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Discussion in 'Alternative Theories' started by rr6, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. rr6 Banned Banned

    Isotropic Vector Matrix( IVM )

    Uni-verse as Uni-vector

    "unity is plural and at a minimum two"..Fuller

    Any single vector( -- ) in the IVM connect the centers of two overlapping Vector Equilibria

    -- = Single Vector

    (-(--)-) = two overlapping VE
    Some of the chords of each VE become radii of the other VE and vice versa i.e. the radii and chords are a shared, if not dual, vectorial phenomena

    I like to see the shared vector as a green spinal cord( -- ) synergetic resultant.


    In this 2nd version above I assign blue to the outer most chords as gravity.

    Red as fermionic matter
    and green as a synergetic, biological resultant.

    Below, I've done a third version that would include bosons--- other than gravity ---just to include them into this simplistic texticonic Uni-vector scenario.



    Uni-vector = phe-mom-ena

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  3. rr6 Banned Banned


    2D = 6 circles, around a 7th nuclear( pregnant ) circle

    3D = 12 sphericals, around a 13th nuclear( pregnant ) spherical
    ...see vector equilibrium/cubo-octahedron and OS-jitterbug....

    3D + time = spin trajectories, oscillations IN-OUT, torque/twist( spiral )
    ..left - right, + - charge .....

    4D = 2D cells with and 3D polyhedra within polyhedra

    4D + time = ?
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  5. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    Is this right?

    4D + time = tri(3)acon(Recently released from prison) tag(You're it)on
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  7. Balerion Banned Banned



    Pregnant circle = Virgin Birth? Follow me here...

    Jesus(tinance) Christ(mas turkey) + engorged cubo-octahedron = fat pants


    Not even close. 4D is getting a handie while wearing 80's 3D glasses.

    If only you could find a way to put time in a container of some sort...not a jug, necessarily...a jar? No, that's too easy.
  8. rr6 Banned Banned

    Uni-vector Is Finite

    Uni-vector( phe-mom-ena ) is finite


    Uni-vector as a abstractly conceptual value 1, line segment inherently has two aspects:

    1) terminal beginning,
    2) terminal ending.

    We subdivide the line by introducing 0.1 into the line segment value 1, ergo a multiplication-by-divison affect is put into effect and two line segments of non-specified values are applied to the line segment of value 1.

    0.2 applied to line segment value 1, inherent divides line segment value 1 into three values of consideration?

    We may apply similar logic to 2D planar/circular/polygonal areas and 3D shericals/spheroids/polyhedrals volumes.

    000) metaphysical mind/intelligence


    00) non-occupied space( infinite )
    03) gravity--buffer-zone force--occupied space( finite )
    02) bosons--forces--occupied space( finite )
    01) fermions--matter---biologicals--occupied space( finite )
    02) bosons--forces--occupied space( finite )
    03) gravity--buffer-zone force--occupied space( finite )
    00) non-occupied space--infinite


    000) metaphysical mind/intelligence


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