How can we get a flame bate thread removed?

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by HectorDecimal, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. HectorDecimal

    HectorDecimal Registered Senior Member

    In the comparative religion a poll about atheism was posted. If a person is religious, they cannot truthfully participate without contradicting their own religious opinions. In the thread it is constantly defined that atheism is not a religion. That makes it off topic in that category and likely in any religious category. I wouldn't have a complaint in the world if it was truly a comparison between atheism as a religion and other religions, but it is more of a thread to bate religious people into a trolling fest.

    I'm sure there is an appropriate category for it, I just can't suggest where besides the cesspool. Maybe the forum actually needs an atheism category. I truly didn't join the site to discuss religion, but it seems to be a mainstream topic. I enjoy examining creation from a scientific perspective, but my field is astrophysics, so it wouldn't matter to me if all the religious areas disappeared from the site. I do think it would lose a lot of members interest though.

    Hector Decimal
  2. gmilam

    gmilam Valued Senior Member

    It's titled "Why and how did you become an atheist?" I'm not surprised that a theist can't find a suitable option in the poll... (Duh!)

    Not all threads apply to all people. :shrug:
  3. Bells

    Bells Frostbite!

    If a person responded and said they were an atheist, then they would not be religious.

    The thread title and the poll deal specifically with atheism. Religious individuals and even atheists are free to respond and not respond as they so choose. It does not mean that only atheists can respond.

    I don't quite understand what your issue is with this particular thread.

    Because to be an atheist is to not be religious...

    So you are demanding it be removed because it was posted in the 'Compative Religion' subforum?

    Atheism is not a religion.

    And no one is forcing you to read it or participate in it.

    Again, no one is forcing you to participate in that thread or to even read it.

    There is nothing wrong with that thread or where it is on this forum. What the participants discuss is atheism and what led them to be atheists. Why does atheism offend you so much?

    I do not particularly think so.

    And yet.. here you are demanding that a thread on atheism be moved to cesspool because you think it is baiting theists...

    Such a thing is possible?

    I won't bother to point out the irony of your comments..

    Thankfully, what matters to you matters very little to the majority.


    No one, except you, is discussing removing religion from this site. If you find discussions about atheism to be that offensive, you are free to not read them or go elsewhere.:)
  4. HectorDecimal

    HectorDecimal Registered Senior Member

    Actually I'm not demanding anything.

    I'm taken aback that you would think science is so limited.

    Actually, once I realized the thread was flamr bait, I boycotted it after expressing similar concerns about it there.

    This forum is not so bad. A bit partisan in moderation, but that doesn't make it bad. As I said, I came to discuss science and have found a few who can do that constructively.

    Are you a mod?
  5. HectorDecimal

    HectorDecimal Registered Senior Member

    ...and of course some threads don't apply to people at all, but a sub species.
  6. Balerion

    Balerion Banned

    What a load of nonsense.
  7. Bells

    Bells Frostbite!

    Aren't you?

    And I can assure you Hector, many scientists who post on this site would raise their collective eyebrows at anyone who claimed to enjoy examining creationism 'from a scientific perspective'. Do you think creationism can be reconciled with scientific fact, especially when creationists believe, well.. that God created the universe, man and all in between, including the Earth, etc. You have basically said that you enjoy examining Genesis from a scientific perspective. Unless you are claiming you enjoy deconstructing Genesis and proving it incorrect with scientific fact (which even a 3 grader would be able to do)..?

    The thread was not a flame bait at all. :)

    Then I hope you enjoy your time here.

    Yes I am.

    Are you claiming there are sub-species within the human species?
  8. spidergoat

    spidergoat alien lie form

    Would it satisfy you if we admit that atheism is a belief? Religion is a broad category, and I think that the concept of beliefs should be included. What is the danger of other categories of subjects intruding in the religious forum?
  9. HectorDecimal

    HectorDecimal Registered Senior Member

    What does it matter, SpiderGoat? I'm the equivalent of a religious-scientific mulatto. Neither side will want to see things from my perspective. I take the blame. I should have known better than to post in the religion areas of a scientific forum, especially when it only serves to show that the mods are apparently partisan and non-religion biased.

    As I said in my intro. I'll be hated from both ends. Sort of like having the flu.

    It doesn't mean I don't like some of the members, it means I'm disgusted with things that are a waste of time. I simply think that thread belongs, at best, in the philosophy area.

    It's a shame. People don't read escept what they want to. Usually they just want to hurt others. The atheist perspective cannot get along with especially Christians.

    I'll limp around and quack a bit. See if maybe it's worth the effort to talk about earth science.

    Like the "mod" said with a smile: I can always go elsewhere.
  10. HectorDecimal

    HectorDecimal Registered Senior Member

  11. wynn

    wynn ˙

  12. gmilam

    gmilam Valued Senior Member

  13. HectorDecimal

    HectorDecimal Registered Senior Member

    “Up is down, and atheism, the antithesis of religion, is religion,” said Fahling.

    The Supreme Court has said a religion need not be based on a belief in the existence of a supreme being. In the 1961 case of Torcaso v. Watkins, the court described “secular humanism” as a religion.

    Fahling said today’s ruling was “further evidence of the incoherence of Establishment Clause jurisprudence.”

    I guess Liebling will have to live with a future edition of Webster's reflecting this.

    In that, I imagine the thread is appropriate on the basis of it's qualification as a religion. Now the question is about "Comparative." It belongs in Religion because it makes no comparison to other religions. Look at the thread I began about Hubble findings validating the Bible. The comparison was based around the comparison of two perspectives of origin. Big Bang, implicitly, if not overtly, being challenged by creationism and further yet, the Bible, not Christianity, please note, against the written claims of creation or lack thereof in other religions. It is wide open to compare the Koran, the Kama Sutra, the Witches' Bible, (Yes. I'm familiar with that. My religious experience began in withcraft, as did modern medicine) etc. aginst the chronology of creation defined in Genesis.

    The Atheist religion thread we are discussing simply takes a poll of when someone decided to accept atheism as their personal savior, effectively. It is not comparative, thus belongs, at best, in Religion, now, since the court ruling declares it a religion.

    The thread about essentially getting rid of religion is philosophical, not religious. Secularism is a philosophy, not a religion, although, like many other philosophies, it harbors a religion. Such a thread is designed to anger especially Chrisitians, not that I blame penguin rech for doing something unneccesary in that, it is simply not a comparison between religions. It should be properly placed where flame generating threads belong, or, at best in philosophy.

    Comparative religion topics are defined below the category heading. Maybe I missed where philosophy could be compared against religion.
  14. HectorDecimal

    HectorDecimal Registered Senior Member

    Comparative Religion (14 Viewing)
    mythology, comparison of religious tradition, history of world religions

    just checked... no philosophy in that.
  15. HectorDecimal

    HectorDecimal Registered Senior Member

    Ask Anton LeVay about that for experience, but I'd tend to think if one begins an atheist church in their home, yes.
  16. aaqucnaona

    aaqucnaona This sentence is a lie

    You.... OK, first atheism is to religion as bald is to hair color. I hope you understand

    Two face too much?
    Philosophy, religion, free thoughts and world events somehow didn't come to your mind, did they? How can they, when the thread disagrees with you.

    Thats seems to be because only religion is currently messing around with textbooks and and redefining sucidal fashion clothing industry.

    And I like to paint the air.

    Good thing you are not the president.


    Ps. When you suggest the deletion of a thread, atleast have the courtesy to inform the poster.
  17. aaqucnaona

    aaqucnaona This sentence is a lie

    You, sir, really need to come out of that church and look around a bit.
  18. aaqucnaona

    aaqucnaona This sentence is a lie

    @How can we get a flame bate thread removed?

    Simple. Successfully disprove all the points made in the case for the debasement of religion and the thread is closed, archieved or deleted.
  19. spidergoat

    spidergoat alien lie form

    Atheism is not a religion, but it's classified that way sometimes because it's a constitutionally protected perspective on religious belief. The thread in question is identical to one that I created without a poll, simply asking people how and why they became atheists. It's something that any Christian could have asked in a religious forum.
  20. gmilam

    gmilam Valued Senior Member

    That'd be cool. Although I'm not sure what we'd teach... There is no common denominator other than a lack of belief.

    Maybe we could start an apatheist church where we just sit around, play guitars and drink beer.

    I saw a guy handing out agnostic pamphlets the other day... well, they were just blank pieces of paper. But he claimed they summed up his belief on the subject quite nicely. Wonder if he's tax exempt.
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