Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by %BlueSoulRobot%, Sep 22, 2001.

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  1. %BlueSoulRobot% Copyright! Copyright!! Registered Senior Member

    What's all this hype about the Nimda virus that's been going around in attachments lately? All I know is that Nimda is Admin spelt backwards.
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  3. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    You'd be best looking at somewhere like: for an answer.

    From what I've just read, it's another worm that can be sent through e-mail, and uses MIME to excute and replicate when just previewing an e-mail, let alone opening it.
    Again it's another server attack, and sites that get it try to upload files to you in .eml format (outlook express)
    Does like other worms and e-mails to those on your list.

    The reason for it's name I guess is the attack it does on share systems where it turns the Guest privaliges to Administrator Privilages.

    Heres a clue for stopping yourself increasing the spread of infection.

    1) If you use an e-mail program like outlook, save your friends addresses within your addressbook with the following changes:

    Instead of your mate being:
    change his email address to:

    Then when you write an e-mail to John in the future, remember to take the nospam. out of the address. The virus and worms won't do that, so those virii won't infect friends, collegues or anyone else on your list.

    2) If you have a website, I'd advise that you do the same to your e-mail address that you have on your webpage, with a note telling a person to remove nospam. from your address if they want to contact you.

    This cuts down bot's and spiders that might try to make you a patient 0 for a Virii or spam you with loads of stupid adverts.

    3) if you notice that your computer is running slower than normal, and it isn't because you've loaded any new programs. Or you find that it starts doing odd things while your online (Like your mouse moving, or shuddering). Then you probably should virus check ASAP.
    If you aren't using something to protect yourself, then you should learn how to monitor your computers usage, like how much ram you take up with your programs, how much CPU usage is occuring, How much read and write is on the hard-drive and how much info is being sent and recieved by a modem.

    Those facts can give you a clue to a computer usage or a networks usage.

    4) Get yourself a firewall (I recommend looking for "Tiny Personal Firewall" for windows systems)
    A firewall can be useful for locking off particular troublesome ports, and stopping particular accesses.

    5) Get a reg cleaning program or learn about your registery. The registery is where all the nasty programs can be set up to execute when you do something like open notepad etc.
    Also you can speed your computer up by getting rid of old registery files that are no longer used, like things you've uninstalled.
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  5. rde Eukaryotic specimen Registered Senior Member

    Here's a better idea: remove outlook. It's insecure, and it'll cause nothing but pain.

    Here's an even better idea: install Linux.
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  7. rde Eukaryotic specimen Registered Senior Member

    Re: Outlook express

    Netscape has a pretty decent mail program, although mozilla has more features. The best mail program that I've used for Windows, though, is Eudora. Course, it's a few years since I've used windows to any real extent (great version of solitaire), but I haven't heard of anything that surpasses Eudora.
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