Femininity and schitzophrenia

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Xev, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    Well wanderer and hed are arranging a fist fight, thats something.
    In fact, for that reason, I'd say this is the most productive thread ever.
    Someone has to video tape it though

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  3. Shmoo The CzarnaChapka Registered Senior Member

    Join me in a dance Xev, a dance in the moonlight.
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  5. Bells Staff Member

    This has gotten to the point where it's barely amusing. In fact I'm finding myself getting frown lines. Botox will have to come sooner than later

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    Oh dear lord. AN.droid, what is your problem? I posted to Fountainhed and Wanderer, it was not addressed to you, but to them and the way they were carrying on in calling each other and such. If I was flippant, it was because I choose to be so. You feel so aggrieved at my calling Wanderer 'Wanderboy', yet you say nothing at the fact that I called the other party 'Fountainboy'. Ah of course, you only 'respect' one and not the other. For fucks sake, how is my calling him 'Wanderboy' derogatory? I'm sure you've read the other posts where arguments abound and calling him 'Wanderboy' does not even come close to any of that. Hell I even called him a hairy backed ape once and I didn't see you there coming to his rescue. If I remember correctly he replied that he could wax. Now why would you feel the need to bare your fangs at me for teasing Wanderer and Fountainhed? Is it the respect you have for him thing? If you did respect him AN.droid, you'd let him defend himself if he felt so aggrieved. Now I saw the time I posted that first thread that got you all riled up and I looked at the time that he'd posted in this and other threads and if he was offended then, I'm sure he'd have let me know. If he's offended today by it I'm sure he'll let me know. But then again why should he, he's got you as his little bodyguard on here. I'm waiting for you to start singing 'I will always love you' a la Whitney Houston at any time now

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    . Now child, my piece of advice, let it go. Sheesh.

    And if you wish to call me 'doorbell' knock yourself out. I've been called worse. Hey take your pick. I am rarely offended by something as inane as that.

    It is? Hmmm interesting you should say so. I'm having flashbacks to the little gremlin poster you posted everywhere. Now that aside, if you are friends with Wanderer then good for you (no sarcasm meant here either). You wish to defend his honour then do so, but do not expect all to feel the same as you do. Those who agree with you will stand along side you and those who do not will point and laugh. Welcome to the life of sciforums.

    Come forth and vouch for me? Why in the world would I want someone to do that? I can vouch for myself. You will consider them in future light of me? LMAO! Let me tell you something an.droid, with the exception of one, no one here knows me. So why should I expect people who do not know me to come and vouch for me? Why would I want such a thing? Even the one person who knows me away from here would never dare do such a thing because he knows I'm more than capable of vouching for myself. Come and vouch for me... LOL..

    Interesting an.droid. If I show contempt to anyone on here, it is usually not merely a hint. I tend to be flippant in my replies, but as for the contempt, I'm not one to feel contempt for people unless pushed and when it is shown, it is rarely a hint.

    Yes I'm aware that Wanderer does not play hide and seek in here and neither does Xev. But do not expect others to start hero worshipping people on here just because you have grown to respect them. No offence to Xev and Wanderer but while I respect them and their opinions (sometimes

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    ), I do not think that they are the be all and end all of these forums. I reply to their posts when I choose to and they reply to mine if they choose to. We agree and we disagree and sometimes we trade insults. It's the same with everyone else on here, I treat them the same as I treat others. Do you understand what I mean here?

    Your sexuality doesn't mean didly squat to me. You're gay? So what? You post on here like everyone else so the fact that you're gay, straight, bi, white, black, beige, brown means nothing. Zip. I won't take it into consideration because your sexuality is your business and it is not for me to take into consideration. When I was talking about hero worship, I was not alluding to your sexuality, believe me. So now will you let all this go? You're giving me frown lines... lol.. kidding...
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  7. WANDERER Banned Banned

    Like it always happens, when a thread is dead and doesn’t know it, the topic turns to Forum squabbling.
    I admit I have also fallen into this trap when confronted with idiots and morons, like spookz, foutainofshit, 15thatsays0 and others.
    Perhaps a certain degree of avoidance and indifference is needed here.
    What better way to deal with a needy, idiotic, moron than to totally ignore him/her?
    But, due to a character flaw, I am someone that wishes to escalate things onto the next level or I see them as unproductive.
    That is why I cannot participate in subjects with no practical applications or in insult-fests where all that is done is words are flung around like shit hoping some of it will stick or [like many have done on this forum] enter personal relationships [of intimacy or animosity] with individuals without wanting to take it onto the outside world.
    What’s the point of this forum if it doesn’t have ‘real-world’ consequences [negative or positive]?
    That’s just the way I am.
    Things have to have a result or a conclusion for me or they become meaningless and boring.
    Just for the record.
    All my ideas are not things I always associate myself with. I never said “I am the ideal, follow me.”
    Everything I’ve written is taken from personal experiences and evaluations and are, mostly, things I aspire towards, to varying degrees of successes.
    When I speak of asceticism or Hellenism or nobility I am saying this is what I want to become and what, I think, makes a life worth living. I am not saying I am IT or the epitome of what it means to be ascetic or a Hellene or noble.
    I’m usually attacked on the grounds that many perceive me as placing myself as an example to be imitated when all I am is a work in progress telling others my perspective on what I see as worthy of serious consideration.
    Having said that, the first and hardest thing to achieve is the awareness required so that change can happen and in that respect I do see myself as superior to many others.
    Here is where my arrogance comes from.

    I am not going to address anything you’ve said, on my behalf, specifically but I am a little surprised by your positions here.
    I always perceived a certain animosity from you towards me, sprinkled with a bit of innocent attraction.
    But I’m flattered by your remarks and a little embarrassed by them.

    I would say that some, in an effort to explain your allegiance to me, think you are me and I am you. Funny huh?
    I don’t know which one of us should be more insulted here.
    I think both of us should.

    You are certainly right on one thing particularly: I am the sort that seeks out innocence and purity and genuine character and responds to it in kind.
    Lucysnow is a good example and there is another who prefers to do the 'genuine expressing' in private.
    Not to take advantage of or insult or laugh at or mock or judge but to then reciprocate my own purity and genuine self with no fear.
    But trust is the hardest thing to find.
    It is for this reason that I seek out my own kind.
    This part of your analysis of me certainly hit home:
    If you’ve noticed all my threads have had a common denominator, that of uncovering ‘bullshit’ and hypocrisy.
    There is nothing I despise more than hypocrites, especially the ones that come to believe their own crap, and it is in my attempt to ‘disrobe’ them that I get hated and attacked. Nobody, who has gotten used to the masks and clothes he wears to hide behind, appreciates the one trying to unclothe him/her in public.
    All confrontations that have degraded into an insult match, in which I have participated, have always been in response to a simpleton trying to prove ‘superiority’ to me by attacking me directly with hypothesis and pseudo-psychological babble and not my ideas or opinions themselves.
    It’s difficult to ignore flies and mosquitoes. You know they are harmless and insignificant and weak but the sound of them buzzing around distracts you and annoys you so you try to swat them into non-existence.
    Maybe I should start wearing bug-repellent.

    Since Bells likes to take pot-shots from the side when the other is preoccupied with a fight and since she’s labeled me ‘Wanderboy’ I believe this gives me the right to choose my own label for her.
    Possible terms
    1-Hells Bells or Smells Bells
    3- Southern Bells
    4- Cowbells

    Vote for the best one.

    By the way nothing you've ever said has ever insulted me. It's your motives that sometimes insult me and your pedestrian naive altruism but that's another story.

    Jeez are you here again?
    What the fuck is wrong with you?
    Construction season begins soon. Get your hammer ready and leave the computer be for a while.
    You spend much too much time here; especially surprising since you never say anything of significance.
    You are like a supporting-cast member.

    Mental note.
    Whenever gendanken asks for clarifications or elaborations a remark is threatening to hit close to the bulls-eye and she wants to make sure her inner self won’t be exposed so she asks for clarifications to make sure the other just made a lucky-shot and it wasn’t a conscious well-aimed remark or she wants to then distract the other from the sensitive target by answering in her usual ambiguous manner and blowing up a verbal smokescreen.
    Is her crabmeat so tasty and tender that it needs so much exoskeleton protection?
    Is she so vulnerable psychologically that she needs so much armor and violence?

    Dr Lou Natic
    Do you volunteer?
    Make sure it's a camera with a bright light because the Chimp doesn't show up on film well unless there's a strong light on him or he smiles; he sort-of blends into the shadows and the background.

    Sorry Xev.
    But what do you write in your profile?
    “Genuine talent tends to frighten people.” or words to that effect.

    But look, I believe you have another admirer now. Schmoo.

    You know that idea about starting a cult isn’t such a bad one. I think it’s feasible.

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    Last edited: Mar 24, 2004
  8. Bells Staff Member

    You left out Babbling Bells. And can I vote? Merveilleux! Ermmm I vote for (1) Hells Bells (and Bells Smells sounds better, don't you think? Has a better ring to it.. pardon the pun); through to (9)

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    . Ringmyballs kind of sounds kinky.

    Funny thing about motives Wanderer. I often think the same about you as you appear to think about me. But as you've said, that's another story. As for your pre-occupation with your little fight? Well next time I'll wait until you're less pre-occupied with a fight, but that would be a long wait... Why I think that may have been a pot shot! Pas vrai? And to enlighten you Wanderer, my first post in here in regards to you and Fountainboy wasn't meant to be a pot shot, just an observation. Funny you should think otherwise. I best shut up now, lest you think it's another little shot at you. One thing I'm suprised you haven't figured out yet Wanderer, if I wish to take a pot shot at you, I do so directly. Ah well, who really cares when it all boils down to nothing.

    If you wish to meet and fight people on here that's your perogative, but by doing so, you aren't proving your masculinity, you are merely lowering yourself to the base levels of society where violence is the only means of communication. I seriously thought you better than that, regardless of all the arguments we've had on here, I actually thought you were better than that. I'm sadly mistaken. And no there are no ulterior motives behind that remark. Take it as you will.
  9. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    I'm not one to diffuse fist fights, I've instigated, incited and strategically arranged countless, but what is this fight about?
    I still don't know. I feel kind of lost when they aren't my doing.
    this has nothing to do with what the 'hed said about you to me via pm does it?
    And hed,
    this has nothing to do with what wanderer said about you to me via pm does it?

    Yeah I'd be pissed about that as well, I don't know about you but i just don't put up with shit like that from anyone, as far as I'm concerned he crossed the line to the point where not kicking his ass would be like tossing his salad after he shat on your family.
    I'd just be furious, but I have respect for myself see, like I'd understand if you just let it go and slithered back to your little hole while he triumphantly holds the trophy that is your dignity high above his proud head.
    But I just couldn't do that myself, maybe its just me. All I know is right now he's the better man, and you're just sitting on your hands, grinning like an idiot. You'd easily kick his ass, I guess you're scared, oh no wait you're "above" that right?

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    don't want to "waste your time"?

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    Fact is he owns you now.
    It looks bad man, thats all I'm saying, and chicks are watching too... shamefull
  10. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Oh this is funny. Very funny.

    Of course not.

    But misunderstandings also arise when one suddenly finds a tremendous idiot in the person they are dealing with, a common mind, like yours, that gendanken now feels silly to think could have been anything other than a Dearprudence

    We will take it slow now and cross our fingers that you do not get lost in your sycophancy this time, you footstool:

    Android said this: “.Anyway, it is the fountainhead who popped in here amongst his 'enemies' It is the fountainhead whose very self-conscious presence was to stir the piss pot. It is the fountainhead who swung the first mud pie at several in this thread”

    Gendanken then says:” Oh shut up. Perhaps you'd like a reminder and have it oulined to you, maybe?”

    We’ll put it simpler now-
    Android: The culprit is fountainhead. He came here to pick a fight.

    Gendanken: You need a chronology on why he even showed up. I’m more than willing to give it to you.

    And so, the emotional idiot at the crime scene will always say that this happened that way while the cool, rational one that was there with them says otherwise. Simple. And yet your simple, pathetic little mind I find you in nowadays would rather you plant yourself in the middle of your cute martyrdom and assume gendanken was even talking about you:



    That you are way to emotionally steeped in this thread and so far up someone's colon that you cannot even read a quote right. That’s what, you imbecile.

    Gendanken does what she wants when she wants when she wants to.

    That would be Wesmorris or Redoubtable, love.

    But this is where you get interesting.

    I’m sure by now those, like myself, that found this thread lucrative once are boring of the current mudlslinging but this thread has died so I am more than welcome to stomp on it.

    Here is where you come in, Android.

    I had this idea long ago for a thread on power, the magnetic effects even its counterfeit forms inspire in weak minds.
    Here we have you following your object of deference around between threads, letting so and so know of your presence by addressing either the object itself in short posts or those around it by talking about it, esteeming it, defending it- what the commoner, like yourself, would call ‘licking sack’ or justify it by some other analogue like ‘merge’ (ha). This is how the commoner rationalizes his actions.

    And if by now you may have gotten lost- again- by 'it' I mean your little friend Wanderer.

    You my friend are like an 80’s mallrat with a Kirk Cameron poster up in his room. Watch you hide or deny it when someone walks in and catches you masturbating on it.
    You are one who is an expendable, of low caste but trickier in logic since you are in fact male. I had another species in mind to supplement my theory but the picture was foggy and female and a bit too much like myself on some aspects to be of much interest...….but now, oh now I’ve found the perfect specimen. The kind that will hide behind his object’s slogans like the midget he is, barely peeking out from behind it you’re so fucking short and trembling like the weakling you are I can barely see your cowlick.

    You are only a go-between. Your only use is that of messenger or worshiper. Guess who the 'nigger' really is, Andy? Can you? Will you, won't you? Funny shit, huh?

    Now run along tell your masta to shut up with his crab meat and stop adressing one who finds him as proleatarian and vulgar as the barbarians he presumably despises. You can also tell him to throw in that idiotic 'analysis' of his up there how much gendanken hates herself. Right on brother!


    A reminder:
    1-22-04, 06:50 PM, "In Memory of Spookz" thread.

    This is why I find people like you and your little brother Anrdoid incredibly amusing.
  11. WANDERER Banned Banned

    Ouch. That verbal gendanken tirade must have hurt you terribly my friend.
    I felt the impact of those 'hypothetical' blows all the way over here.
    Sticks and stones.... and all that shit.

    One reason gendanken is alone and will be alone for a looooooooooooooong time is that nobody quit measures up to her standards- not even she measures up to her standards- and any one slip-up, earns you a place on her shit-list. It must be pretty full by now, with my name right there on the top.
    Her standards?
    Her idealized self and that grandfather of hers that has become an unassailable peak, an icon of perfection, unsoiled in memory.
    Watch her growl and spit and scream throughout this Forum; all of it self-protection.
    No wonder then that she has gotten so good at insult and looks down upon my “pedestrian”, “blue-collar” insulting abilities.
    She has a certain sophistication of insult a white-collar rudeness, if you will, an academic superiority to her verbal abuse that should be envied and mimicked. She exists on the cutting edge of verbal abuse artistry, a scholar of linguistic attack, a master of acoustic assault. Typically female.
    Practice does make perfect and she certainly gets a lot of practice here weekly. In fact she has ongoing insult-wars, with some in here, spanning months, if not years.
    She must smile every time she comes up with a good one-liner or a clever put-down. It’s her abstract victory judged by the opponent’s reaction.
    But if isolation and solitude is her fate then what the hell is she doing here amongst us humans? She says one thing with words and then acts in a contradictory manner.
    I once said something about not listening to what people say but watching what they do and how.
    The body never lies.
    I, for example, can say I'm not attracted to a woman but can I prevent myself from getting an erection?
    Side note:
    Another difference between men and women: men need to injure more than the heart, they need to injure the body, they need sensual evidence and real scars, not just hypothetical ones.
    The feminine type [male or female]: content with words and psychological hypothesized injury. They imagine the pain they must have caused and find comfort in assuming it exists.
    One reason she gets along so well with the foutainofshit type.
    Did you notice how she warmed up to him after the battle was engaged?
    They can spend decades exchanging witty remarks, each winning every battle in their own heads, and nothing ever comes of it. No consequences, no injury, no harm, no result, no conclusion, no final victor. Nothing.
    Hours and days spent posting and the results? Inertia.
    She scores repeated verbal victories in place of real-world ones and she pretends she is more male than most of the males here because she can act the part better and she is surrounded by boys that never learned the value of honor. It's easy to be mistaken for a man when you are amongst boys, even if you are a WOMAN. Adult women have thicker voices and more muscle than boys below a certain age.
    She lives in a country full of domesticated cows and castrated bulls and she takes this contrast between them and her as evidence of her superiorityand that condemns her to undiscovered solitude.
    She’s decided she’ll be alone until the day she dies and anything that reminds her that she doesn’t want to be so she despises and hates, especially when it comes from the inside, from that damn feminine part of hers she feels so insecure about and which drives her to want to be taken.
    She hates the human need and the sacrifice of humility required to get close to someone. She sees it as a defeat and too high a risk to take.
    "Humans are scum, they will always take advantage of weakness", she thinks because this has been her experience thus far.
    She knows nobility in an abstract sense but she doesn't believe in it.
    “It has died with Nietzsche…” as she once put it.
    Her ideals now found in cadavers and dead men that can’t disappoint her and that live forever in idealized infamy and in inhuman perfection in her mind.
    But, I suspect, if she were to meet Franky, he too could not possibly measure up to her idealized standards. She’s taken the human out of the idea, like a Platonic concept.
    This makes any possible comradeship or intimacy an impossibility and any expression of compassion or loyalty or admiration, or amity or goodwill something to be dismissed and mocked while secretly envying it. She must retain that aura of hostility which makes her believe she is special and a solitary warrior, misunderstood, unappreciated and content with just self.
    But then, inside her heart, there is that part of her wanting to be tasted and acknowledged and loved and accepted.
    She hates that part -not herself in general- but just that part of her.
    But she will not allow herself to be taken or offered freely, she must be earned, damn it, EARNED! Earned by the best, by the noblest, by the greatest, by the strongest, by the purest.
    She will settle for nothing else.
    You must prove yourself to her first and then await her gracious acknowledgment of your value. You must grovel at her feet and prove you are harmless before she allows you to sit beside her, even if only symbolically, and then she will keep a vigilant eye on you expecting you to make a mistake for her to point at so that she can then push you away once more.
    All this to protect herself from being seen. She finds fault and weakness in all others, and I mean all living others, so as to justify her need of maintaining enough distance between her and them that keeps her own faults and weaknesses obscured by distance. In this way she maintains her own high opinion of herself intact.

    She shows her contempt by addressing me in the third person and with the pronoun it.
    Oh how I bleed; almost as much as from that verbal punch from the chimp over the phone.
    Let’s indulge in some verbal sparring shall we?:
    I punch you, I thrust,
    I block, I punch, I scratch your eyes out and I kick you in the groin.
    I perform a reverse roundhouse kick that strikes you heavily in the face and then I gently land on my feet, like in the movies.

    Did you feel it?
    See, words, only words children. They don’t mean nothing unless action accompanies them.
    Hey, here's a novel idea, instead of just saying you are intelligent and noble and superior why don’t you post something that shows it?
    Now, I might be way off track here but how quaint it might be if some of the people shouting the loudest about other people’s stupidity actually posted a thread where they say something that shows us the quality of their minds.
    I know, I know an old fashioned idea.
    Sorry for not being modern enough and hip enough to belong to a generation that just talks and never does anything.

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    Let’s see how powerful words are:
    I can fly!!!!
    Nope nothing. No levitation.

    I am rich!!!!!!
    Nothing again. Perhaps I should check my pockets....No nothing there.
    Maybe if I do this:
    I am rich
    I am rich
    Nothing again.
    I am rich
    Nope.... nothing.
    Let's see perhaps my words will gain real-world power with some color [inspired by Bebelina]:
    No matter how I emphasize and accentuate the words they lack potency.
    The only effect of words is within human minds, really, and this only if we allow them to.
    I know:
    Maybe if I repeat it often enough it will come true. Let's see what power words really have now.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Here goes:
    I am immortal, I am immortal, I am immortal, I am immortal, I am immortal, I am immortal, I am immortal, I am immortal………………………...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2004
  12. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Karate Kid:
    Words, words so many words.....words, words and words. A second is all it takes to browse through his bilge nowadays that is sounding as old as he is.

    What is interesting is how the man not only fails to see what so dearly applies to him but has clearly not understood what was meant by 'cleanest subsitute'. Idiot.
  13. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    words affect impressions. impressions effect actions.

    i may choose to act kindly to you based on your words.

    then again maybe not so much.

    words always shape future actions. some of them more than others depending on a number of criteria.
  14. WANDERER Banned Banned

    That's me right?

    You, on the other hand, are a fountain of wisdom, a fountainhed if you will.
    And yes I am old, as old as anyone in his thirties can be.
    Old and feeble and weak.
    Now if only the
    can come here and prove it.

    Is your only defense the ‘so are you’ one?
    But everything you write can be misunderstood, you never say anything clearly.
    Ambiguity is how you keep the mask in place.
    The only things you state with clarity are your insults and your disdain because they too maintain distance.
    Everything you say is a pushing away and everything you do is a pulling towards you.
    Funny thing how you can consider any expression of love and friendship as weakness or kissing-ass but any expression of hate and animosity is proof of strength for you.
    You have this double-standard concerning emotions.
    Negative emotions= good, positive emotions= bad.
    Instead of saying all emotions are a sign of need and weakness you differentiate between emotions that keep you safe and those that open you up to be taken advantage with.
    What keeps you safe is good, no matter that it too reveals a weakness, and everything that exposes you to betrayal or disappointment is bad and certainly a sign of weakness.

    Little girl, courage isn’t measured by the absence of fear but how one deals with it.
    Machines have no fear, are they courageous?
    Stength isn't measured by the absence of weakness it is measured by how one deals with it.

    Of course I see how everything I say applies to me[you've repeated it enough], but I am not afraid to expose myself as what I am, unlike you. It is in how I cope with what I am that makes me proud and what I want to become that makes me noble.
  15. Bells Staff Member

    Heh, yes I rue the day that I went back on those words. But temptation got the better of me and I admit wholly to it.
  16. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member


    And so the rambling idiot, the bruised ego, the oily charmer, the little boy calling up other little boys on the phone to call them a nigger will keep saying things like this:
    and this:
    and this:
    and this:
    and especially this:
    ....Only so long as he sees that the 'little girl' he's attacking is not showing him her weaknesses, him her loves, him her passions her sadness and mental beauty- those things he damn well knows do not have to be "earned", fought for, groveled after or whatver little other cute terms he likes to rationalize it with. If its not him, says this boy, then she does not have them.. Its that easy.

    Been hurt by women in the past? GOOD! Detest them? GOOD! Had to slobber with Bobs and hate your once being a Bob? GOOD! Need that special someone to grow gardens with in Ithica months from now? GOOD! Frustrated and lonely? GOOD! GOOD, GOOD! I wonder who the imbecile will be that finally takes you up on your offer, I wonder if it will end up being Andy.

    You are resorting to the same extremes- what was it, lobsters, yes?- those same extremes that you love chalking up in your stupid metaphors and profiles because can she not see?! does she not know?!! has she not heard??!!!! WANDERER is it!

    You are so easy now its annoying my friend, far more common and vulgar than gendanken ever took you for. Read close: Pathetic. Disturbing. Amusing. Disingenuous. Dismissed. This is my last post to you in this thread.

    (and by the way- I'm not a fountainhed. I'm a fountainOFshit, remember?)

    If nothing else, your statement is at least admireable. I concede.

    Last edited: Mar 25, 2004
  17. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Deviate from the script, boy!
    You have two or three different analysis of people, you simply rotate them depending on who you're dealing with.
    Come to think of it, I was the one who used that description first, remember?
    Creativity is good.

    Even if it is a correct description, it's far from being the knock-down punch you think it is. People have sensitivities and vulnerabilites that they conceal from all but a few well-chosen friends? People don't spill their hearts to the first random stranger? Sorry to be the first to break it to you, but welcome to the human race.

    One thinks you're simply miffed that you're not gendanken's "special someone" to confide in. Deal

    Actually it was Leo Sacher-Masoch
  18. Nebuchadnezzaar Registered Senior Member

    You sound like you need to get laid. Not offering, just observing.
  19. Nebuchadnezzaar Registered Senior Member

    You too, go and get laid already.
  20. Bells Staff Member

    Well done Nebuchadnezzaar.

    You've just proven to me the reason why some people should not be allowed to reproduce. It would save the world of having to read your 'get laid' posts.
  21. Nebuchadnezzaar Registered Senior Member

    the world or just you? get lost geek boy/girl
  22. WANDERER Banned Banned

    How can I deviate from the “script” when most people fall into similar general groupings?
    If we weren’t so alike we would not relate.
    I never intended it to be a “knock-down” anything. Just making observations after said persona referred to me as an ‘it’.

    Yes, it is true, I along with every other male on this Forum, wants gendanken.
    It’s her winning personality that attracts us to her, our male desire to conquer the unconquered and dominate the strong willed.
    Welcome to the human race indeed.

    Now if only I were just like everyone else, this would be insulting.

    What are you now, gendankens press-agent?

    I never said it wasn't
  23. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Nuances. You see one of Wanderer's criticisms, you've seen them all.
    "Oh you stupid bitch! You stupid bitch?! Mickey, that's what my father used to call me. I thought you'd be more creative than that!"

    There you go again. Behold Wanderer, the last great male. How lofty he is in his contempt for women (and wonders why homosexuals find this appealing), how utterly he depends on their approval. A peacock, who sneers at the peahens as he prances about in his fine feathers. You grovel and you sneer, perhaps you sneer because you know how you're grovelling, but one must admit it's a sensible strategy when dealing with the sort of self-hating, brainwashed trollops who constitute modern womanhood.

    You brought sex up, I didn't. We know damn well you're not after pussy in se, and in truth few intelligent men actually are.

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