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  1. birch Valued Senior Member

    You seem to think homeless get so much. They hardly get shit and taxpayers are hardly paying for shit! They get to stay in a crowded shelter and get almost expired food and clothing thats thrown away or no longer wanted.

    Where do you get this hyped idea that they are costing taxpayers so much?

    And another thing, this false angle of a mantra that people who better function and have jobs and housing are doing so 'just' to be a contributing member of society is bullshit. They are doing so because they have self-esteem, relatively less damaged and do so for their own well-being and maintain their comfort or standard of living. Not to be some saint for society.

    Homeless people have little or no self-esteem besides their problems.
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  3. Bowser Namaste Valued Senior Member

    I have no doubt there are those in need, yet what about those who simply want a fix? I have no problem giving to the homeless, but there are times when I feel like a sucker doing so. And where I live there are sooo many panhandlers on the street corners.

    Twice I've been asked for food, and I gladly provided. I don't have enough money to give to all those asking for cash. My problem is that I know there are resources in my community for those in need. Asking you, since your a person with experience, what about those other resources?
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  5. birch Valued Senior Member

    I wouldnt recommend giving cash unless you just have money to throw away. There are basic resources (food, clothing) available and many are hooked on drugs or alcohol so it contributes to their problem.

    Giving them a tangible item is more useful such as food but only if they ask for food. As in you tell them that you will buy them food if they want. If they decline, then you know they were not going to use the money for a necessity.

    I have given money occasionally for busfare only because change is not that big a deal and they may be telling the truth they are stranded.
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  7. Bowser Namaste Valued Senior Member

    Most of the folks here hold signs at intersections, so it's an impulse donation. You're right thought, giving them a dollar or two might not be the best thing.
  8. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    There really is no good way to help those who do not want it. The news always shows how destitute they are and how bad of conditions they live in. The news never shows the empty beds that await them if the so need a place to stay but never use them. Until the news stops its one sided view of the homeless we will continue having more of them not get help and get into worse conditions.
  9. timojin Valued Senior Member


    I several country in Europe it is forbidden to give money to street beggars
  10. zgmc Registered Senior Member

    I have seen guys dumping out soda cans by the case, so they can turn in the cans for the refund in order to buy booze. The soda was of course purchased with food stamps.

    I work at a location that is close to a "gospel mission" which helps out the homeless in various ways. At least once a week someone comes into the shop trying to get some cash one way or another. I had a guy talk to me for about 10 mins the other day, his story was total bullshit but he earned his $2. The mission is also a hub for drug deals. The cops will watch from our loading dock at least once a month. They are constantly busting those guys, but they are right back out there as soon as they get out.

    I know that not all homeless people are like this.
  11. Bowser Namaste Valued Senior Member

    When in Spain I was followed by a Gypsy beggar. I couldn't understand a word she said, only that she wanted money. She followed me right into a restaurant. Very aggressive. In Italy they had beggars by the churches. I saw one guy who looked to be a leopard. I don't remember seeing any panhandling in Germany or France.
  12. timojin Valued Senior Member

    ootball hooligans were filmed urinating on a beggar in Rome. Photo: Screengrab/Corriere Della Sera
    Prague football fans filmed urinating on Rome beggar


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    Football hooligans were filmed urinating on a beggar in Rome. Photo: Screengrab/Corriere Della Sera
    Prague football fans filmed urinating on Rome beggar
    The incident happened at a crowded tourist spot on Thursday afternoon.

  13. birch Valued Senior Member

    I can tell you why these people are in between fatalism/self-destructiveness and the instinct for daily survival.

    They feel they dont have anything to live for. They feel weak and powerless due to low self-esteem and self-loathing. Almost all of the ones i knew were 'haunted' and marked deeply by something from their past or childhood. They also knew they couldnt function by putting on a happy mask and living in regular society. They know this, they are too damaged to do this and they would be fired or people in mainstream society wouldnt want to be around them. When i mean haunted, lots of ptsd and sad memories of being unwanted and unloved, told they were worthless and nothing and lots of trauma that completely takes over the person.

    Its not as simple as people think. Society wants people who are strong, happy, peppy, outgoing etc.

    They are not that stupid to not know that for some the level of damage prevents it. Thats what i sensed an awareness that they couldnt measure up and they couldnt fit in because of the damage and they couldnt function. So it was a sense of vague resignation.

    I know it is no coincidence every single one of them were from abusive homes including the males and the other two females and i also had childhood sexual trauma. Not some minor, serious trauma. None of these people had family they trusted or really cared just like me. Definitely no coincidence.

    It goes deeper than this. I will use the analogy of ghostlike as a metaphor. Since our experiences shape us, they form our personalities and focus to survive. Since these people were so hurt, besides turning to drugs or alcohol, they often have a ghostlike personality living in some safe zone or fantasy in their mind like a fuzzy balm. Its to protect themselves from their memories by easing the harshness and also to comfort themselves. They have to consciously do this to maintain some semblance of self, identity and sanity.

    Now, do you really think people in this state would be able to function in competitive society? No and they know this too.

    Have some compassion for their suffering and their inability.
  14. birch Valued Senior Member


    Lets just use an example of how a single instance of how trauma can potentially lead to homelessness.

    There was a woman who suffered anesthesia awareness during her eye surgery.

    The result was severe ptsd, she could never sleep in a bed again as in lie down but instead slept in recliner. She eventually lost her job due to her emotional and mental anguish after was disrupting her ability to function through flashbacks that just ate away at her.

    This is just one incident in her life and after the fact. She wasnt in actual physical pain anymore but the memories were devastating.

    Contrast this with someone who grew up with physical, emotional, mental and even sexual abuse sometimes more than once or on a regular basis starting from their formative years and ends up a 'homeless good for nothin bum' and what excuse does she got? Should i call her weak and worthless? A drain on society? Taxpayers having to pay for her? What about cases where people sue over things that were not so traumatic or trivial and rewarded millions? Where do you think that money is coming from?

    There is no one the homeless can sue for their damages.

    Have compassion as life is not fair.
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  15. nitram22 Registered Senior Member

    This is a very predu

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