Is Amazon delivering for everyone now?

Discussion in 'Business & Economics' started by Seattle, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    I was going to buy some artists pens from Amazon for ten dollars. I'm not a Prime Member and by the time I got to the checkout the price was almost doubled due to tax and shipping so I checked Ebay.

    I could get the same pens for eleven dollars with free shipping so, in effect, I'm paying one dollar for shipping. That's fine. I ordered it Saturday night, got a shipped notice on Sunday and it was delivered to my front door (not by UPS) on Monday. It was in a white and blue plastic envelope that said Amazon on it somewhere.

    What up?
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  3. wegs Matter & Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    Lol Wait, you ordered from E-bay and the items were in an Amazon package?

    I’ve never bought anything through E-bay - why is shipping free?
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
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  5. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    why is free trade free ?
    its not

    but welcome to the emperors new clothes party for public funds theft by industrialists & politicians

    would you like a duopoly to sit on ?

    using an amazon bag Vs being shipped & sold by amazon is 2 different things
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  7. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Shipping on Amazon, if it's under some fixed amount and if you aren't a Prime member is a minimum of $4.95 or something like that.

    Shipping on Ebay is whatever the seller says it is. Often it's just included in the price but in most cases it's minimal compared to Amazon (or everyone would just go to Amazon).

    So you can check the price of an item on Amazon and then Ebay. The Ebay seller may offer "free shipping" but he still has to pay for shipping so the shipping price is obviously just built into the sales price. In my case that difference was one dollar so that's the effective shipping price.

    It was delivered in a type of bag (white with blue Amazon letters) and left on my front porch, just like Amazon does. Who else delivers one day after you order something even on the weekend and leaves it on your front porch. My USPS mail doesn't come up to my house. There is a locked box a few houses down the street. Fed Ex and UPS don't deliver Amazon labeled envelopes. The shipping service named when I got the Ebay shipped notice was something funky with the name "Blue" it in. I'm guessing it's an Amazon owned shipping service.

    If you've never bought anything from Ebay, maybe you don't realize that most/many items aren't used and aren't sold at auction but are new items at fixed prices and are sold by regular merchants just like on Amazon.
  8. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    There are no public funds at use here. If you are referring to the rate that Amazon pays the USPS that's probably keeping them in business rather than hurting them. That's just a red herring.

    In addition, it wasn't delivered by USPS.

    Yes, using a Amazon bag would mean nothing if the seller just happened to have an Amazon bag and wrapped the item in that. Were that the case though, I wouldn't be posting on here.

    I didn't say anything about it being sold by Amazon. I said it looks like Amazon may be shipping for others now.

    The speed and the manner in which it was delivered indicates "Amazon". This isn't the first time that I've ordered something from Ebay and had it delivered a day later in such an envelope.
  9. wegs Matter & Pixie Dust Valued Senior Member

    Amazon doesn't use USPS, thankfully. That's why shipping is so efficient.

    I wonder if the seller simply purchased the items from Amazon (after receiving your order through E-bay), he has prime, and you got ''free'' shipping. He simply ordered the item using your mailing address for the shipment. The $1 increase of the product over Amazon might not be much, but multiply that by 1000 orders, and he pockets $1000, and Amazon did everything.

    Just my best guess.
  10. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Yes, it's possible that he is just drop shipping. Then again, Amazon is just drop shipping in effect with their marketplace merchants where they get the order, offer the guarantee and the merchants sends the actual item.

    My assumption was something like that. The item, in this case, was a specific assortment of pens. I only saw that exact assortment on Amazon but there was another merchants name associated with it.

    There are several people on Ebay selling that same thing. I'm pretty sure that where ever you order it from, it's still coming from the same source.

    I find that if you aren't a Prime Member (and I'm not) it's often not the best deal to order from the Amazon site but you can often go to Ebay and find the same merchant or product at a lower price (this is for smaller value items).

    Also, unless they have changed, Amazon used to use USPS for their "free shipping" if you didn't have Prime.

    Now I think they just send most items the same way they send Prime items. If you live in a big city, particularly Seattle, you have all these "associates" driving their own cars and delivering this (Amazon) stuff. If never takes more than two days and often it's one day.
  11. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    yes i clearly got that from your follow up post.

    my comment is about false markets being used to under price competition and racqueteering price fixing.

    the simple fact is consumers do not care about price fixing and anti-trust issues as long as they get what they want.
    if they have to pay a little more they dont care.
    they do so with inflation and wage deflation monthly/annually

    the illusion is in the supposed free market access to create new competition.

    facetweet is a good example
    everyone is keen to throw away their rights to join the in-crowd, then they suddenly want to vote for getting those rights handed back to them when they find something else to complain about once the company gets soo big they become jealous and seek to undermine the greed which drives them.
    they export their own greed as a sense of moral obligation to ensure free market access.
    its all a bit of a sham, but many seem to enjoy it.
  12. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    uber drivers not paying tax operating as couriers and undermining courier wages ?
  13. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    You have an answer for everything don't you?

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    Have you met Iceaura?

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    As a consumer, I'm not concerned with "undermining courier wages". One minute you are for competition and the next you want to prop up courier wages. I'd wager a guess that the economy is benefiting more from all those people that Amazon is now hiring as independent contractors to deliver packages. All they need is a car and now they have a job.

    It's certainly more competitive and provides better service.
  14. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    We have low inflation, cheap services and goods and those who weren't as competitive are the only ones "suffering". Change is disruptive. Profit margins are coming down. Your perspective seems to only be from that of a union contract worker. It's a valid perspective if your view of the economy is only seen from that one small viewpoint.

    People are still talking about manufacturing and all of the jobs that the Chinese are taking away. The fact is that manufacturing is still being done in the U.S. Robotics and automation is why many jobs went away. Those aren't coming back and it has nothing to do with China.

    When prices decline everyone benefits and those with smaller salaries generally benefit more as more of their income is going for those things. If I buy a Japanese car and it's several thousand dollars less and made better and lasts longer than the typical U.S made car made by a U.S. car company, I'm good. That's better for me than owning a poorly made car from Detroit that costs more money.

    That's not competitive and lack of competitiveness is what you were concerned about earlier in a post. I can't remember but you don't actually live in the U.S. do you?
  15. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    i can generate an answer for anything as long as your not fussed with accuracy or intellect.

    to get the car they need to borrow money

    so they have
    a personal loan
    a car they dont own
    compulsory insurance they cant afford
    a job with no security no sick pay no retirement plan no health care...
    to deliver a product that is under priced to compete in a monopoly market
    which does not pay for education or health care or retirement

    this forces the working class tax payer to pay for the education of that employees children
    other peoples childrens health care
    retirement costs
    health care costs

    these are all things the company is taking the money away from to use as their "profit"

    just like outsourcing all manufacturing to china

    hows that working out for the american ecconomy ?

    huh ?
    you been drinking the paint thinner ?
  16. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    "but i think i want to make some type of racist dogwhistle statement to try and ring in some outside help because im feeling a bit out of my depth"

    stop drinking the paint thinner !
  17. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    How is the economy in your country? Who pays for education and healthcare in your country?

    Do you have a job?
  18. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    failed argument attempts to find other subjects to discuss ?

    surely you mean "give me an idea of what you think would work better?"
    instead of dog whistle xenophobic posturing

    meanwhile at-least some US officials take economic market security seriously.
  19. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    No, I'm not asking what you think would make things better. You might think moving to Mars would make things better. I'm asking what world you live in that resembles the picture you are trying to paint.

    I asked if you have a job because if you aren't able to get a job then you comments may just be reflecting that inability.
  20. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    .. can clearly see stress in mark here.
    would be good to have the conference posted to youtube so i could listen to him.

    anyone crazy enough to follow my posts would have read my comment on crypto currency a month back
    gyrating hip movements[elvis the pelvis] ... financing of clowns... hysteria of the old power structures...

    like noah
    build it and they will come

    is everyone advocating income nakedness ?
    everyone, of the poor working class im sure...

    the seething masses... financial live stock... where rustling is just an acceptable loss.

    no more debit cards
    you do your shopping with your cell phone assfacemagazine app

    if i wanted to play nervous nan the financial grann i would ask where is its security backing ?
    can it liquidate its self ?
    will the stock price artificially inflate and cause an unsecured bull run bubble ?

    good for the US dollar...
    maybe not soo good(not bad per say but investor slow) for mid to long term securities superannuation funds

    congrats to mark if anyone can do it, he can.
    keeping in mind no one wants to be financing crazy people when they buy something with their facebook app currency
    i like Mark
    i wish him all the best.
    he is going to need some very bright minds to stay ahead of the ne'er-do-well regulatory lobbyists playing lets take his money and power in the name of greed and improper use of government regulatory fakeness to prop up our own old boys club nonsense.

    i hope he makes the jump to Bill & Melinda gates foundation status soon and leaves all the crap behind him.
    maybe he can bring the twitter creator Jack Dorsey on board to help him.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2019
  21. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    So you are Australia I see. Day laborer?
  22. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    They and the people who used have better jobs than Amazon provides.
    Or as an interviewee in the local paper put it: "We can afford servants again!". Their job was inheriting money, which was managed by a professional.
    We have "low inflation" because wages have stagnated, quality has deteriorated, the cost of necessities has absorbed the impact of money creation, and the inflation measure does not take any of that into account.
    People used to say that about Wal Mart. It took a while for the side effects - those pesky "externalities" the econ books treat the same way introductory physics texts treat "friction" - to sink in. By then it was too late.

    Be interesting if the Post Office charged for the use of their infrastructure - zip codes, mailing addresses, delivery and loading zones, etc.

    But even more interesting will be the discovery that Amazon et al do not deliver everywhere, lower their costs not by superior efficiency but by pressing their suppliers and contractors to absorb them, are subject to all the ills of large bureaucracies everywhere, and do not protect your mail from error, surveillance, or meddling nearly as well as the Post Office.

    Amazon is an imposed system, a private and concealed system, and a very large system - a combination anyone with libertarian views should view with great suspicion. Or as the great John Gall put it, in Systemantics: "Do it without a system, if you can"; also: "If you have a working system, leave it alone - don't change anything".

    We are changing the USPS, a working large system, on credit (borrowing equity). The price will be paid later.
    Of course.
    But pointing out that rich people tend to say dumb things that indicate ignorance of the world of short money and low wages -
    like, say, claiming that all you have to do is get a car and you have - wonder of wonders - a "job" -
    that is just envy or something. Right?
    Unless more of their income, and/or their community's income, was coming from those things.
  23. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    free market tribalism lol

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