Flat Earth

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    I didn't say they were. But 'round earth' is a more common description than 'global earth' and 'round earth' does not usually connote a disk. 'Global' is more typically used as meaning the whole surface of the earth - e.g. global trade - which does not necessarily connote an oblate spheroid.
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    From Beer w/Straw Post #6
    I would check it out if I happened to be within 20 miles of it.

    BTW: I think they paid circa one million for the replica of the Ark. That seems like more than it is worth. I wonder if they got taken.

    I also wonder if they collected money for it from believers & pocketed some of it. It looks like an overcharge to me.

    It would be amusing to chat with those in charge. I happen to be an atheist with significant knowledge of the Bible, Christianity, & various other religions. Studies I view as interesting from the POV of sociology & psychology.

    I wonder how many put the creation date at 10,000 years or less. These folks need some explanation for geological features indicating the age of the Earth is over 3 billions years.

    I wonder if there are some who do not accept the story of Adam & Eve in Eden.​

    How many Posters/Readers are familiar with the Lilith mythology? If you read Genesis carefully, you discover the following.

    Early in Genesis, a male & female are created on the same (6th?) Day.

    Later in Genesis, Adam is described as the only creature without a mate.

    The above is the basis for Lilith mythology relating to Adam having a first wife. I am not sure how she came to be named Lilith. It might have some significance to those who are familiar with the early Hebrew language.

    In some of the mythology, Lilith & her offspring are demoniacal.

    In other mythology, she is the first in a line of women who never marry the father of their children, who (I think) are all female. In these mythologies, Lilith & her progeny are admirable folks. In some mythologies they have some mystical abilities.
    BTW: Current versions of the Bible seem to have been created using various older documents or perhaps using oral traditions.. This is likely to be the reason for more than one version of some stories.
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