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Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by willakitty, Mar 8, 2001.

  1. willakitty Registered Senior Member

    I'm having a few problems here with writing this thread. The site isn't allowing me access because...I don't know. So I will make this short (er than it was

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    Who's read the Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy? Was it not mind warping? By the way, did anyone really understand Zaphod Plays It Safe?
    Okay, here goes...Don't be too hard on me...
    I really enjoyed the scene with Arthur flying because in a strange undeniable way it was insisting that I look at it and analyze it and it dared me to find an inconsistancy in its perfection. I'm ashamed to say that when all was said and done, I could not. Of course, it's impossible! I know that. But the theory behind it was purely poetic. Who would even begin to imagine something so impossible? Exactly! It's impossible and therefore has never been given the time of day. Why would such a ridiculous notion even be considered? Well, I did it...
    When you throw anything, and you become distracted in the process, what happens? You miss. Yes, yes. You are not the projectile. You are the projector. But the same logic (or lack of it) could still be applied, no?
    You trip. You fall. You are SO intent on hitting the ground. Not because you want to, but because you know it's going to happen and you don't want it to. Meanwhile, you're thinking about how much it'll hurt, how badly you'll be injured, how embarrassed you'll be if anyone is watching. Suppose, you become distracted by, say, the pasta you had no idea was in your knapsack under your towel. You would totally miss the expanse of ground you were so intent on hitting and go flying in the opposite or another direction. I'll continue when you've finished laughing at me...
    I'm perfectly aware that such an occurence is not possible. But merely entertaining such an idea in the privacy of your own mind doesn't hurt. Believe me, that might be best. The guy that introduced me to the series and told me about the damn scene in the first place is still laughing his *censored* off at me. But that's okay, because although the whole discussion was an utter fiasco, it was still hilarious and it's always good to wonder and laugh...
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  3. gabrial Registered Member

    i have never seen the seen, but next time i get the chance i will take more notice ok! and if it makes you laff then good .
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  5. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    hey there..... coo-ill
    yeah i have seen the series and read the series
    i had an experience when i was very young when i fell out of a tree

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    and... i didnt feel my self hit the ground
    hows that for weird

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    but... however... i did feel the winding i got and the bruising in the chest area

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    so maybe that doesnt quite get there but how many people
    REALY try it
    not me cos that was an accident

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    groove on
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  7. Javier Registered Senior Member

    No joking,there was(don t know if its still around)a philosophical discipline,Idealism,that says that all the world is just a creation of our minds,that what nobody is watching or listening or feeling doesn t exist right now,until someone goes get it,and creates it at the same moment...

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