Free Downloadable Fully-Featured Organic Chemistry Textbook

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    As university chemistry student, I was more than elated to stumble across this jewel...

    Basically, two people decided to co-author a fully-featured, three-volume, organic chemistry textbook.

    All you have to do is register (it's free), and you will immediately be given access to a part of the site where you can download the textbook in the form of individual .PDF files (each chapter in the textbook is a separate PDF file).

    I am about 25% of the way through this textbook, and I have to tell you: I love it! I have yet to even take organic chemistry at my university, but I already am understanding it.

    This textbook is awesome. Each section in the chapters end with a "try-it-on-your-own" summery questions/problems.

    I hope you will find this textbook as useful as I have.:)
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    any free engineering books online?
  4. wait, wait, wait,. Where's the register bottum?
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