lyrical battle, your own lyrics on the spot,

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by EmptyForceOfChi, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. phonetic stroking my banjo Registered Senior Member

    Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean you have to spoil it for everyone else *puts his hands on his hips*

    Maybe if I was snorting something hallucinogenic, then I might just enjoy Clive and Derek.
    For now you're like Kim Jung Il, you're more fucked up than an orange peel.
    Daffy duck goes 'quack quack quack'. You better be feelin' my rhymes 'cause they're wack wack wack.
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  3. Oniw17 ascetic, sage, diogenes, bum? Valued Senior Member

    Why all the hate on the rap, you'd rather listen to crap? You like no beat, no clap, so you don't have to get smacked? I call 'em like I see 'em, you pussies need to stop breedin', before you stop breathin', in your kitchen bleedin', talkin' 'bout that heathen, that's me friend, I'm He-Man.doin shit that only a strait G can, ask anyone in the Mesabi clan. 'Cause we're broods of dudes, we're really rude, we'll steal your shoe, plus we got hoes too, and they'll steal from you, the I'll steal your bu, so just chill dude before we get your girlfriend nude.2hot, I think not, I already exposed you as a fake, talkin' about totin' AKs, 'round here that bitch shit'll get you raped, make no mistake, we ain't like you cake ass niggas, that insist on the snake, there's no debate, I'll tear up your face, eat your plate, then spread your place, 'til your soul's dead like Mase, and they're searchin' for my model and make, So stop the hate, before you make a big mistake, end up on Ricky Lake, with only half your face and no shoulder blades, cuz that's your fate, unless you're gonna live in a cave. Quit stuntin' your game, before you get stuck by a glaive, cuz homie here ain't playin', I'll disgrace your name, give you negative fame, throw wood onto your enemies flame, but really who's to blame, your all the same, wannabe thugs spittin' rap, until you get your ass clapped, your a bug that needs zapped, your mom needs macked, So I can take all those stacks that you said you make, I'l burn you any place, steal your dope, then let you listen to your homies smoke, while your girl get put on my pay roll, and your face get stole. MCMerse wanna get stuck in dirt he see through like a hershey. Please, I beg y'all bitches merk me, I can take the whole U.k. alone when I don't even bring my own friend, you7 wanna shoot me so then, why don't you try me come wheere I live see who lie G, cuz the kid is grimey, but he's so clean, in a white tee, up until the pit bull bite me, and then I get feisty, and I'm ready to fight see, high from sniffin' sniffin' that mother-fuckin' c-o-k-e, it's yellow baby, like piss, you maybe should try to be real before you end up crazy, and you'll say make me, but this shit ain't make believe, always got people tryin' to gank me, I'll get your whole crackhead crew on you, so cool, 'cause I follow old school and I'm a hustla too, come do what ya gonna do, maybe bust a few, just concede the duel, before I reduce you to a seed of mustard, fool.
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  5. redarmy11 Registered Senior Member

    I don't hate rap.
    You're just all crap.
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  7. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    You could at least try formatting your rap stanzas. A little plate presentation, you know? After all, rap is just poems about bitches and guns and homeys and ho's, right?

    So why make it all one big ass long sentence? Do you seriously like reading through that mess?

    And. I do hate rap.
    But, you guys make me hate rap even more.

    You rap about some stupid ass shit.
    And I mean dumb.

    Sad, really.
  8. redarmy11 Registered Senior Member

    I don't mean to single you out Oniw but the fact is that none of you are, or ever will be, the next Eminem.

    So shut up.
  9. Oniw17 ascetic, sage, diogenes, bum? Valued Senior Member

    Well the fact that we're posting raps on a science forum is a good indicator of that. And Eminem..reminds me of a gothic kid. But I do have freestyle skills in real life, at least just as much as the neighborhood wannabe rappers.

    And about the stanzas, I don't write it out in rhymes, just a series of syllables that sound alike, so I don't know how to pu it into stanzas.

    Or since this is a lyrics thread:

    Tell me to shut up? Fuck you, come say that shit in real life and I will fuckin' cut you, gut you, throw you in the mud you little bitch, act like you're better than me, I'm talkin bout stupid shit? you wanna hear cupid shit, this ain't no picayune, cuz that's before the v-a-olumes kick in why you riding dick, the topic don't say be a bitch, it says to let me to try to spit, so I just comply with shit, but you be talkin' biased shit. If you don't wanna come to the thread, my dude you ain't have to, actually you broke a rule, quotin' off them other dudes hatin' 'cause I'm sippin' potent juice, and my years are probably half of you, and I been through more than you do, and that shit ain't cool, and then I put it into literature u ain't used to,hey..di my shit confuse you? but I understand where you're coming from dude, cuz we're only spittin' one side and that's foolish, ok you say that all we did is games and play and it's stupid shit 'cause you don't wanna play today, so I'm gonna spit some real shit about my life, but it don't matter 'cause I'm white? Alright, well I don't give a fuck , I'm gonna spit so in forth grade I was hangin' out with real hoes, and no, not some cl'ech'e pimp, real hoes who jump on real dick. My best friend's mom, and his sister were both in that shit, and then my homie went to shit, a full clip, he was removed from this bitch, taken off the planet, and I didn't get frantic, cuz I was only ten, I just started doing shit, I was already fighting, in public housing my whole life and I started hangin out with the older folks, it all started with that gange smoke, then I got stuck on that coke, my cousin showed me the ropes, and we started hittin' folks' houses, talkin like what you wanna speak up now? ?ust shut your mouth, kid. So, that what I did, and continued to do it, it must've been like 15 or maybe only ten licks we hit and we was selling shit everyday, out of the houses we got payed, but spent it on the 'caine damn that shit is so insane, so much money down the drain, and then the day came and he showed me how to slang, how to talk how to hustle, everything about the game, and don't patronize me, like I'm lame in the eyes, I can't see the prize, that comes after the surprise, just because I was high. cuz my cousin wasn't with it, he was on some fucked up shit , it was the crack, so I stayed with it, took it over and just did, while he was robbin' corner stores, sinning, and I told him he should quit it but the crack is crazy shit, while I continue to spit, so then he went to prison, and then I started missin my childhood, of mild good, fightin in the 'Heights and at the 'court just taken flight, playin' basketball with hoops higher than the buildings, no nets and half hoops, and snow up to our boots, and discovered Rebecca Williams, free basketball camp I'm feelin', Then movin', watchin people killin', at fourteen I was childress, but I ended that shit real quick, 'cause I couldn't handle it, it was just flip again re-up again, at your dude's waitin' on his friend, skipping school, walk out the entrance,and no way you could have vent'' this, to this day I'm still relentless, I ain't have a fuckin' friend left, just people good for bussiness, met people seen as lenses, and I'm so crazy you can't relate to me, I'm not Eminem, Barney's friends, or homie G, but nah I shouldn't write this, 'cause you'll just analize it, say it it ain't my life it's just some fake shit, how you take it doesn't make shit in my brain, you can just rape it, say that you equate it to something I heard and break it, mistake it for something makeshift, say later I'll change it, but I can deal hatin', I've lost more friends than you makin'.
  10. mcmerse Registered Member

    all u nobs u h8 rap get the fuk off the lyrical battle cuz u know ure gunna get merked and u alredy are gettin merked u bagheds
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2006
  11. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

  12. redarmy11 Registered Senior Member

    Erm, you wouldn't though. I'm hard as fuck, you're not. But that's not my objection. My objection is still that none of you are any good. You're not Eminem, you're not Public Enemy, you're not NWA, and you're not any of the young pretenders who wish they could be as good as any of these. Actually, Eminem's a bit tired these days, isn't he. Forget I mentioned him.

    You are Vanilla Ice. All of you.

    Now shut up.
  13. 2HOT BLUD Registered Member

    i know ONIW17 is a bit of a shit rhymer. first he has six ryhymes in a line then he only has three, imagine what it would sound like to a beat! pretty wack i think but at least hes trying tho and hes not exactly clever.
  14. Oniw17 ascetic, sage, diogenes, bum? Valued Senior Member

    Homie that how freestyle works it's not nice and neat and even, to a beat you wouldn't have to fuckin' read them, I wish one of you dudes would come where I live, 'cause I could show you some rhymes kid, and even more, I would rewind this, the thread, that is, hit you in the head with this, or maybe instead a fist, but this shit ain't just a diss, and I'm not just talkin' shit, I'll clock you with dick, put the glock up to your shit you like cock, well come get it, And that's a challenge from January through December, I been in more fights than I can remember, I roll with snitches never, you might be hard but ever try to fight me, your face will get beat, you'll be in knee deep, and then I'll just skeet all over your face, and you won't do shit 'cause the fleet's in this place, they'll get it on tape, I'll post on this very thread your disgrace, but really, I'm not like that I don't want to fuck with you, but come up here talkin that shit your ass will get fucked by my shoe, and I'm not playin dude, my address is somewhere in this room, but that's not what it's called on a forum or commune, just take your conoe, cause I'll breaak that shit too, I'm not fakin shit dude this is breakin' my mood, I'll rape your whole crew if you come up here soon, my rhymes are so low toned, you would think I was Loon.
  15. 2HOT BLUD Registered Member

    you might know me as the mother fuckin daddy, i spit real shit except it aint crappy, i roll with my click in my whip and the gat in my lap, wanna bring beef your get clapped, im really from the ends you know where to find me, so stop talkin brave and come here to fight me, i dont push dope fuck that peddle crack cuz, stack up the papes and get gash cuz, boys get bashed cuz with the back of my nine, when your down on the floor put the gat to your spine, its easy to make doh and easy to take doh, i dont really wanna have to let the mack blow, give up you shit and show me where the safe at, you will get blazed and you wont get no payback, im hard to find like a needle in a hay stack, but i've been stickin niggaz since way back, i aint a racist but i'll slap the black off your faces, yea im white trash but ive just gotta face it, your a black guy and you know that you hate it, get rode on if you step off the pavement, kinda guy that dont get served without ID, you think that your gay cos you know that its llikely, it runs in the family your dads a fudge packer, your mums a bisexual and your an ankle grabber, your brother likes your sister your all fuckin inbreds, you were conceived in a bin shed, you've got a big head its far too big for your ego, your not special your just a negro
  16. nicholas1M7 Banned Banned

    I made mistakes when I played with your mind
    Gave you excuses with each story line
    If you ask me how I feel
    My love is for real

    Watching you wondering what I feel inside
    Deep in my soul I've got nothing to hide
    If you ask me how I feel
    My love is for real

    So baby please don't worry
    I wanna make it better
    I wanna be your only love

    This time I'll understand you
    I'll never leave your side
    This time it's got to be for you

    Let's put an end to these long lonely nights
    Things that were once wrong now turned out all right
    If you ask me how I feel
    My love is for real
    If you ask me how I feel
    My love is for real

    You told me, you loved me
    You said that
    I need you, you want me
    I told you

    So baby I won't tease you
    I'm gonna make it better
    I wanna be your only love
    This time I'll understand you
    I'll never leave your side
    This time it's got to be for you

    If you ask me how I feel
    My love is for real
  17. Muslim Immortal Valued Senior Member

    I do some rapping so here goes....

    I've been around since the planet was inhabitable
    I spit in the ocean and created microscopic animals
    Which involved into two species, the righteous and the cannibals
    But until then, I had alien women suck me off
    When God said "Let there be light", I turned it the fuck off
    And that's the reason that the earth is only 5 billion years old
    I made the sun shine, and permitted time to unfold
    The surface was lava, but when I stepped down, it became cold
    Fuck what you've been told
    My spiritual form became a swarm of molecule sickness
    Manifested liquid trapped inside a mountainous region
    Until the skies starting raining, continuous seasons

    Yo, yo, lyrically I'm infinite like possibilities
    But you don't have the capability like infertility
    Cuz opening your mouth to question my validity
    Is like trying to contradict the theory of relativity
    When I spit is the epitome of heavy artillery
    My enemies are obsessed with me like the bitch in Misery
    But break out like father running form responsibility
    Every time I step and abuse the mic with versatility
    I balance humility, with brutal instinct
    I'll make your whole cypher look like those crackers from N'Sync
    And I don't care about your link, or your luxury car
    I shed light with more magnitude than all of the stars
    My breyon talk pick thick
    So don't ever talk shit

    I'll resurrect every aborted baby and start an army
    Storm the planet hunting you down cuz I'm on a mission
    To split your body into a billion one-celled organisms
    will destroy your religion you stupid bitch
    You're faker than blue-eyed crackers nailed to a crucifix
    I'm bout to blow up like Nasa Challenger computer chips
    Arsenic language transmitted revolutionarily
    I'm like time itself, I'm gunna kill you inevitably
    Chemically bomb you, fuck using a chrome piece
    I'm Illmatic, you won't make it home like Jerome's niece
    I'll sever your head diagonally for thinking of dissin' me
    And then ill use your dead body to write my name in calligraphy
    This public democracy, brain washed your psychology
    So you're nothing like diversity without equality
    And your crew is full of more faggots than Greek mythology
    Using numerology, to count the people I sent to Heaven
    Produces more digits than 22 divided by 7
  18. redarmy11 Registered Senior Member

    Muslim, I'd stick to masturbating incessantly and worrying about your health. It's what you do best.
  19. The Devil Inside Banned Banned

    i hear it gives you hairy palms.
  20. Oniw17 ascetic, sage, diogenes, bum? Valued Senior Member

    Cat, quit talkin like you're real, you live in the U.K. you never been paid. You're only a fake, riding the border of making mistakes, come up to my place, homie your life will just fade, If you come alone to hit me up, you better sign your will before you leave, what's up? And if you bring friends I'll call my dude Khaled, you'll get in a predicamentwhere you feel like you need cut, cuz you won't know if it's reality, online you want to battle me, but you ain't heard the snake rattle G, 'cause while you're at my place you'll prolly get shot in the face, your body erased 'cause my neighbors join in the chase, But what you didn't know is while you're distracted with me,there people at your house attackin' your trees, blowin' your shit up, and snatchin' your ki''s, plus I got another trick up my sleeve, Cuz I got dudes in the Mid-east, dudes in New York, generally dudes on the streets, and yes they're packing the heat, almost everyone, so don't mess with the beast, my flow's hot like Swiss Beats, and plus my heart is elite, never could you defeat, you couldn't phase me in the least, in my hood you would be fresh meat, cooked and prepared to eat, really your future is bleek, so come on down to my keep, so I can blow you off of your feet, you're not even in my league, so quit talkin' free, before your life hits delete.
  21. 2HOT BLUD Registered Member

    listen up you faker why you rockin immortal techniques freestyle verse dont come with that bullshit you muslim. who did you bite the first two verses from? get a life.
  22. 2HOT BLUD Registered Member

    yeah i'm from UK but am i fake no way, the way i move the rocks you would think that im lonely, cos we do it all day, and still work the late shift, and i got papes bitch, hit ya wit a closed fist, cos we dont talk shit, if we dont do shit, i dont have a gun prick but still you'll get moved bitch, the way that i search you, you know that i'm ruthless, try and avoid it and youll end up toothless, i dont need to push keys, i'm happy with QBs, cos i shot grams through the week like an 'ol g, but im only 19, my lights are on high beam, i runnin the drugs scene from hampton to north sheen, push weights to get cream, but you only shot green, only an OZ a weekend, and you got robbed by the boy whos your 'best friend', your name is a slave name, you dont even get game, fuck with my click end up with a bent frame, fuck it i like pain, attack all my trees, if thats how you get down then do what you please, but when i run upon you with the goons you'll breeze, we'll take your cheese, ill say it again, we strike more times in a day than big ben.

    see you at the next superbowl you fat yank
  23. Oniw17 ascetic, sage, diogenes, bum? Valued Senior Member

    Fat yank, please thank someone for feedin' me all this time while I was stavin', it was you was treatin' me like marvin, I was eating out the garden, slowly choosing my mark, and then I attack and leave a spark on where I was standing, all the while, I just smile. My moms gettin' food stamps, but I don't need no food, damn, what did I tell you can you do? No? Then I'll have to check your crew , murder all you fools, and burn 'em on their stools, this ain't corprate rule, where you get swimming pool when you go hit up my dude, this oldschool, these niggas kill you and your family too. Everything I spit is real, but you keep changing you story, I would even kill to see my name in history. You must not have too much glory, but my drive is more than choring, I'm not playin' to make money, I'm playin' to be on it, you wanna go G on it, I'll just sniff some speed on it,you must not really fuckin' want it, cuz I'll fuckin' take your wallet, walkin' down the street flauntin' runnin your mouth, I'll just go around and hit the back of your crowd, I don't need nobody else, I'll eat you girl out, I'll take my dick and give her a fuckin' root canal, then I'll boot her out, she did it so I wouldn't hit your house, you better buy a gun if you wanna come where I live, 'cause see I'm hardly a kid, and I already did, cuz I ain't takin' that shit, when the 'heads come up and say that they're taken my shit, fuck no, you better be ready to buck hoe, or die slow with 4 bullets in your torso, you kno, cuz, like is just snakes on a plane, and one thing's for sure we ain't the same, cuz the difference is I got a brain, and I'll still damage your thang, mad 'cause I can outdo your slang, fuck with my house, you better be ready to bang. And nah, we don't do drive bys, but if I see you when I drive by, I might have to say that I lied, tech-9 and glock 21 carried at all times.

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