Inconsistent ban policy?

Discussion in 'SF Open Government' started by funkstar, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Reiku Banned Banned


    How the fuck do any of us know what you get up to on your spare time, and to be honest, I don't care about your childhood.

    I want to know why you always feel compelled not to be nice to me? You admitted yourself you'll never be nice and when others asked me to be impartial towards you.... I told them I've tried, but how the hell am I supposed to do that? Surely it works both ways.

    And no, your post saying toe me originally concerning the Clifford algebra was not blindingly obvious! Besides, I still calculated it out, under the impression it was either the algebra or the matrices, which at one point I even asked you and you can't deny it!
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  3. Reiku Banned Banned

    In fact, James let me back here under the consideration that people treated me as a new individual.

    James did not hold up to his part of the bargin, for neither did AN... I say James is not a man of his word.
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  5. AlphaNumeric Fully ionized Registered Senior Member

    I pay taxes and I help a charity. I'd say that's pretty productive.

    I've mentioned it before on this forum. One day a weekend I spend 5~8 hours working for a charity. I have done since December 2010.

    You just like to make unfounded assertions about it so you can tell yourself it isn't you, it's me. If I'd said that my parents had a messy divorce and I was bullied regularly and I was diagnosed with some social disorder like Asperger's syndrome I imagine you'd have jumped on it as "Oh that explains it". Unfortunately for you you can't tell yourself that excuse, I had a wonderful childhood.

    I want you to be honest. I dislike intellectual dishonesty. I dislike people who blatantly lie. I dislike people who knowingly tell others false information or information they haven't checked and aren't sure about. Sorry, I value integrity and when I see someone repeatedly and consistently engaging in those behaviours I see absolutely no reason to be nice.

    If you're willing to lie to people or to state as certain things you're unsure about or say "Trust me, I understand this" and then spout stuff you know you're dubiously lifting from somewhere then clearly you don't respect other people in the way you should. As such you are not deserving of the full level of respect others might be.

    If I put on a white coat and went into a doctor's waiting room and started giving medical advice to people it wouldn't go down well. Being knowingly dishonest or presenting yourself as an authority when you aren't is illegal when it comes to medicine because the misinformation you give to people could result in them not getting the right treatment. In other professions it generally isn't that extreme but doing the same, falsely passing yourself off as knowledgeable to people who are wanting accurate information is a huge social no no. SciForums, and science forums in general, is here to help people learn about science. People, including myself, come to discuss science. Your lengthy essay posts go against that ethos. Your "Let me explain some of quantum field theory to you...." posts are mangled and riddled with errors, both small and huge. Sometimes you start tagging on your own claims or 'results', when you shouldn't. Hence why so many of your threads used to end up in pseudo.

    Now I'm going to assume you're not delusional, that you know what you have or haven't read, that you know what details you can actually do. As such you know what subjects you really aren't fit to talk about in a "Let me explain this to you" capacity. Now I (and others) know that anything university level or beyond falls into that category for you, much as you might assert otherwise. The evidence is overwhelming. When I see you posting within your means then I'll be nice. I'll even help. Hell, I think it would be a really nice thing if every month or so we (ie the regulars in the maths and physics forum) picked a simple subject like vectors or matrices or calculus and had a big discussion thread about it. Perhaps with simple problems and walk throughs so people who want to dip their toes into beyond high school level stuff can do a little of it or increase their understanding of what all the crazy symbols mathematical physicists use. That is the sort of thing I'd be happy to help you with because I know it wouldn't be a waste of my time to discuss that with you. Discussing with you the finer points of diffeomorphic invariance and its application to tachyon condensates isn't going to be worth it because you don't know the required material.

    Like I said before, this is all advice to you. There's more than half a dozen postgrad or beyond educated scientists on this forum, all of us have been through the steps needed to go from high school to understanding and even doing research level material. We know the good behaviours and the bad behaviours, the signs of someone who understands and the signs of someone bullshitting their way through their homework. If you plan to do anything science related in your life then you would do well to heed our advice.

    I keep asking you but you won't reply, do you plan to go into science in some way? Do you want to be a physicist of some sort or are you just spending all this time talking about physics as a hobby? It's not too much to ask about. If you don't plan on going into physics then at least if you don't listen to the advice of anyone here you aren't hindering your career path, which then reduces your issues to the ones I've just gone over. If you are planning to go into physics then you really need to start sorting yourself out. This is your career (hypothetically) we're talking about here. Even if you had no funding issues you're a decade away from getting a PhD, which is a necessary thing to even apply for research jobs, and you're what, 27 now? Time, and life, is passing you by....
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  7. Reiku Banned Banned

    Jesus, you are the king of unfounded asertions AN!

    From accusing me of plaigarism, to not knowing this or that... You don't know me, just as much as I don't know you.

    I have no intentions at this stage of my life persuing physics, AN. Not in the academic levels anyway. I am 27 years old, the same age as you I think, I am far too buisy with other things at the moment.

    Funding issues are completely irrelevant at this stage. University sure is not cheap, and for a bursary, as I have explained, I would need to study full-time. I don't have that time - yet. Right now, physics is it a hobby for me. I spend atleast 4 hours a day if I can, usually at night when my hectic life has no distractions. I use these ''youtube'' videos, textbooks, scipop books to learn, and I have done a significant amount of it over the last few years. I have pages and pages and pages, files even of work. Yes... it's a hobby, one I hold dear to.

    Now, as for university level, I actually agree, to some extent but not fully. My arguement to you was that arguably I could fly past the undergraduate stage. I have learned so much, especially undergraduate knowledge that many don't even know before they go into these classes. I know this fact. The reason why is because remember I told you when I was studying physics at college, the first term tests - only three people out of 27-odd in a class passed their exams, I was one of them. These guys didn't know physics. What gave me the upper hand was they I knew some shit.

    Sure, university would be hard getting into higher levels, I have admitted this, I have also admitted I would seriously need to take a math course on the side because it is not my strongest area. But hey, I've admitted this to you, loads of people. Captain Kremmin to name one.

    This whole, intellectual dishonesty is a massive smokescreen. You just don't like me. Do I write PhD at the end of my long essays? Do I say to you now, that I am a PhD? What about my work? Do you assume because I come over as confident this is an intellectual dishonesty? It isn't. Far from it.

    I value integrity as well, but over that I first of all love modesty - Try being a little bit modest in the future and I will see if I can tone down the attitude. I am not asking us to be best of buds, I am trying to make what time I have here a little more pleasurable. To be honest, it's been miserable!
  8. prometheus viva voce! Registered Senior Member

    You outed yourself remember. That was hardly James' fault. It was fairly obvious that Mister was Reiku just about from post #1.
  9. Reiku Banned Banned

    To the public, ALL the moderators were made aware of who I was.

    So as you can see, my point holds, yours clearly doesn't.
  10. Reiku Banned Banned

    See, this is the catch too. This is why I outed myself.

    Simply because I knew my posts were being targeted, put into not so respectable of places, my posts being censored and accusations of plaigarism... It was never ending at one point. I thought what is the point? None of the mods controlling physics were acting with a different attitude towards me, so it stood to reason, I would be better off just admitting to the world who I am.
  11. Reiku Banned Banned

    And I want to raise another point. When have I knowingly gave information out to derail others, seriously?

    I have never done this. Sure I spammed this place for a while, but that was out of my own amusement. But recently, since my mister account, when have I knowingly gave out wrong information?
  12. Bells Staff Member

    Reiku, you are not nice to him. Nor have you been "nice" to this forum. You have blatantly disregarded the rules of this site, its members and the 'staff'. You have been consistently dishonest, argumentative and when you have been moderated, you would either spam us with countless of sock-puppets or start a ridiculous amount of whine threads because 'amg he was mean to me' when all he did was to point out your mistakes.

    If you wished to be treated as a 'new individual' then the onus was on you to not continue with the exact same problematic behaviour as before. The onus was also on you to not go out of your way to goad and flame the moderators you had a personal issue with because you felt they weren't 'nice to you' when they corrected your mistakes and then stamp your foot and complain that they are not being nice to you when they did correct you. The agreement was that you not post in particular forums. What you did instead was to post and start threads on subjects that actually belonged in those forums, elsewhere on this site.

    I am not aware if you being treated as a new member was a part of your agreement, but thus far, even if it was, you certainly did not hold up your end of the bargain..

    A new start, Reiku, also applies to you as a poster on this site. Unfortunately, the very first posts you made after you were allowed back was to do exactly what you used to do in the past.

    We all knew who you were before there was any agreement to allow you to return. Your manner of posting outed you. No on else had to.

    Do you honestly think that if we suspect someone is a sock-puppet of a banned member, that we don't check? Really/

    And now you are just being dishonest.

    You made yourself a target when you created sock-puppet after sock-puppet each time you were banned from this site. And banned for good reason. That was never ending either.

    Your mistakes were corrected and when anyone suspected you of plagiarism, it was pointed out to you. Your knowledge was sub-par and your mistakes and blatantly incorrect posts were moved into the pseudo-science sections of this site because that is where they belonged. You had a problem with that. And you still do. You were given a form of amnesty and allowed to return because frankly, I think we had all had enough of having to ban your sock-puppets several times a week because you were disruptive and continued to breach this site's rules.

    You demand that the moderators treat you 'special'. I'm sorry, but you are not special Reiku. You do not deserve any special treatment. And frankly, in my opinion, you do not deserve any form of amnesty that James R gave you because of how you have behaved since your return.

    You do not exist in a vacuum. The posters who spend time and effort posting in Physics and Maths did not appreciate your posting there, your spamming and your whining and disruptive behaviour. I think most of the complaints we received was not because you had been banned (repeatedly with too many sock-puppets to count) but because you had actually even been allowed back.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2012
  13. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    It looks like you're about to burn your bridges again.

    You demonstrably cannot do the math. You may have some limited mathematical ability, but most of the math you post looks like it has been cut and pasted from other sites or online papers (If I had to bet, I'd wager that you don't own any physics textbooks). Your ability to copy a wikipedia article isn't evidence of mathematical prowess.

    What's more, I have seen on many occasions recently AlphaNumeric take posts of yours apart piece by piece, carefully explaining where you went wrong at every step. And your response to that? You may admit one small error out of 100 that you made and claim that it was some kind of typo or inadvertent mistake on your part. And you just ignore the 99 other errors that AN pointed out.

    Again, I don't know who you think you're fooling. The worst possibility is that you're fooling yourself. It's almost as if you're rationalising to yourself "Yeah yeah, I knew that. Those mistakes were just minor slip-ups, but really I do know all this Clifford algebra stuff."

    You ignore most of the errors that are pointed out. You can't respond, so you don't. You attempt to wave away the errors then blunder on to the next thing.

    I think what you understand are a few fragments here and there of physics that can be explained easily in words. You have enough pop-science physics knowledge to be able to bluff your way past some of the pseudoscientists you find here, and that's about it.

    The mathematics you post is invariably out of context and often contains huge gaps in reasoning. You make fundamental errors in the interpretations of equations. It is clear that you do not have even the most basic grasp of topics like linear algebra that are taught in a first-year university maths course.

    He did correct a load of your errors. AlphaNumeric is the real deal here, Reiku. You don't seem to get it. The guy has a real, bona fide physics PhD from a top-ranked university. His area of expertise - his doctorate - was concerned with string theory.

    And here you are - somebody pretending to know all the stuff he knows. Are you really so surprised when he corrects your many errors?

    You can't go from knowing nothing to a PhD level of understanding by reading a few pop-science books on string theory. You need to do the hard yards. You need to take the basic maths courses. You can't skip all that pesky foundational stuff and expect to be able to cope with Masters or PhD-level maths.

    I am in a somewhat better position to evaluate his claims than you are, as it happens. But I have never made an issue of my own qualifications and I do not intend to start now.

    You might find that the attitude of many people would change towards you if you stopped pretending. Ask questions; try to learn something rather than trying to teach people. You are not qualified to teach physics.

    In the current thread alone, you now have at least 3 moderators focussed on you as a "problem" for the forum. The current problem is not your lack of knowledge or even your mistakes. The problem is your continual whining about being persecuted by AlphaNumeric and others.

    Trust me, you really don't want this much moderator attention. If you become too much of a headache, by far the easiest thing to do is to simply ban you again. You are testing everybody's patience.

    It was your choice to reveal your identity and come back under the name Reiku.

    What I said was that you would start with a clean slate as far as infractions and warnings were concerned - and you have been given that.

    Ultimately, people will react to you according to the face you present to the forum. If you act like a petulant teenager, then people will respond to you that way. That is not, of course, the only option open to you.

    Now that sounds a lot like a whine to me.

    That's great. It's great to have a hobby. There are a lot of people you can learn from online, a lot of great videos, a lot of lecture material, a lot of knowledgable people on forums like this one.

    Why is it that we mostly get lectures from you, rather than questions? There are quite a few people here who could help you learn, if only you would stop pretending to be above all that.

    I can tell you for a fact that you couldn't pass a 1st-year exam in a subject like Linear Algebra. If you'd like to test yourself, perhaps myself and others can throw you a few questions of standard difficulty. Or, if you prefer, I could give you a few university-level questions on basic, Newtonian mechanics and see how you go with those.
  14. Reiku Banned Banned

    Fuck my bridges. And fuck you.

    I don't know why you let me back if you think I am so incapable as you put it. So do the thread starter a favor, and get me out of here!
  15. Reiku Banned Banned

    I hate this place. It is full of bullies, I don't understand why no one raises their voices enough.

    Civility? Please, works both ways!
  16. Reiku Banned Banned

    And this, how can you say this:

    ''It was your choice to reveal your identity and come back under the name Reiku.''

    Me, dishonest? Fucking hell, you stupid fucking people should take a good look at yourselves. You know fine well all the mods knew who I was before I came out publically, yet that is my whole fucking point. My issue is not with the public, clearly.
  17. Bells Staff Member

    Civility does work both ways.

    You will notice that no one here has sworn at you, yet you swear at the administrator of this site.

    You act like the bully and then accuse others of bullying when all they are doing is pointing out your errors.

    I don't think James is right. You aren't in the process of burning your bridges. You already burned them.
  18. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Well now. That's not very polite.

    Oh, there are plenty of others here who are less capable than you. Lack of capability isn't the issue. You might want to read my last post again.

    I'm not sure what you mean.

    Please clarify.

    I can't tell what you're so riled up about. You were allowed to come back here.

    It seems to me that you expect to be treated as special or something. You want to be immune from criticism. Is that it? Is that what the problem is?
  19. AlphaNumeric Fully ionized Registered Senior Member

    Firstly, please get a spell check. Aside from you being poor at mathematics your spelling is not too hot either. Most browsers have them integrated into them now. Over time you'll learn to stop making mistakes like spelling assertions 'asertions'.

    Secondly, as my many lengthy posts elaborate on, my assertions are not unfounded.

    True, I don't know the inner workings of your mind or the specific pieces of information contained in your brain but I can say, with confidence and evidence, what broad regions of mathematics and physics you are not competent in. By 'competent' I would take to mean capable of passing an example on the material at the appropriate level of the education system where in it is taught. For example, basic differentiation is 6th form. Quantum electrodynamics is postgraduate.

    Based on the massive amounts of material you've written on many different areas of physics and mathematics it's possible for myself or anyone else competent in this stuff to be able to have a pretty decent evaluation of your general understanding of the topics. Remember, I've taught stuff like quantum mechanics to undergrads, I've seen the whole spectrum of approaches, from people who know their stuff to people just pulling stuff out their backside. Ask any teacher, they can get a feel for how well someone understands a subject by reading what they say about it.

    I'm 28 as it happens.

    Though it is entirely irrelevant to the discussion I would be interested to know what exactly you do with yourself. Are you employed?

    Sorry but if you're spending 4 hours a day on it and you've progressed how little you've progressed over the last few years you need to seriously alter how you're spending those hours because you're squandering pretty much all of it.

    As I explained in my last post, if you were to start at a more realistic level and work your way up then you'd actually learn faster. Yes, it would mean a few years of doing less 'cool' stuff like basic vector calculus, linear algebra, group theory, complex analysis and a few other methods topics but it would provide a solid foundation, as well as an understanding of the rigour and methodology in mathematical physics, on which you start doing the 'cool' stuff. Even the definition of the things quantum mechanics uses everywhere, like rigged Hilbert spaces and Fourier transforms, are little more than technical words you see people mention but can't do anything with. With some time and effort you could change all of that, you could get yourself into a position to really start playing with the details yourself and coming up with stuff, rather than "I jammed some LaTeX expressions together, I claim it's conciousness in quantum gravity".

    You obviously have plenty of time to put into this, 4 hours a day is more than many uni students spend working. If you used it constructively, if you honestly want to grasp the specifics of the topics you like to talk about, then you need to approach it properly. Again, this (and the previous paragraph) is completely honest advice. It should be read in a slightly earnest voice of someone who has been through it all.

    Sorry but no matter how many equations you copy from YouTube videos or books if you don't understand them you're just being a mindless parrot. If you want to understand the meaning and application of the Dirac equation you need to understand spinors, vectors, matrices, linear algebra, variational methods (including Lagrangians and Hamiltonians), functional analysis, complex methods, Hilbert spaces, special relativity, electromagnetism and a few others. That's why all of those are taught before the Dirac equation at every university in the world which covers the Dirac equation.

    Since you haven't done these things the best you can do is pick little things from the massive amounts of algebra and say "Oh, I can do that!". For example, you can multiply 2x2 matrices together, something you proclaimed as somehow a demonstration you can do the mathematics related to the Dirac equation. The fact you think such a trivial thing, something 17 year olds learn to do in 6th form, demonstrates you grasp the Dirac equation's mathematics demonstrates how you don't grasp it.

    Believe me, I can understand how reading lots of pop science books and watching videos might make it seem like you've got some great grasp of the physics, I laboured under a similar misconception when I was 18. I had it burnt out of me very quickly at university when I saw how nothing from any of those videos or books helped at all to answer/do any problem I had to solve.

    You're naive about just how different actual physics/maths is from the pop science stuff presented in the media. And unfortunately, despite being told this many times over the years, you still haven't realised it. That's part of your problem, you just don't understand.

    As I just explained, you're categorically, flat out, undeniably, absolutely wrong. Not one homework problem I did when I was at university was done using stuff I got from a pop science book.

    You might know that the GR action is defined using a metric, something someone going into a GR class for the first time probably won't know, but you can't do anything with that. You don't know what the definition of a metric is or how the axiomatic properties affect certain results.

    You might know the Dirac equation involves spin in some sense but you don't know how to compute scattering processes which are spin blind.

    You might know accelerating charges emit braking radiation but you don't know the equation for their motion or how to compute the resultant path which satisfies that equation.

    You might know there's 8 gluons and they transform under the SU(3) gauge group but you don't know how to construct the octet of mesons using Lie algebra weight diagrams.

    A massive list of little wordy factoids counts for nothing at university when it comes to physics and mathematics. I haven't seen you do sufficiently competent at 6th form level mathematics and physics, which are required to even get onto an undergrad course.

    It's easy to put you to the test. You give a 2 hour window sometime in the immediate future where you can be on line continuously. I and perhaps others can prepare/find/modify a few undergraduate homework or exam level problems on a few subjects which are required knowledge on most undergrad physics or maths courses and then you do as many as you can in the time frame. You could work on paper but then at the end of it type your results up or take a photo/scan of your hand written workings (most phone cameras are good enough now to make it possible to read the writing from such a picture).

    So your evidence you think you could walk an undergrad degree is that you weren't as god awful as the rest of your community college physics class?

    When I was 12 and in my first year of secondary school I got the highest mark in my music class (72% if I remember correctly). I beat people who had Grade 5 or 6 or whatever in instruments. Does that mean I could have gotten an A in A Level music? Or that I could easily pass Grade 8 piano? Of course not! Hell, I don't know how I even passed, I couldn't (and can't) play any instrument and I didn't know anything about musical theory (beats per bar etc).

    I remember an IT exam where one of the questions was to draw a speaker. As for science, I remember that one of the facts we were taught was that there's 6 types of quarks and 3 colours. That can be picked up from pop science books and it's possible to perhaps get something pertaining to that on a basic exam pre-university. Actual university exams are completely different.

    Your argument that you could jump to stuff considered sufficiently advanced that it's not even part of the Cambridge undergrad course (ie the Dirac equation) is that you are one of the biggest fish in a very very little pond.

    What precisely was the qualification you got. A standard? Higher? Something else? What year was it and what precisely was your grade?

    You really don't have any idea how far from being capable of jumping past some levels of university you are.

    No, I think you're intellectually dishonest. I think a number of people here are. I think plenty of people in the real world are. Everyone knows 'that guy' who has to 'one up' everyone's story. He could have played football for Arsenal then he took an arrow to the knee. He once bench pressed 500 pounds (or whatever is big, I don't know). He could have aced the exam but he was too busy winning thousands playing online poker.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Now most of the time it's hard to do anything about it, even on this forum. For example, if someone were spouting a load of biology which was nonsense I'd not be able to tell, I'm a layperson in biology. However, in your case it's "I can do that too!" when you read about physics and mathematical physics is my thing. Hence why you're the one I end up calling dishonest so much. I call a number of other people here that too, so don't feel too special.

    What do you mean 'just'? I don't like your behaviour and since your behaviour seems to be completely wrapped up with your general attitude and personality I can't really find that much about you I'd consider appealing. Put it this way, if it transpired you and I lived on the same street I still wouldn't want to meet you in person, while most people here I would. Some people I'd even go slightly out of my way to meet.

    I don't care what music you listen to, what sports you play, who you ****, what foods you like, they have no bearing on our interactions and aside from various comments you've made about your sexuality I don't know anything about those things anyway. As such saying "You don't don't like me" implies there's something else I could be basing my views of you on. My less than glowing view of you is based entirely on our physics related interactions and your general behaviour pertaining to them, such as in threads like this one.

    If you started acting normally and honestly and were consistent in that then I'd be more pleasant to you. Like I said in my last post, a regular discussion thread on various simple introductory topics might be a good thing for the forum and you could learn something. If I saw that behaviour my views of you would improve. But you've had years and nothing has improved. If anything your cycles of nice and manic are becoming more and more frequent.

    No and as I explained at length in my last few posts, that has nothing to do with it. I've never accused you of that so why you're even bringing it up I don't know. I laid out my reasons in my last few posts, you putting forth suppositions now means either you didn't read them or you're just grasping at straws to say something.

    Again, didn't you read my last few posts where I explained all of this? The issue isn't being confident. I'm confident, Guest is confident, Trippy is confident. Unjustified confidence and presenting yourself confidently as "I understand this, let me explain it to you" to someone who asked an honest question and expects an honest response is itself dishonest.

    Perhaps you're just staggeringly naive. If you really think you're in a position to easily deal with an undergrad course then you're very very naive. However, given the years of repeatedly having your mistakes, misconceptions and ignorant exposed you should have realised you're labouring under a misconception by now, a reasonable rational person would have. So your continued assertions of "I understand this, I really do" are either a demonstration of nativity and obliviousness on a level which would make Forrest Gump look like Einstein or you're just in denial and are knowingly dishonest.

    I'm not claiming to know more than I do. I'm confident about things I have demonstrated reasons to be confident about. You mistake confidence for arrogance. Arrogance is believing oneself capable of things without due reason or evidence. Farsight believes he is due 4 Nobel Prizes for his work. Sylwester believes he'll topple the Standard Model. You write clap trap about conciousness in quantum mechanics when you can't do quantum mechanics.

    So I suggest you look a little closer to home before pointing the "Thou should be more modest" finger at others.

    You write nonsense about physics and post it on a physics forum where you know physics PhDs read and then you blame us for not accepting your nonsense? Sorry, if you have a crap time here then either leave or behave in a way which makes people want to be pleasant to you.

    Like I said earlier in the thread and many times before to you, take some damn responsibility. You need to stop saying "It's not my fault everyone who knows any physics dismisses me, it must be their fault!". The whole "I bet you were horribly bullied" thing is another example, always looking for an excuse to say "It's not me, it's them.". The "It's everyone else's fault but mine!" syndrome. You need to realise you are the common factor here. Other people have similar, but less vocal, views of you as me. I tend to be the one who lists your mathematics/physics errors, but I'm sure any of the other mathematical physicists will back up my evaluations. Then there's the non-mathematical physicists here who don't give you glowing reviews either.

    For example, you just complained James and I didn't treat you like a new individual when you came back. I did. I didn't hand out warnings to you which you deserved, thinking "Give him another chance". I PM'd you rather than outing you. Tach was saying "He's obviously Reiku" but I didn't respond to them. Again, rather than taking responsibility for your actions, that very quickly people became sick of your actions even when they thought you were someone new, you're trying to blame others.

    You're 27 for pete sake. When are you going to act like it?
  20. Reiku Banned Banned

    What am I riled up about? Are you serious?

    How about ignoring my complaints of being accused of plaigarism. How about the fact you think I am incapable of even the most basic of maths, or how about the fact that you think I am intellectually dishonest?
  21. Bells Staff Member

    Everyone knew who you were because you never hid your real identity. Do you honestly think we do not check if we suspect someone is a sock-puppet?

    Everyone knows who you are the very moment you post here Reiku, no matter which name you try to hide behind.

    You have been doing this for how long now? Since 2007. No one had to tell anyone who you were. It was blatantly obvious from your first post under Mister.
  22. Reiku Banned Banned

    I act like the bully? Get a grip.

    I am more like a dog you have willingly let a bit of free space by tying them up to a garden pole in which you beat him with a stick.
  23. Reiku Banned Banned

    And obviously a dog snaps back.

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