'It's a child not a choice...but not if you were raped'

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by visceral_instinct, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. IceLight020 Registered Senior Member

    How contradicting... You doing that man even if I did do that. I apologize if I took anything out of context though. You have yet to tell me what I have taken out of context though.

    I did not have a father if she kept me. She thought I would be happier with two parents.

    Playing Straw Person again? I never said it was directed toward the rapist. It's directed at your prejudice towards me for just because I am able to control my emotions. >.>

    That is why I asked the question? Am I not allowed to ask questions?

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    Are you telling me what to do? And your playing Straw Person again by the way. I am not taking responsibility for their deed. o.o...

    So tell me, why did I say I felt some emotion in the previous post then?

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    I never said anything about prejudice against a rapist. Yet again, trying to play Straw Person. o.o

    Straw Person yet again? And as I said, she wants me to not hate him. Hate him I want. Deal with it or agree to disagree. We don't have the same birth father anyway. Don't bring me down to your anger level. Sure he deserves to be punished for what he did, but does that mean I have to talk bad about him?

    I'm sorry I can control my emotions?

    If you think about it logically, I would be as bad as him if I sided against my birth mother. So back off. It's not a decision you can decide. It's just, the past is the past. She is over it. I am over it. It's done with. Move on. I know my birth mother wouldn't want me crying over something like this if it was going to ruin my life. She told me herself. So what is the big deal boy?

    Stop trying to create a Self-fulling Prophecy boy based on trying to use the "Straw Person" method to your advantage. I know your not doing it intentionally. That is why I am not angry with you.


    "Straw Person- Distorting our opponent's point of view so that it is easy to attack; thus we attack a point of view that does not truly exist."

    Source: Ninth Edition: Asking the right questions:: A guide to Critical Thinking.

    Author: M.Neil Browne and Stuart M. Keeley
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  3. octavian Registered Member

    I think i might be able to help you

    According to prolife logic (oxymoronic i know), the inability to practice abstinence or safe sex when you don't want to have a child is a sin. Your punishment is that you are stuck with that child and the negatives caused by it. But if you are raped it is not your fault so it is ok i guess.
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