How to make money from zero?

Discussion in 'Business & Economics' started by ismu, May 15, 2002.

  1. (Q) Encephaloid Martini Valued Senior Member


    (Q), you're genius.

    Not really, but thanks for saying so. I learned at a young age that money is easy to make and easy to come by and that the the only thing that gets in the way of making money is simply the will to do so. One needs only to decide if they have a will or not. And IMO, that is a simple decision to make.

    Is multi level marketing has a good prospect?

    Yes, but ONLY if you are the one at the top. Like any pyramid scheme, the only ones that make money are those at the top. You're much better off to create the pyramid then to come into one.


    Interesting story Q.

    Could you not have taken out the Salesman's cut too, and sold the house yourself? You appear to have the required skills.

    As the saying goes, I could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo. But no, you should not spend your time trying to sell the houses. Leave that up to a real estate agent that has the time, the knowledge, the experience and most importantly, the customer database. Being a real estate agent is a career unto itself and requires time to build up. Besides, you need to have control over the renovations of the houses. The contractor may not be as dedicated as you are and most likely will have a life of his own. You'll quickly find yourself spending a lot of time doing the renovations, hauling materials, going back and forth between banks, notary publics, your accountant, etc..

    Leave the selling up to the real estate agent. It's money well spent.

    On the topic of consulting. I know there are many successful people and firms that do nothing but consult. However, these people must have an area of expertise in which to consult. It is not something one attempts without prior knowledge and experience of the subject matter.

    The Q believes that your financial situation should be remedied first and then one can go on to do whatever they wish. Think about this. After making my money I was able to afford the luxury of going back to school. Of course, while attending school, I lived in a very nice house (mortgage free), drove a few nice cars and a motorcycle, had plenty of time for my studies because I didn't have to worry where my next meal would come from, and had lots of cash to take out all those gorgeous university co-eds.

    Now tell me, which way would you prefer to attend university ?
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  3. kmguru Staff Member

    Business Consulting that includes Information Technology and Enterprise Performance Management.
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  5. THE VILLAGE FOOL Registered Member

    well...keep it simple

    just trade money not stocks or anything complicated a child can do it.

    I have a few irons in the fire if someone wants in and likes tropical climate and want to semi retire.

    I got a about 7 HA on the beach front ...the beach is about 200m long and i want to develop it. The club house is being build now.

    Well just an idea....

    also one way to become independent is to go from a rich county to a poor one...

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  7. ismu ::phenomenon::. Registered Senior Member

    So, for example, I can have a good profit if sell my product after finished turn it as intelectual property, and sell it using multi-level marketing, right?. Hmm... Sounds interesting.
    I hope i can build a multilevel marketing on the web then.

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    Sounds like real businessman: "Time more valuable than money".

    It's looks like I can start imagine my future: Get lots of buck and living lazy. (I got to aware with my weight

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    I am university graduated. Mechanical engineering, production. But now I regreat it. I was supposed to get in something to do with making business.

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  8. Xev Registered Senior Member

  9. ismu ::phenomenon::. Registered Senior Member


    I agree with this. Keep it simple and do simple plan

    I don't think this is simple one. We have to watch political issues on related countris in money exchange. And I don't like politics.

    Don't have enough bucks, yet. Perhaps later. I think we have to build our own strong and safe business before starting invesment.

    My country IS poor enough

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    . Urrr... I don't want to leave my family too far. Another city is ok, but another country...

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  10. ismu ::phenomenon::. Registered Senior Member

    Thank's Xev. I'll try to open minded and ojective to consider about MLM. I see there are some good side and bad side about it. Still learning. Tnx for your links.

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  11. ismu ::phenomenon::. Registered Senior Member

    Right now, Im working for IT consultant. It gives some profits for owners. But nowdays we don't have good enough market here in my city/country. And I don't have enough capital yet to cover starting overhead. Perhaps several years later I'll think about it.

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