How does one become a parapsycologist

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by RickyH, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. RickyH uoy etah i. yllaer ton Valued Senior Member

    While looking in my local yellow pages for a paralegal, i stumbled across parapsycology. It kinda made me think, are there schools for this, and classes. Where you get a degree in demons, spirits, and any other type of thing related towards this?
  2. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    There are apparently a number of courses found in Colleges and Universities, Personally I think they are a complete waste of time and effort and what you should be really asking is if the degree you get actually can be used to get a job.

    I would suggest anyone studying in the area to at least attempt to get a Phd in Theology so you can at least say some of what you learnt was worthwhile.

    Especially since their is more evidence to suggest that "Paranormal" is mostly scam mongering.
  3. RickyH uoy etah i. yllaer ton Valued Senior Member


    Right well here in san antonio, they have 3 different parapsycology centers. All of which are reconized by the government as a legal career. So I felt i needed to test this. With a call from myself claiming to be possessed by demons. she said that all the witchcraft and drugs i had been doing lowered my human shield and allowed the demon spirits to enter me. Which she did not want to perform an exorcism on my because she was afraid to be tagged by a demon. she then reffered me to a priest, whilst she does not believe in catholism. Is it just me, or is that a little odd?
  4. The Devil Inside Banned Banned

    go to the priest and see what he says...haha.
  5. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    It's difficult to say what they were thinking, afterall I'm no "Medium" however it would suggest that they might of been attempting to shape your beliefs with their own. afterall some people that actually do believe they re possessed might take what ever interaction they have had with somebody of that nature, personally. This will mean their Demon manifestation would become entwined with witches and drugs and they would probably go about their merry way telling everyone that they have demons and witches trying to drug them in their sleep.

    The woman in question could of just been attempting to lead you astray with falcity that they even know as false.

    Lastly, they might only investigate claims made by people that they setup, afterall any other "setup" might be to catch them out.
  6. SkinWalker Archaeology / Anthropology Moderator

    How does one become a parapsychologist?

    You simply need to print a bunch of business cards with the word "Parapsychologist" after your name. Nothing more complicated than that.
  7. (Q) Encephaloid Martini Valued Senior Member

    You could also buy a diploma from a diploma paper mill and show people you're really serious about parapsychology.

    Don't forget to pick up an EMF indicator and tape recorder, the official scientific instruments of any authentic ghost hunter.
  8. pragmathen 0001 1111 Registered Senior Member

    The qualifications are known to be a bit steep. Some examples of the requirements:
    * You must be able to identify the ethnicity and age of three different spirits (Divination Level 2 or above)
    * While knowledge of your own past lives is expected, you must show a passing interest in others' former existences. (Note: this can be bypassed if you can correctly name all 7 of Shirley MacClaine's past entities).
    * If someone is suffering from thyroid inflammation, it may be necessary for you to read the person's aura to discover what is really behind their disease. Proscribing holistic medicine as a remedy will earn you bonus points.
    * Fluency in another language is a great "in" into parapsychology--such as communicating with animals, the dead or acting on the impulses you hear in your head (for good or bad).
    * Being able to discern whether a house is haunted is worth just as much as ten repeated viewings of Ghostbusters.
  9. RickyH uoy etah i. yllaer ton Valued Senior Member


    Yea, i wouldn't doubt it. But it was how sincere about it she was. She seemed convinced of it herself. But I figure that's how they get you.
  10. RickyH uoy etah i. yllaer ton Valued Senior Member


    A job that easy sounds "unreal". Makes me want to rn to hobby lobby and make some bussiness cards for myself, and setup shop.
  11. :) ... Coming from your side of the pond, frankly no. Not in the slightest.

    Anyone can simply call themselves a parapsychologist, and just go one from there. This, in practice, remains perfectly true. However, technically it is supposed to be a post Doctorate specialisation pursued after first attaining valid qualification as a regular psychologist.

    That's the legitimate mantel of qualifications people merely adopting the title attempt to infer regarding themselves in using the term.

    Originally though the area of interest associated with parapsychology stemmed from wholly regular psychologists taking an interest in simply wanting to understand the psychology of paranormal belief and such belief as generally associated with it in all its many forms.

    Taken from the point of view of straight psychology it's actually quite a fascinating subject, but people of the sort you may have spoken to on the phone, frankly, should be taken out and burned as witches basically for all the actual use they may be...
  12. Ogmios Must. learn. to. punctuate! Registered Senior Member

    If the colleges/universitys/whatevers knew what they were doing, they'd be doing it to make a TON of cash. If you could just HEAL people, you'd be rich. Hell, people who can't make tons of cash on it. Appearent lack of said TONS of money says they're just guessing, so I'd think it would be useless to go to such classes.

    As for becoming a parapsychological (or paranormal) researcher.. Might just be fun, but would have some big requirements to pass; I don't think there's a lot of cash flowing there (that is to say, they can't hire a lot of people..).
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  13. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    If everyone healed people, then there would be no people to heal. which would suggest obviously that money would become scarce in that region without some sort of organised crime syndicate making people unwell again to keep the balance (and make money).

    Most of the parascyvcologists tend to just do the stuff as a hobby I think, the only ones that truly seem to get paid are usually working for the Rockefeller institute.
  14. Ogmios Must. learn. to. punctuate! Registered Senior Member

    Yeah, if everyone. I said if YOU could YOU'd be rich. And people do get sick and injured without someone causing it, I think?
  15. Satyr Banned Banned

    I believe all you need is a tent, a few props, a uniform, some forged documents, and the balls to go through with it.
    A crystal ball is unnecessary.
  16. RickyH uoy etah i. yllaer ton Valued Senior Member

    Can you call the ghostbuster suit a tax deduction if it doesn't come with the job?
  17. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member


    First you would need to get a univesity degree in Psychology (which admittedly is an oxymoron for anything that is not already written in a book and sanctioned by the "lets all sit in the corner and say nay together group".

    Study of the "Paranormal" in a Psychological frame work is entirely the aspect of psychology that deals with perception and other related issues.
    any qualafied psychologist should have some knowledge and training in this field so they know how to deal with various types of psychosis.
    Considering the majority of the worlkds population beleive in god and a large proportion beleive in various other types of super natural things..
    it would seem odd tohave main stream society point these people out as being hypocrites

    Would not beliefe systems be part of standard training and indoctrination into a profesional field that deals with the actual mind of those peopel who as a majority believe in these things ?

    how about...
    ALL Psychologists should be called PARAPsychologists unles they adhere stricky to the sceptics idiology of life and creation ? (sarcastic joke)

  18. SkinWalker Archaeology / Anthropology Moderator

    Belief in poppycock does not make poppycock real. Psychology and sociology as well as anthropology are fully capable of looking objectively at the beliefs of individuals, societies and cultures. So-called "parapsychologists" assume that the beliefs are true before observing them. They begin with a conclusion and look for data to support it. Anyone with who subscribes to that sort of sloppy science might as well just print their own business cards and begin introducing themselves at cocktail parties as "parapsychologist."
  19. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    PreppyPsychoPopcologist of the parasole' :eek:
    or in medical cross examination...
    spent too long at relgious camps with thier head boiling in the sun while being preached at.
    for those lost- Oxygen depravation of the brain mixed with mental and emotional fatigue (excesive heat/sun exposure breaks down the red blood cells ability to carry oxygen in the blood stream)
  20. Ogmios Must. learn. to. punctuate! Registered Senior Member


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