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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Gustav, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Gustav Banned Banned


    Welcome to the new-look "Subcultures" section of sciforums.

    We have renamed the section "On the Fringe" and have created several new subforums. The Fringe now includes:

    Alternative theories
    Post your revolutionary new Physics ideas, or discuss alternative medicine, Creationism vs. evolution or other alternative ideas.

    Do you have extraordinary or paranormal powers, or just want to discuss them? This is the place.

    UFOs, Ghosts and Monsters
    If they come from Out There, you can discuss them in here.

    Tell us how our governments and our scientists are lying to us, and why.

    If it's On the Fringe and you don't know where to post it...


    In addition, a couple of subforums have moved house:

    Formal Debates
    is now located in the category.
    SciFi & Fantasy is now located under Life.
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  3. drumbeat Registered Senior Member

    Is more psuedo-science a good thing?
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  5. Gustav Banned Banned

    the above was quoted from an announcement thread in the fori under On The Fringe

    if one wants offer up a few suggestions for any further mods or tweaks, feel free to do so.


    with regards to the UFOs, Ghosts and Monsters forum.......

    with regards to the inclusion of SciFi & Fantasy in the Life subforum....
    the focus appears to be way to narrow to justify its inclusion in that forum. if anything, it would be more appropriate to group under Art and Culture. the implication of this move is that other genres could theoretically have a home here. i imagine an argument could be made for a Horror or Romance forum in Life in light of this precedent.

    furthermore, since any topic in SciFi & Fantasy could theoretically find a home in Art and Culture, it would make that forum practically redundant. yet deleting that forum is not an option so what are the implications of moving it back to its original home.......​

    the renaming of Subcultures to On the Fringe

    ....what really would be the point of classifying SciFi & Fantasy as "fringe" material? in fact why would sci even need to take a position on what constitutes fringe material or not? take for instance, Alternative theories and its expected contents. it is already considered "fringe" so what we have here is a redundant classification. it is also clear that description has considerable negative connotations thus sci appears to officially endorse an unwarranted prejudice towards its own subforums.

    in light of these conjectures, i propose a reversion back to the original title...subcultures. it is nonjudgmental, all fori in it have the virtue of being viable sub cultures found in modern societies and it maintains tradition.

    then move SciFi & Fantasy back to its original home​

    the inclusion of Alternative theories in On the Fringe

    i prefer if it were under science but have not formulated a clear rationale for the move...yet. perhaps others? ​


    *rename UFOs, Ghosts and Monsters to Ufology
    *rename On the Fringe to Subcultures
    *move SciFi & Fantasy back to Subcultures
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  7. Gustav Banned Banned

    seed the new forums with a few pertinent and active threads. perhaps two pages of ufo crap in pseudo moved to ufology?
  8. CptBork Valued Senior Member

    I noticed the new forums shortly after they were introduced, and I think it looks great (for starters). The subfora are appropriately titled IMO- if people want to believe in spooks and monsters in the closet, more power to them, but these kinds of superstitions shouldn't be glorified with some technical-sounding title suggesting the evidence holds a candle to the mainstream scientific view.

    Love the subtitle on the conspiracy theories subforum, it's straight and to the point.
  9. Gustav Banned Banned


    interesting point you raise there. i noticed them long after they were introduced.......yesterday?

    is that a cautionary note or response to efforts to "glorify"?
  10. Gustav Banned Banned

    since the other new forums...Conspiracies and UFOs, Ghosts and Monsters fits fairly comfortably in Subcultures, it appears that the only reason why that forum was renamed On the Fringe was to accommodate Alternative theories. several forums were pwnd for the sake of one

    as far as subforums go , it is better be impartial and non-judgemental the higher up the hierarchy one is. for instance

    /sciforums/on the fringe implies /sciforums/various crackpottery fori

    it is akin to bork's.....
    on the other hand.......

    /sciforums/subcultures/"various crackpottery fori" adds a layer of insulation against an official endorsement of crackpottery. it clearly indicates that views propounded here are not mainstream but sci acknowledges there are segments of our society that thrives or even built an industry of sorts around this kind of stuff and we generously afford them a voice here. we do so without overt prejudice


    while we are nitpicking......

    ESP, telepathy, faith healing, precognition, dowsing, talking to dead people

    thats the desc for para
    esp seems covers all the subsequent ones so mod to "extra sensory perception" and eliminate the redundancies. add "ghosts" if you wanna
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2011
  11. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    I must disagree

    In truth, I must disagree with all three of these points.

    Ufology — This is a subcultural phenomenon that, through its necessary corrolary, aliens (EBEs), represents a modern expression of superstitions that historically have included ghosts, monsters, angels, and devils/demons. The idea of Ufos, Ghosts, and Monsters works. Ufology would exclude its historical predecessors.

    On the Fringe — Perhaps I would have used a variation on that title, like "Fringe Elements", or some such, but in the end, it works well enough for me. The problem with the proposition of renaming OtF to Subcultures is that it is far too limiting. Subcultures include BDSM and AB sexual hedonism, punk music, beat poetry and hippies, stoners, and so on. We've never opened subfora for those particular subcultures for diverse reasons. Namely, we're not going to sponsor a BDSM or AB or Swingers subforum; and we haven't seen such acute demand in A&C to open a Punks subforum.

    SciFi & Fantasy — The subforum is well-suited for Arts & Culture, especially as we now have a place for fringe theories that tread into the SciFi realm. Science Fiction and Fantasy, as literary genres, are tremendously popular, and rather quite influential. There is much greater demand for a subforum dedicated to SF&F than, say, Dadaism, "chick-lit", or even historical fiction. Indeed, if demand grows enough in practice—it is not impossible to imagine enough threads spread through History and A&C that we might wish to reserve a specific subforum for historical fiction—we can certainly add to the parent forum. As it is, the A&C forum is inclusive insofar as it is open-ended. The OtF/Subcultures proposition plays here, in that context: It is limiting and exclusionary, and the possible future inclusion of other genres—e.g., Mystery, Espionage, & Adventure—in A&C would seem to sleight SF&F, which are, as I mentioned, powerfully influential and popular literary and pop art genres.​
  12. Gustav Banned Banned

    what the addition of ghosts and monsters imply is that be they be considered on their own account. we are now encouraging members to create "i saw a monster" thread. you encourage a possible ufo sighting to be considered in archaic forms such as your angels and monsters.

    how many "monsters" have you seen in tt's? i counted less than 10 ghost/ghosts in tt's in para and pseudo

    i do not see how "ufology" would limit any historical considerations of the various superstitions you present. on the contrary it is implied and all are free to present the comparison.

    your premise is that since it is not explicitly included in the forum title, such considerations are necessarily excluded. that just seems silly
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2011
  13. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member


    As you're aware, I live in the Pacific Northwest.

    I would ask you to imagine the following:


    • I saw Sasquatch

    • Lights over Nebraska city

    • Yeti lives

    • I saw a winged, evil-looking midget molesting my wife as she slept. What is it?

    • Nazca lines a landing strip for ancient Indus flying machines

    • help! werewolf ate my cat!

    • Silver Bullets and Spark Plugs: Wolfman vs. Frankenstein

    • top ten reason mods suck

    • Secret DARPA lab creating Halflife's headcrabs

    • dimensional portals in islam—palestinians are evil

    In a Ufology subforum, the likely outcome is: Free Thoughts, on topic, Free Thoughts, Cesspool, on topic, Free Thoughts, SF&F, SFOG or Cesspool, Pseudoscience, Cesspool.

    Just sayin' ....
  14. Gustav Banned Banned


    the actual proposition is allowing the original title remain
    so for 11 years you have been fighting off attempts to expand subcultures to include bdsm? and that is why the rename occurred?

    how is subcultures "limiting"? limits what? the inclusion of your list? :shrug:

    again my point is that yes there is a ufology sub culture. as for existing in the fringes and margins of society......

    80% believed that other life forms exist in the Universe
    55% believed that there is a foundation in truth for the existence of UFO’s
    38% answered no.

    ....that is open to interpretation. therefore i prefer if sci to officially remain noncomittal and refrain from societal judgments

    how hard is that to understand?
  15. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    Today's Sesame Street is brought to you by the word "overstatement"

    I actually think it works better this way:

    As it is, the A&C forum is inclusive insofar as it is open-ended. The OtF/Subcultures proposition plays here, in that context: It is limiting and exclusionary, and the possible future inclusion of other genres—e.g., Mystery, Espionage, & Adventure—in A&C would seem to sleight SF&F, which are, as I mentioned, powerfully influential and popular literary and pop art genres.​

    Something about melodramatic overstatement goes here.

    Of the 80%, they have good reason to believe. I'm expecting we'll find some sort of life elsewhere in the solar system.

    The 55% aren't exactly on the fringe. To the one, we can simply point out that ufos exist, and the only question is what they actually are. To wit, I once monitored a ufo over West Seattle for about an hour before I could remove it from the unidentified flying object category; it really was a weather balloon. Indeed, I'm also more likely to believe that the strange lights associated with Groom Lake and environs are are more likely experimental technology. There are more things in heaven and earth, after all, than dreamt of in our philosophy.

    The 38%, which I'm juxtaposing with the 55%—lest we end up with 173%—I can't explain so easily. Some are just unimaginative, insecure dolts. Others are simply insistently wannabe objectivists.

    Not especially. I just think you're overstating the point, though whether by a simple multiplier or orders of magnitude I shan't speculate.
  16. leopold Valued Senior Member

    UFOs should be in its own subforum

    add "perceived gods" to ghosts and monsters.
  17. Gustav Banned Banned



    i want to try and understand what is being said or imagined here

    you group sasquatch under ufology then go into say in a ufology forum, sasquatch threads will be moved out? are you against it being moved?

    are you saying that sasquatch belongs in a ufology forum? a personal preference? is that why it was grouped under ufology?

    and what is this shit about welcoming exosci back? hasn't pseudo always been around?
  18. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    It's actually easier this way; and it's appropriate, too.

    I'm not really saying much of anything other than I see a certain working order in it. That is, the question disappears entirely with the subforum titled as it is. I'm not suggesting tequila and scrambled eggs here, but rather a common bond between the genres of legend.

    No, a sasquatch thread doesn't belong in Ufology unless the underlying theory is that it is an EBE.

    No, incubi and succubi don't belong in Ufology unless someone is going to dig up the Ark scene in Ezekiel and claim its aliens. (Yes, I have read that theory before. Once upon a time in childhood.)

    Don't know what to say about lycanthrope dining habits. Unless, of course, the EBE thing.

    You seeing a pattern here?

    With the common bond between these genres of legend, the question disappears by this grouping.
  19. Gustav Banned Banned


    SciFi & Fantasy is in Life not Art and Culture. Life should have more mainstream fori nested under it not some goddamn niche shit.
    open ended shit like sports are sufficiently broad in scope to be nested under Life. you can then nest specific types of sports under that if the need arises

    life/sports/various sports rather than life/footballand life/soccer etc

    do we need a mile long front page? genres rather than life/scifi and fantasy
  20. Gustav Banned Banned


    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    just look at that shit. it does not make sense!

    the only reason why that scifi had to be moved was because it could not be considered woo woo

    subcultures was renamed to fringe due to personal prejudices. prejudices that are now being hosted on the frontpage of sci.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    jesus fucking wept!
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2011
  21. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    (Insert Title Here)

    Sorry, I wasn't high enough.

    Right. I'll get back to you.
  22. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    I go to this big social networking site...which is also unofficially a great place for people into weird crap to hook up. On this site the classic noob question seems to be:

    "What is up with those diaper people?"
    You would be surprised at how many people get off to using diapers.
    No, I dunno why either.
    And I took a class on this stuff. Paraphilas never cease to, ehrm, puzzle the crap out of me...and I have my own set of paraphilias that doubtless would horrify a number of people.
    (Masochism, it can't be beat! :bugeye:...)

    Hey, you did say you wanted to increase traffic...

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    I am going to see if this causes the flakiness to get encapsulated or if we become besieged with woo-woos; as I feared; I guess it's an experiment in applied social behavior...

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

  23. CptBork Valued Senior Member

    I'm not hugely hopeful of finding life elsewhere in the solar system, and if we found something like a virus there would be plenty of flat-earthers arguing it's not really life... but almost certainly I think there's life of the indisputable kind less than a trillion light-years away. I always thought it would be cool to have a fake TV show patterned after Steve Irwin, but with some crazy Aussie space explorer in the distant future going around to different planets and f***ing with the local alien wildlife. He should wear those silly shorts too when the local atmosphere permits.

    Yeah but usually it's something insanely stupid like lightning, or an optical lens distortion. Definitely doesn't deserve to be glorified in its present state of understanding. If the claimants could produce mass UFO sightings on demand, or Red Sea partings or what have you, it would be different.

    Agreed. The Sasquatch doesn't deserve that kind of defamation, he's as much a victim of the mortgage crisis as everyone else and he doesn't need crazy human beast hunters adding to his already substantial troubles.

    I once had someone tell me that the Egyptian pyramids were constructed by using flutes to manipulate quantum gravitons. Like if Mozart hit the right notes, maybe the whole concert hall would go flying to the moon. Yeah, doesn't deserve much respect on a science board.

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