before, in the Purgatory thread.)

    I really come across as awfully nice, don't I?
    I don't think Wanderer likes me at all, I think his attention for me (whatever it is) is a prank and a scheme.
    But professional communicator that I try to be, I try to set the personal aside and try to keep to the argument.

    It is just that Wanderer reverts everything back to his, very, actual, personal, currently present issues -- but wraps them up into some seemingly professional essay form.

    It is so damn hard to have an essay-like discussion with him!

    I wonder if one were to talk about the shopping list with him -- what would his response look like?
    "Yes, indeed, food is our necessity, unfortunately, We have to sustain our lives [and then some 10 pages of theorizing about the shopping list and its items]."

    He comes here with his essays, and then he begs for mercy, begs for attention, begs for compassion.
    He plays the Nietzschean Horse.
    How terrific, the metaphor: he sneaks in like a Trojan Horse, giving the impression of a something, only to reveal he wants to be that poor thing Nietzsche hugged.

    Bah, now I'm angry. Wanderer, you are a scam!
    I gave you the benefit of a doubt, a chance. And what do you do? Belittle it. Shame on you.

    My, and aren't you lucky: We are all talking about you now, oh how popular you are!

    * * *

    I don't think One Raven was saying that either -- but that's ultimately the deal with "balance".

    One needn't go so far as to experience killing to know that the either/or categorization of what force is is not all there is.
    Everday life suffices with examples -- knowing when and how to apply "reasonable force". I keep seeing that people do not know that, and that any force is violence to them, or, if their profession demands, they tend to numb down.

    For example, administering pills to a cat is such an application of reasonable force; you have to hold the cat firmly and open its mouth with some force. Or the cat will go on having worms or parodonthosis.
    Yet people, squeamish as they are, let the animal suffer with worms or inflamed gums! "No, I won't be violent to my cat!"
    I don't understand that.

    I agree with you.
    What I said in the other post refers to Wanderer's theory. According to him (not that he'd admit):

    P1: A man is his dick
    P2: Masculinity is a man's sexuality.
    I1: Circumstances can be such that they oppress one.
    I2: If one cannot move mountains, one has no free will.
    I3: If other people have free will, then one's free will is thereby oppressed.

    C: A man is personally oppressed if the circumstances be such that his sexuality is oppressed.

    Add to this his wonderful theory of bah-hall-ance, and see how self-sabotaging and sadomasochistic his outlook is.
    Cut off his dick, and Wanderer is nothing.

    A happy new year to you too, Xev.
  18. WANDERER Banned Banned

    Damn snowstorm is forcing me into this den again.

    Geez, lighten up people, will ya.
    Did I accidentally touch an exposed nerve there?
    I was simply commenting on masculinity and how many women like being slapped around and insulted for some reason.
    Then all this happens.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Me thinks they get a thrill out of it.
    Their pussies start gushing uncontrollably.
    They don’t only enjoy being smacked around physically they also enjoy the verbal variety.
    Watch them pick a verbal fight and how passionately they throw themselves into it, all the while keeping a false air of indifference and superiority about it.

    Reading the responses I can only conclude that I’m a fucking loser, accidentally falling upon a den of excellence and nobility, called sciforums.
    How pathetic I am.
    My poverty only becomes apparent when in the presence of so much opulence.
    I’m humbled.

    If I had known so many super-humans, especially of the female kind, were all gathered in one spot I would have run away long ago.
    Can these women be an example of mental health as opposed to our mass hysteria?
    So courageous, so pure and proud and grounded, they are.
    How I envy them.

    Such women intimidate me. They are so….dignified and intelligent and…superior.
    They all know so much. They can reference books and speak about artificial characters from books, as if they were intimate mates of theirs.

    But when one has no real relationships, they abstract them.
    It’s a normal thing.
    They live vicariously through imagination. The internet, for example.
    Imagine that, a nest of warrior/philosopher/poets all gathered on an internet Forum exchanging ideas, with no other motives but enlightenment and sharing.
    Aren’t we all lucky?!
    What exactly makes such ferocious, healthy minds come to a place like this, anyways?
    Shall I say it?
    Noooo. I’m a tease. I’ll let it hang……..

    And here I am, just trying to get laid.
    Nobody could manipulate such minds. ‘Tis true.
    Could a loser, like me, even hope to influence and deceive such intellects?

    You people have it all together. I gotta hand it to you.
    You are all so happy and dignified and oh so well informed and enlightened and not angry and not bitter and wise and sincere and bright and not needy ….and…and…noble.
    That word sums you all up.
    I can only dream of becoming like the two female representations of strength and wisdom on this Forum.

    Xev and gendanken the twin peaks of greatness.
    The infallible duo.
    The clean and the strong.
    (Add your own echo effects here)

    Yet, do they not exchange ‘private messages’, when they aren’t at each others throats competing for alpha female position?
    Do they not exchange information and gossip?
    Come ladies, I seeeeeeeeeee you.
    What was that message I sent here highness once, as a way of forgetting our past differences, doing in the mouth of the warrior princess?
    I wonder what other things they “intellectualize” about in private.

    A fast lane into holism is what I find on sciforums. Individuals plugged into the eternal.

    If I had known two of the most exquisite female specimens on earth could be found in an online Forum I would have gotten connected much sooner.
    So much wasted time.

    Shit….this is where we all find out what is really going on from the royal mouth itself.
    Just in case we missed it.
    I’m interested.
    There’s nothing like a royal decree.
    Such magnificence, such a mind amongst us.

    This exposition is certainly done for the benefit of all those that might be seduced by my views.
    A warning, that will return the Forum’s attentions back to where they are most needed.
    A cry of:
    “He’s dirt!” which avoids the more honest “And I’m golden” by insinuating it through comparison.
    But a scream is a scream, if one ignores what is being said.
    Sometimes the noise is lost by the fact that it is formed into words.
    ‘The medium is the message’, a message that can then be denied or buried under words.

    This woman(?) wants to be a man. That’s plain to see
    Her ideas, her attitude, her needs are all masculine and the parts of her that persist in being feminine she punishes by whipping them into submission or denying them or blaming them on society.
    What she does is then try to reinterpret femininity, like a fat person tries to reinterpret aesthetics by claiming that big is, in fact, beautiful.
    Do not homosexuals try to reinterpret sexuality and gender to make themselves fit in?

    “Oh beat me! Beat me!!! Because I do not like being touched!!” she cries.

    Then a part of her, driven by that tiny voice in her tiny mind whispers:
    “He wants me. That’s why he says the things he does.”
    “Why else would he be talking to me or listening to me or touching me?”

    When I pat my dog, does that mean I want to fuck it?
    Well, according to her yes.
    Another label for the list: Wanderer is into bestiality.
    I’m acquiring quit a resume.

    But when I do pat my dog’s head, is that not also an expression of me being social with it? Over-social, according to her.
    I should be beating it and locking it in the garage.
    That’s what nobility, like hers does. I must remember these rules of engagement, after all she is only trying to help me.

    There should be some kind of a glass bubble around the noble minded, so that all are kept at a safe enough distance. Nobody would want the unfortunate incident of accidentally brushing against royalty.
    You might be accused of an assassination attempt and be castrated verbally in public by her highness herself.
    Can you say paranoia children? She’s full of it.
    Defensiveness pushed to its sickly limit…Or should I have said healthy limit?

    I’ve had experience with women like her.
    The phrase ‘Dysfunctional’ and ‘Dyke’ comes to mind.
    Damaged goods, my friends.
    It's not their fault. It's the past.

    Of course the fact that she and her cronies participate in in-depth expositions on subject matter ranging from mathematics to sex and then cosmology before we come back to sex and then …back to sex, can be easily ascertained by how each thread manages to include at least one reference to genitals or to the others genetic quality.
    This interspersed between obscure references concerning authors and fictitious characters or philosophers long dead and buried.

    A harem for cadavers they have become. Dead bodies.
    It’s all very invigorating.

    The queen has built an imaginative soap-opera environment around here. Inviting attention in subtle ways so as to maintain deniability she then casts aspersions about sexual interest from others so as to feed into her fantasy worlds.

    That’s why she’s addicted to this place and accuses others of being like her.

    Here our Forum Queen throws her opinions where they will least offend.
    An insult through redirection it is.
    Also a caveat meant to close the doors around the Wanderer.
    An attempt to quarantine, so that the disease will not infect her little world and prevent her from living in her imagination.

    She finds water too girlish and weak and boring, but she wants to keep the respect and the feedback from her- she feeds on it- accessible so she puts her opinions in the mouth of another. Also biting this hand of friendship might expose her as a snarling bitch that is responsible for her own solitude.
    A spinster in waiting.

    Of course her more fierce femininity is itself a product of altruistic social and cultural mechanisms.
    She speaks her mind because she can’t be beaten or killed and she claims nobility because she cannot be tested on it.
    She’s fierce and cruel because she is shielded. An entire system dedicated to protecting the weak and fragile.
    She can afford to be bold and vicious because she knows nobody is going to kick her teeth in and force her to wash their underwear before she cooks them a meal.

    So here she is night after night after night after night…looking, feeding, venting.
    Pretending. Fantasizing.Masturbating.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Multiple aliases, multiple distractions.
    She plays “pranks” as a way of laughing at what she cannot be.
    But, God forbid, you hold up a mirror to her face and she sees herself.
    She’ll never forgive you.

    How cruel she is and how ferocious she becomes.
    How vengeful.

    And yet she has.

    A writer must possess the courage to reveal his soul or else he does nothing.
    Might as well speak about other peoples work indefinitely…..but wait…that’s what our queen does. Always the bridesmaid…. She loves speaking about this guy or that guy’s book and showing off how well she got him.
    But what about her thoughts, her life experiences, her personal insights?
    They lie locked in her diary, into which she weeps every other day.

    But this thread isn’t me. It’s me playing with mice.
    It’s me reminding them of how pathetic they are, in the midst of their self-praising verbosity and their consistent uncontested stupidity.
    It’s me flattering myself. Deal with it.
    Should I apologize to morons? If I lay a fart in front of my dog would I feel obliged to apologize to it?

    So I came back, scanned the board and found retards just going along with all the self-righteous blathering stupidities about how wonderful it is to be beaten up by a man and how sexually appealing it is blah…blah….blah….
    This from individuals claiming health and courage, by the way.

    The inverted morons just sit there, not contesting anything but just guffawing and going along for the sake of some future opportunity.
    Does he see them yet?
    Will he soon find out what they really are? Is he getting a taste of their mental health?
    Does he see yet?!

    Typically male response: “Keep your mouth shut, let her believe what she wants, just as long as I get my rocks off and then take off.”


    A torrid juxtaposition against her magnanimous, unimposing and honest health.

    I am despicable, therefore she is not.
    She must be incredible!
    So strong, so sure of herself, so insightful.
    Is she?
    Only on the net.
    This is where she becomes what she cannot be in real life.
    Don’t let the act fool you.

    In fact my childhood was very pleasant my queen, thank you.

    My teenage years were hell and my adulthood a mixture of both.
    I grew up alone?
    News to me.
    I remember games and play with my many friends. Endless summers. Carefree winters.
    But you must know more about it, than I.
    I was often very popular, owing to my wit and my ability to play into other people’s weaknesses. My brain made me popular.

    It wasn’t until I started seeing life more deeply that things turned ugly.
    It was when I was forced to take into consideration the thoughts and actions of morons holding positions of power, that the battle began.

    A little hint my queen, using yourself as a template is a good practice but when you simply stencil in yourself over what you want the other to be, it becomes embarrassing.

    I’m sorry about your childhood. I’m sure there’s a lot more to it to explain what you are.
    But honestly I couldn’t care less.

    I bet you get off on any kind of confrontation.
    It’s how you begin to matter.
    It’s how you get what you think you deserve.

    You can say the same about “gender bending” homos.

    Here we have a clear case of wishful thinking.
    She enjoys the idea of me being attracted to her kind and her withholding her affections from me, in a typical female search for empowerment through sexual promise and vengefulness. But she only has access to this female power over the internet where her entirety is hidden and all we get are her masterful words.
    Did you notice how she accuses everyone of trying to get into her pants?
    We still don’t know if those pants are worth getting into. She, of course, will have none of it.
    The mere thought of being so vulnerable and dependant crushes her spirit. It makes touch unbearable because she feels a stirring she feels she might give into.

    She has gotten used to men-children drooling over her strict, authoritarian, parental personification and she believes everyone that notices her, these days, is motivated by the same thing as these men-turds.
    This is why I’m “easy”, you see. She sees ghost everywhere.

    But I like her thinking so. It suits my aspirations and it facilitates the fun.

    I bet she sees flirtation in a hello and reads need for her in a casual greeting, as well.

    “Hello gendanken. How are you?” says the male.
    “God, this imbecile wants me” thinks queen gendanken trying to regain the empowerment she once felt.
    “Fuck off!” she wails and smirks in self-gratification.
    She’s defended the castle successfully, once more. The bastions are up the drawbridge is guarded and the fortress is empty. Except for her breathing echoing in the hallways of her mind. Pity….pitiful.
    It’s a similar effect as when she rubs her clit into a red hurricane bulb and fantasizes about a burly barbarian fucking the shit out of her before he comes on her face to mark his territory.
    But what do you expect from a verbally masterful royalty that finds any physical contact as being an expression of sexual desire and calls two men touching, in an act of affection, friendship or camaraderie, gay.

    There are physical issues here, concerning not wanting to be touched and all the rest.
    Shall I elaborate?
    Nah, I’m a tease. I’ll let it hang…..

    Does anyone challenge her on the stupidities she blurts out repeatedly?
    No, the few that still dare to engage her, kiss the ground she slithers on and they sniff her excrement as if it were daisies. They are checking if she is in heat yet. (I would wait until spring, boys.)

    They now quote her because she says things so much better than they can.
    It’s her style that’s so impressive.

    Here we see the effects of repression, where what is found uncomfortable and loathsome, such as touching, being exaggerated and sublimated through interpretation.
    She can only, in fact, feel anything if it is screamed and overstated; a consequence of her anesthesia caused by an earlier traumatic experience that required her to shut down many sensual receptors to survive.
    That module she says she lacks is the part of her that was brought off-line.
    It only expresses itself now subconsciously and against her better judgment.

    She’s that semi-deaf person, I mentioned earlier, who comes out of a loud club with her ears ringing.
    Can you see her gesturing profusely and yelling in unbecoming ways, where a whisper would suffice?

    In actuality I find this type of woman a little pathetic.
    Too masculine for my tastes.
    It would be like fucking a boy, if you think about it.
    Not my thing.

    I guess I could do it if the sexual need was great enough or if I had no other option but then only once or twice a week, at most.
    Any guy will agree with me here. Well, most anyways.
    If a woman doesn’t have some feminine appeal to her then she’s not that desirable, no matter how she looks.
    The thing about femininity and masculinity is that it’s more than physical attributes and hormones, it’s also attitude.

    I once knew a woman that was average looking but had such a demeanor as to make her irresistible to males. She exuded femininity.

    I mean, I like the tom-boyish girls as well, I like rugged things in general, but there has to be a softer side, for it to become interesting.
    A woman likes being dominated, even if she may deny it to herself, but for the same reasons a man likes to dominate.
    When a chick is like a guy… she’s like…. a…. guy.
    You just want to be her buddy and if she volunteers to blow you once in a while, then that’s the cherry on the top.
    But as a girlfriend or a wife or a mate? I don’t think so.
    Maybe an effeminate male would find this type more appealing. Her the roles would reverse.

    Who wants to come home from work and find a passive-aggressive dictionary wanting to get her ass kicked so that she can go down on you?
    Who wants a daily battle on top of life’s problems?
    Who wants a dysfunctional social retard sabotaging your interests?

    Funny how I’m one of the very few that’s had the “honesty” to actually post personal opinions on a board populated by morons, just looking for ….What?
    Funny how I’m the only one that has had the honesty to post personal stuff on a board where the talk is all about inanities and where what one wants to say is always followed by an ink blot to mask the meaning.
    Funny how I’m one of the few who have, at least, attempted to present their opinions on a Forum where others search for reasons to feel good about themselves and where adolescent minds gather to chill and to vent and to pull pranks and to insult.

    But I’ve learned my lesson.
    I stopped being honest a while ago.
    It’s up to you to find when I was being truthful and when I was casting bait into the waters.
    This place is only good for adolescent entertainment. I know this now.
    A return to high school.

    How wonderful it has been to play with a group of retards believing they have some inside information because they’ve read a book or two and who have the time to return repeatedly to a social Forum, masking as an “intelligent community”, to exchange private messages and live imaginative love affairs over the electronic highways.

    Want to see what this Forum is good for, look at the topic posted and notice the views each gets and the responses each gets in accordance with what topic is being talked about.
    Notice that no matter what thread topic is presented it always degenerates into shouting, ego matches or flirtatious innuendo bazaars.

    As opposed to her nobility and victorious viciousness, I’m sure.

    Yes, tired of all the bullshit, especially the type that is flung around here by idiots with so little perceptual ability that they cannot even find their own raw materials to create personal opinions with.
    They need the abstraction of another’s ability and language- the most abstracting of all methods of communication- to notice what is going on.
    They incessantly read and reference and quote because they cannot perceive.

    Of course I don’t.
    How could I in comparison to her deep comprehension and understanding?
    She speaks of war, love and sex with the innocence of a cripple dreaming of walking.

    Here is the Queen of violence fanaticizing about men putting her in her place but unfortunately living in a system that prevents just that. Then, taking the absence of a controlling force as a sign of her dominance, she thinks she is somebody and that she is untouchable.
    Yet, a part of her still wants to find someone to treat her with the contempt she knows she deserves and asks for in a multiplicity of redirections.

    She knows how pathetic and weak and stupid she is, but she can’t find a man to show her.

    It’s pleasing watching her believe I am here or there or everywhere.
    Did you see her gloat when her royal ass-licker professed to know that I was philocrazy?
    Did you see her gloatpeople?! Now that was revealing.
    The truth is in the details people. Watch and learn.
    She relishes the idea of hurting me; so much so, that she now imagines me sweating behind my computer screen, her every word cutting deep into me, as I cry my eyes out.
    Vengeance is a sign of weakness.
    Did I say this already?

    Are you speaking about yourself here again your highness?
    It’s because I know how to be around others that I become exhausted, you twit.
    Being with another, demands a repression of the parts in you that might cause conflict or dislike.
    The greater the censoring of those parts the quicker one tires.

    You see idiot, being social is all an act of suppression.
    And all of you participating here are doing just that.
    It’s because I see the underlying mechanics and can’t close my eyes to some of it without losing the other more enjoyable parts, that I become tired. Get it?!

    The thing is, is that you only wish you could be more like Lucysnow and Bells.
    But you can’t.
    You lack a module.

    So what you do is you mock it and belittle it. You ‘sour grape’ it.

    Yes it does.
    It sounds like you are giving us inside information on how you manage to spew inanities and artistic insults, while maintaining an air of indifference and a supposed honesty of motive.

    Does it bother you that I see through it?
    Does it irk you so much that here you are posting a long response to something not specifically directed at you?

    I also like how you desire a public conversations, public fights, through which you can utilize the full force of your talents with semantics that so impresses the crowds, and your need to expose your supposed strength and courage on the battlefield of words and aspersions.
    How very womanly.
    It’s all part of your ‘style’. The thing you are the most proud of.

    But you don’t seek recognition…Noooooo.
    You are doing it because you are honest and pure and strong and noble.

    How can such a flower, as you, exist in this world?
    How precious you must be, how worth having.
    Gentlemen, she’s a keeper.

    Can you name one living entity that is not needy?
    You might be able to get away with your half-witted stupidity amongst the morons around here that hang from your nipples and worship your hypothetically pretty pussy, but it doesn’t work with me.

    Are you saying you are not needy?
    Because if you are, you must be studied as a rare phenomenon.

    Need, imbecile, is ubiquitous.
    How one deals with it creates character.
    Now please tell me about the greatness of the Latino race.

    Oh, how it must have flattered you to think that you can have something you perceive as above you.
    Did you even take my attempts to stop all this bickering as an attempt to fuck you, you pathetic moron?

    Look at this place.
    A den of childishness where all who participate have the options of turning childish or turning tail. A high school yard where the students gather and create cliques within which they begin feeling special.

    But the truth or falsehood of your latter comment is known only by us.

    I hear Committed is pretty good.
    I always liked Law & Order –Criminal Intent

    I’m defeated imbecile? Not even close.
    Was any person defeated that showed his soul and exposed his sorrow to the world? Wasany person defeated that spoke his truth?


    And what follows is an exposition of self, a sort of preemption, to defuse what she knows is coming.

    Well done princess.

    You knew what was coming so you wanted to beat me to the punch so that what I said about you became questionable.

    I enjoy how you use the very things I’ve told you as weapons against me now. As if they were the products of your own analysis.

    I, long ago, realized what the problem with you was.
    Perhaps a problem you share with your twin sister, since you have so many other things in common.

    It’s that you have no ability to find raw material for analysis on your own and are so dependant on abstraction, either by abstracting the scenario afterwards because you are such a slow thinker or you need the input of another that will present you with what information you need to interpret accordingly.
    You need to be told what is going on otherwise you are in the dark.
    You need directions, a users guide, a book of hints, an analysis.
    Then you run with the abstraction.
    Everything you know about the world and human beings you’ve gotten through books.
    You read another’s perception and then fit it in to your reality.

    I find it interesting that when we first crossed paths you accused me of reading your idol Nietzsche only through notes.
    What was revealed afterwards is that, you were in fact accusing me of the very thing you yourself were most guilty of.
    Just like you are doing now.

    The only thing you had read, at that point, was ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’ and only, perhaps skimmed through his other stuff. Yet you pretended a deep comprehension. It was hilarious.
    But you do this with everyone you hypothetically know and read.

    It makes your referencing impressive and leads others to believe you have personal awareness of what is being said, when, in fact, you only understand it second-hand.
    You’re like an Eskimo commenting on sandstorm because he read a book on deserts.

    Your basic social ineptness, which you justify as a result of superiority, is a byproduct of this incapacity to reach personal conclusions, quickly and by analyzing sensual material. Your thought has no flow, no harmony and no quickness.
    This is why you are lost in social interactions, unless it is one-on-one where the others attentions are focused entirely on you and you can take your time.
    You cannot be witty or charming. You can’t flirt or make small talk or delve into the hidden messages and subliminal physical communications. You are blind to them all so you are forced into indifference and excuse yourself by pretending you are above it all and that you don’t care.

    This is why you are so silent and so unable to participate in groups or why you get nervous every time you need to talk to a stranger- at a help desk for instance- or why you cannot look people in the eye –because you feel vulnerable there-, or why you cannot even show a basic courtesy towards others, which you compensate for by becoming hyper-polite.

    “Thank you”
    “You’re welcome”

    What did Sacher Masoch say about talent?
    Or are the only talents you recognize those you think you possess?
    Social aptitude is a talent moron!!!
    It doesn’t mean you buy into it or that you are a slave to external opinion because of it, but only that you perceive human nature and individual character and you can play with it or you ignore it, as you please.

    Your incapacity to make eye contact, to engage in casual conversation or to be charming and witty is a manifestation of this.
    You’ve got the charm of a horsefly stinging the horse’s ass and then enjoying dodging the tail.
    You need that sting to come out from the shadows you are condemned to exist within.

    So you find solace in literature and in solitude, where emotions and motives are explained and abstracted and where the presence of the other is avoided because you feel so uncomfortable there.
    You need a period of preparation to dive into people; a period of meditation, to control the panic that may lead to you running away in terror and to embarrassing yourself.

    I bet you haven’t the slightest capability to show common courtesy to people and to treat them with a basic respect.
    How did you get to go to Greece for 3-4 months anyways?
    Are you rich?
    Were you grateful to your benefactor? I wonder.

    I once knew a girl that had the gait of a sailor on shore leave. She ate, sat, talked and behaved like a typical American, all brash and with little sense of propriety.
    She had the eloquence of a walrus in rut.

    What did you say about Greek women once? Did you covet that grace?

    A brute sticking out like a sore thumb in a European cultural environment, she was, where social nuance is important and class a sign of awareness and intelligence.
    Not submission retard intelligence. The intelligence of a mind aware of its environment.
    Because it has to.

    You remind me of her.
    Good times…good times.
    Talk about being unable to put into practice what you’ve read.

    You are all theory. Nothing else.
    Talk. Talk. Talk and more talk.

    If I were invited into a religious home for a meal, I would bow my head and pray along with them as a sign of respect for their hospitality and for their beliefs, even if I didn’t share them.
    This is not a malicious hypocrisy it is a courtesy offered as a gift to your companions.
    A momentary deference of self towards a group that costs you nothing but a little time and the effort of controlling your ego.
    It wouldn’t mean I was being submissive or disloyal to my values but only that I was showing a basic courtesy towards other living thinking beings with whom I associated.
    When the meal was over I would thank them, even if the dishes were not to my tastes. I would thank them for the offer, for the sacrifice.
    Do you understand, imbecile?!!!! Basic, common social graciousness a simple child knows.

    If I were to enter a traditional Japanese home, I would take off my shoes and bow with respect. I would follow their traditions and social norms.
    Get it?!!

    How did you pay back your benefactor? I wonder.

    I don’t like Jews?!
    Thanks for letting me know.
    I was wondering why the sight of a menorah gave me the dry-heaves.

    Tell me, who else have I read or not read?
    I need to make a list.

    Are you talking about the type of psychoanalysis you are conducting here?

    Keep swinging sister, you aren’t even close to hurting me. You forget, I gave you those fists. I made sure they couldn’t touch me in any way that matters to me.
    Did you think I would trust so much anger bottled up and spewing in every direction uncontrollably?
    Discipline, moron, discipline.
    Did you think I would expose anything of significance to a person with so much hate and inability to play the game?
    Did you think I didn’t see the weakness in you that would lead to vengeance?

    But how noble you are, what an example of a Nietzschean over….thing-a-ma-jing.

    How petty and small and vengeful you are.
    It shows how you’ve encompassed that ideal into your life.
    Cling onto that Zarathustra Book, idiot.
    Then you have the audacity to pretend comprehension of nobility while being vengeful and petty.

    Again, how accurate I am only you and I know. Don’t we, my dear?

    Do you think everything I’ve told you, in the past, was the truth?
    Do you think I didn’t realize what you were early on and decided to have an adventure anyways?

    I’m anti-Semitic?
    I’m a racist, sexist, loser, faggot, miser, defeated, tired, anti-Semite, idiot.
    I see.

    And you are so friggin wonderful.
    That’s why all the boys want you.
    It’s the milkshake.

    Looking at my bookshelves right now, I see many of his works there plus the works of many, many others besides that over-quoted and overrated pussy you drool over. I've read all of him.
    Have you?
    But I guess you have a better view than I do.
    You skimmer, you.

    The internet is a blessing for you and your kind.
    You can sit there and do research, when opportunity arises, and then feign a comprehension when you are only paraphrasing.
    You can sit there and write and rewrite and proofread and slowly construct phrases, appearing like you are bright when all you are is mnemonics.
    You can erase and rephrase and try to find biting remarks as you pull your eyebrows out, all from the comforts of you’re your hole.

    I wonder if you could be as witty and stylish in person.
    I don’t think so.
    Stick to sciforums where your ‘style’ gets some traction.

    Projecting your own insecurities again?
    You skimmer you.
    You reader of notes.

    This is what you do and you know it. Don’t you?

    Your vast library and knowledge is a product of a quick read through, with little personal introspection and even less experience.
    Your entire mindset is a construct of literature.

    I came to philosophy later in life, so I had already constructed my worldview by then.
    You imbecile.
    The thing you use as an insult is my greatest pride. You fucking idiot.
    Do you know why?

    You are so proud of being a moronic bookworm with little life experience. Books are all you have.
    You are proud of having spent your childhood in books.

    The funny thing is most of philosophy becomes incomprehensible to someone that cannot relate to the human condition and that cannot participate in the entirety of human perception, like you for instance.
    So it picks and chooses bits and pieces so that it can fit into its understanding and the rest it repeats verbatim.
    You have read and imagined what warmth is but you’ve never been warm. You’ve abstracted cold and found pride in understanding it but you’ve never experienced cold.

    This is why most of Xev’s assaults on me have been based on information I’ve provided for her. It makes it seem like she came up with it when all she is doing is repeating it in her own words. The rest of her attacks were the usual womanly sexual references, the comments about my hypothetical love-life and so on and so on.
    Booooooring….. How many times can you use the “sexual frustration” angle before you begin exposing your own?

    I noticed it recently, when in her attempts to avenge herself upon me she limited herself to information I had offered freely to her on an earlier occasion. There was nothing there based on personal observation.
    She takes it and spins it into blasphemy. Isn’t she sweet?
    You know that her “ferocity” is a product of her Slav ancestry and it reveals a deep understanding of Nietzsche’s opinions on slavish morality.
    I didn’t know it until she told me.

    How precious she is.
    I want her. She’s mine, you gluttonous fiends! Back!! Back!!!

    I wonder if she would have the courage to post a personal exposition like “Postcards from Purgatory” that might shatter her internet “mystique? Doubt it.
    Yet, she dreams of being a writer.

    And you are as clean and pure as a mountain stream, my dear.
    A woman that will make some man very happy one day.

    Aren’t you a mongrel, idiot?
    You’re so pathetic you’re reaching for identity and culture in foreign countries now, because your own is so damn sickly.

    “I’m a Slav”, “I’m Russian”, “I’m German”, “I’m Polish”, I’m this and I’m that.
    Grow, the fuck, up.

    That hurts.
    If I were rich, like you, I could perhaps live the wonderful adventurous lifestyle you have become accustomed to.
    Lifestyles of the cruel and senseless!!!!!

    You mention Schopenhauer but what about Nietzsche, your demigod?
    Do you forget what he said about your gender?
    How correct he was, no?
    Do you see it in yourself and in how you’ve acted in the past?
    Did you see it in yourself and your vengeance towards me, in how you try to destroy me?

    Tell me about your adventures, idiot.

    There you are never having traveled, until recently, and this because of whom, you pitifully retarded soul?

    At your age moron, I had changed continents twice, served a stint in the army and then returned to Canada.
    At your age, I had been to Spain, Poland –yes you didn’t know that, did you?- and the USA.
    And you?
    You hike? You mosh? This is your “creative” adventure?

    When did you go to Germany, by the way?

    I’ll send you a post-card from Australia next winter, imbecile.
    Tell me when and if you ever exit your country again. I want to mark it on my calendar.

    When a child finds a new toy, it plays with it until it breaks and then brags about it incessantly.
    You had sex Xev?
    Wow. That’s quit a feat.
    How rare to find a man desperate enough to bang anything. It must me so difficult for women these days. I mean, men as so selective and play hard to get all the time, right?

    I guess when one lowers her expectation the rest is easy.
    There she was hardly noticing him for so very long, then she gets an epiphany-because of you know why- and he isn’t so bad, after all.
    Better than being alone, right? A way of pretending things to herself so that the awful reality doesn’t seep through.

    He must be wonderful, just like you are,Xev.

    Give us some details.
    When he slobbers over your pussy, how dignified does he look, how manly with his face buried in your snatch?
    When his mouth is full of your piss-hole juices, does he look masculine and noble to you then?
    When he services you, does he appear to be your equal?
    Does he understand all the referencing or do you have to explain things to him?
    Do you have to use small words with him?
    Do you play dumb just to keep him interested? Do you get tired of playing with an imbecile?
    Was he so fucking stupid that he brought tears to your eyes?
    He must be quit a man.
    I am certainly jealous.
    Mark the time and place.

    So now this American boy brags about banging you to everyone he knows.
    How perfect.
    The sordid details find their way around social circles and gossip flourishes at your expense.
    You know what is coming?
    I’ll tell you because I know Nietzsche didn’t write anything about this so you wouldn’t know.

    All his friends and coworkers will begin being extra nice to you. They will smile more, be more attentive and curious. They will start inviting you out for a beer more often and they will be more persistent.
    You know why?
    They will be trying to figure out if you gave it up only to him or if you are the easy office slut they can all get to bang. The women, of course, will be particularly vicious as your gender always is.

    Now your option is to get back at him by making comments about him sexually –you know what I mean, you are good at that- or you bang them all for the hell of it and so you make yourself the village fuck-slut for anyone with a penis and brains enough to say
    “Hey…wanna fuck bitch?”.
    It could be fun and….an adventure. Think about it. It’ll give you much needed experience.
    You can perfect your smooching and your tongue ballet.

    Most of them won’t know what got into you.
    “She wouldn’t give me the time of day and all of a sudden she’s sucking someone’s dick and getting drunk and going out.”
    “…and oh how more social she is, so much more tolerant. What happened?”

    Just curious:
    Where do these gender issues, you are so obsessed with, come from?
    Want me to tell you?
    Want me to tell you why your mother’s words still echo in your head and why you enjoy having her insults thrown at you still, why you wear the clothes you do and walk the way you do and why you sit and talk and look the way you do, why people frighten you and make you nervous, why you can’t relate or empathize, why you cannot speak or participate or why social nuances are so over your head or why you need alcohol to lubricate your courage and patience?
    Want me to tell you why you are so detached and why this verbal abuse is giving you a thrill or why getting smacked makes you horny?
    Want me to tell you why you feel so uncomfortable shopping, why you have to scan the salespeople before you walk in and buy something, why you feel embarrassed despite yourself?
    Want me to tell you why you like the night?

    Want me to tell you here on a public Forum? Want me to return the favor?

    But I am above the kind of behavior you pretend to be proud of. I will not stoop to your level.

    You are looking for an equal?!
    No, you are looking for a master. Someone that will make all that stuff go away.

    By the way I’ve given up bench-pressing. I have enough mass as it is. I don’t want to look like a refrigerator.
    I’ve changed my regiment, focusing on lean and cut.
    If you are nice I’ll send you a photo when I’m done.

    And one more final comment.
    Keep the fuck out of my threads idiot!!!!
    You are stupid and pathetic and only impressive to morons like you, who you can excite with your overdeveloped vocabulary and constant referencing.

    And shut the fuck up!!!!! You are beginning to annoy me!!!! You bitch!!!!
    Keep to those threads where you and the inverted talk about masturbation or your honesty or how great you are, as he tries to slip you the tongue and you pretend it doesn’t flatter you.
    Where is the Fenris Wolf anyways. I bet he’ll want you back.

    Use that mouth of yours more constructively and dedicate it to removing the sperm pressure from the balls of overzealous men-children and for the love of God

    You are stupid!!!!! A social and intellectual retard.


    She doesn’t know me at all.
    What she knows is information she gathered from other sources and deductions she acquires by projecting herself upon what I write and information I gave out myself in many threads.

    In essence she’s revealing her own inner world, while she’s presumably critiquing mine.

    My, how little girls gossip and brag. How very typical.
    Here they all are, drawn like moths to a light.
    Something I said must have been too close for comfort.
    Now they gather to destroy the messenger and to distract attention away from them and back on the other.
    Didn’t they openly say that they enjoyed getting smacked around by a man and that it was foreplay for them?
    I merely commented on what they said.

    But I like this sport because it’s fun.
    Should I apologize for who I am?
    To you people?
    To people that spend hour upon hour on the internet discussing the same issues over and over again and who are supposedly being honest when all they are being is ambiguous and shifty.
    Remember spookz. He was the type that flourishes around here.

    They are looking for friends here because they have no real ones in their immediate environment.
    They have acquaintances they can never speak so openly to.

    And what motives, might they be?
    Was it I that started making personal comments first?
    The threads here. Scan up and check.

    It’s always interesting seeing people that spend day after day posting on topics that always include sexuality or that always deteriorate to name calling and sexual innuendo then critiquing another.

    “1+1=2” says one. Here we are discussing math according to the thread topic.

    “Yea, but you are a moron and the sum is the size of your penis.” Retorts the other. Bringing the real universalsciforum topic back to the usual tripe.
    Afterwards we can pretend we were speaking about math all along.
    Duh, my biceps were brought up by another.
    My ailments are none of your business and honey and nuts were yours!!!!

    Women claim a superior memory. But I find it’s more selective and distorting than anything else.

    You may take this place much too seriously, but I don’t.
    In time you will see that it’s a teenage camp where the lost souls gather to search for what they need.

    Try posting something personal and important and see how many deductions and accusations you receive if any of it sticks in someone’s throat.
    Try it.

    Now I return you to your regular program of sex talk and random insults where warrior princesses and vicious queens get all worked up over boys sniffing their crotches.
    If you want to see what a real human being should act like and be like keep tuned to the Xev and gendanken chronicles.
    You will soon be told that a simple hello is a penetrating threat and showing a basic empathy and social graciousness is a sign of over-socialization, by the barbarian twins.
    These chicks really need a beating.
    Will you be the lucky one to give it to them?
    You can only hope.
    But be careful. If you cross them they might try to find vengeance in reporting you to the police. It’s one of the risks one takes when dealing with such wonderful female nobility.

    On our next episode of the Kingdom of Sci we will find this rare beast foraging for truffles in the woods and rubbing its crack against tree trunks.

    Ok that was fun.
    Now off I go again. Wandering into the ether.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2005
  19. WANDERER Banned Banned

    Here is an incomplete list that will help the socially retarded cope with their plight.
    I might post the rest of it, if I get to care more.

    A Users Guide

    1.0.0.-We are all culpable.

    1.1.0.-All conscious beings are wilful manipulators in that they impose their Will, either through coercion or force, upon sensually perceived, external objects or beings.

    1.2.0.-Existence is the imposition of a conglomeration of united forces we call ‘I’ or ‘internal’ or ‘self’ upon a multiplicity of non-participating forces we call ‘Other’ or ‘object’ or ‘external’ or ‘universe’.

    1.2.1. -Simply taking up space requires an act of aggression and a continuing presence requires violence and sacrifice on different levels.

    1.2.2.-This intuitive understanding is the foundation for all absolution myths and the origin of all dogmas concerning guilt, sin and punishment.

    1.3.0.-Liberty is the desire to become responsible for ones own fate and for ones own guilt and shame or to become untouched by it instead of it being thrust upon ones back like an unwanted burden.

    1.3.1.-Guilt and shame are the sensations begotten through the realization that ones nature often contradicts and confronts ones accepted virtues.

    1.4.0.-Those most in denial of a possibility and resistant to the implications tend to be the ones most prone to be all the more precisely adherent to its general conclusions.

    1.4.1. -Awareness is the only way the possibility of resistance or change or transcendence can become a probability.
    It is, therefore, not a rarity to find the most devout follower of a particular dogma being the one least disciplined to its rules.

    1.5.0.-The degree to which the manipulated/dominated agrees with the intended outcome and the motives of the manipulator/dominator or the degree to which their own beliefs about who they are and what their self-interests are corresponds to the manipulator’s, determines to what degree they will be offended or flattered by the exploitation and how they will react to it, when and if ever they consciously become aware of it. It will also determine their resistance and their usage of particular labels in describing the events and the one that dared impose his/her Will upon them.

    1.6.0.-All human relationships are based on the equilibrium of exploitation.
    When one side feels more exploited than the other, the enterprise is dissolved.

    1.7.0.-People’s opinions about themselves or about what their self-interests really are, are just as relative and based on incomplete knowledge and subjective reasoning as anyone else’s.

    1.7.1.-Most have so little understanding of self and so little comprehension about what is advantageous to them that their opinions, on this regard, can be said to be just as biased and prone to distortion as any other observers.

    1.7.2.-What one wants and what one needs rarely coincide.

    1.7.3.-Most people have little interest in a deeper understanding of self (introspection) and the world (exploration), if it doesn’t concern an immediate, clear and obvious reward or if there is no pressing need present. They prefer to be given the answers instead, giving rise to the phenomena of finding self in others or in objects, in other words, of lacking self altogether.

    1.7.4.-It is quit possible to acquire a more precise understanding of an external Other than said Other has of himself/herself, making self-awareness a matter of great importance.
    Knowledge is power and he/she possessing more of it gains a distinct advantage.
    One who does not know becomes a victim of the unknown even if this unknown lies within.

    1.7.5.-Self is the only phenomena we can know with any degree of certainty.
    But here too, no absolute completion is possible.

    1.7.6.-What we refer to as our ‘real self’ or our ‘genuine self’ is merely the parts that become consciously exposed to our reason or the parts that can be controlled by our reason. The rest are ignored, denied or thought of as sickness or disorder that must be healed.

    1.8.0.-The unsavoury word of ‘manipulate’ is sometimes replaced by other, less aggressive or vulgar, terms, such as: ‘use’, ‘flirt’, ‘negotiate’, ‘build’, ‘create’, ‘destroy’, ‘think’, ‘seduce’, ‘persuade’, ‘debate’, ‘converse’, ‘control’, ‘change’, ‘guide’, ‘influence’, ‘manage’, ‘exploit’, ‘fix’ etc.
    But the original intent remains unaffected. It is the imposition of a Will upon inanimate or animate objects.

    1.8.1. - In fact all verbs are instances of force expression and direction.

    1.8.2. - Power is measured by the feasibility of manipulation.

    1.9.0.-Whether the manipulation is done consciously or instinctively is irrelevant and only serves to offer insights into the manipulators awareness and his/her overall ability, intelligence and psychological state.

    1.9.1.-Women, when compared to men in a general manner, can be said to possess an intuitive talent for subtle manipulation, whereas men need to engage reason in the process in order to become any good at it.

    1.9.2. -Male manipulation is, in comparison, usually of a more direct character, when circumstances allow. In recent more ‘civilized’ times, male manipulation and/or force expression has been limited to more feminine forms, resulting in the adaptation of a more feminine male type.

    2.0.0.-Nobody is ever completely themselves with anybody else.
    Sometimes not even with themselves.

    2.1.0.-We allow the expression of only parts of ourselves at any given time and according to circumstances.
    With some we may be one way while we may behave differently around others.
    Most do this intuitively and may be totally unaware of the process. They may even become offended at the insinuation that it might be so and they will deny it, to no end, to preserve their positive opinions about their person.

    2.1.1.-We are all hypocrites to a grade.
    We all pretend to be more or less than what we are, particularly towards ourselves.

    2.2.0.-Intimacy is a conceptual construct derived through imprecise definitions. What there is are varying degrees of agreement and varying levels of common interests, as thought of by each party.

    2.3.0.-Reason is, in fact, a manipulator of Will; it is the Will harnessed.

    2.4.0.-There is no ‘Truth’.

    2.4.1.-There is, presumably, no absolute ‘truth’ readily available to human minds.
    Some would say that the concept itself is a mythological human construct meaning accepted sensual reality.

    2.4.2.-In essence, therefore, there are no truths/lies but only different interpretations upon common observations that may be more or less precise, depending on the faculties, interests, psychology and the perceptual sensitivity of the interpreting mind.

    2.4.3.-If there are no ‘truths’ then it follows that there can be no ‘lies’ either.

    2.4.4. –When people ask for the truth they are pleading for the repetition of their truth.

    2.4.4.-Since there are no truths/lies then human interactions become a struggle of convincing the other on the superiority of your own perspective or a process of inserting yourself within the others perspective as an agreeing/enhancing/desirable element that will not shatter their structure of belief.

    2.4.5.-What is most often described as deceitful is what confronts our own perspectives of self, reality and the other and what, seemingly, goes against our own understanding of good/bad or of what is advantageous to our presumed self-interests.

    2.4.6.-What is more often referred to as ‘false’ or ‘hypocritical’ or ‘artificial’ or ‘deceitful’ or ‘erroneous’ is a perspective contrary to our own evaluations or contrary to popular opinions.

    2.4.7. –Inevitable any attempt to disprove or to prove must rely on previously accepted interpretations that feed off each other.

    2.4.8. –‘Truth’ is self-replicating and self-preserving. It is a self-contained system out of which only violent aggression can escape.

    2.5.0.-Speak less, listen more and watch. Most beg to expose themselves to the world.
    The solitude of conscious existence imposes the need for communion.

    2.5.1.-Through speech many intimate details and inner secrets may slip out, that may contradict the intended motive.
    Through opinions, insights into the others train of thought as well as their overall intellectual quality, psychology and demeanour can become apparent.

    2.5.2- Listening more will also offer these advantages: [a] you will give away less information than you receive - you will avoid the risk of inadvertent slip-ups, which may lead to disharmony or confrontation- [c] you will give the impression of interest and/or thoughtfulness, which will give the impression that you care.

    2.5.3.-Vocabulary, grammar and voice fluctuations are easily perceived indicators of deeper processes. Through language we can become aware of the censoring mechanisms of a mind and so deduce from it what exactly is being censored.

    2.6.0. - Actions are more direct manifestations of the Will.

    2.6.1.-Actions are more precise and honest indicators of inner processes.
    Words can be faked and contrived. Actions always demand a price and are directly connected to Will, without the interceding censoring rationale to distort or suppress internal desires.

    2.6.2.-Actions can be as obvious as a slap on the face or as subtle as a finger twitch.

    2.6.3. –The inner nature and character of every being is most honestly and profoundly expressed through subtle actions and unconscious attitudes.

    2.6.4. –When confronted with contradictory information, where the tongue says one thing but the body another, always listen to the body first. Language is the expression of self filtered through reason-it is self and reality made conscious through abstraction- but the body is a direct manifestation of self without the filtering mechanisms of reason.

    2.7.0.-Perpetuate ignorance and error.

    2.7.1.-If the preservation and enhancement of self is the only focus of the mind, then enlightening and training others is contrary to self-interest.

    2.7.2. - Always tell the other what they want to believe and not what you actually believe or want them to believe.

    2.7.3.-Playing into the belief systems and the overall understanding of the other will make you likable and your well-being more attainable. It will make them more susceptible to your influence.

    2.7.4.-Flattery and insult are always effective to varying degrees, even when the other is conscious of their intent and denies being affected.

    2.8.0.-Image is all there is.

    2.8.1.-It might be true that external characteristics do not tell the entire story or that they might sometimes lead to misinterpretations and misjudgements, yet being a predominately visual species, we are prone to be affected by external imagery even if we may not like it.

    2.8.2. - Outer garments (Jewellery, Clothes, Automobiles, Homes, Grooming, Odours, Symbols, Tattoos… etc.) don’t express character or inner reality. They express accepted social/cultural/religious realities and what every individual thinks of their own selves and, most importantly, what they would like for others to think of them.

    2.8.3.-What a person adorns himself/herself with are good indicators of what they aspire to be and never of who they actually are.

    2.8.4.-Not only is what is worn important but how it is worn as well.

    2.8.5.-Sometimes external decorations express a contrary reality or overcompensate for secret inadequacies.
    For instance: A male wearing the symbols of machismo and strength is really hiding weakness and fragility.

    2.8.6.-A good indicator of what a person is most afraid of or more insecure about can be deduced through what he pretends to be.

    2.9.0.-The devil is in the details.

    2.9.1. - Details say more than broad perceptions.

    2.9.2. -A subtle glance, a discreet movement, a cough, a verbal mistake or a slight overstatement or understatement can expose inner workings more reliably than a promise or an agreement.

    3.0.0.-Loss of control exposes weaknesses.

    3.1.0. - Moments of loss of control –emotional distress, inebriation and/or sleep- are invaluable in witnessing hidden imperfections, insecurities and fears.

    3.2.0.-The other will, sometimes, urge a more honest connection based on trust.
    This is driven by the desire to gain advantage or to compensate for a disadvantage by becoming aware of hidden vulnerabilities, for future reference.

    3.2.1.-No weakness is ever forgiven even if it is shared. It is merely tolerated, and when circumstances arise, used towards ones own interests.

    3.2.2.-The methods used to facilitate the willing exposure of inner ‘truths’ from the other are: [a]the telling of one, already known or less relevant, personal fact so as to be rewarded by one of theirs, the feigned complete acceptance of the other as they are and the placing upon them of, supposed, complete trust, [c]the building of trust through long term exposure and patience, [d]compassion and tolerance.

    3.2.3.-We tolerate, like and are compassionate towards those that share the same level of weakness as us.

    3.2.4.-Once we perceive a strength or a weakness in the other that exceeds our perceptions of our own, then envy, hate and a loss of good-will ensues.

    3.3.0.-Respect is a hidden intimidation.

    3.3.1.-The exposure of weakness, by one side, leads to a lessening of respect, from the other side, no matter how understanding or compassionate or forgiving the other is.

    3.3.2.-With women, in particular, respect must be maintained or else sexual interest in the male is lost. In other words, the male must show just enough weakness and vulnerability so as to offer the opportunity to the female to do likewise-giving the impression of a deeper intimacy, trust and the opportunity for release and communion- but this weakness and vulnerability must never be allowed to exceed the females perception of her own or else she will begin thinking of herself as superior.

    3.4.0.-People don’t want to know who you are but who they want you to be.

    3.5.0. - Patience and persistence are of the utmost importance in interpersonal relationships in that the time requirements of each individual to become comfortable and trusting are varied according to history and genetic predisposition.

    3.5.1. - Patience, along with persistence, is the key to success.

    3.5.2. -Patience is another word for tolerance.

    3.6.0. -Indifference: The foundation of achievement.

    3.6.1. -The ability to lose all caring as to the outcome of events and to cease to hope for particular outcomes is, ironically, at the route of all success.

    3.6.2. -What we call ‘confidence’ is a state of apathy reliant on the ability to find alternative resources or to continue existing without particular resources.

    3.6.3. -Confidence is attractive, especially to women, because resources and the control of them is nature’s most desirable trait.

    3.7.0. - Uniqueness is a myth.

    3.7.1. -What is, most often, called ‘uniqueness’ is a subjective evaluation of belonging to a less numerous group.

    3.7.2. -All distinction is based on exclusivity.

    3.7.3. -All humans fall within general groupings even if they would like to think otherwise; this because there are finite emotions and drives within each human being and so their combinations are, as well, finite.

    3.7.4.-Character is determined by the degree to which particular drives and emotions are suppressed or enhanced.
    All humans possess the same basic character in that they have common drives, needs and emotions. What differentiate them are experiential circumstances and genetic dispositions that hinder or allow some to become dominate and others dormant. This makes past history essential in understanding the inner working of each mind.

    3.8.0. -Being underestimated offers an advantage which makes exploitation more feasible.

    3.8.1. -The natural tendency to seek out recognition or immediate domination should be tempered by the understanding of the costs and the advantages of more subtle means.

    3.8.2. -It is easily feasible to nurture the natural inclination of all beings to look down upon the other. Once personal ego and pride have been mastered then the price is more readily paid, if of course the possible rewards are sufficiently desirable.

    3.8.3. - The highest compliment another healthy mind, can pay you -in an unconscious recognition of your dominance- is to call you an equal or as being ‘like you’. It’s how they honour you and save themselves the insult.

    3.8.4. -Women, in particular, require a sign of vulnerability to offer themselves up as a reward in return. They need it as a safety-pin, an emergency brake, a way out so that their surrender will not lead to their total annihilation.
    They call it ‘sensitivity’ or ‘intimacy’ or ‘sympathy’ or ‘compassion’ or, most often, ‘love’.

    3.8.5. -No matter how fragile, weakness always needs to know that it has a secret control over that which dominates it, in order to shelter its own ego and sense of self-esteem and in order to justify its subjugation to itself.
    It may call it ‘privilege’ or ‘right’ or ‘distinction’ or ‘importance’ or ‘being special’ or it may call it ‘love’ or perhaps ‘hate’.

    3.8.6. - A clever man will offer artificial signs of weakness to appease a woman’s need to remain in control of his power over her. If he shows no such sign or if the signs are insufficiently advantageous to her supposed self-interests and for her need to remain relevant then she will choose to discard him as unpredictable and defame him as unwanted.

    3.8.7. -All weakness is only attracted to strength that is controllable or that offers the possibility and opportunity of being controllable. In the back of its mind it hopes and wishes to usurp it or to make it its own or to use it to make-up for what it lacks. No weakness would willingly surrender to a power that will insult it or destroy it outright. A sense of saving face must be maintained.
  20. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    That was glorious.
  21. Xev Registered Senior Member

    You would. It's all about ugliness, sugar-coated with an anti-crime message so that viewers like you can feel good about watching it.

    No, actually I didn't. What would you say about me, Wanderer? Anything you haven't said before? Anything you haven't been chatting about via private message? Chat chat chat.
    Apparently not.

    How ludicrious you are. Xev said, somewhere, that she is slow to fully process information because she's trying to find patterns. You've brought this up incessantly since then.

    You've said that.



    Hmmm - uh, false!

    Tends to frighten common people.
    I like what he said about Greeks:

    "He is a man who is like a woman"

    Of course now, Wanda wouldn't have run off with you, but you haven't read the book. I liked what he said about men and women too, but damn me if I'm not going to prove it wrong!



    Are you still pretending to *know* me because I sent you some messages? Because I told you some things when I was upset, depressed, and just needed to talk?

    Hardworking and resourceful.

    You forgot to continue:

    "She died of pococurantism when I wouldn't stop repeating myself"

    Hmm. Okay. The Germans liked me, but you'll say something about Germans.
    Nice fetish for Europe, you're almost like an American there.

    One of our conversations, remember? One before I mentioned that I was depressed due to some goddamned party I forced myself to go to, I mentioned Naziism: my maternal family name sounds Jewish. You went on about 'em.

    I hoped not. Who knows, maybe you're really Orlando Bloom. Rrrrwwwl.

    Geh, if emailing random internet personalities is your idea of adventure, you really need to get out more.
    Do you think, Wanderer, that you're the first man to spill your guts to me online? Or even the third?

    [qutoe]I came to philosophy later in life, so I had already constructed my worldview by then.[/quote]

    Wow, no wonder it's so limited. Shucks, well if I had a life limited to the experience of washing dishes and having casual sex as my greatest adventure, I'd be a narrow minded prig too.

    Everything I write is personal. However, I try not to sound mawkish.

    I do?

    Thanks, I douched.

    That's a scary sort of man there.

    Yup. Total mutt - Teuton and Celt and Scandinavian and Slav.
    And I am part cluster lizard.

    Ho-booooyyyy! Destroy you?
    This is be-yew-te-ful, Wanderer.

    You are aware that the very sluts you're trying to impress, are reading this, and probably going "What the fuck?" rather than "Oh, the poor thing!"

    I'm not trying to destroy you. You're in your odd quixotic quest to "expose" me. I'm mocking along.

    Well, there was also the time I sat around with friends eating random mushrooms. That was an adventure to be sure. Hitch-hiked to Milwaukee (spelling?) metalfest at sixteen, damn over-confident because of my hunting knife and faith in the goodness of man. Slept with my first boyfriend a year later, and damn if trusting isn't an adventure too. Turned inwards, that was an adventure, expanding is another one.

    Will it say, "imbecile" on it? 'Cause otherwise I don't want it.

    Oh hush now, that wasn't the only reason I talked to you.

    Oh no, I'm his little gimp-girl. He makes me wear a PVC face mask with multicolored feathers on top, and his cat plays with them when I give him head. I find it strangely erotic because, you know, I crave abuse.

    I mean shucks, didn't some female poster with the hots for you - what was her name? Oh right, Lucysnow. What, did she show you whatever porno she yaks about, and you figured I was that way? Geh...silly boy. Just as long as your groupies stop scrounging for information. PM boxes fill up.

    Dear god. You're confusing my FWB with this guy I worked with two years ago.
    I'm paraphrasing the PSA about pot:

    "Being pathetic will do that"

    Stop following me around. Jesus.

    More wierd rantings from a certain WANDERER?
    Not, Wanderer. But WANDERER. 'Cuz it'd be awful if he were ignored.

    Wonderful! They'll probably be even more likely to find obscure albums for me!

    Such a vulgar conception of sex.
    But hey, I want to give good blowjobs. So give me some advice from an expert.

    Hey I thought you were sensitive? Tee-hee, love making you guys squirm.

    "Simple needs must be met from a simple source. If a man is simply looking for a good woman with a tight ass to bear his children/run his home and not give him too much grief then there are any number of women who could fill this criteria as a partner. If someone is looking to be understood, felt on a deeper level then the search for a partner becomes more complex, but upon finding such an individual does not necessarily mean there will be longevity in the relationship."

    Aww! So sweet for the ladies - what'sa matter, Water won't put out?

    You still think I hate my parents for divorcing and my mother for being a weakling? I love my parents, told you that when you were going on about my "broken family"

    Why you can't use a period?
    Oh wait you're ON your period. Nevermind.

    I always like it when ignorant pseudos tell me why I am what they think I am.


    Damn! You tease.

    I wasn't going to, but the extra exclamation points convinced me.

    Oh! This I cannot take!

    Sounding a little shrill there. Careful, it's people like you who made exclamation points an endangered species.

    I feel like I've been insulted by that weird guy.

    "YOU ARE STUPID! You're so stupid, you'll be affected by this lame insult!"'re fond of "stupid", "idiot", "moron", whatever.
    That what daddy called you?

    Anyways, I'm done with you. I don't want to be drawn any further into this sickness.

    I agree. He has truely exposed me as something or other. I only wish I could have a man like that, but he's probably too busy discussing "Story of O" with Lucysnow and telling her about how he works out and writes poetry.

    It's okay Lucy, Bells, Water, whoever. You can have him - and save Gendanken's private message space, 'cause she needs that to recieve my homo-erotic protestations of love and conflict. Oh Gendanken, let us leave the world of men behind, my savage virago and forum Queen, let us lick each other's wounds, as he has mocked and exposed us both. Rejected by the world of men, er, well by this one middle aged dude on the internet, let us find happiness in the world of women. I am yours, you lusty man-girl, you perfect synthesis of the masculine and feminine, my beloved girl who doesn't realize that Nietzsche wouldn't like her, take me! Aaaaah!
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2005
  22. water the sea Registered Senior Member

    How is that -- someone slings some mud at you, and then others do as if that mud were inherently something yours, something of your choice, and completely forget about the one who slinged the mud.

    And then, with time, you start to think and behave as if that mud you were slinged at was really your doing -- since most people around you enforce this image.

    This is how it goes.
  23. an>roid.v2 Registered Senior Member

    You should have been around last year, honey. I was having my pores cleansed.

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