Germany & France are to blame for the Iraq War!!

Discussion in 'World Events' started by vincent, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM Registered Senior Member

    If germany and france had stayed united against iraq, instead of using there own domestic troubles as the main reason, behind there negative support on war with iraq if all else failed.

    In germany the chancellor was trying to get re-elected, so he used the iraq issue to do it, by saying germany would play no part in it.

    In france the froggies were doing over 10 billion dollars of business with saddam, so they did not want war.

    So saddam played against the weakness in the united nations, knowing there would never be U.N. sanctioned war against him, forcing America and the uk to go in alone.

    All loony leaders back down when the world is united, in this case they were not, if they had of been bluff might have been enough, to make saddam back down.

    Now we have the samething happening in iran, first we have the idiot of a german leader making a pre-election speach that war will never be a option with iran. once again he is using another nuclear showdown issue as a springboard to get re-elected, and france once again is doing billions of dollars of business with iran.

    So we have the iranians already knowing that the united nations is going to do jack shit, even if they are developing nukes, because the idiot germans have shown our cards already.

    It makes me laugh the frogs and the nazis, when there is a overseas war or in yugoslavia, they commit the lowests troop force numbers, while the american and brits always commit the most, yet these two wanker countries have so much to say on international affairs, and now it looks like the pair of them are going to be responsible for a war with iran, by once again tipping our hand to the enemy on what we may or may not do.

    Nazis and froggies are spineless cockroaches.
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  3. Bells Staff Member

    You're blaming them for the war because they wanted no part in it?

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    Gee, I guess the French and the Germans listened to their citizens desire for there to not be a war... unlike Bush, Blair and Co who did not listen to the 'people'. And it is nice how you have charmingly ignored the fact that the justifications for going to war in the first place have come to naught. The French and the Germans and the rest of the UN probably realised that the inspection teams were correct... in that there were no WMD's and that Iraq did not pause a direct threat to US soil or British soil for that matter. And you're telling us that you don't think the US is not looking out for their own interest in this war? Considering how all the major rebuilding contracts for Iraq have gone to the US kind of puts paid that that idea, huh? Or how a select few in the US Government are seeing their bank accounts swell due to the shares they own in the companies making a fortune in the war.

    Back down from what exactly? From saying that he had WMD's? From resigning? LOL! And pray tell, where are those WMD's?

    So are many other countries. What's your point? And I guess the German Chancellor has a tad more respect for international law and the UN Charter to not pre-emptively attack another country.

    The key word here is "if". If they are developing nuclear weapons. You have no proof that they are. So that's reason to go to war? That they might be?

    No. You tip your own hand. Their refusing to go to war or join the US and UK on a war fishing expedition does not mean that they are to blame for the war. The one's to blame for the war are the one's who strike first without any proof of why they are even striking. They're not tipping your hand to the enemy on what you may or may not do. The UK and US have been shouting from the rooftops what they want to do and what they are planning.
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  5. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    First off, Germans aren't nazis. In WW2, only about 15% of the population were nazis, and only about 2% of the population were die-hards. These days, if you even say so much "Sieg Heil", you will be fined & jailed for inciting racism.

    2. While I don't like France that much, not all them are spineless dickfaces. That's just the folks in the cities. Out in the small towns, and out in the countryside, people are nice and the women are hot.

    3. America is to blame for the war in iraq, because that's the country that started it.

    And finally: H.R said.
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  7. vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM Registered Senior Member

    Sadaam was breaking U.N. laws all over the place, they had long range missiles, that they were not supposed to have, they did have chemical weapons, it is very easy to say in hindsight that he did not have nukes, but as you and others have pointed out he was buying, nuke equipment from the uk before the war.

    If iran is developing nukes, how stupid are you, they are producing nuclear fuel now, yet they have no operational nuclear power stations, so what the hell do they want it for.

    And on top of that the russians have offered to provide them with it

    Saddam was a vindictive, sick evil *astard who was mad as a march hare,
    he still thinks he is president of iraq thats how mad he is.
    Too this day he still thinks kuwait and saudia arabia is part of iraq.

    But lets leave a guy like that in power, who has acess to 30 billion dollars a year in oil revenue, and lets hope he just spends all that money on food for his people, even though, millions were starving, while he lived in 50 grand palaces.
    And lets just hope a man with unlimited financial resources, who hates america, because they burst his bubble in kuwait, lets hope he does not spend this money on terroism funding and nuclear developement


    And if the internatinal community had stayed united against iraq there would have been no war.It was well reported in the news, that saddam was playing on these splits, and it was giving room to manovre.
  8. vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM Registered Senior Member

    So 85% were not nazis how come they let the 15% dictate to them, they never heard of a uprise.

    Nazis pure and simple, and now they are paying america back for beating them in the war.

    (hypothetical situation)
    America now ignores what goes on in iran, but says to germany and france, for every nuke iran drops on america, we will send the same to paris and berlin

    I wonder indeed i ponder, if france and the nazis will be so keen to ignore the nuclear situation in iran then, somehow i get the feeling the nazis would be threatening war with iran themselves to stop them.

    The nazis and froggies have no worries if iran gets nukes, they are not going to point them at there cities, no they will be pointed at, israel and america and britain.
  9. dkb218 Banned Banned


    I guess for the same reason, the rich dictate to the rest of us what they're gonna do with this planet. How they plan to destroy in the name of their god, Profit. I mean, we are somewhat aware that global warming, the destruction of the rain forest, polar ice caps melting, over use of oil based products and the like are causing harm to our world, yet, no one is uprising. Is the problem not bad enough yet to warrant an uprising?

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    Do we have to wait until we can surf in Denver?

    49% of the people of the USA didn't vote for Bush [myself included - didn't vote for Kerry either before you assume I did].

    Why aren't they uprising? Why after knowing full well that George Bush, Jr., is a liar [can you say Weapons of Mass Destruction?] and coward ["sure I served in the Air National Guard! I don't care if you can't find a record of it or if it seems my daddy got some of his rich buddies to get me out of the war buy allowing me to jump ahead of the 10,000 other guys who were more deserving than me to get an appointment to the Air National Guard.], have not the people brought a mass uprising?

    People are more inclined to believe and follow there leaders than to cause a mass uprising. So 15% of the German population were Nazi. Did they all know that the head nutcase was cooking and gasing people? I think had the entire population been aware of crimes being committed in the name of the German people, there would have been an uprising and no allied forces would have been needed.

    All leaders have things they need to hide for the "ignorant masses". Must keep them from asking questions - at least the RIGHT questions.
  10. dkb218 Banned Banned


    I wonder indeed, where/what informs you that Iran has nukes? What/who informs you they even want nukes? This "They Might Do This In The Future" rule to war is corrupt. This is NOT the AMERICAN WAY! THIS IS THE NEONAZI Way. Yet, Americans are fed a steady diet of propaganda and instead of trying to find the other side to the story [remember when you were a kid in school and the teacher told you there are 2 sides to every story...] they eat it up.

    AMERICANS, when they feel that there elected leaders are up to no good [oil, oil, oil] are REQUIRED to ask questions. Being AMERICAN is NOT following in BLIND frenzy waiting to knock off the next country. Nor does being AMERICAN allow you to disregard international law as if you weren't a part of this world. Nor does it allow one to call another a WIMP simply because he doesn’t agree with the LIES your leaders speak.

    The West is once again creating reasons to invade another nation. WMD's? KILL SUDDAM! NUKES? INVADE IRAN! [Draft, what Draft?]

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  11. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    Wow, you know, not everything is so black-and-white. There are grey areas, you know. In this case, it's called apathy. They simply didn't have the spine to do anything, until later in the war. Part of the german army tried to rebel and kill hitler, but the attempt failed.
    Most people were in the middle. Mostly, they supported the fatherland, germany, but not the nazi party. Only the radicals supported the nazis, and there were quite a few germans who resisted the nazis, or have you never heard of Sophie Scholl? She was a german girl in WW2 who was part of an anti-nazi organiztion, the White Rose, and she was executed. So, before you start spouting bullshit like "all germans are nazis", stop, think, and do some reasearch before you post. Dumbass...

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  12. Neildo Gone Registered Senior Member

    And isn't WW2 not taught in schools anymore or something like that, or is severely censored in regards to what the Germans did in those years?

    Yes, and Saddam also dismantled all his long range missles he had. But you know what? We still invaded them. Just as if Iran ceases their nuclear research, we'll still invade them because we're going to war with them regardless. Not to mention with Saddam having no more long range missles and Iran having no nukes, it makes illegally invading them that much easier.

    And you talk about Saddam's breaking of U.N. laws to be so horrible, lol. Care to know who's top on the list of the most broken U.N. rules? Israel and the U.S. Yeah, seriously, do as I say and not as I do.

    I dunno, you tell me. Why does America and the UK let 0.0001% dictate to us? Haven't we ever heard of an uprising?

    Not surprising. Trying to force others into doing what they don't want to do yet again. Why does ANY country have to back America at all? Go ahead and make embargoes against those countries, but to force them in a way especially such as nuking them is fuggin retarded. I'd rather the threat be "How about we nuke Vincent's home for every nuke that Iran doesn't drop on America".

    Yeah, and? What's wrong with that? It seems America, Israel, and the UK are doing things wrong then. Don't blame other countries for our faults. Go France and Germany!

    - N


    "I was over in Australia and everyone's like ‘Are you proud to be an American?’ And I was like, ‘Um, I don’t know, I didn’t have a lot to do with it. You know, my parents fucked there, that’s about all. You know, I was in the spirit realm at that time, going ‘FUCK IN PARIS! FUCK IN PARIS!’ but they couldn’t hear me, because I didn’t have a mouth. I was a spirit without lungs or a mouth, or vocal cords. They fucked here. Okay, I’m proud.’" - Bill Hicks
  13. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    Fuck if I know. I'm not from germany.
  14. vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM Registered Senior Member

    Iran is producing nuclear fuel now, yet they have no operational nuclear power stations, so what the hell do they want it for.

    And on top of that the russians have offered to provide them with it

    Many countries are wondering why they are producing it.

    Why do we still communicate with a country that hates America so much,
    I mean they have a massive U.S. flag with a skull of uncle sam, and the words death to america,and bombs falling on america right next to the highway.

    They are already telling the world what they plan for America with this flag.

    Please explain this flag to me.
  15. OliverJ Banned Banned

    Why would they?? they were making money off Sadam !! Alot of money ?

    Maybe you missed that?

    Its pretty much a fact... but lets not get that in the way of your delusion.
  16. Stokes Pennwalt Nuke them from orbit. Registered Senior Member

    It is in Germany. German citizens are, in my experiences, extremely regretful and apologetic about that portion of their national history. Their culture acknowledged its mistakes long ago and has since moved far beyond it.

    Japan is probably what he (Neildo?) was thinking of. Again, from my personal experiences, the Japanese people have always been extremely nationalistic - bordering on jingoism in many cases - about their history. Japanese atrocities in Asia during WWII are, for example, absent from historical textbooks. There is a powerful nationalist undercurrent in Japanese culture that is alive and well beneath a veneer of westernization and crap like Hello Kitty and neon cell phones.
  17. Neildo Gone Registered Senior Member

    No, it was Germany. I remember one or two people on these forums talking about how all traces of Nazism is removed from their country and how it's outlawed. Also in regards to the history of WWII, it's severely altered as to what really happened and many parts are censored and kept out. They were saying how some people there don't even know what a Nazi is. I think it started in a thread about how much history other countries know of each other's and there was a huge debate as to WWI. It may have been something like "Ignorant Americans".. I'll go see if I can find it.

    I dunno, maybe I just dreamt it or I'm not recalling it all correctly, who knows, but that's what I thought. I think it was Stryder, Skinwalker, or another guy I confuse them all with. It was a common poster that's from Germany. Hopefully they, or someone else from there, can clear up my huge blunder I made even though you pretty much did if you're correct.

    But yes, I do know that Japan's atrocities are removed from their books as well and also how China threw a big fuss about it.

    - N
  18. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    Well, if your country did something so unspeakably horrible as the Nazis did, wouldn't you rather not have you children find out about something so shameful, so horrible, that they might feel shamed?
  19. Neildo Gone Registered Senior Member

    It sure does help to explain why so few people actually know about the bad things America have done and are wondering why Arabs hate us as they do. Because of our freedom.. lol..

    Ignorance and forgetting the past does not solve anything. All it does it make it more common for those bad things to occur again.

    - N
  20. Bells Staff Member

    And the US and UK weren't making money off Saddam when they sold him all he needed to commit acts of genocide against the Kurds? Did you miss that? Did you miss how Reagan and friends were great friends of Saddam during the 80's during his war with Iran? They were full trading partners with Saddam until the point he invaded Kuwait. But even when the US jumped in and retaliated for this invasion, did you take him out then? Nope! You had the chance to, but Papa Bush decided against it.

    So France and Germany were still trading with Iraq up to the point of the war and refusing to take part in said war is now seen as being the 'cause' of the war? Gee, and here the world thought that the reason we went to war was because of the yet to be found WMD's and Saddam's personal relationship with Al Qeada (which has proven to be non-existent). That was the cause for war wasn't it? That is why we pre-emptively attacked another nation was because he had WMD's that posed a threat to the US and allies?

    I still remember Powell's impassioned plea to the UN, showing all the images of Saddam's WMD facilities and robotic drones spraying chemical and biological agents. Yes, those were the days weren't they? The days of lies and deceit...

    "But lets not let that get in the way of your delusions"...
  21. vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM Registered Senior Member


    But unlike the froggies and nazis

    The uk and America put our national security before making a quick buck.
    and compared to france and russia, we were trading peanuts.

    The froggies are doing more business, with crazy countries like iraq and syria
    and the old iraq, than any other countries bar russia.

    The froggies and russia, are cashing in on the fact that most countries do not want to know them.

    The froggies,& Russia,& the nazis have alot to answer for there trade deals with iran and syria and other pyria, evil countries.

    The same countries that are responsible for nearly all european wars apart from spain.

    These countries are pure garbage.
  22. Neildo Gone Registered Senior Member

    WTF? Don't you listen? There WERE NO national security concerns in regards to Iraq. They had no WMDs! We fixed the facts to make it look as if they did to give us an excuse to invade them to make a quick buck. And what Bush 'n Co have made so far and what we're going to make far exceeds the profits of both Germany and France.

    - N
  23. vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM Registered Senior Member

    I have already stated my reasons for putting sadaam in a straight jacket, you can not allow a sadistic loony tunes, 30 billion a year in oil revenues, he was not spending any money on iraq infrastucture or his people.




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