Impeach Xev? Serious Poll!

Discussion in 'SF Open Government' started by ElectricFetus, Apr 29, 2004.


Impeach Xev from moderator position?

Poll closed May 20, 2004.
  1. Yes

    38 vote(s)
  2. No

    44 vote(s)
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  1. paulsamuel Registered Senior Member

    I prefer the thread stay open to allow full potential for voter input.

    I also think the exchange between android and Xev is very revealing in regards to the issue at hand, not the content of the exchange, but the exchange itself and its tone and timbre.
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  3. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    Xev managed to fuck up even this thread.

    Well done...
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  5. Bells Staff Member

    Yes. Kind of like scratching at that itch, even through you know that to do so could lead to scarring. Ah but the pleasure of scratching...

    I meant 'their' as in the fact that so many have posted on here for different reasons. In fact, the majority have posted in the negative because of different reasons. Reasons other than to answer the question posted in this thread. If you read through the whole 8 to 9 pages of the diatribe, you may see what I mean.

    Am I confused? Could be yes as the pain medication I've been prescribed has me a tad confused at the moment (hurt my back and now drugged to the sky to stop the screaming pain... I'm even feeling kinda all lovey at the moment.. I love just about everyone at the moment..

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    ). But votes aside, the replies in this thread show differently. Many have voiced their opinion of impeaching Xev as a moderator based on personal personality reasons.

    No, they are not a single source of information. But one would at least expect that they partake in the discussion within their forum. That they would have enough understanding to even form an opinion.

    Maybe I've adopted a siege mentality because I've been bed bound for the last week or so. But this whole thread has developed a siege mentality. And yes I did ask the question because as I stated above, one would expect that the person moderating the forum would have at least an understanding. I'm sorry I did not elaborate more clearly. But personally, I think Xev moderates her forum according to the rules. After all, that is the ultimate question posed in this thread isn't it? Does she moderate fairly in her forum? If the answer were no, then I'd agree that she should not be a moderator. But I think she does. That's my personal opinion. Does she participate in her forum, yeah she does. Does she know the material discussed in her forum sufficiently to form an opinion? Yes she does.

    And we are all baying for blood. We always do. Reading through this thread and the other ban Xev and the ban other member threads that have been started shows that we have the ability to become rabid animals in the search of more meat.

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    Lordy! Andy I have said this to you before. You really should not take this place so seriously.

    I feel as though I've blindly stumbled onto the nightmarish set of Dallas...

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    Last edited: May 17, 2004
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  7. WANDERER Banned Banned

    Jeez, that was funny shit, wasn’t it?
    One thing about homosexuals, their always fucking hilarious and entertaining.
    It's always nice having one around to keep things exciting.
    Just when everyone wants to convince me that stereotypes are over-generalizations and don't apply, I find one stereotype that fits so perfectly to the mould. Ironic how the more some try to convince me that they are exceptions and they don't fall into stereotypical behavior the more they do so and the more many try to exclude themselves from general modes of thinking and acting the more they unconsciously do just that.
    Patterns people, that is all knowledge is about. Simple patterns in the chaos and the mind the interpreter.

    Imagine that, I’m a ‘closet homo’ and I have a son and a wife as well.
    News to me and it will come as a crude surprise to my girlfriend. But I guess I’m in denial and that time I fucked that ex-grilfriend of mine, that bitch, without a condom, when I really wanted to fuck her gorgeous brother, must have produced an unwanted offspring. Unfortunately.
    My cousin will find it offensive if he heard that someone mistook him for me but he would probably agree that I was kind of gay. I hate that bastard.
    Besides I'm much, much more prettier than he will ever be. I thought gays had a good ‘queer eye for the straight guy’, but in this case emotion distracts from simple observations on facial characteristics, seeing similarities where there are none, and from intentions, finding purposes where there are none.
    See why intelligence isn’t enough to produce wisdom?
    Discipline, courage and stability are just as important. That’s why wisdom is so rare and why seemingly intelligent people fall for stupid concepts like God, idealism or become sniveling, bitches that lash out to anyone that spurns their delusional imaginings and basic animal needs.

    I do a very good imitation of a faggot though. Lisp, hip-swing, frantic emotionalism and hand gestures included.
    Hey, maybe I AM gay.
    I have a problem with spreading my ass-cheeks for hard tubular objects to be inserted into my hole and calling that love.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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    I think that the next emancipation movement should come from the necrophilia and bestiality community. Corpses need love too and what’s wrong with Rex fucking his master and paying for his free dogfood anyways? It’s all loooooove, baby.
    Why shouldn’t someone leave his stiff to his living lover and marrying him, after death?
    Who does it hurt when your neighbor tenderizes his Easter bunny rabbit by pounding the shit out of it and filling it with hot cream?
    Why should not a woman enjoy the full benefits of society and marriage if she chooses to have a mature adult relationship with her horse?
    People equality is our highest right. Don’t deny love to those that have different desires.
    That’s prejudice thinking.

    You know in reading the v2's post [I'm waiting for his reincarnation again and again and again, as if names change anything. What's in a name?] I am reminded of how sad emotional instability, possessiveness, desperation and obsessive bahavior can be. Being gay sounds too unstable.
    Have you seen ‘Fatal Attraction’? Scary.
    Can you blame me for pulling out of that correspondence so hastily?
    This guy reads ‘hidden’ messages in everything, including flying airplanes, and finds subliminal communications in everything. A case of wishful thinking and over-romanticism clouding judgment and producing delusions. Then the typical denial and explanation of hidden rational intention and manipulation to save face and protect intellectual integrity.

    Thankfully I'm leaving for Europe in ten days and I’ll be away from this ‘community’ for a full 3-4 months. If he looks up to the sky on that day he'll probably see me heading east and my red tail-lights blinking a farewell. He'll probably read a secret message in that too.
    I guess I can fall back into caring about this place in the Fall, when winter looms before me with its long nights and sorrowful cloud covers.

    Lucysnow sends her regrads from Cambodia.

    Everyone else
    On topic:
    Xev is a vicious malicious, deranged, racist and prejudiced masochist that has a tendency to make boys infatuated with her and monkeys jump and holler to draw her attentions, and she’s darn sexy to boot [trust me I know], so I think she should be flogged, tar-feathered and allowed to moderate this sorry community of children forever or until she get's tired of it.
    It only seems appropriate.

    Don’t bother responding to this, I’m not here until further notice.
    Have fun dissecting insects and being all too human and have a long, sweaty summer insulting each other and telling yourselves this palce doesn't matter. I'll be on the beach tanning and NOT thinking of you.
    Last edited: May 17, 2004
  8. alain du hast mich Registered Senior Member

    Xev has some pretty mean views and often ends up being very harsh, but she doesnt use moderator powers to do this, she will stay as she is unless we ban her, and that would be really unfair

    vote NO!
  9. Bells Staff Member

    'Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives....'

    Ugh.. can someone please make this soap opera end?
  10. Guyute Senior Member Registered Senior Member

    Yea, Um just keep Xev........She brings flavor into the villiage.
  11. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    It is not a ban thread.
  12. Guyute Senior Member Registered Senior Member

    oh, sorry. I didnt bother to read all the threads. Sorry.
  13. Xev Registered Senior Member

    No, but if you de-moderate me I will throw a tantrum, lie down in the middle of the department store floor and scream "I WANT CANDY!"

    But I'm carrying your child, how can you say that?
  14. Hathor Banned Banned

    this is astounding. is this level of commitment the administration has towards this noble experiment in democracy? is this an indication of the contempt the administration has towards the community?

    your facist impulse to shut down this thread is analogous to closing down the polling station and burning the ballot boxes simply because a riot broke out. it very heavy handed and total overkill.

    i made a suggestion earlier to delete posts in question as off topic. why do you not think that reasonable? edits are also an option. please consider them.

    marching in here with your jackboots and threats puts you in a very bad light. i would be ashamed. but then again, that's just me

    i notice paulsamuel's plea towards you. did you like that? would you like the rest of us to beg for the privilege to have our voices heard?
  15. Hathor Banned Banned

    you are correct. it appears the moderator has established her own little fiefdom in this forum. it appears that her mo is depraved psychosexual dramas. this is hardly the kind of discussion that is befitting a science forum.

    to recap.. we have goths on exctasy, cocks shoved down throats and subhuman niggers

    very impressive. xev, i must hand it to you. you play this forum like a pro
  16. Bells Staff Member

    Looks stunned... funeral music plays in the background...

    The child is mine? How can that be? The last time we had sex was a year ago... Unless...

    funeral music gets suddenly louder... then cuts out and silence reigns as the scene continues..

    ...Unless that night of whipping, biting, amputation and sex while hanging from the rafters was not a dream...

    silence as the camera pans out and funeral music starts to play gently in the background...
  17. ElectricFetus Sanity going, going, gone Valued Senior Member

    Just 2 more days and its over.
  18. BigBlueHead Great Tealnoggin! Registered Senior Member

    Ah, Xev's famous words that can break bones... many's the time that I wished that I was being pelted with sticks and stones, rather than scarred with her bitter invective. I still remember when she called me... an idiot... sniff. I still have the scar, see?

    Well, I say her words have harmed enough people! I daresay that hundreds have died, thousands been maimed, by her vicious virtual vitriolic verbosity. What then shall we do about this woman... no, this MENACE?

    I say let the punishment fit the crime! Punish Xev for her poignantly punctuated perfidy by making her moderate the Pseudoscience forum! A few months of hearing about Martian Skulls and Imminent Disclosure, and she'll be weeping in the bathroom at Denny's, sawing at her wrists with a moldy radish. Mark my words!

    Oh, I know what you are thinking... it's too good for her! But how many of you have walked those dark threads, seeing the cruel sunshine and butterflies that are offered there - the vast interstellar empires, the aliens who "only want to help". To think that the universe would be full of aliens, and that they - unlike us - are cringingly avuncular and concerned for human well-being! One must close one's eyes to keep from going mad.

    Consider the horror then... not only to have to read the Pseudoscience forum but also to be responsible for it! It brings to mind an image of having to butcher and stew one's own legs, and then attend upon the table as others eat them.

    "Mmmmm, your legs are delicious!"

    Ladies and gentlemen, I ask that you consider my proposal.
  19. Hathor Banned Banned

    this forum is open to all that want to register. you have an microcosm of society that is represented here (or at least the potential for representation)

    why is necessary to ride roughshod over those that are of a more sensitive nature? why are their feelings discounted and ignored? we know they exist here and in the outside world. can this forum be openminded enough to provide an atmosphere conducive to the input of that particular segment?

    why is there an insistence on the right to act as an thug?
    why is there an insistence on the right to act as an punk?
    why is there an insistence on the right to act as an complete and utter boor?
  20. jadedflower observer Valued Senior Member

    There is a minimum 10 character limit, why oh WHY isn't there a maximum???
    Does anyone actually read these mega-huge-ginormous-whale-posts???

    Not to pick on an>roid.v2 specifically...
  21. BigBlueHead Great Tealnoggin! Registered Senior Member

    Hathor... as someone who adopts the name of an Egyptian cow goddess as their alias, I'm not sure that you should be talking about how we bare our souls to each other; I don't really believe that people here are showing their "true" selves by any stretch of the imagination.

    I mean, honestly, you don't go play Everquest and then complain when some 11457th level Mushroom Humper snips your head off with a pair of garden shears, right? (Well, maybe you complain, but it's more like "Bastard!", and not so much like "You don't respect me as a person!") We usually accept that, in situations where we play an alter ego, we shouldn't have nearly as much sensitivity for the feelings of our alter ego as we do for our own. Not the chess piece, not the Dungeons & Dragons character, not the little Monopoly top hat; these things, however much we may like them, are not us.

    Now, if you wanted to argue that people don't engage in enough relevant discussion and that the degree of relevant discussion decreases proportional to the increase of insult and invective, that may in fact be so. Often (as I've said before I believe) invective serves as a valuable indication of an impasse in a discussion, and can (for those of you who don't like the punch-ups) indicate a perfect time to leave for greener conversational pastures - all that was to be learned has been.

    This isn't necessarily so, and sometimes a few serious shinies can be had by watching some educated bulldogs bang their heads together for a page or two; a violent discussion is still a discussion, and we may either see a new synthesis between the two head-butters, or (more likely) come away with a better understanding of the intellectual division between them, which is still valuable.

    The reason why people insist on the right to act as thugs/punks/completes and utters boor, is that sciforums is a social arrangement with relatively few rules that adopts a de facto bottom-up structure. There are moderators and an administrator, but they often leave well enough alone and will not trample someone for using nasty language or stating a strongly worded opinion. The HOPE is that, through discussion, the forums will eventually assume a code of agreed-upon etiquette, a sort of general will, that doesn't require the Word Police running around enforcing.

    Then, the engine can keep chugging by itself and we are all happier. Not so?
  22. BigBlueHead Great Tealnoggin! Registered Senior Member

    PADMA - you are probably not still reading this thread, but if you are, I'd like to help you out a little.

    Here is our alphabet: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.

    Now, I understand from your previous post that some arrangements of this alphabet cause you pain. This is not unusual; there are many things that cause us pain. In everyday life, we have our bad days when we think that there might be something wrong with us - a casual glance from a stranger might seem to us as a long, horrified stare at some embarrassing feature of our bodies. A conversation that would otherwise be innocuous can feel to you like the other person is consumed with hatred for you. On these days it can be even worse when someone actively expresses malice toward you.

    Now, sensitivity is a good trait. It can allow you to see past the regular occurrences of life and perhaps - perhaps - find some larger pattern in another person's behaviour such that they make more sense to you thereafter.

    It can also be a bad trait if you permit small actions on the part of other people to have too much weight in your estimation.

    When exposed to stimuli, people can become desensitized; this is thought to be a terrible thing, but is actually part of the human condition. Without desensitization to common stimuli, we might never derive their causes, and instead be deluged with our initial sensations for our entire lives. Allow me to illustrate by writing a poem, in which I am mean to you.


    Padma's breasts/testicles are nothing like a pomello
    They are more lumpy and more discoloured.
    Be marble white? Why then his/her fangs are yellow,
    Are tadpoles smart? Then he/she is a dullard.
    I know the noise of shrieking cats quite well
    Yet Padma has a more annoying sound
    An tho' I've seen some knees that look like hell
    A viler pair than his/hers cannot be found.
    And though the truth, if told, would e'er worsen,
    I still declare that he/she is an icky person.

    Did this poem hurt you? Probably not. You are probably blowing a raspberry at the screen as you read this - that would be the appropriate response, I think. I mean, what an opprobriously obtuse collation of tepid insults! (You might think to yourself.)

    Now, if it did hurt your feelings, I think that you need some insensitivity training, which I am happy to provide. Three things will help significantly.

    First, I would like you to dig up the vilest insults ever directed at you and insult me therewith. My personal classic insult is "dog-raping baby eater", an epithet so ridiculous that people are hard-pressed to even answer it in kind.

    Second, next time someone insults you on Sciforums, take a metal ruler and whack yourself in the thumbnail with it, medium hard. See whether the insult hurts more than your thumb.

    Third, go to a thread that Xev is posting in and challenge her openly to a flame war. (If you want a warm-up for this exercise, try starting a thread in the Sewage Forum called "All you Bitches can Bite Me".) Remember as you do this that it's not about "being like them", it's about learning to function under pressure. Better yet is if you can totally slap someone down without resorting to the swearing and degrading imagery, but that only really comes naturally once you can read people's mean things about you without turning red or breaking into a sweat.

    It is on the day when these things don't hurt you anymore, that you can continue to pursue the things you came here for.

    "A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects." - Robert Heinlein
  23. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    Can't you people get your own thread?
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