How Geeky Are You, Really?

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by goofyfish, Jun 10, 2003.

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  1. Twinkle Toes Pickle Hat-Wearing Rocker Registered Senior Member

    Ooh, how neato

    61.7357% - Extreme Geek

    Sheeshkinnens! I'm one quiggy geekette

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    And if I keep it up - which I most certainly intend to do - I'll be able to overthrow you all! YES! HAHA! AAHAAH!

    Mmm. Yes, huzzah for Twinkie...
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  3. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    Re: Ooh, how neato

    HOLY COW. I would grant you the title "princess of geeks" from your post alone, regardless of the test results! Booya on the "how neato"! "sheeshkinnens"? that's freakin tight. how cute! "quiggy geekette"? WOW, you are easily the geekiest thus far. Well done Twinkie, well done! (and 'huzzah' on the way out? oh man you're good)
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  5. AntonK Technomage Registered Senior Member

    Wow...agreed. I may be asking Twinkle Toes to marry me soon. haha Don't find many girls THAT geeky. What section got you up that high? Or are you just an over all around geek?

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  7. UberDragon The Freak at the Computer Registered Senior Member

    20.9073% - Geek

    Wow.... I was right all along
  8. Twinkle Toes Pickle Hat-Wearing Rocker Registered Senior Member


    You guys are so sweet! I didn't even think 61.7 was that good of a score for a geekette. Gosh, I'm blushing, heeh!

    Well, I re-took the test to properly figure what I scored better in...

    I HAVE... = 30/40
    I HAVE BEEN... = 21/38
    I HAVE (2)... = 21/38
    I HAVE READ... = 20/28
    I WANT... = 15/28
    I BELIEVE... = 5/8
    I ROUTINELY WATCH... = 13/28 (This one's just low because I currently am without cable. When my parents had cable when I was a little kid, I used to watch some of the shows routinely, so I checked them)
    I HAVE SEEN... = 23/23
    I OWN... = 31/55 (I don't have a DVD player and don't want to play them off Dexter [my laptop])
    I WANT TO BE... = 9/11
    I LIKE TO... = 25/31
    I PLAY... = 16/30
    I WEAR... = 15/22
    I COLLECT... = 9/13
    I HAVE (3)... = 14/40 (I admit it: I lack in computer skills! But at least I'm willing to learn, dag nabbit)
    I KNOW... = 21/35
    I KNOW (2)... = 15/25

    Judging by my results, I think I'm a pretty well-rounded geekette. By the time I move out of this apartment and can pay my own bills, I'll be functioning as a full-fledged dysfunctional geek! Pazzah for alliterated oxy-moron 8^P!

    In fact, when I re-tested I noticed that I had skipped a few of the questions and also misread some of them. So my actual score is 62.52465%

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    Oh, and about the 'freakin tight

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    ' word choice: I make up a lot of the words and phrases I use. "Quiggy", "sheeshkinnens", "cool-o", and "who gives a dingleberry" are the ones I use the most (I'm also known for "dag nabbit, nibble on a rabbit", but that's just too weird). I do use words like "nifty", "spiffy", and "tubulor" just as often though.
  9. korey Registered Senior Member

    38.46154% - Major Geek
  10. Ectropic Registered Senior Member

    That was in a movie wasn't it? Cable guy? (Worst movie ever aside from Cabin Boy)

    I scored a 35.89744%. I think that the role playing and scifi killed my score, I like some and have watched most, but not regularly. I am to busy reading about real science and learning aabout real things. Isn't that geekier? I think geek is chic and most of the other things on the test are just nerdy. While I'm at it I think of dork as plain uncool people. A nerd can be cool, and a geek can be very cool, but not a dork.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2003
  11. swooper Registered Member

    ectropic, if u like real stuff, i think that makes u a nerd
  12. NightFall Lazy Hedonist Valued Senior Member

    i understand what you mean only its the other way around for me. all day long i listen to people talk about computers etc. at work, and some of the things they say make me want to stick a ptyrigium stone through my forehead. like the other day when my boss was talking about the computer they are setting up at work. she proudly announced, "oh, I dont have windows. I have XP." but i dont say anything, it gives me more chances to laugh at her when she tells other people. she thinks im completely computer illiterate. the other day she apologized for not showing me how to turn off the computer before she left, and then gave me a verbal pat on the back for figuring it out on my own. ...

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  13. gracie_lou Registered Senior Member

    25.64103% - Total Geek

    i started the chessclub and i read...alot.
  14. DefSkeptic Registered Senior Member

    1.38%.......Thank God

    Geeks need to get laid.
  15. EI_Sparks Registered Senior Member

    ~31%. Major Geek.
    (But not geeky enough to think that the decimal points count in this case).
  16. JoojooSpaceape Burn in hell Hippies Registered Senior Member

    I am so geeky that i stayed up for 48 hours and beat the warcraft 3 expansion in just 25 or 26 hours, but was so hopped up on bawls that i couldnt go back to sleep.
  17. CharleeB Registered Senior Member

    60.94675- not bad, I should get extra points though for being a) under 18 and b) the daughter of a long line of happy, popular, beautiful, well adjusted, overly boring (i mean normal) people who have never in their lives seen a StarTrek film and took me to see a shrink after the tantrum I had when Farscape was cancelled. I am very proud that my geekiness comes neither from genetic or environmental factors. I am an entirely self made geek. Does that make me a loser?
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2003
  18. Absane Rocket Surgeon Valued Senior Member

    16.96252% Geek...

    muahahaahahahahhaah... well, it is not that much... but still...

    James Sibley
  19. Bees Registered Member

    HEeh, She's all mine

    Twinkie is *my* quiggy Geekette.. As for myself, I'm a right spiffo 64.64103%, though I'll get higher later, I hope

    Anywho, you lot need to work on those geek ratings, try, they might get you a bit geekier..

    Darnit, I'm all out of time, try to get more spiffo you silly peoples!
  20. ericfost Registered Senior Member

    Result: 100% - Liar!

    I'm so much of a geek I spent 10 minutes going through and clicking every box after I took the test to see what it would say.
  21. dinokg Registered Senior Member

    18.54043% - Geek

    And I watch alot of documenterys, read, play videogames, and research different things too!

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  22. w00t i'm with stupid Registered Senior Member

    49.5069% - Super Geek

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  23. Fukushi -meta consciousness- Registered Senior Member

    35.10848% - Major Geek

    But what's the point? I'll never be 100% Geek,...

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