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Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Hudson, Feb 9, 2000.

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  1. Hudson Registered Member

    I seem to be alotting a signifigant amount of time on MABUS as well. Here is some food for thought. Could MABUS be an acronym for a type of battle plan hidden deep in the confines of the pentagon. It could also be a type of missle or even a computer virus. It also could be the handle of a hacker.
    Several predictions used the phrase "invisible missles". A virus in all aspects are considered when activated,launched.
    After doing some net surfing, there was another man with the last name mabus. He worked for NASA on a new type of propulsion system for a rocket. The government all of a sudden cut his funding without reasonable justification.
    It is my opinion that we should read the predictions of Nostodamus and other credible prophets with todays knowlege of what can cause the destruction of society. It is also my opinion that a virus, carefully constructed would have a more severe effect on the world than a barrage of nuclear missles.
    I would appriciate some feedback on these possibilities.
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  3. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    To start, I don't consider Nostradamus particularly credible, at least as far as his quatrains go. They're just too vague, and it's too easy to apply them to an incident in hindsight.

    This Mabus fellow. What did he say the reason was that they gave him? NASA is now pretty independent. Perhaps his project was cut during the time when the military was pouting over NASA's desire to be free. The military did a lot of stupid stuff then that nearly killed our space program.

    I apparently didn't catch the beginning of this subject. Could you bring me up to speed, please?

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    I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight, kill, and die for your right to say it.
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  5. Hudson Registered Member

    "Word is that President Clinton is considering making former Mississippi Gov. Ray Mabus, his selection to become Chairman of the national Democratic Party. That would add some polish to the President's besieged and fractious party."

    I took this from an article located on the net. Although it may not seem signifigant, at least I now know where, and what he does.

    According to NASA, the only article printed was an article found at this site :

    I also found out that solid rocket motor plants are found throughout the world. Mainly used for nuclear weapons creation.

    The next entry that I submit for this topic will be info on any computer viruses with the name or string Maybus.
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  7. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    I wait eagerly, especially with these idiots that have launched their attack on major websites. What are they trying to prove, anyway? It's not that hard to launch a DOS on a site.
  8. ltcmmdr Registered Senior Member

    Who or what is Mabus? I have never heard this name before.

    everything is not what it
    appears to be

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  9. ltcmmdr Registered Senior Member

    Who's Mabus?
  10. Peter Dolan Registered Senior Member

    When I was a young boy, ma bus took me to school in the morning and then brought me back home in the evenings. Hope this clears up everything for ya.
  11. Fukushi -meta consciousness- Registered Senior Member

    I made a terrible discovery!

    Unfortunatly there is something like a prophecy where Mabus playes a Keen and Keel role in it:
    it is the Name of the thirdt Anti-crist wich I now have disencrypted: It all happened somehow, itself and I hope I'm wrong or else : that it's not too late !!! since the visionair himself told that by the time we discover the true identity (name) of the anti-christ: it could already be too late !!!
    Today: I was watching tv: the memorial for the WTC victems and Bush with his agresive talk of the war on terrorism (Final war to end all wars,...)

    and came to a conclusion:
    Wa (lker) bus (h) = Mabus !!! Wa= Ma upside down !!!

    okay, I tought to myself: with all this shit going on: there must somehow be a link ,... and intuïtively I grabbed the book I hadn't touched for years,...a book about Nostradamus, so I figgured: there MUST be something written down on it that is so obvious that even I would be able to SEE!!!
    So I read on
    Nostradamus describes Mabus as a goeroe and some kind of savier (bush IS the hero for the moment) with potentially messaian features !! :Look and hear the way he plays it all out and displays his vision! for example: AXES OF EVIL now if that aint messaian talk !!!

    and came to a conclusion:
    Wa (lker) bus (h) = Mabus !!! Wa= Ma upside down !!!

    More and more signs are beginning too point in a certain direction,...louder and clearer , as I moved on to the next experience,.....

    So I read about the centuries and kwatrins? -Verses- ...voila.

    The more I read, the more that I'm getting convinced that this war is not only about fihting terrorism,...but also about a broad range of other aspects that nearly surpassed my comprehension,...
    and it's not only about oil,...nor just energy, fact: if that would be the real issue then it would all be too easy to overcome,...but no: it's much more elaborated,.......unfortunately.

    it al seems to fit in perfectely: he mentions a cruel sekt: of moslems who will come to trow over 'florance' = I translate it like florishing : bussiness !!! also: florence remains the seat of western 'classical Italian and of Renaissance' art icones like: Leonardo Da Vincy, situated in the heart of Tuscany, It is the centre of a magnificent history and culture, examples of which adorn the city even today. It was here that artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci lived and worked, as did poets such as Dante and Boccaccio. As a cultural heritage from these times, Florence possesses a wealth of monuments and works of art
    times are indeed destroying the legacy and cultural heritage,....isn't that what it's all about: the institution of the NEW WORLD ORDER !!!

    it goes on: their leader will burn it twice !!! (WTC twin-towers!!!)
    He (the leader) will send malin men up front, not bounded by law or concious (that where exactely Bush his words : when he spoke to the people !!! ) and read this also: Raymond Mabus <>
    this has apparent been a medium for the anticrist,...look at the system behind it let it frap you in the face, but duck away !!! cause it i'll hit you otherwilse!

    So I read on : scimming trough every bit I could find on what reaaally is happening !!! and this: is also a pointer:

    There was this documentary on either ABC or SBS the other night and it was one journalist's (or whatever from America) look at what Afghanistan is like I know ppl who might have been flipping the channels might have thought this was a re-run because the same guy with a very similar documentary was on the tv around Sept 11th-obviously the channel was looking for a good 'realistic' documentary on Afghanistan at the time and found it as this was the best and most illuminating documentary that they put on-every other channel was still bitching about the attacks etc or was only showing military type footage and showing taleban ppl etc, this was showing the country the ppl etc...anyway the fact is is that that documentary that they showed last year was filmed whilst the russians were still attacking and this second documentary by him was after the sept 11th attacks and then he added 'voice over' info to include recent developments-now this wasnt a Sixty minutes type thing-just a guy trying to film afganistan and he happened to be one of the last westeners to capture at least 2 (poor examples) of the ancient Buddha statues...(side note: Apparently the statues are in this lush valley and the ppl there are descendants of Ghengis Khan's soldiers...the valley is where the slayings occurred thus are known as the 'valley of noise' because of all the screaming that the victims of Ghengis Khan and his men the interesting thing is is that these descendants THUMBED THEIR NOSES at the Taliban and did their own thing!!! They said that as descendants of Ghengis Khan's men they were NOT Afghans etc thus could not be ruled by the Taleban-unbelievable! I think that they should get some sort of recognition for this-it looked like the kind of place that the Taleban 'should' have been interested in Ie Lush valley with crops (actually trees and grass etc as well) and what seemed like only a small village full of ppl-yet these ppl were playing volleyball and betting on it etc and this was all filmed during the 5yr ban on all sports and betting and everything else the Taliban deemed as 'immoral' or just plain FUN lol).
    Anyway the journalist bloke just casually mentioned for no reason really (although he was talking about how afghanistan had been at war for 2000 years etc and how the landscape looks because of it and about what historic things had been bombed etc) and he said that AMERICA ASKED RUSSIA IF THEY WOULD AGREE TO LET THEM BOMB AFGHANISTAN AND THEY ASKED THIS OF RUSSIA ***TWO MONTHS BEFORE SEPT 11TH ATTACKS ON AMERICA!!!***

    and came to a conclusion:
    Wa (lker) bus (h) = Mabus !!! Wa= Ma upside down !!!

    One of the theories regarding 9-11 (that has a growing credibility) is that US authorities knew of the attacks in advance and allowed some of them to succeed while preventing the others. This to manipulate public opinion allowing the "war on terror.

    and came to a conclusion:
    Wa (lker) bus (h) = Mabus !!! Wa= Ma upside down !!!

    and don't call me crazy just because,...but because it's true,...and it's shocking yes!!!

    Now more then ever is there rival and disinformation !!!
    I will (edit) update and work on this post frequently and regularly but for now it's emminent that you all can read this and make also discoveries !!! please don't hessitate to reply !!!
    that's not intended for flamers!!! and also not for redecilouzation!!!
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2002
  12. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    This is interesting, Fukushi, but didn't Nostradamus also say that the world would end, in like, 1994 or 89 or something? I watched a twenty-year old show on the History Channel about Nostradamus, and the guys broadcasting it were terrified because Nostradamus mentioned 'Hister,' and that he would be the second antichrist and he would decimate the world (everyone knows the story of ww2 so I won't get into it

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!


    But Bush is a republican, and naturally the republicans leading in congress and the white house are evil, so I'd go along with it

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    It is intriguing, because 'Hister' isn't totally like Hitler, and 'Mabus' isn't totally like Bush. Very curious. No matter what happens to the world I'll just be glad when everyone is comparing Bush to Hitler, because unlike just about everyone else on the goddamn planet I really hate the bastard.

    I shall keep in touch with this post.
  13. Fukushi -meta consciousness- Registered Senior Member

    cryptology !

    Dear Pollux ,...

    They (the men decrypting the centuries) have made mistakes earliar and most of the times they could only point afterwards to what already happened,... in this way it still can be devised and used by the anti-crist: because they are certainly aware of what their doing !
    I wasn't , my picture is complete ,.... NOW LETS EXPOSE HIM FOR THE SCUPULOUS BEING HE IS !!!
    The more I read the more I'm convinced and the more the puzzle of the centuries start to unfold to me,...but luckely not only to me !
    Wa (lker) bus (h) = Mabus !!! Wa= Ma upside down !!!!!!! spread the words !!!!

    If someone wants to see the Centuries
    See for yourselfves how they perfectely fit in these times of intrigant misgoverment.

    and by the way: for all you who believe there's no thruth in it: what do you think of this :

    The city is besieged and assaulted by night;
    few have escaped; a battle not far from the sea.
    A woman faints with joy at the return of her son,
    poison in the folds of the hidden letters .

    'just' another nice 'touch' of a visionair?
    would an Islamic fundamentalist use a method described by a
    non-funda-fata-menta-list, nah?
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2002
  14. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    Hold on a second, fukushi. What bush are you talking about? I just realized this, but the president's name is George Walker Bush, and the other one was George Herbert Walker Bush.
  15. Fukushi -meta consciousness- Registered Senior Member

    even more sens to it !

    Wa = Ma upside down !!! thanks ! I corrected al posts,...
    I'm studiying the verses now,...
    there are astoundingly many verses applicable to certain things that are happening in the world now,...(or have happened)

    btw: you want to see something weird?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    pen word, now type in plain times the flight nr. of the flight with destination

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    ne of the twin towers: Q33NY
    then select:
    and change to wingdings, s
    ee what happens,...cruell,...ough!
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2002
  16. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    Fukushi I hate to say this but I think it's a bih of a long shot.
  17. Fukushi -meta consciousness- Registered Senior Member

    Fear is the weapon of the dark side,...

    I don't think it's far away,
    the disaster will go astray,
    for every men enslaved in will,
    deprived of hope and forced to kill,
    the world will see with their closed eyes,
    and hear blindfolded the presented lies,
    the charges upon to take effect,
    and the number that will errect.

  18. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Fukushi is right!

    bush is a very evil person, just look at what way he was 'elected'. The first time the man was on TV, I had an aversion against him. And I'm not the only one. The American Shadow-Cabinet is working behind the screens and only half of it is brought into the open, if it is half of it!

    Dates predicted by Nostradamus are most of the times not well calculated in the modern times. Even if it are professionals who translate his predictions. They are most of the times wrong about the dates.

    This war is too ugly for words and I do believe this Mabus is personified evil which can be found back in bush or whatever character who plays a lead row in this so called war on terrrorism. Everything goes wrong for the humans walking down on Earth now. Mark the words of Fukushi, this war is not only for the oil or the terrorists in Afghanistan and elsewhere. The U$ is planning on using atomic weapons and they will bring doom to Earth and Her human population. Animals and Plants will die, Rivers and Seas will be poisoned!

    This is not only Nostradamus who predicted it. This are the facts! bush wants to control the world, the whole world, at any price! Don't you see??!!

    Americans! Open Your Eyes! Wake Up, Do Something!! Before All Is Lost! If It Is Not Too Late Already!! This Mabus Character Is For Real!! Case Is To Find Out Where And Who He Really Is!!

    You will be updated as soon as I know more about him. I am busy with this.

    Listen well, this is a serious threat to the Earth and all life upon Her. And the danger is coming in a terrible speed.

    Stand Up! Do Something! Spread The Word!

    And don't tell me you didn't know the U$ knew about the WTC attacks BEFORE they actually happened...
  19. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Incoming Email...

    This is an email I received from someone living in the Netherlands...One of many!! Wake Up People!!

    Think it is true. If i look at my own processes of anger, shock, fear, abhore, pity and after little by little so much came on the surface in the news, all kinds of stories and sites, the doubts, more backgrounds and in general the investigation covers about the last 100 years with lines, connections, hidden facts, names, companies and we get sick and sicker.......
    We see what happens in the bombing and other threats among others in Afghanistan, how many innocents lost their lives...... how the environment and people are poisoned, as Bush proudly stated the depleted plutonium bombs do their work for the next 4-5 billions of years......
    We read about the poisoning of the water supplies in Iraq, we read about the 60 countries on the bush attack list among which are western European, even if not written in ink, but we know we are high on the list because of our freedom and location.
    We read about the mind control of the masses in USA, the patriots who in fact endanger all healthy thinking and protest and who are the masses like Orwell described in "1984" which is America in action today....... This is what we see and we are rejected on news lists when we try to open eyes and tell the people to please watch and be critical but we are rejected in stead and attacked.......
    I'm one of the victims of the new technologies with which they manipulate people in distance, the psychologic warfare, transmitting voices, sound, smells, all kind of things to create physical and mental discomfort and this happens here, in my country, which should be a befriended nation!
    We did not forget 60 years ago, we learned our history books in school and we were warned for the mass control, we see it happen and why oh why do those american people not see it, not listen, why aren't they waking up and see us europeans as the bad people, the evil places giving hospitality to other evil ones they fight in their own countries?
    Why don't they see the people who are bombed down are not the real enemies, as the leaders make all kinds of agreements, many have decades long of business connections with who are bombing them down today, the people, not the leaders themselfs so it is so much more easy for them to manipulate, governments replaced by personal employees and paid by...... yes, by them.
    We in Europe are more then sick; we do see all the double play and more and more areas and countries destroyed, even harbours and projects paid with our tax money destroyed by bombs we did not ask for, we see the pictures of children born in those areas after the americans destroyed the whole environment... yes as said above for the next 4-5 billions of years, we see this planet changing in a smoking ruin in a few months time.....
    We see the birds and other animals left the areas, which for the people there is very bad as they need them for their crops and ecological balance........ We see how those who openly are fought behind the screens have the same side in the picture, but they think we don't see.
    Now we discover the things, we are all even more controlled, our health care is cintrolled, natural therapies and cures cut and forbiddden, web sites about the info and the supplies closed and the owners fined, so people can only go to controlled conversional doctors who keep them under control with their chemicals from the nazi laboratories Bayer, Hoechst, BASF, Roussel Uclaf, which were the biggest investors in the nazi movement in the 1940 and still are today, who came with the cyanide gas for the gas chambers for destruction of the masses, who came with the deadly abortion pills, .....
    We see the agreements and role of the vatican, which has at least three banks in the usa, in projects in nuclear weapons, in those anti-conception pills which officially are not allowed for their followers............ we see the religious leaders with about the same suppression of their followers, no matter which religion it actually - officially is...... we see the peopel crawling in the dust and poverty while the leaders are fat for their paradise like life, telling the people after their suffering is their paradise....... do they believe it themselfs? And those religions are supported byt the governments, who tell the others are bad and should be destroyed and blehhh yeah blehhh say the followers and send their children to kill and be killed other innocent people.......

    Today i was personally very shocked. Realising about the innocent and friendly looking American reporter, why he was held and what the people wanted in exchange. Realising the whole personal matters and gains of a few who stole their higher position and why so many people are suffering. In other cases it was numbers, so many tens, hundreds, thousands of people. Now it was the picture of one frame of a video of an innocent person. At least i don't know more then the news told about him. This was very realistic and sorry for not giving you the URL. this became so very personal and i was shocked and angry and i felt abhore for the people capable of doing such beastial things. And i realised again what they want and why they want it.........
    Yes, we can only say, we do not feel ok with America in hands of those criminals. We can just ask to pelase wake up and do what is reasonable, if time is ripe to please have a person who is there for the people, the well being of the world and population. I wonder what ever JFK did wrong in the eyes of who ever, whose "removal" was such a shock i remember still after almost 40 years.......
    We Europeans ask the American population to take action, to wake up from their poisonings, to finally work together again.
    Also we ask the peopel to realise we Europeans see a big difference between the normal population and those in command and the happy few who permit themselfs all and creating this smoking ruin, turning in their own lies......
    I am very much convinced America is a very interesting and beautiful country with the most wonderfull possibilities and people between all the rest, but it is because of that criminal rest that many of us turn our backs for the moment.....
    Do realise we were in rather peaceful agreements with Russia. Now we learn behind the screens they work together with USA, and in the open they will be fighting each other. We are between two big forces, thanks to America so of course we are not happy in any way. This is why.
    We just say.......wake up Americans.

    Light Love and Peace
    Jooske Wittewolf An-tAh-rA
  20. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    Now hold on a second, banshee, we americans, despite popular belief ARE NOT UNDER ANY FORM OF MIND CONTROL.

    I totally agree with you. Bush is an asshole, and the first chance he gets he will throw everything we have at everyone. I hate to break it to you but there isn't a hellofa lot I, or anyone else for that matter, can do about it.

    But at least those who survive the catastrophe can say to themselves 'yeah, that bloke bush, he was an asshole.'

    It may look to those on the international scene that every last american loves bush, adores him absolutely. This is not the case. Everyone around me here in maine at least hated him from the start, even on september 11. It's the media's fault for making us look like we're under mind control. The twenty people they interview on CNN do not represent us. Bush is an asshole. Everyone who isn't a republican thinks so. If anyone, he'd be the one to blow up the world.
  21. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member


    No, there you are right! There are people in the U$ who dislike bush, to say at the least. So YOU people have to take action!

    And it is not only bush from who the danger comes. There is not that much known about Mabus. I did a little research at the internet and look what I found.

    From this site comes clearly the message that the U$ are playing a very big role in everything. It is case to stop this. NOW...

    Check it out please. And spread the word!

    I'll be back about this! It is important enough! You people want WWIII to become a fact...???

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

  22. Fukushi -meta consciousness- Registered Senior Member

    I care,...

    That most people don't,...

    Nobody is shielded from the evil minds who hold the power to terrifiying knowlegde,...

    take a look what Americans did to fellow citicens,...
    and that's just a little bit of info,...

    what people have lack of is the overall picture,...that is why it's verry difficult to pinpoint,...

    It's like planning to kill someone,...
    the victim does not know what you are about to do,...
    and ofcourse you keep secret everything that could expose your plans to him/her

    now it's verry important that you realize that this world is constructed with certain powerstructures, to that you must agree,...

    Now if you fail to see that everything has it's meticilous planning,...from the smallest thing to the biggest concept : nothing is left to chance,...or else the concept will fail,....

    and you fail to see that there's an enormous holdback to knowledge,...
    knowledge can eleviate people,...into a better environment, with better healthcare, with the RIGHT choises being made,...and not the wrong ones : the most profitable: materialism is verry destructive on the mind: it has tendensies to possesion,...

    don't start a discussion of what's right or wrong: and don't start by telling me who I am to make such proclamations: I know,...
    and I'm telling others,...that what makes right is the origin where everything comes from,...and what's wrong :is everything that destroys all that,...obvious? not so according to the *ù$^$µù
    EGOCENTRIC visions of the lobby's! who go on and on: devastating, destabelizing, destructing everything what I care for since I came to conception.

    so if you fail to even begin to want to see what reaally going on behind those curtains: then indeed it is not af your concern,...
    UNTIL: people begin to die,...and still you don't care,... your fellow-men, your friends, still not of your concern?
    okay, about your familly? not of your concern?
    okay then how about your childern? and their children? what world do they have to live in? just because according to a 'democratic' proces it was ruled out that there where not enough people who said they reaally cared!
    would you want to go on in your life? knowingly, deliberately neglecting the signs on the walls?!?

    There's no pride to take for you great-great-grantchildren who will hate you for EXACTALY that kind of mentality: oh nothing wrong with your mentallity you say? no : you think because you are disiplined and you studied hard and long so you could work and earn money,...what guilt do I have? what Guilt am I to bare ?
    what bussiness do I have with those renegates, the gutters, children in the future,...

    Last edited: Oct 12, 2005
  23. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    Banshee, you see, I'm kindof at a disadvantage, now, seeing as how I have a problem of being FOURTEEN YEARS OLD and even if I was legal voting age I wouldn't be able to do anything ANYWAY.

    If he ends the world I'll just chuckle to myself before I'm enveloped in a superheated flow of radioactive air.
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