How much the one percent earns in each US county

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    To be considered in a top 1% earner in the United States, the magic number that must be reached is $521,411 per household.
    However, it turns out that on a county level, the income of the Top 1% varies wildly based on location. For example, if you want to be in the “1% Club” in New York City, you’re going to have work extremely hard, get very lucky, or preferably, manage some incredible combination of those two things.
    Meanwhile, if you want to be in the crème de la crème of the social scene in Jackson, Kentucky or Chattahoochee, Georgia, things might seem a little more realistic. In fact, if you’re doing well for yourself, you may even be able to do it based on your income today.

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    The above map shows the average income of the top 1% by county.

    Top five (richest) counties:
    1. Teton, Wyoming – Average Income: $28,163,786
    2. New York, New York – Average Income: $8,143,415
    3. Fairfield, Connecticut – Average Income: $6,061,230
    4. La Salle, Texas – Average Income: $6,021,357
    5. Pitkin, Colorado – Average Income: $5,289,153
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  3. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    They don't say whether it's household or individual, median or mean.
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