If You're Unemployed, Try Politics

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by Diode-Man, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Diode-Man Awesome User Title Registered Senior Member

    That's a very good point!

    On that note I enjoy our Republic. Proper communication between the leaders and the led is key.
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  3. Billy T Use Sugar Cane Alcohol car Fuel Valued Senior Member

    All true, IMHO, but still more complex as what one group wants is opposed by another. For example:

    "... Let’s assume that in our democracy, it’s still true that every vote counts. Our elected representatives are aware of that. Now it’s down to simple math: There are more seniors than juniors in America. And as I long ago predicted, the vote is starting to split along age lines. Generation warfare is upon us. ..."

    This quote is the conclusion of article at:

    PS: Because the CPI is a correction applied to Social Security and Medicare payments and the fact that the number of older voters is a rapidly increasing percentage of the voting population, I am quite confident that the solution to the US's growing debt does NOT include fudging the CPI correction on TIPs. (About 95% of my tax deferred 403b retirement is in TIP like funds at Vanguard and TIAA/CREF now. - getting it out of dollars, as I have with most other assets, would give up the tax deferment and force a large payment to the IRS. I must take some out every year* because of my age, and pay the deferred taxes on that age based takeout.)
    *Mandatory take out law was cancelled for 2009. - A demonstration of the voting power of us old folks, as taking out this year would have forced sale of assets depressed by the end of 2008 stock market crash. This "screwing of the young" by the "baby boomers" has just begun to start. They will soon leave the young an unpayable debt that destroys the value of the dollar and a collapsed Social Security system which the young paid into but get nothing back from. - compared to this, Madoff's Ponzi was a drop in the ocean.
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