Homosexuality - Nature or Nurture?

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Cellar_Door, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member


    if you define homosexuality as being something against the democratic majority,

    ... then you also do the same for slavery, racial/skin colour segregation, genocide etc etc...

    the american anti gay christian movement is a minority in the world not only because they are christian but because they are active campaigners against homosexual people.

    by their own logical argument they invalidate their stance by seeking genocide upon themselves for being not the majority.

    you cant get more simple than that... BUT !
    then they bring out the big guns and say because some man wrote in a book and called it the word of god that it means that god does not love all that "he" makes upon this earth to serve him...
    you see yet again they have cut off their nose to spite their face.

    the real lesson is love but they have none so are still ignorant to the truth in love.
    hence they cant abide seeing anything that goes outside their material surface level pretend love because they need a big sticky label on anything to validate it so they know it is love because they have never expereinced it so would not recognise it if it fell in their lap.

    suffice to say love does not hang around on the doorstep of hate and it is hate that most of those people are preaching most of the time.
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  3. Bishadi Banned Banned

    that i contest a claim that 10% of the population is born gay?

    i guess you another fool that don't read and are making a fool of himself/her/itself.

    the NORM is; sex in nature is for procreation (humans represent a small portion of the 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the species that have sex.

    humans do many unnatural things by choice. Why do you think nuclear weapons exists?

    Heck, people call gay normal when reality shares it is from abe normal ideology; now that is about as abe normal as an abe can get. ie.... going in thru the out door

    How many female to female sexual relations do you see in nature?

    can you name ONE, that is normal?
    Mother nature (existence itself) shares that the winkie is to be accepted by the women parts, to make babies (for their life and lineage to continue, naturally; just like the majority of all life (using sex) does)
    that is mom's way

    human create all kinds of BS; ie... have you ever wondered how many gods mankind created?
    nope...... it is ooosualy frustration. (dolphins even rape other species based on frustrations)

    heck most (the majority) of gays are gay because of a previous negative experienced during their life.

    i have done the research; have you?
    normal based on the reality, comparing what 'life' is, why sex even exists, and using basic common sense versus a politcal agenda and the ignorance of self seeking (pleasure seekers)

    i like sex

    no not all sex is making babies

    and i think any person who conveys that same sex is normal based on isolated examples within the human and animal kingdoms is a liar and causing a 'loss to the common' by choice.

    no one ever said stop the sword fighting/bumping donuts; i post foul to any who post 'normal' when articulating same sex

    all the rest of your folks ranting and twisting up my opinion are weak minded fools who really have nothing for me or mankind

    and if gay, they we can all be happy to know the majority do not reproduce and that line will be extinct soon enough

    p/s... the reason i have such a tough time with gay issues is that you people who lie this subject up are rude because to lie to our children on such a subject is not only horrid but you fuel the pedophila by enabling little people to be exposed to more predators who, like you, believe sex is a need rather than a choice.
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  5. Bishadi Banned Banned


    an accident of nature!

    never met a hermaphrodite but like some exceptions in nature; there are always exceptions to 'the norm'

    eg.... i would be interested to know how many here have a parent that was hermaphrodite?

    or how many of them even have EVER procreated? 7 billion people on the planet, could someone share and example oe ONE; (you know to share what normal is to the few who can't handle the truth)
    that is like asking one side of conjoined twins what is it like to be alone.

    to love life, truth, existence and have the compassion for others over the self; i answer all questions with a clear conscious

    the self preserving and politcally motivated have little appreciation nor care for anything but their own little crowd of big ots
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  7. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    (you look good in pink)
    this is a good one !

    i think you will find the people who psychologically abuse their children with sex are mostly the religious hardliners.
    keeping in mind nature dictates sexual maturity at puberty.

    which is around 12 years old for many girls(or should i say women?)
    and about 14 for boys(or should i say men?)

    soo... when your children reach puberty and are by nature defined ready to breed, will you allow them ?

    or will you fight against nature ?

    and... when you do contemplate fighting against nature... with your own version of "nurture" what will be all this sex talk you will be putting upon these poor innocent children ?
  8. Bishadi Banned Banned

    and a bunch of pedophila is within, creating many new gays for the next generation

    me personally? absolutely!

    i believe the faster they make babies the better chance i have to live.

    if you understood reality, you would know that statement is an example of nature at her finest; life continuing.
    i live within nature; i don't lie to her or myself just because i can

    i can provide the reality of nature and be consistant without having to put up isolated examples and fib about it.

    anyone can see that nature is pretty clear; procreation, cell division and the continuance of life is far more important than just having fun and pursuing the needs of self over the good of life.

    the reason i bring up the 'if your parents were both gay, what would be the likelihood of your being here?" .....question............. is that if all people or even a large majority of people turned over and just screwed up their whole life for fun; many of the greats we know of today, would not be here

    many lineages would go extinct

    how could you honor your parents with life if all you are choosing is your own fun rather than continuing you life, your parents life and your whole lineages

    i say life rules over the needs of self

    it is natures way, it is my way and it is reality from a nut

    like it, don't like it; i could care less

    i base my argument on reality and the quest (instinct) of life
  9. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member


    soo because nature dictates survival of the fittest you wont bat an eyelid when a big strong 35 year old male comes along and kills your 12 year old daughters boyfriend and drags her off to rape her as his wife ?

    after all that had been natures way for thousands of years and is the natural process of survival of the fittest just like nature intended.

    keeping in mind nature back then was 1 male breeding with several females...
  10. Bishadi Banned Banned


    that must be one of your victims (someone who believe sex is a personal need)

    the people you lied too who believe they have no control over their sexual preferences.

    and the majority are fit enough to wipe the bigots of self seeking 'off the map'

    Life WILL WIN!

    and to some that is natural (having mutiple partners)

    but at least you were good enough to note that nature is naturally a MALE/FEMALE breeding format.

    "atta boy"
  11. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

    dont you love those above say 30 (or younger) bleating about whats natural?

    they should all be dead (not to mention that the elctricity which ALOWS them to bleat wouldnt exist) from the black death or poor nutricion and no sanitation ect

    thats igoring the fact that homosexuality has been found in every single sexual animal
  12. Bishadi Banned Banned

    funny line of thought

    i tink we have a real one as sanitation and nutriCion (how they look, is more important, than what they do (for a living/life).

    notice einstein barely combed his hair and had feet that would scare a small child; but he gave of his life for the good of knowledge; not to look good and smell nice and be the most wanted object at the club (bath house)

    and the same sex'ers in the animal kingdom are not the ones procreating; so their lineage naturally goes extinct!

    it's a common psychosis (basically how nature works, naturally; the good lives, the bad fades)
  13. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

    wrong again, bisexuality is just as common in animals which purly reproduce and then kick the female out of the nest and have offspring raised by 2 males.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2009
  14. Bishadi Banned Banned


    can you post that species and the unique evidence thereof (i like to learn new, unique, esoteric stuff)

    don't mean, gaydom is normal because we have AN example.

    can you share how many female to female sexual relations in the animal kingdom too? (just so we can all have a little material evidence to read on the unique sitchiations found within nature)

    p/s..... having unique sitchiations does not define the NORMAL of sexual relations, but it does offer material evidence to see the evidence without having to go down market street and see men in size 12, 6" pumps holding each others winkies, parading how happy they are. (which is all natural to their needs and desires)
  15. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

    try studying the sexual practices of bonbonos concidering they are our closest relitives
  16. Bishadi Banned Banned


    could you post the ratios of how many pedophilia and gay (same sex cases) between the variety of church personnel and children in relation to how many examples of gaydom in natures animal kingdom.

    Meaning i will post more examples of how sick the minds of people governed by sexual needs up against your examples of same sex in nature

    and you have the upper hand because you have far more species to measure with

    but i will bet a gazillion bucks i will win this debate too!

    people are sick with self over this sex issue and it is people like you too irresponsible to address reality as it is, that keeps them predators alive, procreating and imposing to the children

    all because some people just cannot accept reality for what it is; that the weirdo's are not targeted, stopped and removed from damaging others.

    you can do what you want in the closet; but screw any who think normal is the proper term for describing selfish intents of sexuality over the good of others.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2009
  17. Bishadi Banned Banned

    and bonobos are a unique species

    ever notice their rear end parts are hugeenormous

    but i have yet to see two female bonobos bumping donuts

    as well, if you have ever watched the documentaries on your cousins; notice the sex is oooosually to divert the male 'frustrations' so the females offer themselves to the males to shut them up

    kind of like what a wife may often do when their husbands get frustrated (to shut them up too)
  18. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member


    what a truly retarded thing to say.
    nature knows no word such as rape.
    and you preach to it as if it is against nature by suggesting informed consent is some natural state of the mind once puberty comes along.
    you truly are quite far removed from modern civilised human life.

    the very term "rape" was not even perceived as being conceptualized as crime until the last few generations.

    and you speak as if you have absolute knowledge.

    i have grown tired of attempting to appeal to the soul inside you it is too soaked in the blood of your childhood.

    the reasoning part of your mind has been shut down by brainwashing.
    i feel sorry for you but not as sorry as i do for what lies in store for any children you may encounter.
  19. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member


    at last the curtain slips and the real you is unmasked

    you are revolted by sex and put all that negative energy into homosexual sex hoping that will wash out your demons
    your quite pathetic really.
    how truly sad you try and sanctify sex by pre definition of an absolute and removing all personal accountability of choice to absolve yourself of any sexual desire and then speak of control to lie to yourself to try and cover it up ...

    your a living joke !
    and now i know all about it and because you told me.
    how does that make you feel ?
    sex by numbers for you isnt it just to try and maintain control in a situation you fear to go out of control.

    you have run soo far and soo fast from your own mind you lost touch with not only your nature but nature its self.

    how natural are you feeling now ?
  20. Bishadi Banned Banned

    just as a liar knows no integrity

    but rape does occur in nature just as the rape is natural to a person who believes sex is a phyical need of a conscious life (that is supposed to be able to chose)

    is holding each others winkies walking down market street 'civilized'?

    is trying to fib to all mankind and yourself, that gay is natural; is that civilized?

    so i guess pedophilia and praying upon the weak is natural to you too?

    all rules combine based on observing 'life'

    so from gravity to consciousness; the rules are pure

    and YES i am that idiot

    then appeal to the light of life and fuck me

    (i could care less if you like me or what i have to say; but be honest, fair and of compassion or you will fade)

    that is how i feel about you; brainwashed

    you actually believe you are being compassionate and caring by supporting a rude obnoxious self preserving ideology of gaydom being natural.

    it is sad and it is all based on the FACT you DO NOT COMPREHEND life and what the hell you are doing on this planet

    you think this is your period of 'fun' and reckless abandonment when in reality, if you not doing for life; you will fade and kill your whole chain based on your own selfish choice (rather than the truth of life, reality and existence; the nature of life)

    you have the ability to think but chose the pride and ignorance to be your guide

    basically, i care more for you than you do!

    otherwise i could just say, "yea baby, rock the dog and have fun, and screw anyone but what makes you feel good"

    but that aint me; i expect responsibility and if not, then find when your peers are on your door-step; you won't have a second chance

    you in 'that time' and you debating with 'that idiot'

    if you want truth, you have it

    if you don't; then enjoy the time you have and forget what you have learned today...

    some, may forgive the fool who is deceptive; i don't, especially when having the truth slap them in the face

    either you get right and care for others or you dont (i never said stop the sword fighting; i said be aware and responsible; harm others and your ass is mine)
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2009
  21. Bishadi Banned Banned

    perhaps you need to speak to my partner(s)

    i will bet i am more consistant on a daily basis than most you will ever know; it is not only something i enjoy, but damn good at it (because i care more for my partner, than just 'getting off; i like that 3:1 and 5:1 ratio (its a power thing, i guess)
    now this is just a troll, doing what trolls do

    trying to put the homophobia crap in the thread whenever they losing
    and you are a punk with about as must integrity as a tad haggard (ouch, maybe that was too low an insult?.......................... Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)


    i don't lie to people and tell them that same sex is normal.

    again, you trolling like a ho in heat

    i feel good

    and i joke about how bad the bigots can fib (anyone can see this post and can see how you recoil when cornered)

    there is nothing out of control in the gay issue most of the bigots are within the cities
    i live within mother nature and why i can see the rules and have no issue with observing what is naturally true.

    what is your problem?

    as good as ooosual after putting an idiot in their place; sad that i even have too (each are capable of caring; some are just to pig headed to care about anything but their own)

    it is sad t still see folks like you maintaining the definition:

    •one who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; one who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion ...
  22. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    you want honesty ?
    well im not sure you really know what honesty truly is.
    do you even know what type of things get entertained in the minds of the average person going about their business ?
    until you do you really cant define nature from nurture can you.

    interesting to see you back track and try to remove yourself from the point you have been making over and over saying that homosexuality is something that should be defined as unnatural and that homosexual life styles should be defined as going against nature.

    i guess that is mostly because i outlined the fact that going back to nature means i have the right to abduct your son or daughter and do with them what nature tells me to, be that kill them because they compete with my food source or abduct them for some type of toy to play with them throw them away when i have finished if i dont eat them or have sex with them.. like most other predator animals do in a natural setting of nature being nature.

    but then suddenly you have all these rules and laws which you have found somewhere.
    not written by some god like entity that creates all living animals but some person.
    and it has been fed to you.
    the very intrinsic nature of humanity is to evolve and to suggest sex is something that should not is like saying living in house instead of caves is an abomination to the species as being unnatural.

    you see this is where it comes to your brick wall...
    "free will and freedom to choose"
    this is where your issue is.
    i dont mind pointing it out for you for free for what a professional would no doubt charge you thousands for and do over some time.

    you have beaten up your free will and tried to suppress it soo much because of the absurd issues put upon it by other people while you were growing up and learning.
    that's ok we all have issues and some never get over them, where as you have now an option to learn more about yourself and tear down some of those brick walls and find true freedom and true free will and then choose who you want to be in actual REAL freedom not just some jumped up state of pretend options delivered by some control freak sexually dysfunctional preacher.

    here we are on the dawn of a new era in the species, one which has never been before.. space travel and the chance to visit other planets... and here people like you are telling us it simply is not natural.

    we have long since passed what is natural and what is not natural and more and more are choosing something... it is called non violent communal living with respect of others non violent ways of life.
    i suggest you check it out.
  23. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Hmmm lies...
    Let's see.

    That wouldn't be a made up statistic would it?
    As in false?
    As in a lie?

    Goodbye liar/ bullshitter/ clueless.

    PS I bet you ignore this or try to wiggle out of your promise to leave.

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