Humanoid robotics and computer avatars could help treat social disorders

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    The collaborative research team discovered that computer avatars and humanoid robotics could help people with social disorders, such as social phobia and schizophrenia, rehabilitate. Their idea is based on the theory of similarity according to which people find it easier to interact with someone who behaves, looks, and moves like them.
    The system will enable patients to play a game that resembles the mirror game. The game involves two players, who copy each other’s movements while they are playing with colored balls that move along a string.
    At first, the avatar acts as the alter ego of each patient. It is created to look and move like him/her to improve the patient’s feelings of attachment. The avatar is gradually changing to resemble less and less with the patient in order to help him/her with social rehabilitation. The first results show that patients respond to the avatar and coordinate better. So, it can be used at a larger scale for the rehabilitation of people suffering with serious social disorders.


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