I went for an expedition to the Wanaque Vortex, and now I believe Aliens are Here!

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Don Bosco, May 30, 1999.

  1. Don Bosco Guest




    (W A R W I C K, N. Y.)

    DATE: MAY 23, 1999



    In what may be the most unusual announcement in the history of the Internet, organizers of a new web domain, http://www.orbsite.com, indicated that they have filed papers with the US government alleging that ETs apparently have already FOUND HUMANITY. The organizers indicated they have no interest in "spoiling the efforts of the Seti Institute @ Home project" on the eve of Seti's search using home PCs. [The organizers were also quick to advise that ORB SITE is not a hoax nor intended to be a satire, humor nor any other common form of Internet "spoof".]

    The Organizers of ORBSITE.COM (http://www.orbsite.com) indicated that its Field Survey Team has discovered indisputable evidence that ET is organizing daily observation patrols on Earth. The ETs are said to use a very advanced interplanetary telescope technology to watch humanity "covertly". These "stealthy alien telescopes" consist of an advanced energy device that can literally punch a hole in empty space and look through it, bridging long distances ordinarily blocked from being spanned so quickly, by Einstein Relativity - the speed of light. The ET's, say a spokesperson, can reach across the light years between Earth and the Orion Nebula in "a few seconds", using hundreds of these "remote telescope viewers". Called "Orb Portals", ET's telescopes provide ET with remote camera observation of human affairs. The survey teams say ET is using the "Orbs" to monitor human activities everywhere on the surface of the globe.

    Web site organizers indicated they were not sure whether the ETs pose any threat to humanity. When asked by local news personnel, the site management stated: "We don't think this is a military invasion, but we do believe it represents an issue of Global Security Interest. We believe that the US Government and the United Nations, and the People, should be make immediately aware of the presence of sentient life, even though they are quite distant, apparently, and viewing our activities from afar. We do believe they consider our war like tendencies to be inherently dangerous, and that humanity is a very primitive species, but nonetheless worthy of scientific study."

    In an effort to provide a Public Information Service, visitors to HTTP://ORBSITE.COM can review a startling sampling of pictures taken by field study team leaders Bryan Williams and Sandra Rehl.. Additional photo studies are available for purchase from the study team by emailing site organizers.
    The ORB SITE Field Study Team took pictures of "Orbs" at the primary entry point on Earth allegedly used by the ETs. Located in Wanaque, New Jersey, adjacent to a massive military defense complex, the study has fanned out to a large number of other places around the US where Orbs are apparently found "patrolling".

    According to a local scientist hired to study the phenomena and the telescopic technology used by the ET's: "said ET's, consisting of three primary sentient species, travel here from Orion, Andromeda and the Pleides Cluster. They can make their way to any particular location slightly above the Earth's surface. They then move about under computer control. The Orbs appear to be photographic reflection of the 'lens side' of the high energy telescopes being used, and are comprised of electromagnetic, infrared and gamma ray energy emanating from the point these advanced radio telescopes reach Earth."
    The discoverers claim the Orb phenomena could be the near side of highly advanced Telescopes being used by "Aliens". ET is apparently capable of using the Orbs as a communications technology as well as for studying humanity. The Team has been able to capture projected video images emitting from the Orb portals. "These unusual video images represent one of the strongest points of evidence for the Team concluding that the Orbs are under intelligent control and emanate from an Alien world" stated an ORBSITE.COM spokesperson.

    The field study team, dubbed "Team Orb", consists of Williams, Rehl and several other scientific phenomena investigators and several scientists. Williams had originally discovered the Orbs accidentally while searching for evidence of locally reported "UFOs" in the Wanaque, N.J. area.

    Since his discovery, the rapidly organized TEAM ORB has discovered the Orbs number and area of patrol has steadily increased. Williams and Rehl have filmed images of the Orbs as far south as Florida and as far west as Colorado.

    For further information, visit ORBSITE.COM at http://www.orbsite.com .

    --- end ---
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  3. Aloysius Guest

    Whenever Jack Shulman of ACC is involved,
    there's some funny business involved.

    I also feel that pasting stuff without commentary is a little inappropriate.

    But perhaps there's something to it...
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  5. Boris Guest

    I'm always very skeptical of things like that. If those guys are so sure, why don't they invite a few independent, academic investigators who don't stand to profit from anything? Why carry on 'investigating' the thing on your own, putting out mysterious photographs, wagering nobody could prove they are fake? Why not, instead of trumpeting the 'discovery' around the paranormal circles, sign up for a presentation at a legitimate conference and bring the research out into the scientific establishment's realm?

    Besides, those 'orbs' look mighty like dirt on the cameras' optics. If not, it'd be nice to see them make movies of the orbs, using a strobe flash for illumination. Then maybe I'd be alittle more impressed. But even if they do have something legitimate (big question mark here), what's the reason for jumping to the conclusion that the 'orbs' are of alien origin?

    But what's really funny about this whole thing, is the intimate knowledge of alien technology professed by the 'Site Organizers'. It amazes me that you can deduce existence of alien 'Orbital Space Platforms' just from smudgy blobs on the photos! And how about that hot theorizing about punching holes in space and all that? I think we've got the winners of the next Nobel Prize in fundamental physics here!!

    I am; therefore I think.
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  7. Aloysius Guest

    One hundred and one million percent right on, Boris! Nobody in "Ufology" seems to give two hoots about the concepts of "accredited institutions" or of "third party academic investigations".

    In any case, any digital video image, be it still or moving, can be faked here in the 90s. Film is harder, but I believe less so than ten years ago.

    In any case, ACC have a "reputation".
    Which is where this orb posting came from.

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