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    Lilith symbolized matter. Matter had a connection to mother and was the female principle in the ancient world. Women give birth. To the ancient mind, the female had a creative connection to matter since the baby formed from matter via the mother.

    The male principle, was not about matter, but about spirit; an animating principle. In the dynamics of sex leading to birth, the male generates a lot of energy to animate the matter within the woman; conception. After that she controls the baby's matter. As long as the female principle led, this symbolized matter leading spirit.

    Lilith was more connected to the pre-human mind, before civilization, where instincts were designed to react to hard material reality; nature leading needs like the first snow makes you find shelter. Good food makes you gather and eat and the pretty girl makes you approach. When Lilith disappears and Eve appears, this means that the dynamic or masculine principle begins to lead. This is when the modern human mind begins to control matter leading to civilization. Grain storage is about being proactive to matter and to nature. One does not wait for the cold to store food; this is matter leading. The time of Adam and Eve and Genesis coordinates with the formation of civilization and with the invention of written language.

    With language, we have an ethereal representations within the brain (mind's eye) that represent the matter. If we think of the dog, we are not making use of the dog's matter, but rather we use something more like the spirit of the dog; ancient mind. With written language, the letters takes on a tangible parallel to matter, allowing one to manipulate matter in the mind (read the recipe), before needing to touch the matter; proactive.

    Eve leads Adam out of paradise. This shows matter; Eve, leading the spirit; Adam. This was regressive at the time. This regression was connected to knowledge of good and evil or law. Law is a type of collective spirit (Satan is masculine) leading matter; Eve, who then leads lower level spirit; Adam. Law is feminine because it uses matter (police with weapons) to force the spirit of the masses to conform. It is not about logic leading but material force.

    The spirit of the times (Adam and Eve in paradise) was supposed to be a creative flux leading to material changes. But with the formation of civilization, all the new material things such as objects and food stores, began to set a material potential on the spirit; idol worship on desire. The lust for gold and precious stones is matter leading the spirit; Eve leads.

    Jesus said to deny the world. This was to remove the influence of matter leading spirit. Without much in the way of material potentials, to lead you, the spirit begins to lead; Adam.
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