Intelligence and loneliness

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by S.A.M., Mar 18, 2010.

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    I doubt that is THE reason. Dogs are also good at protecting property, implying social or economic status (why else would some people refuse to have a mutt and insist only on a pure breed?), there are even some people who use dogs as a tool to meet other people, especially the opposite sex, then there are the seeing eye dogs, etc... need I go on. So yeah I don't see any reason as THE reason. Dogs are really just an example of things people cling to for whatever reason. You can replace the use of dogs in this thread with hobbies, security blankets, imaginary friends, gadgets and toys.

    good point. so maybe those who have phds and such but can't communicate properly, like reading what people say rather than inventing hidden meaning, are not really as intelligent as they think they are.

    yet I have recently seen you threaten to ban people who disagree with you. Sure if you say so.

    Yeah I know what you mean, I am the same way towards anyone that doesn't like spaghetti. There is obviously something fundamentally wrong with someone's personality if they don't like spaghetti.

    I didn't say that all people are like that. I expressed an opinion. I did not declare my view as a fact. I also don't see having loads of friends and screwing indiscriminately as evidence that a person is not lonely. I know a sex addict that is the life of the party and everyone adores him, but he has told me many times that he is lonely. Celebrities often claim to be lonely while surrounded by people that agree with and even worship them. But most people don't have that kind of charisma. I believe they are rare. Otherwise, someone so charismatic wouldn't stand out in a crowd. I believe the majority of us envies the charismatic because they are validated constantly and we can only hope to be loved and accepted unquestioningly as the celebrity.

    Maybe it's different or maybe your perspective has changed. Time and experience can mature a perspective, and change in lifestyle can as well. Some people back then were high all the time, now they aren't and they can see the world a bit more clearly than they could through their purple haze.

    Not caring what other people think, does not automatically mean you ignore what they think. You just keep their opinions in proper perspective as I said in another post. If they are speaking on fact, their words obviously carry more weight, assuming their facts are not in error. But when there is discussion of subjective opinions, then no one opinion is any more wrong than another. I can decide for myself which has merit and which has merit enough to affect my opinion. I can also choose to ignore it completely, and it will not matter because opinions are like assholes....There are no altruistic opinions.

    In any case, my position is stated, I have no desire to debate something that is pure conjecture. It always turns into "i know you are but what am I?" contests and its just too juvenile. I have been baited into hostility in another thread already. I won't give in to it in this one.
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  3. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    I didn't threaten to ban Neverfly because he disagreed with me. It was because he repeatedly, deliberately and subversively mangled the English language. He was attempting to make it seem that the anglophone community as a whole agrees with him: that "fetus" is equivalent to "child." On the contrary, that disagreement is at the heart of the abortion dispute, making his unspoken assertion a textbook example of intellectual dishonesty.

    There are many ways to be loved. Some of them do not abate loneliness. Celebrities are often loved anonymously. Even if they get signed fan mail with photos and phone numbers, they have no personal relationship with these people. They are known, but they do not know, as it were. Entertainers in particular are always on the road and have a hard time collecting real friends.

    I remember reading an interview many years ago with Johnette Napolitano, the singer in Concrete Blonde, in which she spoke of this. She said that fan mail was precious to her because she loved every one of her fans. She always answered their letters and ended up corresponding with many of them. Paradoxically, the saddest day in her life was the day when her band became so popular that she could no longer personally read and answer all of her fan mail.

    The only drug my friends used was marijuana, and it generally doesn't have that effect. It's also impossible for the average person to be "high all the time" despite the stereotype. It's nothing like alcohol, swallow so many grams of ethanol per kilo of body weight per hour and you'll stay drunk forever. You reach a point where you just come down whether you want to or not, and you have to wait and try again tomorrow, or even the day after if you've really overdone it.
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  5. seagypsy Banned Banned

    I'll take your word for it as I have no experience, personally, with illegal drug use. I have been drunk a few times but it has never been a sensation that I particularly enjoyed, during or after the fact.
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  7. Bells Staff Member

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    Sure thing.

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