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  1. Cifo Day destroys the night, Registered Senior Member

    I looked at Port-au-Prince in Google maps' aerial photos and noticed that the low-end housing was in sizes about 10'x10' to 30'x30', about 100 ft² to 900 ft².

    I thought of wooden modular homes with two types of segments: one type would contain the core facilities, and the other type would contain two bedrooms. Each segment would contain two units (about 8'x8'x8') on either side of a central corridor (where each unit would contain half a corridor, and joining them together would create the complete corridor). The core segment would consist of a work (cooking/washing/hygiene) unit and a common area unit (and this segment would be reversible, with the common area to either the right or left). The bedroom segment would consist of two bedroom units. Each bedroom unit could hold one large bed or two small beds or, in a pinch, two sets of bunk beds. Each unit, regardless of purpose could contain at least one window on the wall opposite the corridor, and would have a simple, single-pitch shed roof.

    The smallest home would be just the core facilities where the common area would double as a bedroom, overall about 8'x16' or 128 ft². Larger homes would have one or more bedroom segments attached to the core facilities segment, allowing for 2-BR, 4-BR, 6-BR homes, overall about 16'x16' and 24'x16', 32'x16', etc and 256 ft², 384 ft², 512 ft², etc. People would walk through the front door into the core facilities segment, and the back/emergency door would be at the end of the corridor of the last bedroom segment.

    This would be almost a "shotgun" design, more like a double shotgun to either side of the central corridor. The units could be built and transported locally, and houses could be assembled on site.
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  3. Me-Ki-Gal Banned Banned

    Great Ideas Cifo. Similar in design of what we put together. The sq.ft. of our designs are 800 sq. ft. for the biggest 576 sq. ft.for the mid size and 400 sq. ft. for the smallest . The smallest has a covered out door kitchen with wood burning grill single slop pitch roof for easier water collection . We did put 2 windows (All Egress 4040 sliders with low e glass ) in each bedroom so you can open up and have cross ventilation . WE felt it important so as to naturally let out heat build up. A lot of the housing don't have windows and I assume it is for keeping the heat stacking up . Anyway from the research we have done the average home is 250 to 400 sq. ft. Very small compared to American standards . The hill side houses are no more than a glorified shed with a dug out spot to put it . WE want to improve the over all quality of life for the average Haitian Peoples. I like your Ideas and the hole Idea is for the Haitian People to build there own homes . Try to kick off a trade school with Haitian craftsman running the trade school to teach other Haitians that are interested in learning wood working skill sets . I would be in an advisory position only. The Existing Craftsman would take charge of there own destiny and lead the program . So building units there is most definitely the way to go, or stick built on site is O.K. fine with Me too. The Haitian concrete skills are good so the plan is to stucco the houses for water protection from the elements and with the skill sets they have stucco should be an easy do as they plaster over the concrete block walls already . I don't know what siding products you would use on prefabbed units . Steel vinyl or wood I imagine . If they are prefabbed units I guess they could be built stucco ready and then stuccoed on site after installed . Another way would be to prefab wall units and assemble walls on site kind of like R- control panels or house kits . The main thing is to put Haitians to work as they want jobs just like everybody else .
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  5. Me-Ki-Gal Banned Banned

    well it has been a while and as I can non of you except a select few that have P.M.ed Me don't give a shit about saving the world from total damnation so well me and one other guy who knows who he is and dude the fish pond is sure genious . I will always be in gratitude for that suggestion cause then starving mother fuckers are gonna get a fucking Meal in the future .

    I want to say I am sorry for being so disgruntled to the way the world is.

    It makes Me cry to think we can't do nothing about it when we can .

    O.K. enough bitching and complaining . I need enough money for a plane ticket to Haiti Friends . Transferable Air miles will do if anyone in the world is inclined .

    That said, I got my first series of shots Hep 1 and Hep 2 today . I don't get shots . They don't bother Me I just don't make the time for shots and all that bull shit. So I gots to get another one of those hep shots before Jan.2 if a plane ticket materializes before that date . Preparedness is a virtue and if not I will be good to go in March to start teaching a group of Haitian craftsmen the art of framing with wood. Those fuskers are gonna know and know good cause fuck you all I have trained Many off Apprentices that most of you would not make a pimple on a carpenters ass. They gnna be my new best friends and love me cause they gonna get the good shit from the horses ass. That be Me . That be My Name . People said that about Me a lot in My life . They said Mikel is a Horses Ass. Well be careful of what you wish for .

    O.K. just joking . You all are the greatest . I know you don't know any better because of your emotional infancy. Some of you have come to the light I know and I love you with the bottom of my heart . You bring tears to my eyes you with the mercy of a thousand generations . You represent well . Be proud and stand tall . Frag spead the word ! Wood For Haiti

    We got T shirts Yee Hawww!!! Giddy up . High Hoe Silver and away
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  7. Me-Ki-Gal Banned Banned

    Well I am running the risk of this looking like a personal blog yet I feel the need to post in it today as I leave for Haiti for the first time at 5:30 P.M. . It was a foggy morning and am sure planes have been grounded until the fog lifts. It is about 1:30 and it has already started to slowly lift off the valley floor . All good ! I am packed and the last thing to do is drink my fill of water and take a good long hot shower. To start out hydrated as the thing I hear the most is I will become dehydrated and be thirsty at all times.
    I have gifts of miscellaneous carpentry hand tools and a few power tools small enough to put in my check in suit case.
    The gift of most importance seeing how I am a guy of the sign of the times and has been demanded to Me as a carrier . The Black book of a Clansman . With his name at the front of the book . This smells of Melek Taus as well some of you know is the L spirit that lives in my soul. THe Black Book !!!!!
    I got his compass too. In an old wood box. All so an assortment of lures , fish hooks and sinkers.
    I also have 2 bags of candy for the youth . Individually rapped so they have the feel of something all there own.
    The objective is to win the hearts of the Haitians and give a direct signal I am for them to exploit. That by my exploitation of business knowledge / building know how/ they can lift them selves up by creating there own industries of trade . Instill the idea of prosperity where they are the benefactors of exploitation. Restoration will be a big leg of controlling there environment. This act will be vital to the longevity of making Haiti better than Hawaii.

    This trip we will plant the seed in the fertile ground of despair were the soil is rich for taking hold of better days to follow. To instill the hope of luxury in the mind of the willing. The ones that wish to see there country gain vitality enough to be the envy of the world.

    Those of you with Me hold the dream of a better way for humanity . Will this forward with your hearts for if successful it will spread like a cancer effecting the whole of the earth like a shot in to future better well being as a whole . As a whole. No Man left behind !!!!! Haiti is the target and will no longer be left behind. I have spoken . The words have left my mouth and can not be put back
  8. elte Valued Senior Member

    I wish you a successful time!
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